BTS Reaction: They Lose Their Shorty in the Store

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“LMAO what about BTS losing their s/o in the store and being unable to find them because they’re on the short side, so they insult themselves in public and hear their s/o yell like "EXCUSE YOU?!” from a distance??“

😂😂I love this! Thank you for requesting 💕

Warning: minor self-deprecating comments

Arasseo: alright, okay (I understand)


His little princess has gone missing and he’s starting to get worried. He’s been calling for you, but he knows you have your earbuds in and aren’t paying attention. One thing that never fails to capture your attention, he realizes, is hearing him being insulted.

"Yah,” he sighs loudly as he sits down. “I’m getting old. Pretty soon I’ll have wrinkles and y/n won’t want me anymore.”

“EXCUSE YOU!” You appear out of nowhere, yanking your earbud out and scowling at him. “You not only insulted yourself, but me, too!”

“I’m sorry,” he leaps out of his seat to lay his hands softly on your shoulders. “I just couldn’t find you. It was either that, or scream at the top of my lungs.”

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He’s been searching for you in this department store for a whole thirty minutes. You think it’s hilarious, but he’s starting to get annoyed. Well, he was starting to get annoyed the first five minutes, now he’s pissed.

When an older song of BTS comes on the radio, he smirks. “Wah,” he says, exasperated. “Why would they play this one? It sucks.”

“What?” You yell. It’s one of the tracks he produced and your favorite.

“Found you,” he taunts, smirk never leaving his face.

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Your little body disappeared between the dress racks and now he can’t find you. He had found the specific dress you were looking for and your inconsiderate ass disappears on him.

“You know, I’ve been thinking” he says loudly, pretending he thinks you’re still beside him. “Yoongi hyung is a much better songwriter than me. He should write all the songs for our next album.”

“What the hell did you just say?” You come out of the dressing room, wearing the dress he found, looking beautiful and furious.

“Oh,” he says, laughing nervously. “There you are. I wasn’t serious.”

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Where is she? He thinks as he frantically searches for you. He even yells out a few times, but you don’t answer. What if something happened? She’s small and defenseless.

“I think Jimin should be the lead dancer now,” he says, thinking maybe you’re just ignoring him. He has been particularly loud today. “He’s much better than me.”

“Bullshit,” you say as you burst from the bathroom.

“Oh, you were in there the whole time?” He laughs. You silence him with a quirk of your eyebrow. “I’ve been looking for you.”

“We had Chipotle,” you whisper. “What do you expect?”

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He can’t find his tiny angel and he’s getting a bit worried. An idea comes to him and he walks to a mirror, leans in for a better look, pinches his stomach and frowns. “I should go on a diet,” he sighs.

“EXCUSE YOU!” You shout, coming around the corner where you were the entire time, innocently looking at jackets. “No, you should not, Jimin. You’re perfect.”

He smiles sweetly at you, pulling you in for a hug. “Arasseo.”

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He was joking around with you, only to hurt your feelings. Now, you’ve stormed off and he can’t find you. Curse your tiny body and ease at hiding from him!

“I’m a terrible boyfriend,” he practically shouts, knowing you’re going to come to his defense.

“What’d you just say!” You come out of hiding, your irritation at his jokes rising.

“I said ‘I’m a terrible boyfriend’. You deserve someone better, y/n.”

You punch him in the arm, making him over-dramatically cry out in pain as he clutches his arm.

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You’ve been shopping for hours and he’s exhausted. He just wants to go home. The problem is, he can’t find you, your little body has disappeared between the clothes racks. Letting out an exaggerated groan, he decides to pull out the big guns.

“I’m so stupid,” he says rather loudly as he pretends to examine a price tag. Good thing there aren’t many people in this god-forsaken store, he thinks. “I can’t figure out how much 40% is.”

“EXCUSE YOU!” Comes your shout, and he smirks at his brilliance.

“You think that’s funny, Jungkook?” His smirk disappears at the tone of your voice. You’re always so protective of him, even against himself. He’s in trouble.

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i think one of my fave concepts for post-the last hope dark forest is that sol eventually ends up passing - maybe a little after bramblestar’s storm or something, he’d be pretty old at this point - and of course, he goes to the dark forest, much to his chagrin

and i’d love love love love the concept of sol, mapleshade, and maybe even darkstripe being sorta the new leaders of the dark forest, but it’s COMPLETELY different now. mapleshade has accepted defeat, she got revenge against those who she wanted to - and now she’s focusing on just leading the dark forest. for whatever reason, cats seem to want a leader here - and w/ tigerstar and brokenstar gone, she’s like “whatever maybe i’ll step up”

like i’d love for fucking. sol and mapleshade to be a tortoiseshell duo who are just there to protect the borders of the dark forest, keep starclan cats out, and to keep order there, while sol is super dramatic and complains about the dreariness of the df and mapleshade is like DUDE no one fucking cares shuddup

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What did you think about Justice League?!

I really enjoyed it. I know a lot of people were all up on the clothes, and the ass shots, and that stuff, but I just liked it. The story was interesting. Jason Momoa was hot as hell. Henry Cavil spent a good chunk of the time with no shirt on. I liked the dynamic between Bruce and Diana, and the little guy who played Flash was hilarious. Cyborg was intense and brooding, and I thought everyone did an amazing job. There was some decent humor and I was pleasantly surprised by it, finding it a bit of a nod to Marvel, as this movie lost some of its “dark” factor and lightened things up nicely in places. 

Is Ben Affleck the best Batman? No. But is he atrocious? Nah. I think he makes a pretty decent old, cynical Bat.

Does Diana’s ass hang out at one point? Oh, hell yeah, but it was a flash of under butt and then over. Were the Amazons wandering around in leather sports bras? Sure, but it wasn’t all of them. Those who needed to be armed and armored still were. And sweet jiminy crickets! The muscles on those girls! My lord. Wow!! 

And let’s be honest here. I spent just as much time ogling naked man chest, and Jason Momoa in his (mmm) tight armor, and the thighs of all the serious levels of beefcake in that movie as the men did Diana’s ass.

I came out of the theater happy, excited, and with a daughter who was pretending to be Wonder Woman, swinging an imaginary sword, while wondering if she could one day out run the Flash. To me, that is the only thing that matters. 

The creepy bug things were nasty AF, just FYI. Be prepared to jump. 


Tiny room in a 20x20cm wooden box.

I filled it with vintage things I’ve collected, put in wallpaper and a carpet and made the bedding and the tiny bear.