the best part about my job is when dogs come into the store


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You actually address in your lyrics, from The Format to fun., the idea of trying to achieve success in music but within this record industry machine that bears down upon you. What is that like now that you guys have achieved a modicum of success?

It’s a whole different beast to be hyperaware of and cautious about. It’s funny, because I hadn’t listened to Dog Problems in about five years, and I woke up this morning at about seven, having one of the songs stuck in my head. I couldn’t fall back asleep and I downloaded the album for the first time. I listened to it and I couldn’t fall asleep this morning, because I listened for two straight hours. And I was actually so proud of what I accomplished. I was always so proud of what we accomplished in the moment of that album, but looking back a few years later, I was so happy with it. And I was listening to “The Compromise,” for example, and I was like, this still really rings true, but there’s a certain naiveness to how I perceived the music industry. I think it’s good to be cautiously optimistic about the whole thing. But even now, even with the success, in some regards I could be called out as a hypocrite. But I just think that you grow and your perspective changes. Now there are new things I have to be hyperfocused on. I’m glad that as a band we’re very focused on the business end of things and how things are running and where things are coming from and so forth. I think that that’s helped us achieve the level of success that we’ve had. And I’m not going to lie, we’ve had a great run so far with our record label.

- Nate Ruess