With Tales of Symphonia getting a Steam release next year, I’d like to take a moment to tell those of you who haven’t played it yet why it would be in your best interest to do so. After all, you won’t need any sort of gaming system to play it anymore, so you have no excuse!

Why is ToS worth your time? Well, for one thing, these are the main characters (all of whom have tragic backstories that will make you want to hug them):

  • This loser who fights with two swords because he thinks it will make him twice as powerful
  • The epitome of the beautiful cinnamon roll meme
  • A small, sarcastic nerdchild who gets really flustered around his crush
  • A professor who freaks out like a teenage girl at a One Direction concert whenever she encounters ruins
  • A dark, brooding guy who acts all cool but thinks a purple jumpsuit is the height of fashion
  • A ninja who would be really good at her job, except she’s constantly falling down holes and she’s too nice to go through with her assassination assignment
  • Basically the personification of Uptown Funk
  • A little girl with pink pigtails who can lift several times her body weight
  • An ex-convict who wears handcuffs at all times and does everything with his feet

And if that’s not enough incentive to start playing ASAP, consider these tidbits:

  • You can ride around the world on a weird looking dog.
  • Speaking of dogs, there’s a whole sidequest dedicated to naming dogs all around the world.
  • Another sidequest involves flirting with every single female NPC and receiving gifts like money, healing items, and food products from them as thanks.
  • There’s this mysterious being known as the Wonder Chef who takes on the form of inanimate objects and hides in various locations, giving you a recipe each time you find him.
  • There’s a race of people called Katz, who appear to be ordinary humans in cat suits, but apparently those are their actual bodies.
  • There’s a villain who looks like he just walked out of a disco.
  • You can use weapons like children’s toys, fans, a deck brush, and tambourines.

So yeah, do yourself a favor and play this game already. And if you have any questions about it, feel free to send me asks on or off anon. :)

Mudd’s women appreciation post

So I was re-watching an episode again and decided to share a few moments you might have forgotten, to lighten up your day.

Sulu is like ENTIRELY queer…again

I’m most certain this is not legal.

McCoy flirted with is the best kind of McCoy

Girls are one thing but medicine is medicine. He’s a doctor not a weakass.


Kirk and McCoy all distressed about the beauty of women.

Spock is, obviously, eavsdropping

While Bones is giving me his passionate hypothesis, I casually check out if my boyfriend is listening, or just have a look at how pretty he is

Bones continues his inspiring bullshit speech he immediately regrets

Spocko is like lol

Also Spock.. 

They’re better than women. I promise. Rocks are love. Rocks are life.


The how’s my boyfriend gonna deal with the situation Spock no.456

Kirk being turned down, aww

Better flirt with my first officer instead

Jim apologizing for shouting at Scotty

Kirk and Spock pretending like they don’t want to grab each other by neck and make out on the bridge

But failing miserably

Are you sure, woman?

Yeah..the Enterprise is surely glad the affair is over.

Insert final Bones x Spock sassy argument

Lifted eyebrows, proud boyfriend, uterrly over-sassed Bones and we’re home. Thank you for your attention