Why can’t Cas and Dean just get cozy together and watch Star Trek Tos. And both identify as Spock and Kirk and during one of the Spirk moments Dean says Kirk is so in love with his best friend, and Cas replies yeah no more than Spock because he is not pure human his emotions are more complex yet it’s undeniable. And they look at the couple on screen are Dean goes like stupid idiots in love and Cas replies yeah so oblivious. And they look at each other to laugh and then they just keep on looking and both of their eyes go big and together they say oh shit.

Mudd’s women appreciation post

So I was re-watching an episode again and decided to share a few moments you might have forgotten, to lighten up your day.

Sulu is like ENTIRELY queer…again

I’m most certain this is not legal.

McCoy flirted with is the best kind of McCoy

Girls are one thing but medicine is medicine. He’s a doctor not a weakass.


Kirk and McCoy all distressed about the beauty of women.

Spock is, obviously, eavsdropping

While Bones is giving me his passionate hypothesis, I casually check out if my boyfriend is listening, or just have a look at how pretty he is

Bones continues his inspiring bullshit speech he immediately regrets

Spocko is like lol

Also Spock.. 

They’re better than women. I promise. Rocks are love. Rocks are life.


The how’s my boyfriend gonna deal with the situation Spock no.456

Kirk being turned down, aww

Better flirt with my first officer instead

Jim apologizing for shouting at Scotty

Kirk and Spock pretending like they don’t want to grab each other by neck and make out on the bridge

But failing miserably

Are you sure, woman?

Yeah..the Enterprise is surely glad the affair is over.

Insert final Bones x Spock sassy argument

Lifted eyebrows, proud boyfriend, uterrly over-sassed Bones and we’re home. Thank you for your attention

Best GF moment of my life

Submitted by Anonymous:

Once I was playing ToS. I, to my utmost disappointment, rolled & landed on GF. I was convinced they’d lynch me straight away because I’m terrible at playing mind games, and in order to win with these roles it usually requires A LOT of psychological tricks. However this time I just told myself I had to outwit the townies.

I got crazy lucky in this very game. Two townies kept attacking one another for claiming the same role (Escort). Jailor jailed me too early to decode who was Evil & who wasn’t. I vaguely claimed RT to Jailor, hinting that one of the two claiming Escort was lying. Jailor noted this in his will.

Both Sheriff & Invest accused another player named Weed of being part of the Mafia. Weed was framed by our Framer & they lynched him. Weed turned out to be the doctor.

Everyone believed I was RT the ENTIRE game with the true RT staying silent all while. Then Jailor was resurrected, which meant the RT was really the Retributionist. Due to true Ret being quiet till Jailor was revived, everyone suspected him instead of me, but I chose to keep him alive because if the Ret died, they’d all know in a heartbeat that I was lying.

In the end I won with both my men being killed/lynched way ahead before me, and NO ONE, I mean NO ONE suspected me of being the last Godfather at all. My Mafia gang was so proud of me I couldn’t believe it.

I’ve never been this contented as a GF in my life.

TL;DR As GF I claimed RT all the way. Not one player suspected me of lying. I won.