Mind Palace Without Warning

In the light of the ongoing discussion about what is real and what is not in the show: I looked again at Magnussen’s MP and how whole scenes can only be understood retrospectively. The scene below is highly underrated although it sets the the stage for the whole episode (and more). This is one of the scenes in which we get no indication at all that they are not real. The first time this has been done was the multi-laptop scene in TSoT. 

We see Magnussen and Lady Smallwood at the hearing. Then we are made to believe he is driving home, entering his archive, finding the evidence, driving back, presenting it to her in the library. All of which happens shortly after the hearing as she is wearing the same clothes as before.

The difference between the laptop scene and this one is that here we get no evidence at all that it is not real. Magnussen could live nearby and have a real archive for all that we know. This establishes the fact that Moftiss do not shy away from using MP without giving evidence that we are being tricked.

And look at this scene, Mary threatening Sherlock at the hospital, interspersed with shots of Magnussen luxuriating in her notorious past as a bad, bad girl. But what does this mean? Magnussen cannot know what Mary is doing in this very moment and yet we see him enjoying her badness. In the scene framing these moments only two people are present: Sherlock and Mary. Are we looking into the minds of one of them? And again, this is a scene making us believe that a man is sitting in his real study reading actual files. 

So if these superficially realistic scenes are retrospectively revealed as Mind Palace, what about things like scenes running backwards, impossible empty houses, mismatched ties, planes that change their interior details during flight, pink baby bunnies? And I could go on and on … 

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Part 72: Jaehee!!! on Ice

(Jaehee sitting on the couch, on her laptop)

MC: (walks into the living room, noticing Jaehee) Hmm?

Jaehee: (softly crying)

MC: !?! (quickly walks over, placing her head on top of Jaehee’s) W-what’s wrong, babe?! …!!! Wait…isn’t that…Yuri!!! on Ice?

Jaehee: (slowly tilts her head upwards, looking into MC’s eyes) It…it’s so…beautiful…

MC: (blushes) J-Jae…are you alright?

Jaehee: (continues crying) T-there’s only seven episodes out…but…I can already tell…you’re Victor, and I’m Yuri!!!

MC: 0_0 Uhm…hon…I haven’t really seen the series…but I’ve seen enough on Tumblr to know you’d match Victor’s looks bett-


MC: !!! (Quickly sits down on the couch, pulling Jaehee tightly close to her) You’re the one that got my attention, babe…and I’m glad about it. I’ll never leave your side, Jaehee…never…

Jaehee: (sniffles) …t-thank you…Em…sorry, I got emotional during the latest episode…those two…are just like us…

MC: (pets Jaehee’s hair) Yes, they are…I believe. I still need to see it, though.

Jaehee: Well…let’s start from the beginning, then. Let me make us some coffee, first.

MC: (shakes her head) No, Jae…let us make some coffee. (gets up, places the laptop on the table, takes Jaehee’s hand, and pulls her up into a kiss) I don’t want to leave your side, so we’ll do it together. <3

Jaehee: (tears up again) Oh…Em…I love you, so much…<3

Yep. I’ve joined the YOI train. XD

i still have not watched the kingdom ep, the one i’ve been looking forward for ages because the flu hit me in such a way i have not even gotten out of bed for 3 days. i can barely function. and just thinking about turning my tv or laptop (or any light/sound) on makes me wanna beg for death

BUT i’ve been told ezekiel and shiva are magnificent and so much more than expected; people loved the episode, critics loved it, melissa getting praised again. i’ve seen gifs and i love everything about it. everything. i saw carol was basically metaphorically compared to shiva and a pomegranate (love it, yummy!)

i’ve also heard about all the ship talk and tbh i am living for the fact that whether consciously or not everybody is currently discussing who carol should start a relationship with (morgan or ezekiel or daryl) means this 50 yo woman is basically right now the most desirable woman on the show. not only carol dumped her last love interest in spectacular fashion (who’s tobin), but she’s got a hot skilled man desperately wanting to save her life even when it’s not his choice to make, and another hot fun king of a man with a pet tiger seeing value in her and wanting her to become part of his group. then, after all this, they still did not let us forget there is a man out there, imprisoned by negan, who is the person she shares the closest bond with. 

it gives me life, in spite of thinking everybody is missing the point carol is actually in huge emotional pain. learning to accept herself and what she had to do to save her family is carol’s main arc this season. she gotta learn to live with the love. i love my carol, i just want her to get better. and i am sooo proud of melissa mcbride. i love her so hard.

Skam Makes Me Sad

I’ve been watching Skam, started with season 3 because let’s face it I only care about the gay shit.  It’s cute!  I just finished episode three and was screaming at my laptop because thEY WERE SO CLOSE TO KISSING OMG!  Sadly, this is just the type of shit that triggers the fuck out of my depression.

I didn’t have a good high school experience.  I didn’t have a strong group of friends and I didn’t go to parties and there were no tall cute sexually ambiguous boys who showed interest in me.  I was laughed at, I was lonely… I only had one close friend, then several acquaintances and a long line of people who liked to bully me.  I never even had a cell phone because I had no one to text.

Shows like this make me so sad because they remind me of what high school could have been.  What I missed out on.  I could have had friends and a social life and a phone.  I could have gone to parties and done drugs and experimented and had a real teenage experience.

Instead, what did I do?  I came home from school and sat alone in my room every single day.  

It makes my heart literally ache to watch this show because every second I’m overcome with this intense longing for experiences like that.  Friends and a lover and a phone filled with messages from people who actually care about whether or not I’ll show up at the pregame tonight.

Not to mention both Isak and Even are skinny as fuck and everything I’ve ever wanted to be.  It just reinforces this bug in my brain.  If you were skinny you’d have the life you crave.

God, I’m so fucking lonely.


Stiles’ side of the wall / analysed

So this is my background for my laptop. (obviously)

But I gave it a better look and the people sitting there, behind Stiles, make me question this scene.

These people are just staring of into the disctance, everyone in kind of the same position: back against chair, legs seperated and hands resting on them. We only see two complete people in our vision, but the ones behind them also seem to have the same posture. 

In the front of this shot, you have Stiles, leaning against the infamous wall. I suppose this was for the dramatic shot and to show he has a connection with Lydia, but it would make more sense if he was also sitting alongside those other people. 

What I think is that the people on Stiles’ side also slowly forget their life before they were taken. Since they never existed in Lydia’s world, perhaps they start to forget their existence too.

If this is one of the first episodes, then it would make sense that Stiles still remembers, or mostly remembers, hence not sitting there like a robot with no sense of living.

Also, the place he is in seems like an abandoned factory/company. Although the benches are kind of something you would see in a train station. (at least where I Iive) So to go further along in my previous post about the wall, I don’t think they are in a parallel universe, but more something like Bardo (season 3B). You’re not living, but you’re not dead: Bardo. 

((something i needed to get off my chest after episode 25))

He climbs in through Oikawa’s window after the night grows silent, and their families are asleep. As he suspected, his best friend isn’t sleeping, but rather watching clips of the game people have uploaded online. As he draws closer, Hajime sees that he’s only watching one clip, the one of his defeat, over and over again. Grunting softly, he steps over and shuts the laptop.

Oikawa doesn’t startle in surprise. He’s hugging his volleyball to his chest, changed into his stupid alien pajama pants with a gray shirt. His eyes are still red from crying earlier that night. Hajime’s impressed that he held out as long as he did. He remembers watching Oikawa hold his chin high after the match; he remembers thinking “that’s a true captain.”

“Oi, your contacts are gonna melt into your eyes if you leave them in any longer.” Straightening, Hajime steps over to the table beside Oikawa’s bed. He picks up the contacts case and the glasses that sit there, before moving to sit on the floor across from his friend, pushing the laptop away. He holds out the contacts case for Oikawa to take, watching as he carefully extracts the lenses and puts them away. Hajime hands over the glasses next, and Oikawa blinks at him from behind the frames.

“I ran into Ushiwaka-chan after that match. Did I tell you?” Oikawa’s voice is soft, still thick with emotion. He wrinkles his nose. “He said I should’ve gone to Shiratorizawa.”

Hajime snorts. “I hope you told him to go fuck himself.”

Oikawa’s lips twist into a tiny grin. He hums. “It was implied.”


They fall silent a moment, each lost in their own thoughts. Hajime can sense the lingering frustration and disappointment they’re each experiencing toward themselves. He can feel it beginning to fester, so he reaches out and taps his fist lightly against Oikawa’s knee.

“Hey. No matter how it went down, I’m proud of us. Coach was right. We fought well.” He says it as much for himself as for Oikawa.

Oikawa gives him a watery smile. “You were amazing, Iwa-chan.”

Hajime nods, trying to believe it. “You were too. You were incredible.”

Oikawa leans back, fanning himself with his hand. “What is with all this praise? Is Iwa-chan growing soft? I might faint!”

Hajime rolls his eyes. He lifts his foot to push against Oikawa’s chest, almost knocking him backwards. Oikawa catches himself at the last minute, a small laugh caught in his throat.

“Shut up or I’ll never compliment you again,” Hajime warns, but he has a hard time sounding mean about it. He moves to stand then, stretching his arms over his head. “It’s late. I’m going home. I just came over to make sure you weren’t staying up all night obsessing over the game.” He eyes the laptop on the floor. “You better not open that back up when I leave.”

Oikawa salutes him. “Yes, mom!”

Hajime kicks at him again, but Oikawa rolls away, hopping to his feet. Shaking his head, Hajime turns toward the window to climb out again, when he suddenly feels a weight drop on his shoulder. He pauses, realizing that Oikawa’s come up behind him and has pressed his forehead against him. He can feel the frames of his glasses digging into his skin through the material of his shirt, but he doesn’t mind.

“Thanks for checking up on me, Iwa-chan,” Oikawa murmurs softly.

Slowly, Hajime lifts his hand to run his fingers through Oikawa’s hair, resting his palm against the back of his head. “Get some sleep. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Supernatural BSM #44 You’re Sam’s twin and he can go on hunts but you can’t

A/N: The requests that require me to watch an episode may be pushed around as it fits, because I have trouble finding the time to watch them, I’m very sorry

Request: You’re Sam’s twin and he can go on hunts but you can’t

Age 23: “Well this just isn’t fair, is it?” you snapped as Sam heaved a bag onto his shoulder, shrugging as Dean sighed.

“Maybe not, but you’re not going,” Dean concluded, smiling sardonically.

“Give me one good reason.”

Dean hesitated, briefly but noticeably, and threw the duffle slung over his shoulder onto the ground. “I don’t have one,” you pumped your fist in the air in triumph, “but that doesn’t mean you’re going.”

What?” you squeaked. Dean draped an arm around your shoulder, as if not having to say it to your face would somehow make him more convincing.

“I said, that doesn’t mean you’re going,” Dean repeated.

“I heard you the first time, dimwit.” Sam snorted, trying and failing to hide it with a cough. Even though you couldn’t see it, you knew Dean was glowering at your twin. “Sam, help me,” you stressed, making eyes at him.

“That,” he shook his head, “is not happening. Then he’ll just make me stay too, and that would be such a waste.”

You let your brothers walk out, and followed out the door inconspicuously. When they had just unlocked the Impala, you picked up a stone and threw it in a nearby bush. Like you knew they would, your brothers froze and went to inspect, leaving you enough time to slip into the backseat without getting caught.

You managed to hide for the better part of an hour, cramped into the space behind Sam’s seat, the loud roar of Baby’s engine hiding your breathing and shuffling. But then Sam twisted in his seat to reach the bag next to you, and yelped, jumping in his seat so he smashed his head into the roof of the car.

Dean cursed and swerved on the road, yelling at Sam to quiet down while Sam rubbed his head.

“Y/N what the fuck are you doing here?!” Sam screamed over Dean’s complaining. The latter quieted down, and turned quickly in his seat to get a glimpse of you, eyes widening before he forced them back to the road.

“Dean was being a bitch so I came anyways,” you said simply as you uncurled your body and situated yourself properly on the backseat, buckling up.

“You’re impossible!” Dean snapped, but there was a smile twitching in the corner of his lips, and you smiled winningly in the rearview mirror.

“I know. Now, tell me what we’re going after.”

“Oh no, you’re staying in the car,” Dean tried in a last futile attempt to keep you off the hunt, but even Sam couldn’t hold back his scoff and the disbelieving look he sent Dean’s way said it all.

“Now you’re just being a jerk,” he stated, directed at Dean, who fumed in his seat.

“She’s not ready!” he insisted, hands white knuckling the steering wheel all of a sudden.

“No, you’re not ready,” you protested, gripping the backs of the seats in front of you so you could lean forward, managing to fit your head in the space between your brothers. “This is all about you not wanting me to grow up and it’s horribly cliché bordering on fucking ridiculous.”

Dean inhaled sharply, eyes focused intently on the road, and his voice was tight when he spoke again; “maybe.”

Satisfied, you leaned back in your seat. Sam inconspicuously reached back a hand for you to slap, and you caught the end of Dean’s eye roll in the mirror.

“Fine, Sammy, fill her in.” Before Sam could do as requested, Dean pulled the car over and twisted around so he could point a finger at you.

“If you die, I’ll bring you back to life and then strange you myself, do you hear me?”

You saluted him, sitting up straight in your seat. “Loud and clear, sir!”

Dean couldn’t fight the grin as Sam handed you the case files, one after the other, and when you saved their asses not an hour later, Dean deemed you worthy to go with them on hunts.

If you’d begged for thirty minutes beforehand, of course.


Okay.So I recently watched the latest episode of Gravity Falls. I myself, have noticed something.No no, not the laptop nor Bill on the tapestry. But, take a look at Dipper woodified.

He not only is in the frozen pose from the episode “Into the Bunker”, but look at his face. He only has one eye with a full pupil.Who else has one eye? Bill Cipher. And what has happened with him and Bill? They’ve made a deal. I’d also like to note the way the ghost unleashed his wrath upon the guests. Instead of burning up the place, he pulls the ironic twist by woodifying everyone but the Northwests and their butler.Well done, Alex Hirsch. Well done.Back to my point, coincidence? I think NOT!! My last thing to say is, it appears that he is screaming out, besides him just being frozen.It could also hint at the further events besides  the  clock and Bill on the tapestry. Could Dipper be next for Bill’s wrath? What  will happen in the next episode? My guess is simple. All hell will break loose. Literally.


Modern AU in which Thranduil and Bard are living together and have been for two years now. The kids are still at home and one day there is a massive storm and little Tilda gets scared of the lightning and thunder, so Thranduil suggests that they make a blanket fort in the middle of the night. Everyone gets super into it, getting blankets and sheets from all over the house and bringing them into the lounge. They have a couple candles in case the power goes out and it’s super chill. Legolas even brings his laptop into the lounge room so he can play a few episodes of Modern Family. Which is something that they all enjoy. Eventually, the kids fall asleep and it’s only Bard and Thranduil that are still awake. Bard leans in for a kiss before dragging Thranduil into his arms. They fall asleep like that. Safe, warm and protected from the storm outside. A truly perfect night.