I’d like to believe that I didn’t lose anything, that I actually gained better things, but every time my heart reminds me that it doesn’t want to love anyone ever again, I feel like I’ve lost a big part of me. I feel like I didn’t win against pain, not really. I feel terrible. I sure do want to protect myself from pain and it turns out that the only way my heart knows how is to guard and lock itself up–but, God, is it really supposed to be this way? If the hurt is gone and the pain isn’t ruling over me anymore, isn’t my heart supposed to be open for love again?
—  Irally Cariaso, “I’ve become this girl who doesn’t want to love anyone ever again and I’m scared that I’m going to be like this forever”
Don't fake it

“Our mutual friend invites us to go shopping with them and it’s kind of awkward and now you’re pushing them around the mall in a shopping cart and you’re both screaming like excited children and I’m paying the cashier and pretending I don’t know either of you”

Blue beetle - mutual friend
Bart - other one

So um this didn’t turn out as planned but … Yeah super prepared to rewrite and I think its kind of funny but … Yeah…

Thank you @lovekenya24 for the help!


You watched as your friends ran around the mall.

How did this come about? Oh yeah, thanks Jaime you thought as you rolled your eyes to yourself. It was supposed to be just you and Jaime but of course he brought your crush along too.

Although you should’ve known better, considering they were inseparable and Jaime the smug bastard never gave you a second’s peace about it. Or perhaps he only invited you because you were the only one out the three of you licensed to drive. All you knew was that these two and energy drinks were not a good mix.

Either way it was too late now, and you realized you needed more things from there than you first thought

You watched as Bart pushed Jaime around in the shopping trolley. You decided now was a good time to take your leave, as they started getting the attention of the mall security.

Silently sneaking away you popped into the lingerie store,figuring they wouldn’t even notice your absence. Your eyes glided across the different colour options and you felt like a child in a candy store but you frowned as you realised half of these sizes wouldn’t fit you.

You weren’t even in here for the sexy stuff, you just needed to buy some Pyjama pants. As you looked through the selection you heard the boys calling out for you. Naturally as one would, being in a lingerie store you deducted the least embarrassing thing to do was hide and pretend not to hear them. Ducking behind the rack you heard the trolley roll on in and you heard the boys gasp at the selection, like you had.

“No no no no. You need to stick to your colours hermano.”

“Are you kidding me? Black is forever.”

You groaned inwardly as you heard the two giggle with each other. Both of them still unaware of your precence behind the rack of printed fabric

“Oh I know that look, you’re thinking about Y/N in those.” You heard Jaime tease Bart

‘“I’m not stupid enough to deny it.” Bart sighed

“Unless they’re around.” Jaime laughed at him

You swallowed, blushing as you listened in on their conversation and quietly made your way up to the counter to pay.

The cashier offered you a smile but got distracted by the boys pretending to try on the lingerie and started laughing, drawing their attention.

“Y/N! I knew you were in here!“ Jaime yelled out “Don’t you think Bart looks great in pastel yellow?”

You blushed and kept your attention to the cashier


“Look at Jaime in floral! Isn’t it so pretty?”

“I think they’re talking to you.” The cashier said to you awkwardly

“Jaime look this one has cows on it! Y/N look!” You cringed as you heard Bart yell out in excitement

“No- my name isn’t that name. I’ve never seen them in my life” you whispered quickly as you paid, feeling an arm wrap around you.

“No te hagas, así nos quieres (Don’t fake it, you love us)” Jaime smiled at you as you took one look at him and the cow bra he was wearing on the outside of his jacket and cringed.


“How I draw Kuroo’s hair” or it supposed to be about Kuroo’s hair but since it is rare for Kuroo without Kenma, it becomes KuroKen doodle collection.

Special mention to @akira-akatsuki, err… I think it’s easy to draw Kuroo’s hair, especially his fringe, and personally I thought it turned out great… but I don’t know. What do you think?


@thetickleeraven I drew some Cootly doodles! I had tovdo her off memory so it may not be acurate buuut I liked how they turned out so here!

(Fun fact. I drew the first one at school and had several questions to what Cootly was supposed to be in which I did not respond XD)

And the danger was always there. But he didn't care. Or maybe he didn't know.


I give up on color palettes and drawing without pen pressure


“You must think that’s a hell of a time. Personally, I think that’s a hell of a bird.”


“for the middle school basketball world not long ago, the ultimates were teiko’s ‘generation of miracles’. needless to say, they were five geniuses who achieve complete domination during their three years with their absolute power. but there actually were some, one generation higher, five talents who were suitable for the same title. if they were born in a different era, thy might’ve been given the title of 'generation of miracles’. they are called the uncrowned kings.”