Trapped after the Fall ((Closed RP))


During the fall of Beacon, Ozpin tired to transfer the Fall Maiden powers to Pyrrha. Only for it to fail be Cinder, during the fight with her he was wounded and debris from the school collapsed around him the tower soon followed. Weeks pasts and Ozpin arose from his unconscious state. Unable to tell when it was or how long he had been trapped, he tried to move only for pain to shoot through his spine and body, he was stuck under piles of debris and concrete from the school grounds and tower. Ozpin’s aura was fading. His cries for hell were voiceless, his body was motionless, thoughts were soon leaving him. It was a matter of time before the rest of his body followed his thoughts into the void.

Now that Mrs. Cobblepot is gone, it’s Nygma who is keeping Oswald human. The clean election, Butch’s betrayal, yeah they were all orchestrated by keeping the public in mind, but the ultimate end was Oswald feeling pure and genuine emotions. The gratitude, shock, immense hurt, pain and anger, but also overwhelming comfort, disbelief in seeing Ed’s loyalty.

These past two episodes, Oswald has been racked with extreme forms of various emotions and they have all been in due part thanks to Ed. He’s by all means still a criminal, but it’s becoming tinged with the reality of what it means to be human. To be honest, to be pure, to be real.