That Was You?? (closed rp)

Kevin browsed through more of this site, looking for people to talk with. Every since he’d realized he found guys attractive, he’d been wanting someone to talk to about it other than Nat and Nazz because this was too new to him to go spouting to them about and he didn’t know if he wanted the general “It’s okay to like guys, Kev!” or “Haha dude! I can hook you up with so much ass you’ll be drowning!”

So he’d done some searching on his laptop, finding this lgbtq specific chatting site where kids could talk in groups and in private. He had looked at a few threads of kids talking about their experiences before he got bored and started looking through individual profiles.

He came across one with the username DoubleTheDelectability and chuckled quietly to himself; he liked it.
He looked at their about, finding out he was a gay male like him and into science and books. His icon was a cartoony picture of a smiling cell.
He sat up on his bed and clicked the option for a private chat.

MadMotorist: hey, saw ur profile and u seem pretty interesting! sup?


Okay, so this song is awesome and I love it and they all killed it.
And I’m kind of bothered that this is over a year old and I’ve only just now heard of it and it has less than 250,000 views? Come on, fandom.

Also, I noticed at the end, there’s a “Special Thanks to our Buddies” section and the first name is Margot Robbie.
Naturally, this caught me off-guard completely so I went back through the video and sure enough, Margot is in the video.
Kevin is friends with Harley Quinn.