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I haven't seen anyone talking about how in Rileys dream Lucas is wearing the same shirt as in Texas

Makes sense that in Riley’s highly idealized romance world he’s wearing what he wore when he risked being maimed or killed in order to live up to her idealized image of him instead of just not caring what everybody else thought and staying safe. Pretty interesting that’s the only thing we get from Riley about Lucas that happened after the subway/library. The “rodeo star” look. 🤔

(What I’m saying is that it’s great to have someone believe in you, but there’s a such thing as too much of a good thing when nobody’s taking reality into account—or not listening to the person who is. They got lucky.)

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When i was in elementary school, if you had an interest someone else had, then that was fine. When i was in middle school, it came down to what was popular, were you one of the "cool kids?" did you like the right things? no? then you're "lame" In highschool if you didn't conform, people harrased you everday. In college nobody gave a shit. You think past grade school you can enjoy things you like Without that,Then it turns out that the media wants to condemn you, And lies to do it its infuriating

this comic comes to mind

its almost as if all the people hating on Pokemon and video games in general never outgrew high school 

fic recs nobody asked for but you’re getting anyway

my sell on this fics is not very good, never choose me as your wingwoman, do read these fics anyway. My current faves atm.

Something Like This - emmagrant01

A slow-burn fic written by a seasoned fic writing gem. What else could you want?? Premise: What if Bad Bob didn’t say anything at graduation? Really interesting examination included of the Jack’s anxiety and the (negative) aspects of his personality, and the way those things play out into his life.

bonus point: A brilliant OC addition that you’ll wish was actually part of canon

(note: this fic is not completed but regularly updates on Wednesdays)

like a handprint on my heart - the_one_that_fell

A fun concept, in the author’s own words: the one where no one plays hockey, but it still manages to bring them all together. Basically if the Haus gang was never together, how do they get together?

In my words: the one where Jack plays golf and there are a lot of misunderstandings

bonus point: Holster/Bitty friendship, 

(note: this fic is ongoing but does not update regularly

maybe you’ll be lonesome too - elizajane

AKA, the fic that fuels my passionate love for linked references. Story explores the time between graduation and Jack’s visit to Georgia. Additional character examination and development is explored (*cough* George *cough*)

The fic is so well researched, and the author did a great job of slotting check please into the real world. It’s a treat.

bonus point: a really unique characterization of Coach that quite frankly, I love. No spoilers beyond that. 

(note: this fic is completed)

the blue tide pulling me under - frozennightmare

Magical realism in a really fun, different way. I’ve been enjoying learning how it all works in this particular universe as much as I’ve loved reading the fic.

bonus point: the way Bitty performs magic is super interesting??

(note: this fic is not completed but is currently on a (rough) five-day update schedule)

27/Laywer/Hopeless romantic/Mexico. Looking for my soulmate doesn’t matter what part of the world she is (you shouldnt mind if either).Im Only into femme girls, who like to be the little spoon type(to be more clear, i would be the “guy” and you the “girl”,that kind of relationship).
I don’t love casually. When i love,it’s fierce. It’s my whole heart on display, handed over to you. I want to leave marks on you,marks from loving you too hard, from kissing you too hard and holding you too hard. Im into clingy girls, cuddling lots, having your head on my shoulder, my arm across yor tummy and your breath on my ear. Watching lots of movies, anything Disney, animals and horror things.  I promise i will protect and love every part of you, the good, the bad, the things you´re self conscious about. I wanna love you like nobody else ever has.

Visit my blog if you are interested or my insta

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The UN defends their delusional ideas of human rights based of the single most stupid feeling fueled document of mankind: the universal declarion of human rights. The UN has its' own interests, they literally were founded on the premise of social justice and many politicians, philosophers, historians have criticized their utopical ideas. What else could you expect from Eleanor Roosevelt? You were right on point on your post!

Think about how badly local governments fail to manage the varying interests of their own people. You cannot accurately or ethically govern many different people with many different values. On a global scale that is amplified a hundredfold. How can you enact a law that works for a radical islamic state and America, or that works for a tribe in the jungle as well as for any industrialized civilization. That is where compromises that work for nobody happen, the kind of ‘well if you both want this child I’ll cut it in half so you can share’ kind of logic. Plus their mission statements and goals are basically the mission statement of every oppressive authoritarian government ever in both fiction and reality. Nobody sets out and says you know what I’m going to be an oppressive government, they do it because they believe them having greater control is good for people. They do it because they believe it will bring peace, unity and justice. There will never be peace on earth, never. It is a fantasy, a fantasy that will breed oppression and strife as real people try to achieve that fantasy by force.

The UN is basically Anakin Skywalker from that scene in Episode 2 where he says everyone should just agree and do whats best. And Padme tells him that’s not how it works because people don’t always agree. So he says well then someone should make them agree. Cut to years later he’s killing rebels blowing up planets and slaughtering children and declaring that he’s brought peace to his empire. This is actually a really good analogy because the UN is still in it’s “jedi” phase it doesn’t have the power yet to be truly dangerous. 

SJWs like to talk about oppression and yet don’t realize that the entity that has the most power and most capability to oppress the most people is the government. And yet it’s the government they appeal to, to limit freedoms in the name of fighting oppression. A globalist government like the UN or the EU has the capability to be a hundred times worse than any oppressive government in human history. What if the policies that starved hundreds of millions of people in communist nations are forced on the whole world? They believe they have the power to save the earth, so by the same token they would also necessarily have the power to destroy it. 

Globalism is a bizarre animal because they hope to have complete power and control over the earth but unlike other failed conquerers who went out to take it they hope it will be given to them. And they are using propaganda to try to convince people to hand over their national sovereignty, hand over their rights and accept their authority and control “for their own good.” It’s why the UN is climate change alarmist central. Hurry up and defer more power and control to us because only a global government can save the planet. Or hurry up and give us control we promise to end poverty. Which is one of their scarier fantasies because we know what happens when a government tries to end poverty, Venezuela happens. Hurry up and give us control because we will enact social justice, equality for all. Imagine of the oppressive University social justice speech codes, and forced tolerance measures and kangaroo courts were international law. 

That’s the terrifying thing about globalism, if it happens and you hate the result….there is nowhere to go. There is no country to defect to nowhere to hide. So that popular sentiment of “if x person is elected I’m moving to x country” wont even be an option. It is the biggest possible of all big government, no person or group of people should have that much power.

America needs to be the first domino to fall in the UN since they fund so much of it.

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Sam x Rafe 😉 3, 8, 18, 23 and 38 for the ask meme

I answered 18!

3 - Are they open about their relationship? How do they feel about public displays of affection?

They’re both a bit reserved. If you’d meet them in public, you’d never guess they’d be a couple. But all their friends know, and they’re not shy about touching each other when they’re around them. It’s weird for the other’s at first, but now it’s a normal thing to see Sam hug Rafe from behind while they’re cooking or just standing around.

8 - What do the like best about their partner?

Sam’s really into bratty bitches. He loves people who can get him riled up, and Rafe knows how to get to him like nobody else. Rafe just wants someone who takes his interests seriously, and Sam listens every time Rafe talks about antiques or business, watches his fencing competitions, and even tries caviar once (never again).

23 - How do they hug? Kiss? Tease? Flirt? Comfort?

Rafe loooooves just being touched by Sam. If they’re home alone, they’re always in each other’s personal space. Sam wraps his arms around smol Rafe and smothers him with his love, kisses his neck until Rafe makes him stop because it tickles and then truly kisses him, which leads to blowjobs at the most random places. They’re not good at comforting each other when they’re angry though, so they leave each other space even though they both just want to be held.

38 - What are they like in the bedroom? Any kinks/fetishes/turn-ons? Anything they won’t do?

Rafe is the most pushy bottom in the world. If he doesn’t get dick RIGHT NOW then he’s gonna RIP YOUR HEAD OFF, SAM. He likes being spanked as well, even though he’ll deny it or even attack Sam every time he brings it up outside of the bedroom. 

Sam will not bottom, ever. He’s just not into it, even though Rafe tries his best to convince him. Not even a finger? IT HURTS, RAFE. I do it as well. I DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW.

Oh also, once Sam spit into Rafe’s mouth when Rafe complained that his mouth was too dry for a blowjob. Rafe almost killed him.


The first post in this series & what this is about

They actually cut quite a lot from this episode, so…this post will be LOOOONG.

Oh, and in case it wasn’t clear: text marked with red were cut, but if there is no red, then all of the text, or most of it (I’m trusting you guys to remember what was kept in the show, I like to keep some shorter lines for context), was cut. Well, unless I’m commenting on something else in the script, but you’ll know what l mean.

That’s some..rather dark humor, suddenly! The conversation they had about the deer was so somber, I guess this would’ve ruined the mood? 

And nobody cared what Jack needs. Good.

Some tiny cut bits from the dialogue.

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For me, Levi had made his decision before Armin´s situation.

This is a personal opinion and I love Armin and Erwin as equals. I´m not a beta writer, just someone giving my personal point of view about Snk Manga.

This is not a post about Ereri and Eruri, because even when I respect those ships; I don´t ship them in a Love way. For me, Eruri and Ereri are BROTP. And that´s how I´m going to talk about them, as friends (Eruri) and as a Senpai with his kouhai (Ereri).

Ps: Please do not talk shit about other ships. Thank you.

Before chapter 83, Erwin and Levi had a interesting conversation where Levi told him about forgetting all his dreams and let him take down the beast titan, right?. Reading that chapter 80 again, Levi said something interesting:

This words do not mean nobody else is important for Levi. So, that stupid fight about Hanji being less important than Erwin, or that stupid thought of Levi as a selfish person; for me have no sense here.

Levi had showed to be someone who can save the live of a person who hates him, like he did with Mikasa when Annie killed Levi´s squad -The squad that we knew as his first-. Levi is kind and he has sacrifices his live for so many that I can not believe even today people sees him as selfish and cold heart.

But, what he meant when he said: “As long as you and Eren return alive, there´s still hope“? As far I undestand; Erwin is not just his best friend and that person who made hin change and turned him into the Levi that we known today. Erwin is that commander who had been the only one who had been able to bring humanity real hope; and he´s the only who allowed humanity to be so close to finally find out about that truth that had been hided for more than 100 years thanks to the Reiss philosophy.

And who is Eren for Levi? He´s hope, too. As Erwin, thanks to Eren, humanity finally have a tool that allow humanity to fight against titans.

So, yes; those two are the key for sucess in Levi´s eyes.

Yeah, He didn´t said nothing about his wife Hanji, but that do not mean that she and others are not important. So, chill with the idea of: ONLY Erwin matters in Levi´s life; because is so not true.

He said it, because he knows that Mikasa can fight and Sasha can and Connie; too. He understands that Armin have corage and Jean is a good leader. So, in Levi´s eyes, he can died and even thoght people can be saved. But if Erwin and Eren died, the things are going to be pretty bad.

If my memory remembers well, Levi only has been kneeling for Eren and Erwin. That means respect. And Levi truly respects and admires Erwin with all his heart. 

And again, this is not a post about Ereri and Eruri, because even when I respect those ships; I don´t ship them in a Love way. For me, Eruri and Ereri are BROTP. And that´s I´m going to talk about them, as friends (Eruri) and as a Senpai with his kouhai (Ereri) way.

So, Levi in that same chapter (Chapter 80) he kneeled and in what I believe is a way to thank him for everything and then he Levi decided. And then happens what we all know. In that moment, I believe Levi knew Erwin was going to die; in the end it was a suicide mision where Levi was in charge of chasing the beast titan and Erwin and the others were the decoy.

Then in chapter 81, Levi kicked “Zeke´s“ butt, thanks God.

And thanks to “cargo titan” that mother and father of “Zeke” runs away.

But there´s a interesting thing: Levi decided not to kill him because he wanna the titan´s power. That´s why he waits to see if someone if alive, but who?

And yeah, people: He´s thinking about Erwin since that moment!

Levi wants to save ALL men and women, but he knows he can´t ; so he have to choose, so he thinks in Erwin.

Do not tell me that he hasn´t chosen, because come on guys and girls; Levi is human after all, so yeah; he wants all men and women alive, but especially his dear friend!

And you know what, even when I love Armin and he´s my second favorite character of the kids after Connie; I understand Levi´s desires. That´s why I don´t hate Levi for wanting Erwin over Armin.

In my personal point of view, Levi thought that Erwin was death at that moment, and he sacrifices as the others for the mision: Kill the Beast titan. So, when Levi fail in that mision; he felt like he couldn´t accomplish his promise to his best friend. Friend that was death in Levi´s mind. That idea was the gas for Levi to follow “Zeke“ and try to kill him. That was my thought about how Levi felt in that chapter.

So, then in chapter 82 the drama is more about Armin and we have this situation: Erwim and Armin are the most and Sasha injured.

For me, in chapter 81 Levi thought Erwin was death. For me all hopes were death, but in this chapter 83, my thoughts are a little bit diferent. Because, for me; Levi got a little bit o hope about Erwin´s life. Why I say that? Because when Eren told him about using the serum in Armin, Levi hesitates.

Yeah, he did. And Eren notices.

And he did because deep down in his heart he wanna use that serum for Erwin.

And then The thing becames a K-drama people xD

I´m going to finish this saying that Levi is not wrong wishing to save Erwin. Yeah, Armin and Eren knew each other since six years old or something like that  Well, so young and they have been next each other since then. But, Levi had suffers too mucho, too. And Erwin was the first (and Hanji xD) one to see him more than a thief.

Kenny gaves the serum to Levi, so he´s the only one who can decide.

Sorry for some grammar mistakes xD I´m going to try to improve my English

Whenever a buddha appears you are very much annoyed by him, by his presence. Because he starts talking about light. He starts talking about opening your inner eyes. He starts talking about your subjectivity, your consciousness. And these are things you have not heard about. These are things you are not interested in, because nobody else seems to be interested in them. You are interested in money, and a buddha talks about meditation.

Sometimes people come to me and they say, ‘If we meditate, will we become wealthy?’ And there are frauds who say ‘Yes.’
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi says to people, ‘If you meditate you will become wealthy, you will become rich—because a meditator attracts money.’ No wonder he has such a great appeal in America, because who would not like to sit for just fifteen minutes in the morning and in the evening and attract money? A magic secret to become more rich, more powerful—you can become the president, the prime minister, just by doing Transcendental Meditation, morning and evening. Twenty or thirty minutes does not seem to be a wastage; it seems to be worth it.
People come to me too, to ask, ‘Will it help us to become rich, to become more powerful?’ Even if you become interested in meditation you become interested for wrong reasons. Your meditation is also a wrong meditation, not a right meditation.

If you become interested in samadhi, you ask, ‘What will be the gain? What we will get out of it? What kind of paradise will become available to those who have attained to samadhi?’ And there are religions which go on giving you ideas about paradise, that you will have this and you will have that—rivers of wine, beautiful women, golden trees, paths studded with diamonds and emeralds. All that you desire, they are ready to provide you. And then you become interested in samadhi. That is a wrong samadhi. That is not a right approach towards religion.

Buddha is right. He says, ‘YOU will not be there, your mind will not be there. None of your desires will be fulfilled. All your desires will evaporate, disappear. There is no way to say anything to you about that ultimate state because you are bound to misunderstand it. It will be discontinuous with you. You will cease, totally cease, and there will be a totally new kind of life about which nothing can be said in your language, in the language that you can understand.’

Those who followed Buddha must have been really courageous people, people with guts. It has always been so and it will always be so. Those who are with me are courageous people, people who are ready to risk all: their desires, their egos, their very existence. But if you can risk all, all becomes available to you.

—  Osho

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hello I don't know if this is a sin to ask about but have you ever thought about Draco and Luna? I don't know I know it's weird and they never even talked but I was watching the movies and I feel like it would be a typical bad boy falls for the bullied 'weird' girl but it could be cute? It's just Luna is my favorite and I've started to appreciate Draco more as a character now/am more interested in what his story would be. (: am I insane for having this thought?

Well, since I’ve had this question multiple times, no, it’s absolutely not weird! And it’s not even an uncommon ship, I think it could be interesting and complex, because Luna is not a typical bully victim, she has her own way of seeing and dealing with life, so I think there’s a lot of potential for an intriguing story. Draco hides his true person and feelings, and Luna can read people like nobody else. Isn’t it a curious contrast?

HOWEVER. I don’t ship Luna with anybody :) For me, she’s an exceptionally free spirit who doesn’t need the constraints that a relationship usually comes with. She is complete in of herself. I prefer imagining her as an ace, perhaps in combination with polyamory :) That’s just me though ^^

I Call Him Dad pt.1

This is part one of a story (or series, perhaps) revolving around the interactions between Steven Gerrard, Xabi Alonso, and Alberto Moreno. This is not an AU–their father-son thing starts as a joke, but Alby ends up sort of getting adopted by the other guys anyway. Title is from a quote I found online– “I have a hero-I call him Dad.”

Some of my tumblr friends are having a bit of a rough time at the moment–I hope this makes you smile, even if it’s just for a second. ( @nathanielclynes @jordanshenderson @taronthesloth and anyone else who may be interested/ wanting to be cheered up). Also, lots of heartfelt thanks to the anon who is totally on the Alby/Stevie/Xabi feels trip with me! Hope you like this! <3

Nobody knows exactly who started it. When it started, however, was a much easier question. Most of the lads said it started when the rumor mill started saying Alberto Moreno was coming to Liverpool. Those rumors were, for once, not complete bullshit, and eventually they were confirmed.

Some of the lads—Joe Allen, mainly, said that really, it had started in Istanbul in 2005, when Xabi Alonso and Steven Gerrard kissed, on camera, in front of thousands of people, in what may well be one of the most memorable football kisses in recent memory.

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imo if the poststructuralist-materialist trans studies tumblr left wants to continue to strengthen the power and utility of its analysis it has to ditch its aversion to the concept of sex-based oppression. it’s kind of like the notion of male/female socialization, where it’s been used as a blunt weapon to bludgeon trans women with dogma for long enough that nobody wants to touch it, but discussion around it is absolutely necessary to grasp the full picture

first of all, sex-based oppression is a material fact, taken from the fact that it occurs prior to any moment of gendered self-identification, as in the disproportionate abandonment of dfab babies, the coercion of youth towards pursuing gendered interests, or the asymmetricality of the cultural treatment of sexual dimorphisms. the most obvious example of this is the vagina stigma, and that’s all kind of obvious but beyond that, i’d reckon that this is already essential to trans studies discourse: how else do we class transmisogyny but an assigned sex-specific policing away from specific behaviors?

this is a line of thought that’s also difficult to touch, because if we follow it using the same unrefined tools as in libfem/privilege politics we end up with absurd assertions of a “dfab privilege” mirroring the obvious “dmab privilege.” instead, we have to follow haraway’s example and drop all delusions of essentialized “women’s experience/men’s experience”/“dfab experience/dmab experience” but not fall into serano’s trap and remain fully conscious of the asymmetricalities of sexed and gendered culture.

have i, as a trans woman, been fucked over in ways no cis woman never has? absolutely, time and time again. it’s horrible. but have i, as a dmab person, enjoyed the (relatively small, imo, but still existent) fruits of, say, a culture that never pushed me away my from interest in mathematics (this is a facile example but should work for simple purposes)? for sure. this is how we interrogate the problems raised in the coates piece without resorting to a twef-y “trans women are male oppressors” discourse or her mraish “feminism is mean to dmabs” take. otherwise we become like @leftbians’s crack about the butler worshippers rereading closeted trans men experiencing misogyny as a form of male privilege. just because the asymmetricalities in dmab/dfab experience are read along with cis/trans and men/women experience doesn’t mean the logical conclusion is twefism or even ~egalitarian~ “gender roles are bad for men too!” so long as we keep our heads and stay committed to putting effort into our analysis

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Hey guys! Sorry to bother you with another inbox entry, but do you guys know if anybody's written an AU where Steve and Bucky were born later and were in the Vietnam War instead of WWII? My searches have brought up nothing, but I think it'd be a really interesting idea to explore - I might write it if nobody else has, but I don't know if my emotions could take it... Love you guys! x

hm. let me see, I found A True War Story by ShowMeAHero which has Bucky as a soldier and Steve still in brooklyn. Theres also we have all been here before by chalmskinn which looks like its what you want but focuses on thorki and has stucky as a side pairing.

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sometimes i think that nobody wants to talk to me, be my friend or maybe be something more just because i'm not as pretty as other girls.. am I less interesting? i mean, that makes me be less interesting? I'm getting really insecure with all that stuff..I don't what to do

They may not show it but almost everyone feels this way. Ur no different from anyone else

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share a secret about LA htat nobody knows except you.

Ummmm I don’t know any. I’m not fronting, I don’t know any. At least someone else knows something about her. @la-knight knows more of my secrets…

Okay I told her and she said to share this: “When I was 11 I dated a descendant of Mary Shelley, the lady who wrote Frankenstein.”

mr. Greg was pretty good. I didn’t really like that first song that much but all the others were okay (ESPECIALLY PEARL’S SONG/IT’S OVER/WHATEVER ITS CALLED OMG)

also, platonic Greg/Pearl (grearl? preg? wait no) is beautiful

I’m glad Pearl finally got a solo because she’s had at least two songs (can’t remember any others) but she’s never had a solo

btw was anybody else surprised when Pearl sang about “the men?” were absolutely zero women interested in rose at all? maybe there were but rose saw that most relationships were straight and was trying to be like humans idk