anonymous asked:

would you ever do a sexy video for money?

If I get famous one day I would not want that to be used against me :-)

trininadz asked:

Thanks for making my day with that Tony post today :) BEST DAY EVERRRRRRRRRR

Bruhh….THANK TONY. He was the one who posted that sexy ass video. I was just being a humble servant of God by sharing it to tumblr lol😆😊

anonymous asked:

I think my brain would explode if I ever saw you and Christy Mack do a shoot or video together. Too much sexy in one room.

Hahaha, I’d loooooove to shoot with her. She’s incredible! Maybe one day. =P

I used to scroll through he YouTube channel all the time and one of my favorite videos was a girl dancin all sexy and using an entertainment center or armoire as her support to dance with a ribbon and eventually it falls on her and she’s all “help” at the very end. Where did that video go? Because I want to see it again