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Gilbert’s creepy lolololol


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Oz is reading the book he borrowed from Elliot. As I would expect of my master, he has great concentration. I wonder if it is a very amusing story? Every once and a while Oz’s lips break out into a smile. Ahh. Whenever I see Oz like that, I get filled with such happiness. Thank you, Oz. Well, it’s almost dinner time. What should I make today? Oz was very happy with the stew I made yesterday


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It’s morning. I’m making some black tea for Oz, who still looks a bit sleepy. It’s a moment of bliss. Oz’s complexion is good today. It’s gotten colder lately, so I have to make sure that Oz doesn’t catch a cold. Later today Oz (and the Stupid Rabbit) are coming with me to the city, we are going shopping. I’ll be careful to not lose sight of Oz, so I don’t lose sight of the Stupid Rabbit.


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I individually loved all of Willow’s relationships over the seasons, but the way she came out as lesbian really bugged me. It felt like the show was not only erasing her very obvious past feelings for Xander and Oz, but also shoving aside the notion that Willow could be bi and replacing it with this strangely stark, either/or sense of, “she (thought she) was straight, but now she’s gay.” If Willow *was* actually supposed to be bi/not just suddenly gay, it wasn’t shown or discussed very well.

Please Tell Us, Mochizuki-sensei! Q and A Section from 24 + 1 Last Dance (Part Three - English Translation)

This section contains Questions 15 to 21. For Part One (Q1-7), click here. For Part Two (Q8-14) click here. Enjoy! :D

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trying to remember some really old vhs movies I remember seeing from when I was little and there’s this one I vaguely recall that was animated and had like a bunch of serendipity dinosaurs sea dragons (sorry I shouldn’t have said dinosaurs bc I’m not talking about We’re Back though thank you everybody for answering) but in different colors and I remember one playing a saxophone??

it was REALLY wild omg and I can’t remember the name of it for the life of me

anybody know what I’m talking about or do you have some vague recollection of an animated movie from when you were little?