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I know she has her ask box closed cause people are foul. But id like to take this moment as a win against the fetishists who reduced Even to Isak, the islamophobes who didn't want Sana and Even to develop a friendship and all those who jumped down her throat because she said there's the making of a beautiful Friendship between them. I know it's a sore nerve right now but @evenandsana lots of love. Also he misses her mum so... Fuck All y'all who were hating.

@evenandsana all yall should apologize for hating on her because obviously faiza and @josteninski were right all along

Simsrena! The one with the Romance Festival...

Oh yes, you read that right! We went to a Romance Festival! And you know what? There wasn’t a bloody hot tube!  Like, what the hell?! I wanted hot steamy sex in a hot tub surrounded by candles and petals and Serena and Bernie feeling all flirty and… well…

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The Romance Festival!

So I asked Serena… *cough*… Bernie asked Serena out on a date night and we decided that a trip to Albie’s a bar was in order. I’ve missed my girls and we needed a little R&R so we could regroup and… I’ve honestly lost my mind! 

When we got to the bar, this is what we found. So I obviously said fuck you to the bar! Isn’t it pretty?

Did you spot Bernie and Serena?  ZOOM IT IN REX!

Oh yeah, we see you!

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Moving on! 

So when Bernie and Serena managed to stop sucking each others faces (don’t ever stop sucking each others faces!) they made their way over to this weird looking fountain thing. What are these called? Anyway this drink is apparently ‘Sakura Tea’ which will get you in the mood for love…

Pfft!  I really don’t think Bernie and Serena need it, do you?

I mean just look at Bernie throwing rose petals over Serena! 

Oh yeah gurl, you’re playing it right! Oh…

Oh she’s definitely playing it right! Get in there lass!

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Our lovely ladies actually stayed out all night even though the festival ended at 1am. They didn’t get home until 5am! You dirty stop outs!! I’m so proud of you both!

Serena walked Bernie back to her flat when they returned home from the festival and obviously Bernie invited Serena to have lots of sex spend the night… or maybe it was the ‘Sakura Tea’. It wasn’t.

^^^^ that image right there is the moment Bernie suggested a little woohoo - aka the time Simsrena were the whole Berena fandom whenever we get a teeny tiny look between them at the minute. Or is that just me? 

We ended… Bernie and Serena (if only it was we! I wouldn’t mind being in the middle of this) ended up the only way one should after attending a Romance Festival…

In bed… having lots of sex…

Missing work…

You guys better not get fired just because you had too much sex!

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What? Stop judging me!!

Family VI - Alfie Solomons

Family i | ii | iii | iv | v | vi | vii | viii - Alfie Solomons

You were in Alfie’s room when you woke up. You recognized the smell of patchouli oil and tobacco. The expensive bedding, that you’d all but forced him to buy, was also a dead give away. It wasn’t Alfie in the room with you though, a much older man who dressed in a very Orthodox fashion, stood over you, mumbling to himself in Yiddish. He had yet to realize that you were awake.  

Waiting for him to see that you had woken up you replayed as much as you remembered of last night over in your mind. You had been at the party for your boss when you decided to leave early. You had declined the offer to be escorted home that evening. The party was still in full swing at your boss’ house and you felt guilty pulling Benjamin, his son, away from the celebration. You bid everyone goodbye and promised them you would get a car outside. Your flat was only a few blocks from the house and you decided after you left that since it was just after dark and the lamps were still lit you would simply walk. A walk might do you some good and clear your head.  

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Jinyoung Imagine - Cancelled Plans

A/N - A little anon requested Jinyoung imagine~ This one’s a bit on the angsty side so I hope you enjoy. I still don’t think I’m too good at writing more angsty imagines but I hope you like it anyway!

You were sat in your airplane seat, on a flight heading over to Korea from the US to see your boyfriend, Jinyoung. Due to work, you had to travel a lot so rarely got to see him in person. Luckily though, you had managed to convince your boss to let you have a week off and you were travelling to spend some quality time with him. There was about an hour left of the flight and the excitement was really building up. It had been 3 months since you had last seen him in person because of both your working schedule and his. You had a small apartment in Korea but spent the majority of your time out of the country. Whenever you were able to work from home, Jinyoung was either touring or promoting which only made things harder but you both worked through it. You messaged each other a lot and would skype regularly. You’d also plan a lot of your dates ahead of time and make sure nothing would come up to stop those plans from going ahead. Which is what you had both done this time. Jinyoung had spoken to his manager and made sure he would have a much less hectic schedule this week so he’d have time to spend with you.

When you finally landed, the first thing you did was call him. You were hoping to get a taxi over to the dorm so you could see all of the members and catch up with them as well as your boyfriend. 
“Hey, (Y/N). Are you here?”
“Yep, I just landed. I’m waiting for my suitcase to come through and then I’ll get a taxi over to the dorm to see you.”
“Actually, about that…” he said, sounding nervous all of a sudden.
“What do you mean?”
“Well, something’s come up and now I have to go film something.”
“What? But you promised that you would clear up your schedule so you could see me.”
“I know I did, love but I couldn’t turn this down, it was too important to me.”
“Right. It was too important to you. More important than your own damn girlfriend.”
“No, you know I didn’t mean it like that.”
“Do I? Because that’s what it sounded like to me.”
“I’m sorry, (Y/N), I promise I didn’t mean it to sound that way.”
“Sure. Whatever you say, Jinyoung. But the fact of the matter is, you still chose to work over seeing me. Someone you haven’t seen in 3 months. Look, I have to go, I can see my suitcase. I’m still going to go to the dorm to see the other members but when you get back we are having some serious talks, Jinyoung. Bye.” You hung up the phone, not letting him answer. It might have been a bit harsh but the truth was, he chose to work instead of see you. Right now, it felt like he just didn’t care about you. You knew he did, but at that moment you were too hurt and angry to think otherwise.

When you got to the dorm and saw the other 6 members, all frustration with your boyfriend faded into an after thought. You were just too happy to be with them again. They really lifted your mood without even trying and that was something you really loved about them; the bonds you had formed with each of them were strong and you knew that no matter what, nothing could ever break them. Distance and time could affect you. Unlike with Jinyoung. With him, it was like the distance and time had slowly but surely chipped away at the romance and emotion that was there and it was now at breaking point. The sound of the outside door closing interrupted your thoughts and you knew it was Jinyoung arriving home. Jackson had gotten up to greet him and you could hear him say, “Is she still here?”
“Yeah, she’s in there,” Jackson responded. Jinyoung walked into the room and his face lit up immediately. 
“(Y/N), I missed you so much. I’m so sorry I had to go and work. I really didn’t want to cancel but this was a really big thing.” It was as if he had forgotten everything that had happened over the phone.
“I missed you too, Jinyoung. But…” You hesitated, glancing around the room and deciding it’d be better to have this conversation in private. “Let’s go to your room and talk,” you continued, walking off in that direction.

“What did you want to talk about?” He asked, still smiling obliviously.
“Have you forgotten everything we talked about on the phone? Jinyoung, you know I’m annoyed with you for cancelling on me.”
“I know you are and you have every right to be. I am really sorry and I want to make it up to you.”
“I don’t know if you can.”
“I don’t know if you can make it up to me.”
“What are you talking about? I’ll do anything, (Y/N).”
“That’s not going to help,” you said, tears threatening to spill from your eyes. “I think it’s best we end this.”
“No, you can’t. Please.” Jinyoung was choking up now too.
“I’m sorry. I love you but the distance just isn’t doing us any good. We’re both busy people and I think we should stop doing this. But I would like to stay friends after we’ve both gotten over the hurt of breaking up.”
“(Y/N)…is there anything I can say or do to change your mind?”
“No, there isn’t. I hope you know I do still love you. A lot. But I think we should just focus on our careers right now. Today proved that you do prioritise working to an extent so I think it’s best for us both.”
“Do you think we will ever be able to get back together when we’re less busy?”
“Maybe. I hope so.”
“I hope so too,” he said as he stepped closer to you. “A goodbye kiss?” He asked, his eyes full of hope.
“Please,” you replied as you closed the gap, needing to hold him close one last time. You both savoured the moment until the inevitable split happened.
“I’m going to leave now. I think it’d be better if we had a bit of space but I might come visit later in the week since I do still want to be friends with the boys. I hope you have a good life, Jinyoung. And maybe we can see what happens in the future.”
“You too, (Y/N). I’ll miss you. A lot.”
“I’ll miss you too.” You then left the dorm, watching as Jinyoung closed the door. It was a strange, bittersweet feeling; obviously you were said the relationship had ended, but you were happy knowing that you could focus on yourself for a while until the time came when you could have a relationship without the stress and hardships of not seeing each other for months at a time.

3 years later

After being transferred back to Seoul full time, you would have a much less busy lifestyle. You still had to work a lot, but you had more freedom and you could actually live life and not be thinking about your next meeting in whatever new country. Getting the promotion had been a true testament to your hard work and dedication. It showed how much you had effort you had put in. But now you could relax a bit. You still had to work hard, and you planned to, but you could also live a somewhat normal life. You were finally in a position where you could date. Having that thought only reminded you of Jinyoung. Even though it had been 3 years, you would still have think about him from time to time. You were close friends with all of the members and whenever you had been in Korea, you would spend time with them but you had never really spoken to Jinyoung at all. And definitely not alone. There was some awkwardness there that hadn’t been present when you were dating, possibly because you hadn’t been friends before dating. There had never been a time when you weren’t ‘together’ so you didn’t know how to be just friends with him. Even now after so much time to heal and recover from the break up. 

As you walked down the streets of Seoul, going in to some of the shops along the way, you saw a familiar face. Seeing him now brought back so many memories and you wanted to rush over and hug him. Now you knew you could date, you craved to have him once again. But would he feel the same? Or has he completely moved on? What if he’s dating someone else? You stood there in a state of worry and paranoia, not noticing him walk over to you. His voice surprised you and brought you back to reality.
“(Y/N), I didn’t know you were back in Korea.”
“I actually got promoted and now I’m here full time.”
“Really? Wow, congratulations. You must be happy about that. Busy as well, I imagine.”
“I am happy. I really am. But I’m not quite as busy as you might think, haha.”
“Oh really?”
“Yes, it’s quite nice knowing I’ll have a bit more time for just…living.”
“Are you planning on seeing anyone or are you still just focusing on working?” You could tell by his tone what he was hinting at and your confidence came flooding back to you. 
“Actually, I am. It’s just a question of whether he’ll take me back or not, after I broke up with him.”
“I’m sure he’d love to have you back, (Y/N),” Jinyoung said, giving you the loving yet flirty look he would often give you. Hearing his words lifted your heart and you leaned in closer, your lips almost touching his.
“I missed you, Park Jinyoung.”
“I missed you too,” he whispered back, closing the gap and kissing you with all the passion he had.

Grayson gets in a fight.


(not my photo)

Y/BF/N= Your best friends name.

Grayson and I didn’t usually go to the big LA parties, neither of us drink and we both have tight circles of friends that we prefer to hang out with. But tonight, since it was Halloween and all of our close friends were going we decided to go along too. 

Grayson, Ethan, Alex and I pulled up to the house and pilled out of the car. Grayson grabbed my hand as we walked inside, pulling me closer so he could kiss my cheek. I smiled I was so lucky that I could go places like this with someone as amazing as him. The four of us scouted out for our other friends, the house was huge and packed with people, a lot of whom I didn’t recognize. We spotted our friends all hanging around the kitchen and walked over to see them instantly we were chatting and cracking jokes as we watched some incredibly drunk people make complete fools out of themselves. 

My best friend, Y/BF/N and I were having a very deep conversation about her ex as Grayson kissed me on the cheek and whispered, “Me and E are just going outside for a bit.” I nodded at him as I watched him leave the kitchen, returning to the conversation with Y/BF/N. 

A few moments later, mid sentence Y/BF/N’s eyes widen as she stares at something behind me, I turn around to see what she is looking at and notice that it is her ex. “Oh my God Y/BF/N, what is he doing here?” I ask as I turn back around. Before she can reply he has already found us and walked over. “Baby, I’ve missed you.” He says, speech slurred to the point you can barely understand him, he is obviously very drunk. He stumbles closer in an attempt to kiss her and I sense this is my moment to step in. “Hey! Back off alright.” I said as I put my hand on his chest, trying to push him away, he only got closer. “She’s my girlfriend, you back off.” as he says this he trips forward and knocks into me, my glass smashes on the floor. I try to push him off me but he is a lot bigger and stronger than me. “Get off!” I yell, but nothing seems to be working. All of a sudden he is yanked away from me and it takes me a second to realize what is happening. Grayson has him pinned to the ground he’s yelling at him which leads people to crowd around the scene. “You fucking asshole. Never touch her again, do you hear me!” He screams at him before punching him in the face, hard. “Grayson stop! Don’t hurt him!” I yell as I attempt to pull Grayson off him, he shrugs me off and continues yelling and hitting him. I give up, turn around and walk through the crowds of people out to the car. 

I stand there, leaning up against the car for a couple minutes before Ethan, Alex, Y/BF/N and Grayson all emerge from the house. Grayson now has cuts and bruises all over his face. “Holy shit Gray! What happened?” I asked, grabbing his face to examine it. “Some of his friends jumped in and started fighting me.” He replied, I just started at him in disbelief and pulled him into a hug. “Your an idiot.” I finally muttered, he managed a small smile and bent down to place a soft kiss on my lips. “I’m just glad your okay, I’m sorry you had to see that.” He said softly. “It’s okay, thank you for defending me.” I said, Ethan honked the horn, “Get in before he comes out and tries to kill us.” he said. Grayson and I sat in the back with Y/BF/N. “You okay?” I asked her, “Yeah I’m fine, I just froze, thanks for sticking up for me.” I smiled at her.

We got back to my apartment ,where we all decided to crash at because it was closest. I sat Grayson down on the side of the bath tub and got to work patching him up. I wiped up all the dried blood as Grayson flinched and winced with every touch even though I knew it didn’t hurt. “Stop moving!” I exclaimed he laughed, “What will I get if I’m a good boy?” He asked I giggled and winked at him. I left the room and got some ice for his bruises, finishing up my work. “All done!” I said, he grabbed my hands in his. “I love you, Y/N, the thought of any guy touching you like that made me so angry, I’m sorry I lost it I just wanted to protect you.” he said, I smiled, he stood up and pulled me into a bear hug. It felt so right to be in his arms. “I love you more.”

About Time- Brad Simpson Imagine

 *Requested by @jamiemcvey​*

I walked into the venue for the Vamps happily and immediately was attacked with hugs from band members and crew alike. I hadn’t seen anyone even related to the Vamps in at least a month so I had missed everyone a lot. James immediately began telling me some crazy story about Connor and Joe once I had finished greeting everyone, but one person I had yet to see was Brad. 
Oh gosh Brad, he was pretty much the defenition of perfect in my eyes, he was everything I ever wanted in a guy and then some, but over the past few months things have been a bit awkward between us. 
“Hey James, where is Brad?” I asked in the middle of the story and he quirked an eyebrow at me then laughed.
“Ah yes of course you want to see him, he’s in the dressing room, maybe if you’re lucky you’ll catch him with his trousers down.” he teased. I rolled my eyes and walked over to the dresing room, walking in to see Brad using his steamer while walking around the room. 
“Hey Brad.” I said happily and he jumped a bit clearly surprised and then turned to me.
“Oh hey! I didn’t see you come in I was just using my bong… my steam bong… obviously this isn’t like a bong bong… I don’t do drugs… um well I’m glad you’re here.” he said and I had to laugh, he was so adorable.
“Are you going to stay there or are you going to give me a hug?” I asked and he blushed and walked over taking me into his arms.
“I missed you.” he said and you smiled “Missed you too Bradley the drug addict.”
“Heyyy.” he whined.
The rest of the pre show rituals went on and there were a lot more awkward moments between me and Brad. I had walked into a room and he moved so quickly to get out that he knocked over a glass of water and it fell off the table and broke. 
The show went on as planned and I watched from backstage. While Brad was singing Last Night he looked right at me and smiled so I decided to wink jokingly and he got all flustered and managed to get his feet tangled in cords and completely wiped out. I felt so bad, but he quickly got up and tried to continue like nothing happened even though all the other boys were laughing their asses off. 
After the show I sheepishly made my way over to him after telling the other boys how well they did. “Hey you did really well.” I said and he turned and bit his lip.
“Oh yeah um thanks.” he said and we both fell silent and not long after the room went silent and everyone stared at us. 
“Oh for God’s sakes kiss her!” Tristain yelled and I blushed and looked at the ground.
“Oh my gosh I can-” I started saying but were quickly cut off by Brad’s lips on mine. It was quick and rushed, also sloppy but a perfect first kiss. He pulled away and blushed “Uh yeah.”
“Well it’s about time!” everyone around us yelled.


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The taller one kept his shotgun trained on you. “It’s a ghost, Dean.” His grip tightened on the trigger. “Or a demon playing with us.”

Tears began to cloud your vision. “Look, I don’t know who this ‘Jo’ is, but I’m not her! My name is Maggie! I swear!” You pointed to your purse sitting in the chair next to the door the two guys just broke through. “My license is in there if you don’t believe me!”

The taller one saw the other wasn’t moving, so he kept his eyes and gun trained on you while he rifled through your purse.

You glanced at the one wearing the leather jacket. He had tears rolling down his cheeks, looking at you like he was about to run over and hug you. Despite the circumstances, you found yourself sympathizing with him. He was obviously hurting.

The taller one exchanged a glare between you and the license. You could see the shine of tears in his eyes as well. You stepped forward, riding on a gut feeling.

“I’m sorry about Jo. I can tell you both cared about her a lot. How long has she been gone?”

The shotgun dropped slightly as his eyes stayed on the license photo. “Long enough to miss her.”

You took another step, the muzzle of the shotgun grazing your sternum. You flinched at the touch of the cold metal. 

After a moment, the taller one lowered the shotgun completely. “I’m sorry, Maggie. We saw you and thought-” He didn’t finish.

You knew it was strange, but you wanted to comfort him too. You reached out a hand and gently grasped his elbow. “It’s okay…what’s your name?”


“Hi, Sam.” You peered around him to the one in the leather jacket. “Dean, I presume?”

He nodded silently. 

Sam asked, “Maggie, there’s something I need to ask you.”

You replied hesitantly, “Okay.”

“What’s your mom’s name?”

You paused a moment. “Well, I never met her. Her and my dad both died in a house fire shortly after I was born. My grandpa told me her name was Ellen. Why?”

Day Two - Soulmates


Mary has always been a little skeptical about the idea that a string of numbers on the inside of her wrist could possibly tell her future. Much of her hesitance derived from the way her date had abruptly changed when she was seventeen, cutting several years off of the original estimate and then counting down to when she met John Winchester a couple weeks later. She doesn’t try to fight it, in the end- he’s a good man, and her ticket to escape the hunting lifestyle, hopefully for good- but she still scoffs at others who put so much stock into their own fate. She’s never been one to believe in destiny, and was raised not to allow outside influences to make her choices for her.

Despite all that, when her little Dean is born, big curious eyes and John’s nose and wearing a date less than five years in the future, she can’t help but wonder.

John doesn’t seem terribly concerned. He’ll smile and laugh, brush it off and talk about how his boy’s already attracting girls, how he’ll find himself one to keep while he’s still a toddler. Mary rolls her eyes whenever he mentions it, but it doesn’t stop her from keeping a careful eye on him, as if the date had come out wrong and would correct itself soon enough, the way hers had years ago.

“Momma,” he asks her one day, three years old and sprawled out in her lap, inspecting his own wrist critically, “what’re these?”

“It’s a date, sweetheart.” She reins in her own feelings on the matter and decides to leave it to the facts. “It tells you when you’re going to meet your soulmate. The person who’s going to mean more than you to anyone else in the world. Like… your other half.”

Dean makes a thoughtful sound at that, squinting at the numbers etched into his skin. “When’s mine?”

She briefly considers lying, but immediately feels guilty trying to take advantage of Dean’s age. He can’t read yet, and she knows that he’ll find out for himself sooner or later. Better not give him reason to be upset with her. “It’s next year. The second of May.”

“Really?” Dean’s eyes grow comically wide as he looks up at her. “He’s gonna get here that soon?”

The pronoun usage doesn’t escape Mary, and she quietly files it away for later. It likely isn’t a matter of chance. “That’s right.” She offers Dean her wrist and smiles as he latches onto it, inspecting the numbers. “I met your dad on this date. You’ll meet someone really important, too.”

Dean lets out a happy little sigh and settles against her, closing his eyes. “Can’t wait,” he mumbles, and Mary rubs his back in gentle circles. He’s not the only one.


In a hospital bed after eight hours of labour, Dean’s soulmate is the last thing on Mary’s mind. All she’s worried about is the baby boy being placed in her arms, his tiny hands curled close to his chest. Her baby Sammy.

His mouth opens in a tiny yawn, and Mary’s heart swells with affection as she cradles him to her chest. She doesn’t look up when the door opens, recognizing her husband’s voice, low and gentle. “He’s just little now, Dean, so you have to be really quiet and really gentle. Got it?”

“Yeah,” Dean whispers back, and Mary does look up then, smiling as her boys reach the side of her bed. Dean’s eyes are wide, and John lifts him up and settles him by her side. “Hi, Momma.”

“Hi, baby.” She smiles at him, tilts Sammy towards his big brother. “You ready to meet your baby brother?”

When Dean’s eyes drop to the baby in her arms, Mary doesn’t miss the way his face goes soft. She almost stops him when he lifts a hand, but he’s obviously being careful, fingertips brushing delicately over Sammy’s cheek.

“Hi, Sammy,” Dean whispers, and he almost sounds a little choked up. “I missed you.”

Mary doesn’t understand until the numbers on Dean’s wrist catch her eye again. She stops breathing for a moment, then carefully takes Sammy’s hand in her own, turning his arm over to read what the numbers say.

They match Dean’s perfectly, and suddenly everything makes a lot more sense.

She swallows hard and glances at John, wonders if he’s made the connection yet. It doesn’t matter, really- nothing does. Sammy and Dean were made for each other, and however long it takes them to realize it, she doesn’t intend to let anything interfere.

To Hell with her mistakes. If Mary does anything right in her life- if she’s to make anything of this little family she’s built for herself- it’ll be to make sure her boys are never torn apart.

Oh god, this honestly put tears in my eyes. I need a continuation of this. Like when they realize it. MAN ANON YOU’RE WRECKING ME AND IT’S ONLY DAY 2.

I think we need to discuss the unappreciated dynamic that Lance and Coran have. Besides Allura, Coran doesn’t seem especially close to any of the members of Team Voltron. Lance is arguably the only Paladin that Coran’s had any meaningful interaction with, barring Hunk during their Balmera mission. They bonded over missing their home planets, sharing experiences of their respective weird alien weather, and during that scene, Coran was more pensive and serious than his silly character would suggest. During both castle takeovers (involving Sendak and the crystal corruption), Lance risked his life for Coran, taking a bomb to the back and immediately running when he thought Coran was trapped in the airlock. He obviously cares a lot about Coran and thinks of him as more than just a kooky, wacky advisor to the princess.

Lance and Coran are similar in that they both have their silly moments and I think more people need to acknowledge this blue boy and his space uncle, thank you for your time.

Lovers From The Past (G-Dragon Scenario) - Part 3

I’m pretty blown away by the massive response to the second part, so I’d just like to say thank you for that ^^ It made me very motivated to keep working on this series. I hope you’ll like it!


Summary: Time goes by and your relationship with Ji Yong slowly starts to develop again. Is it love or friendship that blossoms for a second time, though?

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10] [Part 11] [Part 12] [Part 13] [Part 14] [Part 15] [Part 16] [Part 17] [Part 18] [Part 19] [Part 20] [Part 21]

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Request: To Make a Home

Request: Can you PLEASE do some Dean fluff?!?!? Maybe where Sammy has completely accepted the reader into the family and they’re all chilling in the bunker being real cute. I don’t know, anything really. YOU’RE A GREAT WRITER, THANK YOU!!!!!

Word Count: 1,853

Thank you so much!! This was really cute to write! Lots of love, and I hope you have a great day

(Bonus points for spotting the iCarly reference!!)

The bunker is quiet when you wake, and remains so when you head to the library, trying to find the boys. They’re usually hanging around in here when you’re the last to wake and so to find that empty too is… worrying, to say the least. They’d never leave for a hunt without telling you.

It’s a relief when you spot the note left on the table, obviously scrawled quickly at the last moment. Dean’s slanted handwriting is still legible and you pick up the note, a faint smile crossing your face as you read the words.

We had to go and pick something up in town – we’re gonna get groceries while we’re out, too. Should be back by about eleven, but don’t panic until we miss lunch.
Lots of love,
Dean (and Sam)

You place the note back down on the table and decide, seeing as you still have just over an hour at the least until the guys come back, that it’s time for breakfast. You head to the kitchen, pouring a bowl of cereal and dousing it with milk, before grabbing a coffee and heading back to the library. You grab a book while you eat, reading purely for pleasure – it’s the journal of a Man of Letters you’d found in one of the rooms and you figured it would help you get a better sense of what they did for fun around here. (The answer is nothing, if the first half of the book is to be believed)

The time escapes you and before you know it, the door swings open and you hear footsteps down the iron staircase, quickly followed by voices.

“Hey, Y/N, a hand would be good?” Dean’s voice sounds strained and you turn to find him struggling down the stairs with a huge box that is as heavy as it is large. You jog over, taking some of the weight and helping him down the stairs.

“What’s this all about?” You raise an eyebrow as the two of you lower it to the floor – it’s taped shut and there’s no logo on the side. Dean grins, throwing an arm across your shoulders.

“This,” He says proudly, “Is a whole load of paint. You said a couple of weeks ago that this place felt more like a hostel than a home, and you’re right… we’re gonna give it a lick of paint, maybe some new furniture, and see where we go.” Dean pauses for a long moment, waiting for your reaction.

“Awesome!” You laugh, shaking your head at him – you’d made the comment offhandedly, not expecting anything to come of it. Then again, when was the last time Dean did something you’d expected? “Where’s Sam?”

“Shit. We should probably go help him, there’s a whole load more stuff.” He grabs your hand and pulls you out of the bunker and back over to the Impala, which Sam is unloading more boxes and bags out of.

“We didn’t know what they’d already have here,” Sam explains, “So we just brought… everything.”

You can’t help but laugh as you scoop up a couple of bags, hanging them from your arms and picking up a box, “Everything. Sounds about right.”


Music blares through the hallways of the bunker, the smell of paint filling the air. You sing along absentmindedly as you run the roller down the wall once more, finishing the coat of blue you’d been putting on the upper half of the bathroom wall. You take a step back, careful not to stand in the paint tray, and smile at your handiwork – not a bad job for someone who’s never even had a home to paint, you muse.

“Hey, sweetheart,” Dean grins at you from the doorway - his smile is lopsided and there’s a smudge of white paint on his cheek, “Looking good in here.”

You laugh as he comes up behind you and wraps his arms around your waist, “I like it. It feels homier than that horrible magnolia everything used to be.”

He nods in agreement, before taking the roller out of your hand and dropping it to the tarp-covered floor. Before you can protest, Dean whisks you off of your feet and picks you up bridal-style.

“Come see the bedroom. I bet you’ll like it.” He says casually, obviously proud of himself as he navigates his way across the floor and carries you into the corridor. Once you get to your bedroom door he puts you down and covers your eyes. He takes your other hand in his and stay behind you, carefully walking you inside and uncovering your eyes to reveal the walls painted the most perfect shade of [Your favourite colour].

He’d insisted on doing the room himself, saying that it would be better if you just worked on something else and you’d agreed without much thought. You fling your arms around his neck with a laugh and he hugs you back, unable to hide the wave of warmth your laughter sends through him.

“You like it?” He asks, and you smile, planting a firm kiss on his lips.

“I love it.”


You made it all of twenty-four hours. Getting everything painted to satisfaction turned out to be a long and arduous process and by the second day, all three of you are tired and sore and ready to vegetate for a while. You’re working on painting the last bedroom a pretty brick red when something wet and cool splatters your back, causing you to turn and wield your paintbrush like a weapon.

There’s silence… and then a stifled giggle.

“Dean Winchester, I swear to God…” Examining your back you find a splash of green paint dripping down it. You cross over to the door and much to your surprise it isn’t Dean you find there – it’s Sam.

“Mm, you didn’t see that coming, did you?” He raises an eyebrow and, in response, you reach up and run your paintbrush all the way down his nose and the front of his shirt before taking off running. He follows a moment later, but you quickly crash into Dean, who must have come outside to see what the noise is.

“Y/N? What’s going on?” He holds you at arm’s length for a moment and presses his hand to the side of your face. The coldness and wetness of it clues you in almost instantly and you watch as the grin spreads over his face.

“Oh. Oh. I see how this is.” You back away from him, reaching down and dipping your hand into the can of blue paint by Dean’s feet, “I think you just declared war.”

“Oh? Did we, now?”

You’re surrounded – Sam on one side and Dean on the other. At this point it’s soak or get soaked, and you’ve never been one to go out without a fight.

Dean takes a blue handprint to the chest and you duck beneath his arms as he lunges for you, grinning wildly. The next half-hour descends into total anarchy, the three of you racing around the bunker like a group of children. At the end of it, the once-white corridor looks like a Jackson Pollock painting and the three of you are soaked in paint, head to toe. It’s in your hair, all over your faces, you somehow gained a bright yellow handprint on your butt that Dean insists wasn’t him.

It must be over. It has to be. All of the paint cans are empty and there’s little else you can do. You stick close to the wall nonetheless, hoping that neither of them have an ace up their sleeves, because you definitely don’t.

A pair of arms wraps around your waist and you almost scream, but when you turn all you find is Dean grinning at you.

“Hey there, sweetheart,” He chuckles, touching his forehead to yours, “I came to apologise.”

“Oh, really?”

“Mm-hm.” He smiles, “I’m sorry that I painted your lips red.”

“I’m sorry that I painted your lips blue.”

A mischievous glint lights up his eyes, “Wanna make purple?”


Dean’s fingers absentmindedly run through your damp hair, playing with the soft strands as he holds you close. The new episode of something or another plays in the background, but you’re too tired to pay it much attention – it’s been a long day. Between painting and fighting, and the showering process alone took nearly three hours (to be fair, Dean is to blame for at least some of that). Now you just sit pretty much in Dean’s lap, dozing in and out of consciousness – he and Sam occasionally raise a bit of banter or bickering, but not even that’s enough to push away the sleep for now.

“I think someone’s all tuckered out,” You hear Dean say, though it feels a little far off, “We should probably head to bed.”

“Sure thing,” Sam yawns, “G’night, you two.”

“Night, Sam.” Your barely audible murmur nearly goes unnoticed, but Sam leans down and kisses your forehead anyway.

“Sleep well. We have more work to do tomorrow.” He teases, prompting a smile from you as Dean gathers you into his arms once more. He carries you through to the newly-painted bedroom and tucks you into the bed, turning off the light before climbing in beside you. You roll over and curl into his side, mumbling a muffled ‘love you’.

Dean smiles, leaning down and kissing the tip of your nose, “I love you, too. More than you’ll ever know.”

Uh...Is This Creepy? I’m Sorry If It’s Creepy...

Originally posted by stilinskibilinski

Fandom: Avengers/Marvel

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warning: N/A

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by anon:  Reader insert where the reader is friends with Steve Rogers, and they have feelings for one another and don’t realize it? And Steve regularly draws the reader and slowly realizes he has feelings for her? And she eventually finds the drawings and is surprised?

Note: As someone who draws I would not recommend looking at someone’s sketchbook or art without asking them because we get like super defensive if its not on our terms cause we’re like that xD

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♦♦♦♦♦ DADDY - A Manuel Neuer One-Shot ♦♦♦♦♦


I wasn’t feeling very well this morning. I don’t really know what I had but I had like nausea. I arrived at the office at the usual time and I passed by the toilet. On top of that, I was peeing all the time and I had hot flashes, brief I had enough. I was hot ! I wanted fresh air, pity !

Actually, I couldn’t even work properly. Only the photo of my fiancé was on my desk gave me the desire and especially the courage to do something. It was a professional football player and he was traveling with his team in London to face Arsenal, I was disappointed not to have able to go with him. It was the best man in the world for me.

Obviously, we talked every evening via skype but nothing was worth to have him at my side. You see, to have his picture give me a lot of strength. “Pauline, are you okay ? you’re on fire” Caroline, one of my colleagues looked at me, she seemed worried but I was fine. Finally I believe. I was just hot. So hot. 

But she didn’t seem to be the only one concerned, several of my colleagues looked at me insistently. I may be sick but that’s all. “Miss Neuer, you should go home” my boss ordered me he seemed too worried. “You should consult a doctor, you’re sweaty” after all, he was probably right. So I took my handbag and I went straight to the doctor.

Even in the doctor’s office it was hot to die. The doctor auscultated me quickly, I did nothing wrong. Finally yes. “Miss Neuer, you mentioned having nausea, right ?” he asked me, I nodded without question. He asked me a lot of question until the fateful question. “How long have you not had your menstrual period ?” I didn’t know, my head was elsewhere lately. “I don’t remember” I replied, trying when was the last time.

The doctor wasn’t totally sure, he made me take a pregnancy test. The result wasn’t long in coming. I was pregnant. “Congratulations, Miss Neuer” he congratulated me, I thanked him. But coming out of his office, one question came to mind : How was I going to announced to Manuel ?


Manu came back to Munich today ! I still don’t know how I was going to announce him my pregnancy. My friends advised me a lot of how to tell him, but none I liked. I preferred to tell him frankly. For the moment, I sat in this chair since this morning. Until he gets home. But I was so anxious. How to tell him ? It was the hardest thing I’ve had to do in my life.

When I heard the front door close, I knew he had just entered. “My baby love, I’m heeeere” he shouted into the house from the entrance. I didn’t want to see him, I didn’t want to have to tell him. “Hello Lady” He wrapped his arms around my waist and gave me lots of kisses in the neck. “Did you miss me ?” obviously I had missed him but I was afraid. “Yes !” I replied, a broad smile on my lips.

I reacted strangely and he had noticed it. “Pauline, you’re okay ?” he seemed worried about how I reacted but I was just afraid to tell him that I expected his child. That’s true ! Tell a man that we expect his child is the hardest thing to do. “Yes, I am” I didn’t like to lie but I had to. 

I needed to get some air but Manu followed me into the garden. “Tell me what the fuck is going on ?” I knew he wanted to know what I had because he had promised to protect me since the day we first met. I put my hands over my face to find the strength and above all the courage to tell him the news, I wanted him to take it well.

I turned me to face him. “Okay, you want to know so I’ll tell you” I breathed deeply and I was still looking for that damn courage. Anyway, if he really loved me, he will be happy normally. “Pauline …” he hated to wait but I was trying to find a way to tell him without really saying him. “Pauline !” Manu began to lose patience and I really understood him.

I took a step toward him, keeping my hands one in the other. “Manu … I’m pregnant” that’s it, I had just to say it. Manuel looked at me, he didn’t seem to know what to think about this news. “You’re pregnant with my child ?” he asked, his voice trembling, it was like he couln’t believe what I had just said him. I nodded, I just wanted to wait for his reply.

He put his hands behind his head, that was a bad sign. But against all odds, he came to me and took me in his arms. “I’ll be a dad” he seemed so happy, I didn’t even know why I was so nervous about to tell him. “Thank you, my love, you make me the happiest man in the world, I love you more than anything in the world” tears flowed from his eyes, he kissed me so tenderly that I felt like the most loved woman. Manu was happy, that was all I wanted.

GOM+Kagami+Kiyoshi One on One Match with S/O

Akashi: He takes it as a sweet gesture and a learning lesson. You suck, so you’re obviously not challenging him seriously, and he takes the moment as a break from his usual drive to be the perfect athlete. There’s a lot of gentle instructing on your form and loving head patting as he tutors you through the basics.

He chuckles when you shoot again and miss horribly. “I suppose even perfect form won’t make up for weak muscles, will it?”

Aomine: Is a complete jerk about it. He originally takes your challenge as a game, excited to see if maybe you were a secret basketball genius like him. Of course, finding that you’re rather pathetic at the sport, he remains high spirited and takes it as a prime opportunity to gloat and tease you.

How can you miss?” he gloats and effortlessly steals the ball from you. Aomine appreciates your attempts to connect better with him, but can’t fight his need to mess with you.

“Your game is crap.” He snickers at your angry face, finding it absolutely adorable.

Kuroko: A good half of the match is him trying to console you. He knows how bad it feels to absolutely suck at something. Kuroko realizes he can’t teach you much as he’s not particularly good at anything but passing and his special moves, but attempts to drill you in the importance of relying on your partner.

After the match, the two of you are a little out of breath from running up and down the court passing to each other; your match developing into a practice session. He smiles at you and kisses your cheek, “That was fun, let’s do this again?”

Kagami:You’re horrible at this,” he says bluntly to your face after you miss your fourteenth shot. “No one’s even guarding you.

After getting over your appalling athletic capabilities in his favorite sport, Kagami tries to play against you semi-seriously. Honestly, it feels more like he’s playing against a little kid. In the end, it’s basically him playing keep away with the ball as he enjoys how worked up you get when he teases you like this.

Kise: Would realize within moments that there was no way in hell you were going to handle him at his peak performance. The match quickly becomes a playful game, with him cheering you on and giving you hints as to what to do. Eventually it turns into the two of you joining forces and passing the ball to one another. He can’t help showing off and makes sure to add more flair than usual to his dunks. At the end of the game, he places his hands on your waist and lifts you up.

“Dunk~!” he cheers you on,holding you high above his head, his grin ecstatic, “Score our winning shot ____-cchi!”

Murasakibara: He straight out denies having a match, making an excuse about him being tired and that playing basketball with someone so below his league would be a waste of time. Instead, he does his best to convince you that your time would be better spent eating snacks with him. Of course, he hands you a couple dollar bills and tries his best to be charming.

“Nee, ____-chin, you don’t mind running to get some snacks for us riiight?”

Midorima: Playing against him would be the worst if you were just looking for some cute couple bonding time. He takes your challenge very seriously and is disappointed with your lackluster performance. Your cute couple moment would unwind into him critiquing your form and weak muscles. Exasperated with you, he gives up and mutters, “If you want to seriously win, you’ll need the best fortune in the world.”

Kiyoshi: Right from the get go he would be your tutor. Whether you like his old man candy or not, he tries to tempt you with it. “If you can pass me, I’ll give you three sweets,” he says. Being as intuitive as he can be, Kiyoshi realizes that this is probably you just trying to connect with him using something that he loves and appreciates the gesture immensely. After your little “match”, he kisses your sweaty forehead and grins down at you.

“You get three sweets for your outstanding participation today~”    

(Strei basically misread an ask and filled out the wrong prompt, whoops.) 

Dee’s OQ fic MasterList

Two years ago today, it was Sunday, the 20th of April 2014, and 3.18 aired, and Regina and Robin kissed for the first time - so to celebrate the second anniversary, and given that I’ve read a shameful amount of fics in these two years, I’ve decided to write my first MasterList - and it’s gotten long, but who cares. All my personal favorites, not in particular order, with my recs full of feelings by their side - and I’m sure I’ve made some mistakes in the tags or the links oopsie - there’s all sort of things here, AUs, Missing Year, Storybrooke, OutlawBandit, Christmas, smut, fluff, angst, one shots, ultra-long monsters, and a poem! All under the cut - and happy anniversary, babes!

Here’s the list - have a good time!

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anonymous asked:

Someone has probably asked this already, but how can Laraniel see if she's blind? Does she have some spell for it?

She can’t see. Laraniel uses her arcane abilities to enhance her other senses and to gather information about the world (sort of like Matt Murdock, actually), but her eyesight is gone for good. Still, she’s not nearly as helpless as she might appear to those who don’t know her. Laraniel’s spells rarely miss their intended target, and she has no trouble spinning around and decking some poor fool who mistook her for an easy target and tried to sneak up on her. People often underestimate her, and she uses it to her advantage whenever she can.

When I play as Laraniel I tend to use Clairvoyance a lot since it creates a path she can “see” in her mind. Which, I’m sure, is vaguely unsettling to anyone she travels with - how does a foreigner who’s unable to read a map always know where she’s supposed to go? Also, just picture a blind elf walking across that barely functional bridge to College of Winterhold, looking like she could slip and plummet to the depths at any given moment, but somehow managing to avoid all loose, icy, or missing stones. Talk about stressful.

Generally speaking Laraniel has no trouble traveling at night, virtually undetected, as she obviously has no need for torches or light spells. Underground locations are a bit trickier for her, because while the lack of light is not an issue, the sound travels differently in caves and tunnels, so she always feels a bit disoriented at first until she gets used to the new environment.

She prefers to travel long distances in carriages, doesn’t ride horses herself, and usually stays on marked roads (meaning no improbable shortcuts across mountains). While she’s pretty self-sufficient (as if her Altmer pride would allow otherwise) Laraniel tends to keep a hired companion around to take care of some sight-based tasks for her. Besides, why exert yourself fighting every wolf and bear and bandit on the road, when you can just get some local sellsword do all the heavy lifting for you?

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1644

Member: Wonwoo

A/N: My apologies if this wasn’t what you wanted, anon. I tried? :{B

- Admin Dahlink

Wonwoo crumples the piece of paper in front of him and tosses it into bin, sighing when it misses (like most of the papers he tossed for the past half hour). He has been trying to come up with something to surprise his girlfriend for their one-year anniversary, but nothing memorable or even remotely fascinating comes to mind.

He knows he isn’t the most expressive when it comes to feelings, but he really wants her to know that she means a lot to him and that he appreciates everything she’s done for him. The only problem is – how?

He removes his headphones and hears the loud voices of his members in the living room and contemplates on asking them for ideas. There are two outcomes if he does decide to ask them: either his members will present him with a cringe-worthy but amazing idea, or the idea will be too embarrassing it’ll make him want to dig a grave for himself.


Wonwoo looks up and sees Mingyu enter the room. “Hey.”

Should he ask Mingyu for ideas? Would the boy be helpful or…?

“What have you been doing in here? It’s a mess,” Mingyu asks as he picks up the crumpled papers on the floor. “Have you been working on your lyrics?”

Fuck, Wonwoo immediately jumps up from his place when Mingyu opens up one of the papers out of sheer curiosity. He tries to snatch the paper away but the taller boy grins and raises his arms up above their heads.

“Whoa, whoa, hyung. What’s this?” Mingyu says, his eyes focused on the piece of paper in his hands.

This little shit, Wonwoo thinks. He gives up trying to get the paper because he may be the one of the tallest members in the group, but this little giant in front of him is way taller and seems to know how to use his height to his advantage.

“Are you really trying to surprise _______ with homemade cupcakes, hyung?” Mingyu questions once he is finished reading the words written (or rather, scribbled).

Wonwoo takes the paper from Mingyu’s hands and sighs. “Not really.”

“That’s cute, hyung. Real cute,” Mingyu chuckles as he eyes the rest of the paper on the floor. “If you wanted our help you could’ve just asked.”

“What are you talking about?” Wonwoo asks incredulously. “I don’t need any help.”

“Yeah, sure you don’t.”

“Don’t sass me, Kim Mingyu. That’s Seungkwan’s job.”

“Come on, hyung. You should get out of this room and ask the others. They might be able to help.”

Wonwoo shakes his head. “No, thank you. I’m fine doing this myself.”

“I can tell,” Mingyu scoffs and rolls his eyes as he pulls the older boy with him. “Guys!” he claps his hands when they reach the living room. “We have an emergency situation – a 911.”

You sit down at the edge of your bed and absent-mindedly stare at your plain white ceiling. You reread the text message from your boyfriend, Wonwoo, that says he’ll come over to pick you up at 6 o’clock sharp – that’s in 10 more minutes.

You have not seen or talked to him all day, and text messaging does not count as talking. The first thing that he said to you this morning had been a short but sweet ‘Happy One Year Anniversary, _______. Let’s go on for thousands more!’ You couldn’t help but to squeal out loud. You can’t picture Wonwoo saying this to you face-to-face, but the things he says when you two text always astounds you. You don’t consider yourself a morning person and you were certainly not fully awake for this, but you’re truly grateful that Wonwoo remembered. Just because of that text alone, your day (well, half your day) went by particularly good.

You fix your hair and your shirt carefully. You aren’t sure where Wonwoo’s taking you because when you asked, all he said was to wear comfy clothing and he emphasised to not wear heels. That’s a very useful answer.

You’re excited, of course. You’re just worried about where he’s taking you.

He’s not taking me to go mountain-climbing, is he?

Your doorbell rings, so you check your appearance one last time before answering the door.

“Hey, babe,” Wonwoo greets you as you lean up to kiss him on the cheek.

“Hey,” you reply. “So…where are we going?”

Wonwoo merely laughs at your question. “You’re going to have to wait and see.”

“I hate that sentence,” you mutter as you link your arm with his.

You and Wonwoo walk out of your apartment building in silence, the kind of silence that you’re both comfortable with. Your boyfriend seems adamant on not revealing anything just yet, and his poker face isn’t helping the situation either.

Wonwoo suddenly turns around and faces you. “Do you trust me, _______?”

You gape up at him. “Y-yeah,” you respond, uncertain. I think.

“Okay, that’s good enough,” he gives you a small smirk.

“W-wha –“

“Hello, Miss _______!”

You blink like a fool when you see Seungcheol and Seungkwan in a car, that you finally become aware of, in front of you.

“Seungcheol?” you ask suspiciously. “Seungkwan?”

The two dark-haired males nod enthusiastically and give you toothless smiles.

“Don’t mind us,” Seungkwan offers helpfully. “I’m just here to accompany him,” he signals to the group’s leader.

“Get in the car, babe,” Wonwoo states as he gently takes your hand and leads you to the backseat.

You get in the car as instructed, your questions that are in need of answers floating inside your head. One thing is why is Seungcheol in the driver’s seat and calling you formally? Miss _______? You shudder. Once this day is over, you do not ever want to hear that again.

Without saying another word, Seungcheol drives out of your neighbourhood. Wonwoo produces a blindfold from his jean pocket and shows it to you. You stare at the satin cloth in his hands, then at his face, back to the cloth again.

“What’s with the blindfold?” you swallow thickly. “Jeon Wonwoo, I love you a lot and I adore you, but where in the world are we going?” you didn’t mean to whine, but you did.

Wonwoo shakes his head cutely. “I’m trying to surprise you, babe. Can you please just humour me?”

“I’m so sorry,” you muffle your laugh with the palm of your hand, feeling absolutely horrid for badgering your boyfriend too much. “Okay, okay. Please,” you gesture towards the satin cloth.

You decide that you’ll just trust him, like you always do. Wonwoo doesn’t do things like this very often, but you appreciate the little things he does for you anyway. He can’t express himself that well, and it must’ve taken him a lot of courage to do this for you.

Once he blindfolds you, you can’t see a thing, obviously. He interlaces your fingers with his, easing your worry and making you feel protected.

“Now,” Wonwoo says. “I want you to just listen to my voice, okay?”

You nod. “Okay.”

Throughout the entire drive, all you hear is Wonwoo’s deep but soothing voice as he tells you the best moments he had shared with you during the one year you’ve been together, not missing a single thing. He tells you some things you already know, but he manages to astonish you with hidden details – such as expressing how much he enjoyed the date that you had planned for the two of you months ago, and you were nervous he didn’t really like it because his face didn’t show it.

Right now, you would really like it if you could see your boyfriend’s face, but you bite your tongue. He didn’t have to tell you these things at all because you believe in the saying ‘actions speak louder than words’. He’s not as open as Seungcheol, or Junhui, or Seokmin, or any other guys you’ve come across, but he is sincere in all he does and that’s all that matters to you.

(Seungcheol, Junhui and Seokmin are sincere too, but they’re embarrassing dorks and it’s a whole different story.)

The car comes to a stop after some time (most likely 20 – 25 minutes, you gather). Wonwoo loosens your blindfold and you blink your eyes repeatedly to regain your sight. Your boyfriend is out the door before you can even see properly. He opens your side of the door and extends a hand to you and you take it gratefully.

“I’m sorry for the blindfold.”

You smile at him. “It’s okay.”

You are about to ask him where he’s brought you, but one look at the place has you widening your eyes in surprise – the lovely cherry blossom trees that surround the area and the gorgeous fallen petals prettifying the beautiful green grass. You recall yourself holding Wonwoo’s hand while walking along the riverbank a year ago.

“Umm…” you mumble.

“_______.” Wonwoo takes your hand in his as he stares at you intently. “A year ago, on the same day, we went here for our first date.”

You nod patiently. “I remember.”

“Do you also remember that you didn’t feel well that day?”

You groan. “We had to cut our date short because of that. I still feel bad to this day.”

“Don’t be,” Wonwoo gives you a warm smile and lifts your chin up to face him. “What do you say we recreate our first date, hmm? Minus – you know – being unwell.”

You both laugh at the last sentence, but you excitedly nod at him as you pull him to you for a tight bear hug. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

You didn’t need an extravagant gift or be treated to an expensive meal, but just spending time with Wonwoo makes you happy. And this surprise he planned for you? It’s more than enough and you appreciate it…a lot.

A/N: What even is this? I cringed the entire time I wrote this and I spent literally hours trying to come up with a perfect ending and I still failed.