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Am I still valid if I have two special interests at the same time? Nobody else I've met seems to.

Of course, nothing in any official diagnostic criteria says you can only have one or two special interests. Having more than one doesn’t make you any less valid than anyone else.

The actual criteria says, in paraphrased terms, that the fixated / restricted interests are of abnormal intensity or focus. Many autistics have a few interests like this.

(For a personal example, my special interests are service dog training, Harry Potter, and developmental / abnormal psych. It’s perfectly fine to have a few! )



  • don’t sign up for morning classes. allow yourself time to wake up, go get breakfast, and not be in a rush.
  • don’t take classes that end later than 5 or 6 so you have enough down time and study time in the evening, without having to overlap with dinner.
  • go to seminars on interesting topics that don’t necessarily relate to your major.
  • don’t take back-to-back classes. allow yourself to grab a snack or rest. you might also have to cross campus and not give yourself enough time otherwise.
  • check out before enrolling in a class.
  • take every extra credit opportunity.


  • pour your own drink.
  • don’t mix liquors.
  • drink as much water as you do alcohol.
  • don’t hesitate to call 911.
  • if you’re hungover, drink water, and eat bananas and saltines
  • stay active.


  • nobody else has friends the first couple weeks either. you’re not alone.
  • leave your dorm door open when you’re in there and don’t mind distractions.
  • go to as many events as possible.
  • decorate your dorm with your roommate as an easy bonding experience.


  • make dorm rules with your roommate to set some basic boundaries in the first couple weeks of school.
  • empty your trash regularly.
  • keep a surplus of a quick snack, like cereal or granola bars, for when you’re running late or not hungry enough for the cafeteria.
  • bed bath & beyond, as well as daiso (or find a store), have good and relatively cheap dorm supplies. 
  • save receipts for everything you purchase. figure out how much you spend per week on the bare necessities, and set a weekly budget slightly above that.
  • plan on spending an extra $100 on things you forgot for your dorm.
  • here’s a list of what you should pack.


  • check your student email very regularly. your class might get cancelled, or a free event might be held.
  • take advantage of free services.
  • don’t take your paid services for granted, either. do your homework and don’t sleep in class.
  • explore your school’s website for interesting or useful information.
Snippet from a song I'm working on

This is essentially a snapshot of a page from ye olde writing notebook, so don’t take it as a whole piece.  Just thought I’d throw it out there and see the reaction.  I know I deal with these sorts of bullshit rationalizations on a daily basis.

But it’s not you, right? It’s everybody else

You gotta shift the bigotry away from yourself

"I’ve got an open mind, but that’s the real world

All you’re gonna find will get you hurt. 

You’ll see it was me who was helping you out
don’t doubt that if I gave you a hand
it would set a standard the world wouldn’t stand. 

So trust when I say that I do this do you,

'cause in the real world, dreams don’t come true"

But what you don’t see is *YOU ARE THE PROBLEM*

and things don’t get solved until we fuckin’ solve them

One less rotten step on the staircase

Elevates us all to a better place.


Yep.  Just that.  I could post more, I guess.  Sure as shit need to write more.

America: He’d be totally down to go to an all-you-can-eat buffet – maybe Sushi? Afterwards, he might suggest going to the theatre to see that movie that nobody else wants to go with you to – that weird one that none of your other friends are interested in. Before you hit up the movies, you’ll need to swing into a grocery store to buy all sorts of snack food to stuff into your pockets so you don’t have to spend a ton of money on theatre-food (he is the grand master at sneaking food into theatres. You’ll be surprised by how much he can hide on his person).

England: It’s to the local pub! He loves to relax with a pint and gradually let off some steam and perhaps catch the local came on the telly there. If not at the bar, he might invite you to come along with him to some sporting event he happened to get tickets to. He is fiercely competitive for someone who doesn’t play sports. He will have full face-paint, a sign, and his favourite team’s jersey on. Opposite end of the spectrum, he’d be down to just hang out at his place and watch silly soap operas on the TV while cross-stitching.

France: He wouldn’t mind pursuing a bookstore and just getting lost in the aisles, reconnecting when you each find something interesting. He will end up spending way more money than he had intended… Afterwards, he would ask for company running errands – all normal stuff he doesn’t like to do by himself. The last stop is the liquor store for a bottle(s) of wine – want go back to his place and crack it open to watch old movies? He’d be down. He might suggest Funny Girl, and then dramatically reenact it as it plays, singing to all the songs.

China: He’s low-key – he’s at home doing nothing, you’re at home doing nothing, you may as well sit in the same room and do nothing together. He has some pretty interesting suggestions on how to pass the time – his favourite being heading to the closest airport and people-watching at the Arrivals gate. He likes making up stories to go along with the strangers he watches. After he might ask if you want to hit up a grocery store to get ingredients to cook something neat for dinner back at his or your place.

Russia: The day might start off innocently enough, grabbing a coffee at a local coffee shop, going for a walk, visiting a local animal shelter to play with the animals… but hanging out with him in the evening takes a very different shape. He’d invite you to go to the local bar and end up getting into a drinking competition with some strangers. You would wind up watching him do shots with crowds of strangers cheering him on and participating in arm-wrestling contests. For someone who is so shy, he is quite loud with a couple (several) drinks in him.

Canada: He’d come over (or invite you to his place) for a night of beer and board games. He’d play something like Settlers of Catan or Risk. If you have more friends that like to play games, he’d be down for inviting them along and participating in a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity. This is when you’ll see he has a fairly twisted sense of humour… He’d find it fun to bust out the Super Nintendo and playing some Mario, or even challenging you to a fiercely competitive game of Mario Kart. 

So I keep seeing all these interesting headcanons for the Fake AH crew and where the other RT members fit in so I would just like to contribute:

Charming News Anchor/ Talk Show Host Jon Risinger who is just so damn popular that he hosts most of the shows on the network. He always seems to have the news stories on the AH crew first and exclusive info that no one else can get which has made the network the most viewed in Los Santos. Everybody wonders where he gets the information and the exclusives from but nobody suspects that he’s actually a childhood friend of Haywood, seemingly the most off the rail member of the gang, and they still remain good friends to this day. He often meets up with the Fake AH Crew at the warehouse for poker and sometimes just to hang out and they will tell him what to say giving them that publicity they secretly crave and making Jon the most famous tv presenter in Los Santos.

Men presenting their new female romantic interest with a dress for a date in a movie is so fucking laughable it takes me hours to find something that doesn’t make me look like a sack of baby hippos when I’m going through my own damn closet good luck turning up at a shop and having a fucking guess

If I had to dress a man for a fancy date I’d have to just be like sorry bro I hope you like the largest men’s winter pyjamas ever made I’m sure nobody else at the ball will notice

OH YEAH I JUST REMEMBERED so today was my errands-running day for like grocery shopping and whatnot

well the traffic was hELL and I wound up spending a significant amount of time on the road, and in the process I met a few interesting people

like the guy who let me into the lane I needed to get in (God bless his kind soul oh my GOD nobody else would even look at me in that traffic) and then passed me later, leaning out his window to yell “OH MY GOD I LOVE THAT SONG.”  I was playing Ghost.

then there was the guy driving what looked like LITERALLY THE EXACT SAME MODEL OF VAN as the Mystery Skulls’ Scare-a-van.  I told him I liked his car and he winked, stuck out his tongue Demon-from-KISS style, and gave me a “call me” signal before speeding off.

finally it was the group of folks about my age (older by a year or two maybe?  younger?) who had their windows open and all started dancing like madmen to the song I was playing in my car’s speakers: an a cappella medley of songs about butts.

I love driving and this is why.

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I feel like the media is the biggest problem we face when it comes to police issues. Nobody gives a shit about black on black/white crime because it's not interesting. White on black is becoming overblown because nothing else is covered

The media causes a lot of issues. They fuel the race feud fire, they fuel the anti cop sentiments, they fuel the anti teacher sentiments, basically, if it’s controversial and they can make a buck, they’ll egg it on.

-the Polish one

I should be asleep

More than not, I feel like an impostor when I try to spend time with folks with whom I ostensibly share some specific trait (the one around which we are organizing, the one we are discussing, the hobby we are pursuing, whatever).

I feel like it’s just a matter of time before someone points a finger at me and discovers I never belonged in the first place. Rejected. Thrown out.

I never really know what the bounds are, only enough to feel that I don’t fit them. When it comes to trans stuff, queer stuff, I feel like someone is going to pull up some busted thing I said years back or some weird feeling I am working through now or some question for which I don’t know the answer and declare me an impostor.

It’s part of the reason my gender has developed as it has; it’s all *mine*. *I* define what my terms are and *I* define what they mean. Ultimately, though, if I am not going to be alone j am going to have to determine the Venn diagram overlap and try to meet with others. Scares the shit out of me.

I don’t want to hurt anyone, to intrude in spaces I am not wanted. To force my way into places I don’t belong.

Well, in terms of small safe-space type places anyway. I don’t seem to belong in the rest of the world but they can deal. I *am* pretty great in my own way some times.

If only I weren’t as crazy as I am I might be better at sorting out the paranoia from the legit concern. The concussion doesn’t help either.

Meh. I should be sleeping.

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So I watched sayyorsink's snapchat and literally none of the guys care that she's there. Yes Nate &amp; Sam show her some attention for the 10 snap but nobody else cares. Dillon Swazz and Johnson like wave for the snap but besides that they don't care. Also she seems full of her self. Like every video starts with a close up of her boobs. Nobody seemed interested in her except Sam and he seemed drunk or something. She's just trying to show off that she's with the boys. She's irrelevant.

Johnson gave her this like weird look I died. But yeah she was like showing her body, which honestly I’d probably do if I looked like that. Haha but yeah Sammy was like paying the most attention to her, but Sammy’s a fuckboy sooooo that’s self explanatory

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I feel like the media is the biggest problem we face when it comes to police issues. Nobody gives a shit about black on black/white crime because it’s not interesting. White on black is becoming overblown because nothing else is covered

The media causes a lot of issues. They fuel the race feud fire, they fuel the anti cop sentiments, they fuel the anti teacher sentiments, basically, if it’s controversial and they can make a buck, they’ll egg it on.

-the Polish one

This isn’t precisely true.

Do you know what drives the media?  Consumers. The media, particularly American media, is a perfect example of capitalism in action. 

A story about a plane landing safely in San Diego isn’t going to draw eyeballs. No one wants to read good news.  People are drawn to bad news. Morbid, violent, and disgusting news.  All those eyeballs are extremely attractive to advertisers, who tell media owners, “Hey, if you put in a plug for my product, I’ll pay you $$$! The more people you can get, the more money’s in for you!”

So it becomes a vicious cycle of more attention-grabbing news as the media chases ever dwindling advertising dollars and a fractioning audience base. Thirty years ago, when I started as a journalist, you didn’t have all these different mediums that are competing with each other now. There was no web-based advertising, no click-bait, no streaming video, etc. The more mediums you have competing for an audience’s attention, the more shrill journalism outlets become in competing for your eyeballs so they can keep getting the advertising dollars that keep them afloat.

You don’t want to see this shit? Stop buying it. Stop giving them your attention. You control the vertical, you control the horizontal.  It’s up to the consumers, because the media doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

Emergency commissions!

the mod of ask-checker pony is having a really rough time right now, and needs at least 70$ by today or else he will be kicked out of his apartment! hes a really nice guy, and he does really good drawings! these are his prices

“ Here is the prices (MLP vectors):
5$ for any canon pony
10$ for pony OC
+5$ for each next pony
5$ easy background (with minimum of details), 10$ detailed background.

“Also I can draw NSFW arts, but it will cost a bit expensive. And I can draw something in my original style (but I don’t know how much it might cost, because nobody interested my original style).”

and these are some of their work

if interested, send them a note on their deviantart or an ask on their mod blog!

if you cant buy one its okay, just reblogs are just as appreciated!

thank you for your time!

So I’ve actually had this idea for a couple of years now but never did anything about it, and lately I’ve been hit with a wave ideas. ANYWAY. Would anyone be interested in a kind of female fight club small rp I guess, with the majority of face claims used being WOC? I want to get a bit of a gage on interest in it before I focus all my attention on getting something organised.

Please reply to this post or if you want to message me, that’s cool too. If not, just like this post and I will message you as soon as I can! Don’t be afraid, I won’t bite. I am very nice, I promise.

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Ally! I'm currently working to get some money and i'm planning to go to Australia next summer !! I will love to meet you so much it's crazy! I'm vegan and nobody where I live is compassionate , mindfulness and all ahhh:( Keep going girl and I love you!!

Yayyy come down under you will love it!

I want to say though, don’t be so quick to assume that nobody around you would be interested in those things. Until I started becoming really open about all the things I’m passionate about (both on here and in real life), I thought I was the only person who felt that way too.

You saw me talking about this stuff and following my bliss, so you realised you weren’t alone, and came to tell me how much we have in common. I bet that if you put that energy out into the universe yourself, someone else will do the same :) it’s a powerful cycle.

Put it out there into the world and I promise, you will manifest like minded people towards you 💛 x

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I don't know what kind of sparkling, convenient world some SQers live in, that they think controlling what a random stranger on the internet does is a possibility, based just on the fact that you happen to share an interest. I should not be made to feel guilty because of what someone else did. I should not be shamed for believing that condemning the behavior of assholes, reporting where possible, and getting back to ENJOYING the fandom is enough. I mean, other than that, what else can be done?

there is nothing else that can be done.

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I want to be a writer when I grow up, but I am torn between feeling like I could write awesome stuff, and feeling like no on else is going to give a shit about what I write.  They’re going to read the first of it and go, “Why the hell do you think we’d be interested in reading this crap?”

I’ve said for ages, Fear of rejection is probably the largest detriment to human progress.  

And although knowing this is “half the battle”, it’s not the whole battle, and the other half is a lot more complicated, especially when personal history has shown that rejection is much more likely to occur than support.