The hero and the sharpshooter

in light of recent events involving the Josten Sass™ and its similarities to that of another fan-favourite brown-haired anti-authoritarian protag with an attitude problem, I give you:

the foxhole court, narrated by percy jackson.

  1. “I Am Offered A Foxy Deal”
  2. “I Meet The Worst Kind Of Twin Pun”
  3. “I Get Dragged Into Some Gay Shit”
  4. “My Troubled Past Comes Back To Haunt My Ass” 
  5. “I Strip, But Not In A Fun Way”
  6. “Coach Gets The Gang Together”
  7. “I Have The Worst Night Out, Ever”
  8. “I Get Dragged Into Some Gay Shit, Pt. 2″
  9. “I Become Kevin’s Super Secret Project”
  10. “I Go See A Doctor For The First Time”
  11. “We Kick Serious Jackal Butt, Sort Of”
  12. “I Don’t Want To Be On This Show”
  13. “I Want To Be On This Show”
  14. “We Get A Killer Phone Call”

lmao tried to be all Serious and Whoa but ended up laughing at myself bc wtf aastha and wow!!! a nice smiling selfie!!!!!! lmao 

got this cheapo jacket thing from bkk and then thought of this yoongi photo and here we are

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