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I love your summaries, I never have time to listen to the podcasts and you have a lot of interesting theories, which are sometimes so spot on. Love your blog.

Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoy them and that the summaries are useful to you. That’s precisely the reason I started doing them, because I noticed nobody else was posting written recaps of the episodes. And I know sometimes it’s just easier for people to take 5 minutes to read a summary - as opposed to having to listen to a 15-20 minute podcast that, while entertaining, can sometimes be a little padded with nonessential dialogue/information.

So, as was the reason for this blog’s inception in the first place, I saw a niche that needed filling and tried my best to do just that.

Thank you again for your kind words; writing doesn’t come easily to me, so it really makes me feel great to know my efforts are appreciated in this endeavor. I also sincerely hope you continue to enjoy the blog for a long while to come!

What kinds of films the DA2 Characters would like
  • Anders:Conspiracy films and fantasy
  • Aveline:Mystery and cheap romance flicks
  • Bethany:Cute animal films and romances
  • Carver:Animal films, heroic war films, or sci-fi
  • Fenris:Sad war films and other stuff that brings you down
  • Isabela:Cheesy comedies, adult films, or romances
  • Merril:History documentaries and fantasy
  • Sebastian:Religious films and Scottish films
  • Varric:Noir and probably a bit of Hitchcock
  • Diplomatic!Hawke:A classic hero's journey type film
  • Sarcastic!Hawke:Cheesy comedies and parody films
  • Aggressive!Hawke:Blood gushing war films or slashers

don’t pretend to love something just because somebody else does. it’s lame, it’s trashy, it’s ANNOYING, and it completely derails your ability to develop your own interests. be your own person and have your own set of things to enjoy because your life’s gonna be pretty damn horrible when you have nobody left to follow and WHO WILL U BE THEN?

Snippet from a song I'm working on

This is essentially a snapshot of a page from ye olde writing notebook, so don’t take it as a whole piece.  Just thought I’d throw it out there and see the reaction.  I know I deal with these sorts of bullshit rationalizations on a daily basis.

But it’s not you, right? It’s everybody else

You gotta shift the bigotry away from yourself

"I’ve got an open mind, but that’s the real world

All you’re gonna find will get you hurt. 

You’ll see it was me who was helping you out
don’t doubt that if I gave you a hand
it would set a standard the world wouldn’t stand. 

So trust when I say that I do this do you,

'cause in the real world, dreams don’t come true"

But what you don’t see is *YOU ARE THE PROBLEM*

and things don’t get solved until we fuckin’ solve them

One less rotten step on the staircase

Elevates us all to a better place.


Yep.  Just that.  I could post more, I guess.  Sure as shit need to write more.

American Economic Policy Is Counter Productive and Inhumane

Social Security and free school lunch used to guarantee a modest standard of living for many Americans. Unfortunately these programs are often blamed for our economic woes, they’re declared wasteful and promptly cut. In order to have a strong economy we need strong workers, students, and elderly people who are well taken care of. We need people who can afford to spend, but more importantly we need people who can afford to live. The United States is the most wealthy country on the planet during the most wealthy time in the history of the world. The idea that we cannot afford these programs is ludicrous. The idea that we can’t afford these programs, but we proceed to give billionaires and multi billion dollar multinational corporations tax breaks, that is INSANE. Bernie Sanders has consistently fought for the working and middle classes and has never bowed down to Wall Street or corporate interests. Nobody else running for president can say that. Nobody else will help change the status quo for everybody. Nobody, except Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders 2016!

I still plan to keep on going with F&R, it’s just a matter of finding the time & energy. I have moments where I worry nobody else cares about it anymore, so it honestly touches me to hear that you guys are still interested and gives me the motivation to press on. So, thank you for your comments. :)

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How come you haven't dropped out of uni if you hate it so much? You're obviously talented, your book is fab, I don't feel like you need a degree to show that?

  1. unless you are a wildly successful and popular author, it is exceptionally difficult to earn a living just by being an author. nobody seems to know this lmao.
  2. so i am probably going to have to get a job that isn’t writing. i don’t know what this is. i don’t really have much interest in anything else.
  3. so i need a degree just in case i need to get a job that requires a degree.

see also:

  • i have spent probably close to £30k and two entire years of my life on my education already. if you think i’m wasting all of that just because i’m stressed, you are sorely mistaken
I should be asleep

More than not, I feel like an impostor when I try to spend time with folks with whom I ostensibly share some specific trait (the one around which we are organizing, the one we are discussing, the hobby we are pursuing, whatever).

I feel like it’s just a matter of time before someone points a finger at me and discovers I never belonged in the first place. Rejected. Thrown out.

I never really know what the bounds are, only enough to feel that I don’t fit them. When it comes to trans stuff, queer stuff, I feel like someone is going to pull up some busted thing I said years back or some weird feeling I am working through now or some question for which I don’t know the answer and declare me an impostor.

It’s part of the reason my gender has developed as it has; it’s all *mine*. *I* define what my terms are and *I* define what they mean. Ultimately, though, if I am not going to be alone j am going to have to determine the Venn diagram overlap and try to meet with others. Scares the shit out of me.

I don’t want to hurt anyone, to intrude in spaces I am not wanted. To force my way into places I don’t belong.

Well, in terms of small safe-space type places anyway. I don’t seem to belong in the rest of the world but they can deal. I *am* pretty great in my own way some times.

If only I weren’t as crazy as I am I might be better at sorting out the paranoia from the legit concern. The concussion doesn’t help either.

Meh. I should be sleeping.


Future/High school AU in which ZIM accepts that he’s stuck on Earth and ends up developing an interest in Earth fashion? Far-fetched, but still one of my favorite AUs. ZIM would always wear heels, I think, since he’s already an adult and not getting any taller like the rest of the class. ZIM and Dib would form a shaky friendship based only on that nobody else will talk to either of them, Dib’s the only one other than Gaz aware that ZIM’s an alien, and ZIM is no longer a threat to Earth. 

Common misconceptions about introverts #1

we think we’re better than you

Just because I don’t talk to you, it doesn’t mean that I don’t want to talk to you and learn about you! And it most definitely doesn’t mean that I think I’m better than you!

I can’t speak for all introverts but I actually feel like I’m worse or at least less significant than extroverted folks. I’ve been made to feel shame for taking pleasure in the small, quiet things, like reading or writing poetry.

We often take more interest scholarly things, but that does not make us upper class “snobs” who take zero interest in the lives of the extroverted common man

It just means that we have a different taste in things, and are somewhat excluded from rowdier hobbies through the mortifying idea that we are dull and boring individuals who nobody else will be interested in in such gregarious surroundings. (Which is self-imposed… At least in my case)

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My speculation is that locus changes. He becomes less of a machine. I want him to live like nobody else (except wash) for the end of the season. I want his character to develop to the point where he fights FOR the reds and blues

i do want a development in locus a lot

give him more hidden personalities other than ‘cold’ and ‘murderous’ which come out during interactions with felix bc their dynamic is one of the most interesting in this season imo

maybe not as far as fighting for the reds and blues but maybe understanding their pov a bit more

with locus working on the chorus project for umpteenth years and the ‘incentives’ from charon, i dont see his character realistically making that big of a change in this season but i do definitely believe that there will be development in his character

i used to lie to everyone about my interests and try and change myself for everyone else. not from anyone elses request but i was always instantly knew nobody would like me if i was Truely my self. god this is a gay post, but like the honest truth. i love furbies and video games and soft colors and im uwu but i like knives and animals and biology. i love terrible graphics and edgy sweet things. i love tamagotchis and being nice to my friends. i feel so good about myself, love myself. i love neopets and homestuck and i love MYSELF!!!!!!!


as nobody interesting showed up during these last three hours i gave up doing anything else other than taking screenshots of bb david butler and do not regret my decision for one moment (the last one is of him geeking out about turnout results)

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What does skittery know about bumlets

Skittery knows that a girl named Gertrude Anne once sent flowers to the lodging house for Bumlets, and that Bumlets avoided her from that day on. Skittery, on the other hand, decided that she was just the kind of forward thinking girl he wanted to get to know, and proceeded to do so. They had an interesting week of flirtation, before she decided Skittery wasn’t really her type. It’s Skittery’s opinion that Bumlets missed out.

Skittery knows that Bumlets has several sisters. He can never keep straight how many, thought. Six? Sixteen? Sixty-seven? Bumlets refuses to reveal whether or not good hair runs in the family, and tells anybody who asks that it is none of their business.

Skittery knows that Bumlets prefers to keep to himself, but also genuinely hates to see anybody in pain or unhappy, and will usually step in if nobody else will. Sometimes Bumlets invites Skittery to go places with him, but usually only if Skittery is feeling particularly low.

But, how heartbreaking was Jake’s speech? It was really heartbreaking.
Like, “Full disclosure, nobody gets hurt, I love you, you’re in love with somebody else” – which is also a pretty major move.

That leaves a girl thinking.

That’s a very, “I’m a man, I’m holding my ground, figure yourself out if you ever have any interest with me” kind of move,

which is sexy in its own way.

—  Bellamy, #Scandal

(i feel like now that im 200 pages in i know i want to read the next 3100)

some of you might remember last summer i had a reading project which was a bunch of (often long) books. this year my only goal is marcel proust’s a la recerche du temps purdue. im reading the kilmartin revision of the moncrieff translation if youre interested (i am) and its absolutely gorgeous so far. the only two published novels longer than this are a Croatian one that hasnt been translated and a 350 y/o french one which is so long nobody has bothered printing it since the 1800s and is only available in english online (interestingly both of those novels were written by women)

i’ll probably intermittently post about proust over the next couple months (i have literally nothing else to do with all my summer free time)