Bendy and the Ink Machine theory

So there was a theory about how the reason Bendy is so upset is because the animators would treat them like the Fleischer Studios animators did to their characters in the “Out of the Inkwell” shorts. This got me thinking about what really happened in those old cartoons. Now the character design of these old cartoons was well pretty black and white, ha. What the character was like and what roll they played in the cartoon was always easy to identify just by their design. Now looking at the designs of the BATIM characters.

Here we have Boris the Wolf, he’s got a bit of a dopey smile and a lanky frame. Obviously he’s meant to be not all that bright and often gets the short end of the stick. And considering how violent those old cartoons were he’s probably the one that gets the most beat up.

Now we’ve got Bendy. At first glance he looks like the main protagonist character. Short stature, big eyes, happy grin all point in that direction, however there’s one thing that makes him different than other characters designed this way, he’s a demon. A creature known for causing pain and misfortune to others.

Also look at this, Bendy is obviously meant to be cast in a more sinister roll here. He doesn’t even have his head. Bendy may be the mascot of the animation studio but he’s not meant to play the good guy. On the contrary he’s meant to be the bad guy, most likely the one that gets Boris hurt in each episode.

Now if you were a newly formed being and found out that your only purpose was to harm and humiliate the only other being like you in existence, I’m sure you’d be pretty upset too.

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In cryptid AU, is the fish world relatively similar to human world? Do summer or Morty ever wish they were human Cuz it seems fun and have a Little Mermaid-esque adventure?

Culturally the cryptids and humans share some basic similarities but are pretty different from each other. The kids hang out on land plenty in their breathing helmets with their human side of the family. Although prior to meeting the Pines, their only real interaction with humans was the occasional trip to the Citadel. As for wishing they were human? Nah, not really. They think their human family should grow some gills and come visit Atlantis though.

adultishbandomnet intro post

Am I doing this right? Hello? Pokes head round door. Is this where the old folks hang out? Damn, some of you are still half my age but whatever. I was a 70s child (1971 to be exact) so I’ll let you do the math.

My name is Ang and the main reason I’m on tumblr is to get my MCR fix. I’ve been MCR trash since 2005, and I also like Green Day, P!ATD, Linkin Park, Thrice, and pretty much anything in that genre. My 19 yr old also loves MCR and has been my concert buddy since I dragged her to see Green Day when she was 7, but my 14 yr old seems to have a mind of his own and won’t be converted. We still love him tho, despite this glaring personality flaw. My husband likes my music too. Except for Death Spells which he just doesn’t understand.

Oh! And I’m going to see Frank in April and I’m more excited than I can express!

Anyway, haiiii everybody!

Wowwww. I was going back in time and looking through my old drawings on my (pretty much abandoned) @deviantart page. I had forgotten about this Tim Roth piece. This was from high school (Gr 12 or 11) I think.

Sadly I can’t find a lot of my drawings, I know they’re in my room somewhere, probably in one of my piles lol. But it’s interesting to go back in time and see how my drawings have changed….which they haven’t really it seems lol.

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Squig, how badass do you think it be if their was a spin-off Samurai Jack show that focuses a The Scotsman storyline. It's been 50 years, and we can amuse he hasn't seen Jack during that time. I think it be awesome with his own sub characters and even cameos of characters from the old Jack series.

I dunno, I’d certainly watch it, but the reason The Scotsman always worked so well is because he’s such an antithesis to Jack’s personality… and yet they got on like salt and rice.  He was also used pretty sparingly in the orignal show, so every time he showed up, it was special.

If it was just The Scotsman throughout a series, his personality might get pretty old pretty fast.

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Kenny, what is the happiest moment you spent with Karen? With Kevin?

Kenny: That week I worked at the City Wok, and I bought Karen that doll? Her face was seriously the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. Running around the junkyards with Kevin is pretty fun, we found an old computer, it still worked but the monitor was smashed up. We found another screen though.

My Brother’s Reaction to Pidge:

So recently I made my brother start watching Voltron. Voltron is one of the only shows I could possibly see me and my brother enjoying together. I mean come on, he’s an 11 year old, Voltron was pretty up his lane.
So I was watching the 4th episode with him when I noticed something- when my brother referred to Pidge, he referred to her as ‘he’ even though it had already been ‘revealed’ that Pidge is a girl.
Even directly after we watched the scene where Pidge is shown as a girl my brother still said things like “wow he used a hologram!”
At the end of the episode when Pidge kind of 'comes out’ as a girl my brother was genuinely surprised which in turn made me surprised.
I realized that even though my brother saw that Pidge was a girl in the past, well….. he thought it was just that- the past. Because everyone was referring to Pidge as he and she seemed okay with it my brother just assumed that Pidge wasn’t a girl anymore. Pidge was presenting as a boy so my brother didnt question it at all. Pidge was a boy in his mind because Pidge said she was a boy and that was that. And that was kind of unexpected to me.
Later when I said some people think Pidge could be trans he literally said “that’s so cool!” And went on with doing whatever.

People always like to tell others that kid’s wont get trans people or nonbinary people. That it’s confusing to kids and that they wont understand. But I’ve come to realize that unless kids are /told/ to care, they won’t.

And I just… I thought that was so cool and it just made me really happy because I guess it really goes to show that believing in a gender binary is not, like,,, innate, as some people like to say it is, it’s learned.

And I think this really stands as a testament as to why queer representation is important. Through good representation comes acceptance and kids need more of that. Queer people need more of that.

I know Pidge isn’t necessarily confirmed to be trans or anything like idk I just thought this was a nice thing to share.

jesus CHRIST so I met brett along with chloe and ming at the con yesterday bc one of the people I was with wanted to meet him and get a pic with him since we were all dressed in character and. i just saw a PICTURE of the video chloe posted of me on twitter capped as “NO THE BRETT HATER” and a whole creepy ass convo about what me and my group were doing throughout the day and i’m sorry this is the creepiest shit i have ever seen and I am waaaay too old for this lol. brett was pretty cold to me which surprised me a bit because i’m obviously not gonna be rude to a person simply because I don’t like their character !!! because i am not 10 years old !!! but he like ignored me, straight up, as i tried to make pleasant small talk with him and I’m like 90% sure someone told him I was gonna be a bitch which is super fun, I’m glad we’re in middle school again. love ya, fandom. thanks for predisposing brett against the people in my group who were psyched to meet him, I hope you feel great about yourselves

My parents were pretty old when they got married, and they waited several years to plan to have me at a good stable time. So I’m still only 21 (about to hit 22 v soon) but my dad has just hit the age where parents go into Give Me Grandkids™ mode. He keeps asking when my bf and I are gonna get married and when I’m gonna get pregnant. Like bruh, slow down and at least let me graduate with my BAs first.


I was looking at the rollercoaster and I could feel how my face was turning pale. I hated highs and things that go to fast, like for example a enormous rollercoaster that put you up down.  But I couldn’t deny it because Jungkook said that It could be fine. I was stupid. I knew I didn’t need to show how brave I was but I couldn’t help it. I tried to look to other thing and tried to put my mind blank. Automatically I went to a day three weeks ago.
I was on our dance studio, I was beyond nervous cause we were holding a big competition were the best dance academy of Seoul meet to decide which one was the best that year, the best will win a great price that we need it because our rooms were pretty old. We compete by age categories, group and solo, and this year, finally my classmates gave me the change to do the solo. I was totally afraid and exited while I watched how the different academies arrived to our place and were practicing. I was stretching when I saw my rival, he was so calm and relaxed that I get mad at him for be so secure of his victory, Jungkook was a great dancer, he was good at everything he did and he knows it, and I couldn’t avoid look at him, then he looked back at me and I tried to look like I wasn’t looking at him, like I did every time our teams meet. It wasn’t my fault that he was so capturing.
When I found out that I would represent my team as a solo I went crazy practicing, I didn’t sleep or think of anything that wasn’t that competition I knew that I was putting a lot of pressure on my own body but I couldn’t help it, my team believed in and I had to prove them that they made the good choice, that I was capable and good enough, not just that, I had to show them that I was beyond enough.
And the moment has arrived, I had to show my skill against Jungkook, the perfect and attractive boy from 1million dance studio. I was getting more and more nervous the more the moment of our match was approaching. I just repeated and repeated the steps I practiced for billion times on my head, actually I was bouncing  my body trying to look cool and relaxed but was a lie, a totally and huge lie, I was terrified.
And the the moment arrived, the 97 solo battle between 1million studio and DEF dance skool finally arrived. I entered trying to look the most relaxed that I could and meet Jungkook eyes, he was showing me his perfect smile, I tried to look lethal.

“Don’t try to hard” he said me calmly “ and good look”

“You can keep your luck for yourself Kookie, I don’t need it anyways” I said as reply, and he just laugh. That smile started a strong desire of winning on my, to the point of being crazy. I was ready to beat the perfect golden man. And I did it. We battle against each other I incorporate some dangerous moves that nailed. And finally the victory was mine. All my team came to me to celebrate, actually, I couldn’t believe that I won the golden boy but it was like that, I saw his face and he couldn’t believe it either.
When all the competitions ended, finally, after some years DEF Dance Skool won. Finally we could change the rooms and put air conditioner. Finally. I felt like crying. I was hugging my best friend when I felt that someone touched my shoulder, I turned and there was Jungkook.

“I want a rematch” he just said to me “just you and me”.

“Fine” I answered with a smile “How much time do you need to keep up with me? A month maybe?”

“Next week. This time on my field”

“And who will be the judge?”

“Came on, we don’t need anyone to say who is the winner, we will know. Deal?”

“Deal. See you next week”

This time I couldn’t practice as much as I wanted because my body reached the limit and my ankle was hurting all week, before the competition was already injured but I couldn’t tell anybody so I danced with a bandage but it was getting worse, but I was to proud to tell that so I keep the rematch.
Finally the day arrived and  I was entering the 1million studios,  he told me to go to the room 15, and as he said he was there alone.

“On time, are you ready?” he said as son I entered.

“Don’t try to hard” I said the words he always say to me.

“Don’t worry” he said with a smile, a superiority one “then should be start then?”

“What are we betting?”

“If you win I do whatever you want and if I win I do whatever you want, easy” I nodded in agreement and waited to him to put on the music.

And this time the pain on my ankle was stronger, I tried hard but I was aware that I couldn’t do some movements. And he was right, we didn’t need anyone to know that this match was all his. I was so sure that he ended the music before time.

“What are you doing?” he asked me angry “Why are you matching me with you foot like this?” I was surprised by his words, I didn’t say anything, It felt like my teacher was scolding me for some reason. “Forget it there is no match today, you should be more conscious of your body care” he said while shouting the music.

“It was you who wanted a rematch, and today you win, congratulations” I said trying to walk to my things pretending that my foot didn’t hurt at all.

“I don’t need to win you when you are on your low condition” He said looking at me.

“Whatever you say” I take my bag.

“But” I looked at him “well we actually started the match so, if you say I win, then you have to do something for me right?”

“Let’s go together to the amusement park” he said with a shy smile “a date, that’s what I want”

“What? A date with me?” I asked back shocked. He was kidding right? How Mr. Gold can ask me out to a date? Did he find out that I was totally captivated by his charm and was trying to put a joke on me?


And even when I through that he couldn’t show up there we are, waiting to ride a rollercoaster. Will arrive the day that I don’t feel that everything with him is a competition? I looked in front of us and we were reading the next. Then I looked at him, he was looking at me with a expression I didn’t know how read.

“Are you afraid?” he asked me.

“Of course not” I said, and there was 0 conviction on my voice.

“I’m a little afraid too” he said with a cute expression. I just looked at him “You should said no when I asked you” he looked away. No. Way. He. Was. Afraid. Just. Like. Me.

“I hate heights” I said whispering “but I have my pride” I saw how looked back at me.

“Well, I guess is good that we are together in this then” he said while grabbing my hands.

And our turn arrived. And we ride the rollercoaster. And it was amazing. Because he didn’t let my hand go at any moment.

“Honestly, I’m not wishing them anything bad but Tomoko is already 21 years old, while Yuka is 22. They’ve been a group for 4 years and let’s say they want to be around for 10 or so years, there’s 6 years for that goal to be reached, at which point they’ll be 27 and 28 respectively! That’s pretty old for idol standards and while there were groups like MK who had older members (dunno what age, but they were obviously older than today’s standard), that was years ago. I wonder what’s gonna happen…”

Day 2 of going through my parents house…SO MUCH STUFF. My mom collected demitasse tea cups, these are just a few of them. They are all so pretty and cute and most of them are very old…but I hope my Mom looking down from heaven understands that we just can’t keep them all. I’m picking out a few, but the rest will go in the estate sale. This house is so jam packed with antiques and memories…this is gonna be so hard…physically and emotionally 😭

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I've been lart of the scp off and on for years, and always end up back-burnering it because of real life. Out of curiosity, has the chat made the jump to Discord yet, or is it still on the mIRC channel?

We’re not on Discord. We’re still kicking it old school on IRC. I wouldn’t mind the move to Discord, but on the other hand Discord is pretty recent. I don’t know if we have all the usual kicking, banlist, automatic log-keeping, and bot functionalities that we already set up on IRC. Also I’m on so many discord channels and none of them have similar functionalities. I don’t know if they don’t exist or what.

Also, I don’t know if Discord will stick around for as long as IRC has. IRC is pretty old school. Discord? I don’t know, is Discord gonna stop being cool in a few years?