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(Okay I’m Gonna Rule Out The Slender Ones ‘cause I Haven’t Watched Them Back In A While And Bloodlines Is Always My Favourite)

I Still Can’t Narrow It Down Though, Like I’ve Got Two Favourite Episodes That Always Spring To Mind First But Even Choosing One Line Out Of Each Would Be Difficult.

I Think, Assuming I Have To Choose, I’d Go With The Whole Blowjob Interaction From Episode 6. Because I Can Still Remember Being Hunched Over My Laptop On A School Night Watching This Video When It Had Only Just Been Posted And I Had To Pause It After “Ah! The Cobweb Sparkled At Me! But I Am Not Going To Give It A Blowjob!” Because I Couldn’t See Or Hear The Video Anymore Over How Much I Was Laughing.


*scream of anguish*

Im sorry I’m late, @melveres. I had problems with my laptop and I’ve gone to SO MANY SITES. 

Unfortunately, I found a lot (A LOT) of dead ends as many of the sites have been taken down or dont work anymore. The only one I could find that was dubbed (not subbed) in Spanish was this site but it only has the first season of Hetalia episodes 1-8. Apparently, it’s still being worked on.

I did find some spanish subbed and if you want I can help you with that. Maybe someone who lives in a spanish-speaking country knows of a site where we can see Hetalia in spanish? 

Sorry I couldn’t find more. I think it’s really cool you'relearning a new language. You can try listening to podcasts and many recommended youtube as a great source. 

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Hate to be predictable but D'nerd for the headcanon thing? ♥!

ill do the best i can having watched only one episode….

  • 2-4 songs that are probably on their iPod- THE ALPHABET SONG and the song from animaniacs where yakko sings every word in the english dictionary
  • the one place they sometimes end up falling asleep – where they’re not supposed to- being so smart probably makes him sleepy what if he just randomly switches to sleep mode like mid sentence just starts snoring
  • the game they’d destroy everyone else at- yknow those little kiddy laptops with the alphabet games and the word games? he fucking loves those
  • the emoticon they’d use most often-  (o^▽^o) (he loves kaomojis oohh man)
  • what they act like when they haven’t had enough sleep- his little face looks all drowsy and cute and hes a lot less chatty and sorta nods off. its hard to keep him awake.
  • their preferred hot beverage on really cold nights. or mornings. or whenever.- can he even drink?? maybe just like warm oil or some shit
  • how they like to comfort/care for themselves when they’re in a slump- he likes to look at his collection of dictionaries. hes got a lot from different years, and even in different languages. 
  • what they wanted to be when they grew up- he is a dictionary 
  • their favorite kind of weather- he really likes warm days where the sun shines and theres some big fuffy white clouds in the sky. he likes the feeling of sunshine warming his chassis.
  • thoughts on their singing voice (decent? terrible? soprano? alto?)- hes decent (and sort of a soprano) but thats only because hes so cute when he tries to sing his voice cracks a little and he just cant seem to get into the right key
  • how/what they like to draw or doodle- when hes making notes he keeps little doodles in the margins- of himself, the other bots, or just writes things in cool fonts