Because, for some reason, that very, very old Cullen headcanon post has started somehow gaining steam, I figured I’d do a new, updated one… or several separately when I get the inspiration. Because oh please let the old one die.

- Cullen’s hands are pretty big and rough, calloused from years of wielding weapons and wearing tough gloves. Despite their size, he’s extremely dextrous and intensely gentle with the Inquisitor. And he knows just how to touch her depending on the mood she’s in. 

His touches are soft, warm, and tempting when she’s tired, worn out from travel, battle, or endless small talk with the most recent noble come to visit Skyhold. The simplest gestures beckons her to bed and to privacy, and to safety. Away from prying eyes and demands.

When she’s angry or upset, his fingers are quick to calm, quick to wipe away shed tears. He runs his fingers through her hair, tucking it behind her ears, hiding her away from a world asking so much, if that’s what she needs.He squeezes her hand just as tight as she squeezes his when she’s trying not to let her anger overflow. Tight enough to remind her that he’s there. He’s got her.

At times they’re together intimately and his hands and fingers can wring the most wonderful sounds from deep inside her chest. Sounds, she probably didn’t know she could make. There are moments where his fingers travel over the expanse of her skin, tracing scars, freckles, wrinkles, and other blemishes or marks and his fingers are slow, tantalising, making the moment linger longer and longer. He relishes the way her skin tingles under his touch, the way the fine hairs all over body her stand straight, and how she sometimes gives an involuntary shiver.

Other times, his hands and fingers are rougher, grabbing and grasping, squeezing. Digging into her flesh leaving small crescent moon shapes in their wake. There’s desperation, need, and hunger in every brush of his fingers, and it’s reciprocated just as frantically. Whatever marks he leaves on her skin, he tends to with soothing kisses and adoration afterwards, when his hands are occupied and filled with her.

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A if for ALPINE GIN. 💕 Pictured here with mama Chocolate Milk at just a day old. I am pretty sure this little goat got a dog soul instead of a goat one. He is so cuddly! (For the next few weeks I am going to go through a farm life alphabet!)
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My hacker is coming. She has crossed the threshold of the outer pyramid. She is alone, flesh and blood, unarmed. She knows my drones can no longer harm her. I am so very proud.
By Organization for Transformative Works

Tonight I thought of a compelling idea, and wrote a short story about a lesbian romance between an AI and her hacker.

Inspirations include the various scary female AIs of pop culture like GLaDOS, SHODAN, porp’s Cyberqueen, and also I guess like the plot is pretty similar to old cyberpunk like Neuromancer, Ghost in the Shell, etc. It’s not really as grimdark as most cyberpunk, though.

Above is a version formatted as a story. Shortly I’ll post a click-through version presented in Twine.

(Comments very much appreciated!)

alastor ‘mad-eye’ moody

Harry’s first lesson with Moody as seen by Lily and James

James: I wish Mad-Eye taught us Defence Against the Dark Arts when we were in Hogwarts. We probably wouldn’t have needed all those pain-in-the-ass Auror trainings.

Lily: They are 14 years old, I’m pretty sure he won’t teach them what he taught you.

James: You never know with Moody but yeah, you’re probably right. I mean considering that just two days ago he transfigured that Malfoy kid into a ferret, I can’t tell for sure.

Lily: He’s madder than ever though.

James: That’s because he’s a genius, genius people tend to be more on the crazier side. *grinning* Look at me for instance.

Lily: *rolls her eyes* That’s not because you’re a genius, that’s because you’re straight up crazy.

James: Whatever.

*The lesson starts Moody talks about showing that what Dark curses can do to a wizard. They start with the Imperius curse. Moody shows the effects on a spider*

Lily: I hope he’s not going to show each one like that.

James: It’s illegal Lils, he’ll probably leave it with Imperius. That bloody curse helped so many get away from Azkaban, I hate it.

Lily: *smiling* I see the Auror in you is still strong baby. 

*Neville suggests Cruciatus Curse, Lily goes numb as Moody shows it to the class*

Lily: No, not in front of Neville. Doesn’t he know? James doeSN’T HE KNOW? 

James: What the fuck is he trying to do showing a bunch of kids something like that? He doesn’t do that in Auror training.

Lily: *tears falling down her cheeks* He’s disturbed. Look at Neville’s face. Poor Alice and Frank. When will he STOP?

James: *shocked* This is not– This is not normal.

Lily: What was Dumbledore thinking? *Moody asks the last one Hermione raises her hand reluctantly* No Hermione don’t say it, you are smart girl, *pleading* please don’t.

*Moody kills the spider Lily looks away crying*

James: Lils, it’s over you can look now.

Lily: No, I– I can’t look at Harry right now.

James: I know it’s hard but he looks alright

Lily: But he’s not, he can’t be.

James: Of course he is not. I can’t believe the Alastor Moody I know would do such a thing.

Lily: But he did. HE DID. He showed a bunch of damaged under-age children what Unforgivable Curses do. He’s out of his mind.

James: I can see that but it’s over now. 

Lily: He’ll never forget that

James: He won’t but he’s a strong kid, don’t you remember last year? He’ll pull through, don’t you worry love.

The Little Savior

Request: Hello~ I was wondering if I could request a Jimin scenario? When you were little, Jimin saved you from a traumatic event (maybe bullying or something idk) and before you got to know him, you or him moved away. Years later you two meet again except you don’t remember him but he remembers you. So he plays little games to get you to remember.. :)

Originally posted by bwipsul

It was hard being eight years old and too shy to talk to the pretty girl down the street. At least for Jimin it was. He had lived two doors down from you for most of his life and even though he always wanted to get to know you, he was just too nervous. His mother could tell that her son had a little crush but she had faith that he would eventually get up the courage to talk to you.

Jimin’s moment had come when he was walking home from school one day and he happened to hear a small high pitched yelp. Peaking around the corner, he looked into a small section of the park he had been passing.

“Gosh, who sends out their kid with money? Too easy,” a tall and older boy chuckled as he waved your money around.

“That’s mine!” you screeched, trying to grab your money back. One of the other boys pushed you over roughly, putting worry into the stand by eight year old. You had tears in your eyes at this point and just curled up into a ball at that point. You were scared and just wanted to go home but you were too shaken up to stand.

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tev im going through old screenshots and found this one that is pretty all of our old raids during MoP in a nutshell

It was super important Tev 1v1 his dad on the Frozen Thone.

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You're alive! Why does Tumblr keep deleting your account?

I was deactivated because I spammed you all with my spam.  Also, my reblogs weren’t genuine enough.  I was too ironic about reblogging– I reblog like some Gen-X slacker, like the whole reblogging portion of my whole life is just a tragic deleted scene from the hit Kevin Smith masterclassic Clerks.  Everytime I hit reblog I whisper “smoochie boochies” to myself (which is slacker-lingo for “I’m not being sincere”) and somehow Tumblr heard me.  And judged me.  

I’m pretty old and I still like a lot of Pearl Jam songs (not Jeremy though because come on), so usually I don’t get called hipster a lot– the only times someone like me gets told they’re a hipster usually is if they write a bad review of a comic book.  “Your skinny jeans are cutting off the flow of blood to your Image Comics Appreciation Organs.”  That kind of thing.  Besides that.

The irony (all is irony, tho) of it all is this time, the thing that made tumblr regurgitate on itself was I had just posted about Rob Liefeld writing a screenplay for Youngblood.   I had just hit post on that and then tumblr was like “Nope. This is obviously spam.  Guy couldn’t draw feet.  You are no longer allowed on internet.”  Like, that is the most aggressive comic criticism I have ever seen in my life, except for that one review of X-Men Unlimited #4 (#never-forget).

As long as this came back for the debates.  I need this for that (also: booze).  I missed the Ted Cruz thing but nothing was going to top this.  I missed getting to make fun of human-Wonderbread Mike Birbiglia having some kind of “hark the angels sing” moment to seeing photos of Michelle Obama hug a fucking war criminal.  This wasn’t here when the guy next to me at Petty Cash started quietly singing along to himself with Biz Markie while I was having an octopus taco over the weekend. The Federalist trolling that dopey Samantha Bee rant and the “Jimmy Fallon=evil” people– I thought that was funny because people’s self-righteousness is so fucking cartoonish right now.  The Titanic hitting an iceberg– unsinkable, my left dick!  I missed everything.  I missed you.  

WIFE / HUSBAND APPLICATION: Shanks ((you should have seen this coming >:3 ))



  • Name: Shanks
  • Age: Old
  • How well do we know each other?: Pretty well
  • Do you have a pet name for me?: Not one I can say in public
  • Do I have a pet name for you?: I don’t think so
  • Are you attracted to me?: oh yeah
  • Why do you want to marry me?: because I care for you?
  • Big wedding or Small wedding?: small wedding, or up to you
  • Do you see children in our future?: only if you want ot


  • Can you defeat me in a duel?:well I don’t like to brag

Now I`m not too sure.

I feel bad that I haven’t edited it especially when I did it so long ago. It’s hard to find the time with school. I might see if my dad can edit it but he doesn’t have a lot of time either.
I’ve been brainstorming ideas for other Bowie makeup tutorials. I just learned how to do paint and powder old age makeup which is pretty simple to do so I might do a blackstar makeup tutorial. It sounds weird but it might turn out cool. I’m open to requests on other Bowie makeups too. Unfortunately it will probably take a while to happen but it will happen!

The Blake house kitchen

As we are discussing domestic appliances so much at the moment, I thought I’d ask this. I’ve wondered for a while why they have two cookers. Some vague research seems to suggest that the right hand one is pretty modern, certainly 1950s. The other is older, maybe even as old as 1930s. Or at least it looks like an old cooker. Unless it’s just a cooker-shaped cupboard?

So I’ve been puzzled; why would you keep the old one when you get a new one? Different fuels maybe? Or needing more space than one cooker provides? Sentiment?

While I was pondering, I realised that for 12 years I had a kitchen with two cookers in it. Until we moved about a year ago, I had a lovely kitchen with a modern cooker, and this:

It was a 19th century range, built into the corner of the room, with a working chimney. We lit the fire often in the winter, but it never really got hot enough to cook on. It had 4 ovens, and if you opened the door directly above the fire, there were hot plates inside. Beautiful. But not so useful. And it’s the one part of that house I really miss.

So maybe Jean just likes the old cooker. And frowns at anyone who suggests getting rid of it.

I'll make you a deal little sex blog of mine. 

I’ll make you a deal little sex blog of mine. 

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Each one of those doors contains a baby of mine.  On the left. My 74 year old baby.  On the right. My almost 4 year old baby.  Pretty soon, one of them will wake up and then the physical part of my day starts. Then after my internet gets fixed cause my modem broke, the paperwork part of my day starts. Then after that, cause busy bitches be needing funds, the procurement part of my business…

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17, Female, 5'5, blue with yellow specs in the middle, blonde and a bit brownish hair. Favorite class: History (English and Chemistry are cool too) Favorite music style: oldies Personality: ENFJ Sports: Volleyball, Swim, and Equestrian Favorite book: impossible to choose 😆 Hobbies: errrr hard. Ummmm I like reading, playing with younger siblings, drawing, baking, DIYs, sometimes I make short films Idk why I'm doing this, just curious 😂✌️️

Oh my! I’ve gotta say, yes, history is a pretty great class and I really miss being in an interesting history class (yes, the teacher really does matter) Oooh, how old oldies?? Cause, yes. I mean, I love pretty much all types of music (country is a no). 

Also, sports, pretty much all of those sound like so much fun! (except for volleyball, sorrynotsorry everytime I play a sport with a ball, it always manages to hit me in the face) 

Aww hey! Playing with younger siblings can be super fun and I love (read: love) baking cookies/bread/other sweets!!!

Sooo yeah!

I would definitely date you, just, fyi, cause, you seem like a pretty rad person to be around

Describe yourself on anon and I’ll say if I’d date you

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Do you know if Dodie is releasing music? I saw a few snapchats but got a bit confused!

yes she’s making an ep! she hasn’t told us when but i think it’ll be out within the 2017 year. pretty sure it’ll be all old songs except for an interlude and think another but idk