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Imagine a holtzbert wedding!! Patty is Holtz maid of honor and Abby is Erin's. Who do you think will cry the most?

oh HECK 

  • holtz wears the goddamnest (yes thats a word) nicest, sharpest looking white suit that patty helped her pick out. and when erin see’s her as she walks the isle she’s just “holy shit” in the middle of the procession. kevin on her arm walking her down just grins and abby snorts at erin’s open mouth and how loud she actually said it
  • but holtz is just “oh boy. oh my god” patty elbows her bc holtz can’t stop staring at how gorgeous erin looks in the knee short, white, laced dress with flowers in her hair 
  • tbh patty cries the most bc “its just so BEAUTIFUL” 
  • abby is the one discreetly wiping her eyes but still rolling them when patty asks for more tissues
  • kevin sobs and wipes his eyes through his glasses. 
  • patty: “you okay kev?” “pats you’re gonna *sniff* have to speak up, I’m wiping my eyes” “omg”
  • oh and when they kiss erin pretends like she doesn’t feel her cheeks wetten from holtz crying softly into the kiss bc she found love and a family and erin is her home and she’s just very overwhelmed
  • end me

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Okay so Kevin is like "The Prophecy," right? What does that exactly mean??

Basically Home world commissioned the creation of a special type of gem to be made as weapons of mass destruction, and dubbed the operation Project Prophecy. However the first gems to emerge from this project were unstable and not very strong, so the project went torment and any failed experiments were disposed of… Cut to a some thousands of years after the war, Kevin emerges, becoming the first and only successful gem to come out of Project Prophecy.

okay but holtz probably takes kevin busting in like abandoned houses,, makes him his own gear and makes sure he has safety gear on and she does it because she likes to see him happy, even though he is like 24/7,, but seeing his face light up when he caught his first ghost literally fuelled her !! so now they go on occasional mini busts together and talk about Mike Hat