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Approximately how old do you think the characters are and high tall are they? (including MC)

Definitely been puzzled over that for quite some time.

MC is confirmed to be 16 (and 17 later on in the route).* Also, she was 11 when she arrived in Oz if you follow the logical progression of the books.
I would guess that Crowlie and the others are younger than her.
Just bear with me for a sec when I say this.
Although they look around her age (thanks to Solomon’s design) they are actually either younger or older than her.
Crowlie is canonly 11 years younger because, in the books, he was made the day before Dorothy arrived to Oz.
Heartmann is probably some years older than MC because he was rusted for quite some time. (If you follow the books, then he’s A LOT older because he was engaged to someone else before being rusted).
Leonardo is probably younger than MC. A lion’s average lifespan is 10-14 years, and he only became human recently, so he was at most 8 when MC was 11. (Only way he could have lived as a lion for such a long time before Solomon made him human).
So yes, the three stooges are relatively close in age, all things considered.

Now, the tricky part is the wizards. Their age can either go one or two directions.
Either A, the Wizards were teens when MC arrived to Oz and are now in their 30s or something.
Or B, they were adults when she arrived and their magic keeps them looking the same age.

If you follow logic one, then Oz is probably quite a bit older than MC. Remember that he remembers MC when she was a small child barely in Oz, and that he was old enough to travel the country performing magic tricks and becoming King. This would make him probably in his late twenties or early thirties.
Besides him, Norton and Solomon are hinted at being the eldest, so I would say that they’re in their early thirties or mid thirties (just a tad bit older than Oz and the other wizards).
Wesley and Earnest are likely older than Oz but younger than the other two. Earnest is probably a year or two older than Wesley since Wesley became his apprentice and looked to him for guidance. This would make Wesley in his early thirties but not quite as old as the other two wizards.
Earnest is probably banking, again, a year or some older than Wesley (though he looks relatively younger which could be because, like Wesley, he’s technically been dead for quite some time).

Now, this follows logic one. To be honest, logic one isn’t all that likely unless I am remembering incorrectly. This is due to the fact that Norton and the others formed Oz with their magic, and we know that Oz has been stable for quite some time. The wizards have used magic for a really long time, and they were old enough to travel from place to place.
To me, this means that there is a possibility that they are much older than listed above but their magic keeps them looking young. Whether they want to remain young, or they are frozen at the age they received magic, that’s an entirely different story.
If you follow this trend, then they can each be decades older than MC.
Solomon is probably the eldest since he is so revered and experienced in magic. His age can be quite the wild estimate if his magic has been keeping him young all this time. (And I think the strong theory is that wizards can’t die by any other means than their weakness as proved by Earnest’s survival of the house crushing him. This means that they could turn 200 and still live-though I’m sure they’re not even close to 100).
Norton probably follows by a few months and, again, his age can be quite the unknown estimate due to his magic. (In fact, flashbacks have shown him looking exactly the same-unless that was a lack of artistic design).
Earnest is next, and if his magic is keeping him young, then he is years older than Wesley-possibly even decades.
Wesley is the youngest out of the wizards, I’d assume, unless it’s been stated otherwise, and may be young compared to them but still pretty damn old. (Remember he ruled over the West when the others divided up the land, and he thought of MC as a child-and also recall that MC’s flashback shows him looking the same as now).
Finally, Oz, since he has no magic he is perhaps much, much younger than Wesley but still WAY older than the others. His age probably banks at around 29-30something.

As for height, Leonardo is the tallest out of all of them. He’s probably in the early 6" range.
Following him is Solomon which would make him an inch or two shorter.
Wesley is next and is roughly Solomon’s size, so probably an inch shorter.
Following him is Heartmann or Earnest (though the latter is inconclusive due to a lack of appearances). Heartmann is a little shorter than Wesley so probably in the very late 5".
Crowlie follows by like half an inch difference or something.
Norton is the second shortest by an inch or half an inch. He’s probably more on the late 5" side.
Oz, believe it or not, is WAY shorter than Norton-if you ignore his hat that adds a few inches. He’s probably around the mid 5" range.
And, of course, MC is the shortest. She’s actually shorter by a head than Oz, so she’s around the early 5" stage.

*Kind of just hit me that MC was my age at the start of the story; this makes the game a little unnerving.

Signing ain’t easy
I got this modern/hipster AU in my head where link is mute and Zelda is trying to learn the sign language to be closer to him !

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