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Oh, here's one for you: Juno and Peter and linguistic differences between them.

yo okay this is SUPER LATE I am sorry and also it’s going to be in this casual format instead of ficlet format bc i am incredibly tired. okay, so I am a little babby linguistics freshman, with a lot more enthusiasm than experience. just warning you.

anyway. juno is hyperion city, born and raised. as a kid, he grew up speaking old town slang, a dialect that the rest of the city 100% looked down on. (out of him, sasha, and mick, sasha was the first and only one to purposefully lose her old town accent. mick never thought to try and stop, and juno felt like he couldn’t. in his mind, he’s always going to be an old town gutter brat no matter how pretty his words are.) he speaks a little more carefully now - it pays to be able to convince your employers you’re from literally anywhere other than there. but he still falls back into it when he gets upset, sometimes. he tries not to, even if he won’t admit that he’s trying.

nureyev, he collects accents and dialects like other people collect candles or snowglobes. duke rose has the intonation of any one of what passes for the outer rim’s social elites, rex glass’s voice is indistinguishable from the rest of the humans born and raised on saturn’s rings, and he has a thousand more identities native to a hundred different cities. peter nureyev, though. he’s almost not sure what he sounds like anymore.

sugarspiceandcursewords replied to your post “ugh I am sure my dad is fine but they are keeping him another night!…”

Family medical stuff is the worst. It’s like there are a million individual people who have to do their jobs in order for the patient to get what they need, and at least one always misses the mark and you have to watchdog friggin’ everyone.

I guess at least they caught it in time; there was discussion of whether or not to keep the digit, and he was a little alarmed, but that discussion has mostly ceased. He’s still there tonight, but thanks to some understated bullying by my mother, he was fed, at least. (He’s taken care of so well by my mother– and takes care of her in return, he carries all the baskets at the farmer’s market and stands back beaming vaguely as she has conversations, it’s too much to handle– that he hasn’t had to consider how to procure himself a meal in decades, it’s just always something that happens, and he occasionally expresses opinions but mostly considers himself fortunate whatever happens.)

Three nights in the hospital! I’m at the Fretting threshhold, which is silly, it’s just his thumb, he’s fine. It’s not like. All the horrifying terrifying deep complex things that can go wrong with a person. And he is an old man, he wasn’t young when I was born and plenty of people my age don’t have their fathers anymore. He didn’t, by my age! Neither of my grandfathers surpassed sixty! Having the same belt size as he did in 1969 and still being spry enough to do pretty hard physical labor does not make him not 73

And I can’t help watchdog, I am uselessly 300 miles away, being the one on the text conversation that can’t handle it.

I’m considering texting him cheerful memes but he’s so new to smartphone usage, I think he’ll be puzzled by them more than cheered. 

I was going to say, I’m such a daddy’s girl, but that’s absolutely not the case, there aren’t convenient phrases for healthy relationships. I just have a generally really good relationship with my father, who despite having inexplicable political views I can’t at all parse, is extremely loving and supportive and has always understood me pretty well and encouraged me in useful ways, and I can’t bear the thought of him being old, and more importantly, what that means about the coming years. 


the weekend.

i spent this one in asheville with katie and her crew. when we rolled in friday night, they had sushi + beer waiting for me and we caught up for a while before bed. after hanging with sweet simon for a while on saturday morning, the two of us [+ riley] went to max patch, which is a stunning bald on the appalachian trail with 360° views. the ride up was really pretty – winding mountain roads dotted with great views and old buildings on the river. afterwards, we went to hot springs for a hot tub soak! they have private tubs on the river that are filled with water from the hot springs. we even BYOB-ed a bottle of champagne. 

that evening we all went out for mexican, which i was amused to learn that simon gets just as vocal + excited about as i do! that night, drew, katie, and i stayed up and talked about the past, future, and everything in between over some g+t’s. i hit the road after breakfast in the morning, and for the rest of sunday i busied myself with cooking, thailand planning, and prepping for denver.

sometimes i can’t believe that katie and i have been friends for almost twenty [!] years! i am always thankful for my time together with her and her fam. 

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I'm applying to the best university in my field and I am not only confident I'll get in, I'm pretty sure I'm wringing out old crusty white dudes to fund it via grants/scholarships B)

Wooo! Wring out the crust!

Kyrss opened his eyes, and realized he was on the floor. He got up and looked around, his head hurt. He didn’t recognize this place and he didn’t like it. The place looked pretty old and abandoned. He tried opening a door, that looked like a front door but it was locked. 

“Crap! Did I blackout again?” Kyrss said with a hand on his head. He had a throbbing migraine. He had to have blacked out, otherwise, how had he gotten here? 

He closed his eyes for a second and then opened them, suddenly someone was standing in front of him. 

[TRANS] 161205 Red Velvet Seulgi’s old letter for her friend’s birthday

beckvelly: Pretty and kind Seulgi who enjoyed and loved dancing, and always did her best. So nic to see that she’s doing really well. Creating dances and dancing it with her feels like yesterday. I found this while organizing my letter box hehe. You can see so much passion just by reading the letter #MyFriend #RedVelvet #KangSeulgi #DanceGodDanceKing ♥

Letter Translation:

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Name: O’to Mylark (Oh-toe My-lark)
Age: 21 at the start of the Trooper storyline
Gender: Male
Profession: Havoc Squad’s Leader, lima bean

Body Type: well-built/average weight
Hair: Black
Eyes: Lilac
Height: He’s about 6′0

Family: He’s got a mom/dad, two little sisters, and a big brother
Marriage: Elara Dorne
Pets: No pets

Physical Prowess: He’s pretty decent with a blaster rifle (his dad gave him his old one when O’to joined the military. It’s his favorite possession) and he knows mixed martial arts because of his older brother
Speed: He definitely isn’t the faster guy around but he makes up for it with strength and endurance. You better knock his ass out because if he gets to you, you’re going down.

Colors: Purples, blues, and browns
Smells: Just after it rains and you can smell the earth
Food: He likes his fair share of over-priced subs made by this small hole-in-the-wall shop on Nar Shadda that he was taken to on a date with this girl back before he decided to join the Military
Drink: Honestly, he and a few of his friends used to try to make moonshine when he was younger and it was horrible and basically a disaster but he still has some saved and when he gets really stressed out he likes to drink it and remember home

His family, his blaster rifle, Elara Dorne (eventually), Havoc Squad. But that’s in no particular order

Even though he won’t ever tell anyone; he was inspired to join the military because of his big brother. Kun’o died in a bombing while on a covert mission and after that O’to could only think about joining the Military and trying to finish his brother’s dream

UK cops beat phone encryption by "mugging" suspect after he unlocked his phone

Detectives from Scotland Yard’s cybercrime unit decided the easiest way to get around their suspect’s careful use of full-disk encryption and strong passphrases on his Iphone was to trail him until he made a call, then “mug” him by snatching his phone and then tasking an officer to continuously swipe at the screen to keep it from going to sleep, which would reactivate the disk encryption.

It’s an elegantly simple countermeasure, and one that we’re sure to see – for example – practitioners of corporate espionage and nation-state spying deploy. What countermeasure would you use to defeat it? A dead-man’s switch for high-risk users that prompted users to enter a passphrase every five minutes? I can see how that would get old pretty fast.

@kc749 on the left, nice pretty laptop used for writing. On the right, crappy old laptop used for torrenting and holding poutine. Probably also has viruses tbh.

(Also featured: evil queen to inspire writing 😂😂)

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I'm wondering if their old team is trying to delay their solo projects so they delay the return of One Direction. I think maybe Niall did not care, and thus released under a lot of their old team. I am pretty sure Liams work was mean to come out sooner, but has been delayed, or maybe that was their intention make it seem like Liam was ready to go and then delay the work so it looks like he is being there for Cheryl until he doesn't have to be and then boom he drops his stuff.

Interesting thought that delaying the solo stuff could delay their return. Obviously I don’t know what’s really going on, but it did seem like Liam’s project got pushed back a bit possibly. I’m not sure what Niall’s plans looked like from the beginning, so I don’t know whether it was something where he knew collective plans were delayed so he’d distribute things in the meantime or if this timing was his plan all along or what, but that’s certainly an interesting theory.

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kid Toby can you dab also Happy Early CHRISTMAS*gives you your FAVORITE toy and an elf on the shelf that's cute and a girl*

I don’t wanna dab. And you can’t have my favorite toy, Violet’s in my room.

I DON’T CARE HOW “CUTE” A GIRL ELF ON THE SHELF IS, THOSE {word removed because it’s pretty vulgar for a 10 year old} ARE CREEPY AS {Woah Toby, language}

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Uncommon OC questions, #50 (what are their happy places) for the peacock burbs?! (Sienna too if you'd like :3c)

In school grounds :

Emeraude likes the small woodland aera near by the open training ground, you can find him easily there while he works out on training his fan technique, there were some old chairs/desks in the small woodland and he pretty much claimed the spot as a secret hideout.

Saphir quite likes the fountain square ground, she can relax while watching the fountain sound and small streams to calm herself, maybe still nervous in the public place where people might catch an eye on her, but she thinks everyone is busy enough to ignore her sitting there.

for both they can be seen at the cafeteria eating desserts or studying in the liberary.

in Vale City!

While Sienna is the shopkeeper of her store, and she pretty much enjoys standing at the desk watching people come and go to buy clothes, outside she often goes to the farmers market place, and after Saphir introduced Raz and they meet up at Razs adpotive parents cafe, she pretty much goes there every weekend to relax with some flower tea.