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  • Person:So what genre is Blurryface?
  • Me:wellll…
  • Me:*thinks about Ride*
  • Me:Jamaican alternative
  • Me:*thinks about Doubt*
  • Me:but it's also R&B with hints of electronica
  • Me:*thinks about Polarize*
  • Me:but it could also be pop with a slight hip hop influence
  • Me:*thinks about Lane Boy*
  • Me:but ya know Jamaican dance definitely could fit
  • Me:*thinks about heavydirtysoul*
  • Me:but alternative with a influence of early 90's rap might work
  • Me:*thinks about We Don't Believe What's On TV*
  • Me:no it's definitely dark pop punk
  • Me:*thinks about stressed out*
  • Me:but it could definitely be hip hop
  • Me:*thinks about The Judge*
  • Me:eh dark pop works
  • Me:*thinks about-* Hey where are you going
  • Person:*running far away from me*
  • Me:Wait come back we still have six more songs left before we can even start to define a genre. And what are your blurryface theories?

so Jay dmed me today, just so you know I dm her everyday and she never answered before, considering I’ve never acknowledge the “birth” or anything on my acc and the fact that my message hinted to take this as “this is a hard time i’m glad you’re here” i guess this is quite telling..Also about my acc, I think everyone understood i’m a larrie so yeah….

Well well well, the post you’ve been waiting for your whole life. I’ve gotten several messages this week asking for links to smut with particular kinks in them, so I figured this rec was probably a bit overdue. 

Note: This is a kinky fic rec, which means they aren’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea. See, this is me telling you now. I don’t want any angry anons okay babs

I’m going to sort by kink, although some can fall into more than one category:

BDSM (They're all sub!sherlock)

Shames and Praises Nice and long, hint of praise kink

Training Sherlock Also really long (***this is the 1st johnlock fic I ever read lmao I was 13)

Command Structure (more sweet than kinky tbh- my favorite bdsm fic! also military kink okay)

Not My Area (heyo virgin sherlock)

Sherlock Finds a New Addiction (This standalone is part of a series but u should read the whole thing it’s hot)

Captain Watson (military kink and voice kink? it’s christmas)

His Good Boy (praise kink what omg)

Possession (a-okay super hot)

watersports (yes that means peeing okay)

Soaking (u know what else is gonna be soaking after u read this? yea)

Anything but Temptation (brief mention of incestuous feelings)

Falling (this falls under almost all the categories and kinky as hell)

Standard Deviation (WIP but nappies!!1!!)

An Island (pissing in a c aB OMFG)

A Study in Sexuality (so much desperation play ugh)

Accidents Happen (scent kink, watersport, and fawnlock i am dead)

Explorations and Explosions (a long series a++)

The Fourth Thing (di aPERS)

daddy!kink/age play (John's the daddy)

Five Plus One (a whole new level of depravity lmao)

Is He a Friend of Yours? (so hot omf some plushoplilia)

Finding Places (a++)

Truth or Dare (soooo good my fave daddy kink fic)

How You Remind Me (BDSM elements)

Master (so kinky~ come eating btw)

Lace (+crossdressing <3)

Please Daddy, I’ll be Good (u can just tell from the title)

pet play

The Sound That you Found for Me (boy oh boy)

Properly Spoiled (!!!!)

Submissive Tendencies (cr y ing so hot)

size kink aka sherlock has a small dick and i think it's hot

Jerk  (one of those u can tell its good from the title lmao)

All Over so hot :’)

Shameful it’s okay sherlock we like ur tiny peen

i'm not a furry i swear (fawnlock)

Brittle Blossoms (it’s long + omegaverse)

Summer heat

Trip Through Your Wires (mating noises im cr ying)

But Pleasures are Like Poppies (frottage B) )

Olfactophilia (scent kink a-okay)

Rutting (rutting)

chastity devices/come & desperation play

Sherlock, Locked (c OCK CAGE 😵)

It’s Mutual (sherlock can come untouched i just fainted)

Losing It (BSDM elements)

Carpe Nocturnum (more BSDM elements)

Release (o h NO)

crossdressing ❤❤❤❤

Frilly Knickers (it’s called frilly knickers like idk what else to say)

It’s Not a Kink (u h yEA IT IS)

This Chair Ain’t Big Enough (okay it’s like a mob AU but it’s a++)

Stockings (omFg)

Hit Me With Your Best Shot (BDSM okay)

foot fetish

Putting His Foot Down (alrightalrightalrightalright)

Sherlock Afoot (the best part of this category is that all the titles are puns)

Distraction Techniques (feet)

A Work of Art (hell yea work of art)

public sex

Evening Ride (a classic)

A Multitude of Sins (+height kink <33)

I Don’t Know Why (im such a sucker for public sex)

In Plain Sight (10/10 would recommend)

Praise Me (praise kink+ public sex its christmas)

dry humping/clothed sex/frottage/rutting/idek

Tell Me I’m Pretty (this may be the sweetest smut ive ever read<33)

This is It (this is sort of furry but not terribly okay just read it)

And Then This Happened (short but good)

Share and Share Alike (omegaverse!)

A Pressing Need (morning wood hella)

While You Sleep (its not as creepy as it is hot)

Wet (“Sherlock starts having orgasms he can’t control” wow me too)

I hope you all thoroughly enjoy reading my wank material. Have fun!!

Playing with Mona’s clue - Theory

Today I  want to post just some quick theories about the clue Mona left the girls.

I guess 90% of the fandom thinks that those lines are just an anagram for “Charles Dilaurentis”, but there are some more possibilities. If you arrange the letters in a different way then that’s the result:

Or a third anagram could be this one:

We  don’t know any of the Dilaurentis’ family who’s name begins with L. In fact Alison’s second name is Lauren. Could this mean something  that the Alison we know, isn’t actually Alison? So it’s like in the books with Courtney? 

And the last anagram I found (and I think it’s the best):

So as you can see there are a lot of different solutions. To me, the fourth one sounds very logicial, because it wouldn’t be just a name, but in fact a real message and a warning to Alison.

What are your thoughts? 

“His fingers are combing through my hair and I want to break down even further because this is the Marco that I let slip away, this is the Marco that I let die, this is the Marco that changed my entire life for the better, this is the Marco that I spent the rest of my life grieving the loss of and praying to over and over fruitlessly because maybe he’d hear me that time, maybe he’d hear me this time. 

This is the Marco I couldn’t save. And here we are, centuries later and worlds away, and he’s holding me in his arms and rocking me as I cry into his shoulder.”

Red Beanie Thursday feature: Once Then, Twice Again by jeankirstchein.

So this picture will make less than absolutely zero sense to anyone who hasn’t read OTTA. So that’s your first hint that you should read it, really. The second hint is that it’s a military boarding school AU with delicious tongue-in-cheek writing, and the text-message conversations [as well as a particularly hilarious sex scene] had me in stitches. Let’s just say that I laughed until I cried.

John Watson presents: Beginner texture pack!

Hello! This texture package is designed for people who have just
entered into the world of using textures - the package drabbles in a few areas (as hinted to in the above image.) It's my texture folder on my laptop, so it might be useful for those that just want a hoard of textures. They are all labeled. 

It includes the following: 
- 22 cloud images 
- 15 cracks 
- 16 grains
- 2 line drawings
- 38 lines and dots
- 18 scenery images
- 3 background textures (small)
- 5 water colors

I ask that if you download this you like, or reblog the package. None of these are mine - I just gathered them all. If you find your texture in the pack and would like it to be taken down, please message me and I will do so.

Cheers! - Jhnwattson

Download links: MF | Dropbox | 4shared

Ok so, I know that Hannah, Grace and Mamrie mean a lot to everyone in this fandom. I live in the UK and as you probably know, Hannah and Mamrie hinted that they would probably be coming here this year and I have what I think is a super cool idea!! If you like or reblog this post, I will write down your URL (and your name, age and where you’re from if you want) on a piece of paper and put it in a lil jar to give to them if I’m lucky enough to meet them. Also, if you want a lil paragraph written to them, I will also put that in the jar, just message me with the paragraph! The whole point of this is to show the girls how much they are appreciated and how strong this fanbase is! It doesn’t matter if you’re new here, if you’re young or old, if you only like one of them, if you have or haven’t met them before! Everyone will be put in the jar!

So please spread the word! :)

Who Killed the World

I went to Mad Max Fury Road because I heard that MRA’s hated it and figured that was all the recommendation I needed. But I didn’t expect it to be an actually feminist film. 

I knew Charlize Theron was badass in it, but I didn’t expect to see the best female character in an action movie I’ve seen in over a decade.

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Potentially earth-shattering news!!! (Just kidding.) This week, Twitter announced that they are removing the 140-character limit from their direct messages – I’ll be honest, on hearing this, I was not immediately blown away. Apparently this is a big deal and is going to change the way we use Twitter; but my instant reaction could definitely be described as ‘apathetic with a hint of sarcastic side eye’.

And then I realised - HOLD ON - this is going to change the way we use Twitter. Of course! It’s going to be less annoying! This should be a good thing but is actually a bit of a disaster. Allow me to explain. DMs have always been wonderful in their levels of irritation due to one simple phrase…

‘Annoying to chat on here, text me 07*********.’

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What a fucking year! S3 happened, tjlc was born, I had meta for breakfast, we craved that mineral and I met some of the most amazing people here on tumblr.

This is my little thank you to some of those people. You are all trash and I love you all. We had fun, didn’t we?

I’ll try not to forget anyone but I’m a mess, you know (unless you changed your url, in this case I blame you).

Other meme lovers:

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League RP blogs secret santa!

Reblog this and by December 1st you’ll get an ask with url – the person you’ll be the Secret Santa for! You can send them cute, nice messages (may be ic, ooc or both – please remember to specify!), give hints and such until Christmas – the day you’ll go off anon and reveal yourself. You can, for example, wrap it all up by sending this person some ic gift from your muse when christmas comes, or pretty much do whatever you wish – the point is spreading some love, and getting to know each other, too!

If you want to join – reblog! And send me an ask if you have any questions!

Hi! Since the Carry On fandom is so tight knit and (relatively) small, we thought we’d  do a secret santa :)

To Join

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  • fill out this form so i can pair you up
  • try to join before the 1st of December. But just in case you’re late, I’m sure we can squeeze you in no problem ^.^
  • the secret santa will last from the 1st of December to the 25th of December. By then everybody should have submitted their small gift :)
  • You can also drop small hints about who you are, and leave nice messages in your partner’s ask box (on anon of course)
  • Please keep your identity anonymous until the 25th, but have fun guessing who your secret santa is (and message me to make a guess)
  • submit your gifts either on this blog of per email
  • don’t hesitate to ask any and all questions you have!!

Have fun, and Happy Holidays <3