Day 7 of Femslash February

We’re here to save Lydia. We’re here to save our friend.


MCU Ladies Week - Day 3: Favourite Scene(s)

This is one of my favourite scenes ever. I mean Jane is in Asgard a place that views itself as more advanced as Earth and she surprises everyone by knowing and detailing exactly what is going on. And the fact that at least some of them look pleased that she knows this. Plus it shows how smart Jane is - she has understood the principle behind the ‘soul forge’ as something she knows - a quantum field generator. She’s using her knowledge to help her understand what’s happening in an unfamiliar situation where a perfectly adequate response would be to be scared out of her wits. 

Other scenes that are equally awesome: the control room scene, Daisy knocking herself out to protect everyone else and Natasha in the whole of Winter Solider.


13 Weeks of OUAT Positivity

Week Nine ● Fandom Shout Out(s)

This week is dedicated to all the amazing talented people of this fandom. Since fanfiction is one of my favourite things ever, I’m gonna dedicate my posts to my favourite writers/fics. 

And, of course, I’m gonna start with my dear @bisexual-killian-jones who is a marvelous writer and her fics should be read by everyone. So, here are some of my personal favourites.

I See The Light (Now That I See You)Emma was twenty-six when she could finally see colors, after she had lost faith in it ever happening to her.She just wasn’t quite expecting it to be him.

Untitled Underworld Fic and its sequel The Life We Had (Won’t Be Ours Again)

As You Wish. Emma and Killian watching The Princess Bride.

Something Blue 

☆ Where Forever Lies. Long Distance AU.

All I Want Is The Taste Your Lips Allow. Fake dating!cs to make their respective crushes (Neal and Milah) jealous.

Lock Me Up (Swallow the Key). Emma and Killian using handcuffs.

”i’m a runaway bride/groom and you’re driving my getaway car.”

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This.  Based upon the myth that when you can’t sleep, it means you’re awake in someone else’s dream.

Couldn’t Handle It

All of her fics can be found here

anonymous asked:

Your Pressure comic is so good! I love the characterization and the art and everything (especially someone remembering Ms. Fart-Joke-Lazuli). Do you think you'll ever try to make your comic into a print book? I know people sell Doujin at cons sometimes.

Thank you so much!! The whole fart joke scene actually combines three of my favourite things: 1) important emotional vulnerability, 2) giant Ghibli tears, 3) important fart jokes.

I will print and bind exactly ONE (1) book when the comic is finished, but it will go straight to my personal shelf of Accomplishments. As a working artist, I do not feel it would be morally or ethically right to sell anything using another person’s ideas, so I don’t ever sell show-based prints or minis. Also, it is super illegal?

So sadly no, I will not be printing this comic. It will live eternally on the internet instead!


My favourite clip……ever. From my favourite show!

How to get back at your homophobe fucker of a father whilst the two of you are being apprehended.

And the cop is also gay.

And your boyfriend is proud.

And you’re a thug hoodrat who bottoms.

Click here for all Gallavich scenes (part one). My favourite pairing in the whole world. 

Honestly I’m becoming so annoyed of Chicago Pd (and it’s my favourite show) Burzek has a scene almost every fucking episode (no hate to them just stating it) but yet Linstead hasn’t even shown a sign of affection since they made it official in 3x05 & 06. I’m not one to complain about the lack of Linstead because I know there’s many characters who get little to no air time (We hardly ever see Alvin) but don’t hype the fans by making a couple get together and then not even show it, I finish each episode of PD a little bit more annoyed and disappointed each time

3 Things About Me

I was tagged by @imaginedmelody to write three things my followers don’t know about me, thank you dear! <3 I’m never quite sure what people do or don’t know, but as I have new followers to welcome (hello!) I’m sure it’ll all be new to someone :)

The Plexiglass Guy from Star Trek: IV aka The One with the Whales is a friend of my family and I’ve known him all my life. He has an award for ‘Best Star Trek Scene’ and I couldn’t be prouder :D

Several of the books I’ve worked on have been shortlisted for awards, my favourite being the Wolfsangel series, an epic historical fantasy tale of reincarnation, werewolves, Vikings and Norse gods, and the most brutally believable depiction of 'real’ magic I’ve ever encountered. Harrowing stuff.

The single most exhilarating night of my life was when I attended the official LOTR Oscar Party, watching in captivated awe as Return of the King swept all the awards and cheering with my fellow devoted fans. I ate dinner with The Last Unicorn author Peter S Beagle, discovered the music of World Without Sundays (friends of Elijah’s, and he and Dom occasionally sang along), and generally had the most breathtakingly amazing time. I was directly in front of the stage, and you can see me in most photos taken of the audience. Unfortunately, all I had with me was a disposable camera, so my own pictures are pretty terrible. But I do have proof that

Billy Boyd sang to me <3

I was right there, when Peter, Fran, Phillipa and the rest of the winners arrived, directly from the ceremony, before going to any 'proper’ after parties, to thank everyone for their support and love.

It was magical :)

anonymous asked:

What music does Kaya listen to then?

Kaya made a list of her ten favorite songs for the e4 website:

1. MGMT - Electric Feel
I listened to this a lot on set before I had a big scene to hype myself up. One of my favourite ever songs.

2. September - Cry For You (You’ll Never See Me Again)
When I’m about to go out with the girls we always put this on full blast. Every time I here it, it reminds me of my amazing friends.

3. Ace of Base - All That She Wants
When I worked in a flower shop last year my boss would have this playing all day. And its stuck in my head for life now!

4. The Who - Baba O'Riley
The opening to this song is amazing. And The Who are one of my favourite all time bands.

5. Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch
I used to listen to this song when I was 7 and loved it. Then I heard it again for the first time a few years ago and couldn’t believe the lyrics! Very funny song.

6. Britney Spears - (You Drive Me) Crazy
I’m the biggest Britney fan and its really hard only picking one song but this reminds me of being in primary school walking around the playground with my friends singing this as loud as we could!

7. Toploader - Dancing in the Moonlight
Summer 2007 for me was spent on Hampstead Heath with all my friends just jamming and watching the world go by…someone always had this playing on there phone.

8. The Holloways - Generator
They formed in a pub called Nambucca down the road from were I live in North London and I’ve been to a few of there gigs. Its a fun song that cheers you up.

9. Sweet Female Attitude - Flowers
This song reminds me of school and old friends. And it was my ring tone for nearly a year.

10. Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of The Heart
This is me and Lisa (Pandora’s) song. We spent many hours on set making a routine for this song, and whenever the Director shouted ‘Turn Around!’ we’d break into song and dance as they turned the cameras around. I think by December everyone was pretty pissed off with this song, but we still love it! TURN AROUND………

anonymous asked:

Do you ever just get a sudden urge to go back to your favourite books and reread the whole book focusing mostly on your favourite scenes in it? I always do that even when I have others to read. This is reason I read my favourite book over 20 times.

Always, Nonnie. Always. Every book I love, I love for a reason. And I love being able to go back and recapture that magic that dragged me in the first time. So go ahead and reread those books! Until you know them by heart. Then read them one more time :)

Have a beautiful day! <3

i’m so done with the 100… it used to be one of my favourites but this season is just plain stupid and pisses me off

  • where was raven again? if they only have her in every other episode this season, i’ll be seriously pissed
  • just for giving more scenes to clarke and lexa (obvious favouritism duh)
  • wtf bellamy, none of this bullshit makes sense
  • stupid ass farm station
  • JASPER, i really hoped he’d come to his senses, but i will NEVER ever forgive him for finn’s ashes now

things i still have hope for:

  • more RAVEN (i don’t mean hope for more scenes bc it’s pretty much hopeless, but just to see her bc she’s my queen)
  • octavia and lincoln (hoping they’re already on their way to warn indra or just to be with the grounders for good and leave behind this stupid skaikru who voted for pike)
  • roan, i really like him and want him to be allies with clarke
  • precious cupcake monty finally standing up against that idiot jasper
  • that’s all tbh