(Based on this anon from forever ago)

We had beaten the diamonds… Holy shit we beat the diamonds… It had taken all of us, Mat and Nate included fused together, but holy crap we beat them, and we got Barry back….

Arin and Holly had almost immediately ran over to make sure that Barry was alright after defusing, even though everyone felt like they had been run over by a steam roller. The other diamonds were lying 20 feet away, the waves just barely nipping at their legs as they rolled up on shore. They had returned to normal gem size, having used all of their energy in the fight.

“WE BEAT THE DIAMONDS!” Dan shouted struggling to pick Brian up and swing him around happily, although the other gem was glaring angrily the whole time. Mat was laughing almost hysterically, a large cut on his cheek, Nate was lying beside him, apparently taking a nap.

“Kev you okay?” Suzy asked pulling me up off the ground, I merely grinned at her as Arin came and swooped her up off the ground before they began kissing affectionately… Gross…

“I’m gonna go call the mayor, tell him they’re safe to come back!” Holly shouted from down the beach, running to the house.

“Im gonna draw a mustache on yellow diamonds face,” Ross chuckled pulling a marker out of his gem.

“Ross no,” Mat groaned.

“Ross yes,” Ross grinned evily as he began walking over.

Yellow diamond, having apparently heard the commotion quickly pushed himself off the ground, although he was quite shaky, and quickly charged toward them.

“KEVIN LOOK OUT!” Barry shouted as I whipped around to see who was coming at me, only to hear a sickening crack as Yellow Diamonds fist smashed into my face. I stumbled and fell to the ground as Suzy jumped out of Arin’s arms, almost immediately smashing Yellow Diamond in the chest with her flail, poofing him.

“Kevin are you okay?” Ross shouted running over. I wanted to say yes but nothing seemed to work, my body felt like it was drifting away, completely drowned in pain, then suddenly everything went black, I could hear the others screaming but slowly that sensation faded away too. The last thing I heard was one last cracking sound, before everything was gone.

(Im so sorry)