list your 5 otps in various fandoms and tag ten people:

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(and I honestly can’t believe I’m completing this so quickly so bear in mind this is just how I feel in the moment because I have a mad amount of ships)

1) Kylux aka General Armitage Hux/Crylo Ren (Star Wars: TFA) I also ship JediStormPilot but they are so cute and adorable and good that there’s very little drama for me to seek out in fanfic. Kylux also has one of the best pools of consistently good writers I’ve ever seen in a fandom and I’ve been around too fucking long and I know the writers really drive the success of a fandom otp.

2) Spock/McCoy (Star Trek: TOS & why not AOS too) Sometimes I just ship the hell out of their antagonistic friendship that belies the true caring, trust, and love these two share. Conversely I ship Kirk mostly with the Enterprise and not in a weird fetish-y way. I just see him as the kind of guy married to his work, aka his ship. And Star Trek III: The Search for Spock is my favorite Star Trek movie of all time because Spock/McCoy sharing a body and mind coupled with Vulcan mysticism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, incidentally it is one of the better vehicles for character development among the entire cast from the entire franchise. I’ll fight you on that. (also nu!Spock and Uhura are pretty sweet when not written badly.)

3) Dave Lister/ Arnold Rimmer (Red Dwarf) I mean these two are practically canon, right?

4) Destiel (SPN) also pretty much canon. Okay, this might be my 2nd fluffiest ship ever. Not something for which I searched for a lot of fanfic because it was so wonderfully and accidentally and on purpose portrayed in the show. Honestly, in hindsight this should be an honorable mention with Drarry taking this spot, but I’m too lazy to change it.

5) Steve Rogers/ Bucky Barnes or barbershop quartet (MCU): CANON and probably my fluffiest pairing ever.

Honorable mentions include DM/HP, SS/HG, HG/DM, SS/HP, and Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon. I can’t think of any other ships about which I actively searched for fanfic and headcanons through a long period of time and would still potentially today.

I tag whomever sees this and wants to join in and @lookatthesefreakinghipsters, @thorkys, @troglobite, @writtendark , @scarlettablack, @knittymcknitpants, @fromeroicawithlove, @starrla89, @lovethatcoat, & @pleasetakethis if they care to play too. <3