Let me take this opportunity to unburden a bit: 

I’d love to be a far more general blog for everybody on The Path, but there hasn’t been much demand for it. 

There’s relatively very little Not Hugh Dancy content for the show being generated. I try to help by creating gifs, especially of Aaron Paul and Kyle Allen and Michelle Monaghan, but the ones I make don’t see a lot of notes. 

I do not choose what to gif by notes alone - if that’s all that mattered I’d just start making all hannigram all the time over at ecdh. 

But if no one asks for anything specific and very few people reblog the ones I make are Not Hugh, I’m going to spend my limited time allotted for staring quizzically at why the color isn’t quite right and does this look better than this and did I miss a typo and how the hell am I gonna to get this down to 2MB also staring at Hugh. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If you’d like to see this blog be more general, help me out! Send me requests. Doesn’t even have to be gif requests - questions about characters, etc. are also great. I’m not particularly good at generating my own standalone meta, but enjoy responding to questions or existing conversations. 

Ch. 2: It’s gonna be the worst summer EVER.

I’m sooooo sorry it’s rushy, but it’s 3:30 AM here and i really want to get to the fun stuff with this fic… If you guys have any suggestions and want some certain scenes or ideas included in this fic, feel free to contact me in a private message!


“Does this hurt?”

   Mabel shut her eyes and pursed her lips, trying to swallow a groan. Yes. YES, HOLY MOTHER OF A BEAVER, YES. This DID hurt. Like hell.

   The doctor hummed and watched her ankle carefully. The swelling didn’t leave much to question- two weeks in a cast at least; considering there wasn’t much more than just a twisted ankle. Mabel cursed silently. A great, GREAT prelude to what was supposed to be the awesomest holidays ever. It was so LAME of her to slip on the stairs, she practically hated herself for being such a dork. She was about to get a cast though, the first one in her life. An amazingly big unused blank space to be filled with stickers and signatures! Like, in the movies, right?! That thought instantly cheered her up. She’d always wanted to get one, but never really realized there was pain included. Until now.

   Dipper put an arm around her shoulders. His hair hadn’t fully dryed from the shower, so some accidental drops fell on his sister’s hand.

   “Hey, I’m sorry, Mabes…”

   “You kiddin’ me, bro?”, she exclaimed. “I’m gonna get a real CAST! And you’re gotta be the FIRST to sign it!”

   He smiled. They both watched the doctor return from the X- ray room. She put her glasses on and examined the result. Dipper and Mabel sat there silently, trying to read an expression on the doctor’s face. It took her only a few seconds to put her glasses off, look Mabel in the eye and say:

   “You’re not going to die, young lady.”

   Mabel let out a long exhale of relief and enthusiastically watched the doctor covering her leg with a warm, elastic plaster. It was quite pleasant- as long as she didn’t move her leg at all. Dipper seemed to be twice as stressed as his sister, as he’d never broken or twisted anything in his life. Watching her face relax, relieved him a bit. Somehow he felt responsible for her state.

   The doctor finished her job and opened a drawer. She took out some papers and Mabel understood she was about to be questioned. Pfff, routine. She hadn’t committed a crime, duh? There was something in the air though that Mabel couldn’t explain. Maybe she was just tired…

   “Name?”, she heard.

   “Uh, uh,”, she babbled. Focus, Mabel! It’s an easy question, you know the answer. “Mabel Pines?”

   “Pines?”, the doctor asked, raising her eyes to stare at Mabel.

   Dipper noticed that Mabel was weirdly uneven, so he decided to help her out. “Pines. Daughter of Ellen Pines? The florist? Our grandmother used to work in this hospital.”

   “Oh, yes! Grace Pines, too bad she’s retired, such a professional. You are the son of Ellen Pines, am I right?”, the doctor asked and the twins felt the ground under their feet again.

   “Yes, exactly.”, Dipper said with a smile.

   “Hah, I remembered she gave birth to a son, that’s why I got lost for a moment.”, the doctor laughed, “And I’m also happy to hear that the adoption process went smoothly. That accident was a really terrifying thing to happen, but I bet you’ve adapted well.”

   Mabel’s heart skipped a beat. She frowned and suddenly started laughing maniacally, forcing a joke out of this whoooole weird little chat- chat.

   “By the accident, you of course mean me slipping off the stairs!”, she said WAY too loud. “Well, haha, could’ve been worse, I guess!”

   The doctor frowned as she was filling the blank spots within the document. “No, no. I mean the accident, oh, how long ago it’s been?, after your mother died in childbirth. Mr and Mrs Pines decided to take care of you. The process wasn’t easy, but Grace Pines helped out a great deal. It was an emergency after all, you were left alone. You should be grateful to had been taken by such a good family, not all the orphans are so lucky…”

   But Mabel stopped listening. The doctor must’ve been mistaken. Yes, their mom’s name was Ellen and Grace was their grandma but Dipper and her were twins, right? They were similar, at least it should be that way… Naaaaah, the doc was CLEARLY mistaken. There are so many women giving birth in this hospital she can’t remember everyone by names, that’d be ridiculous. Ridiculous, right? Ridiculous.


                                                   *     *     *

   Dipper opened the door for her. Mabel stepped inside and put the crutches on the back seats. Dipper sat behind the wheel and a heavy silence dropped awkwardly in the claustrophobic vehicle. Twins, right? Mystery twins. Maybe more mysterious than they’d ever thought.

   “Dipster? U okay, mate?”

   He looked at her. She seemed normal, but she was way too quiet to give a satisfying impression. There was a trace of something alien on her face. Fear? Tension? Maybe. Maybe both. He could not tell, he had never in his life seen her in such a state. She wasn’t depressed or angry, she was something new and different now. Dipper looked at her face closely. He’s never noticed it, but despite they both are brown haired, there isn’t much they have in common. Different eyes, noses, lips. Even the face shape. Or is he just trying to find some reasons to support the doctor’s words?… Fck it, he doesn’t even care. Mabel’s his best friend anyway, no matter if she’s his sister or not.

   “I’m fine.”, he sighed.


   “Do you really believe…”

   “I don’t care.”, he cut her. She looked him in the eyes and he could sense how anxious she was. He smiled. “Come on, Mabes. We’re gonna head back home and you’ll ask mom yourself. The idea of you being adopted sounds odd to me anyway, I mean… it sounds like from a poorly written superhero lore, doncha think?”, He laughed. “Don’t worry. Don’t worry at all.”

   “Would be easier”, she babbled, “if you didn’t sound worried urself.”

anonymous asked:

oh i thought it meant like an open letter for anyone to read lol, dear person i hate then

Letter meme

(Side note: the obvious first choice is Ghetsis, but I’ve done a letter for him before.)


Dear Corless,

What the fuck is your problem? Were you really stupid enough to think that enslaving an ancient dragon and freezing cities was in any way justified? What the hell is even the point? You’re not gonna find some “peak physical perfection” for Pokemon or whatever. It’s bullshit to begin with, but even if it was achievable you’d have to do unforgivable things to get there!

But YOU would know that, wouldn’t you.

And don’t think it’s all Ghetsis’ fault! You are just as bad as he was, and you enabled him the whole way! You’re just as much at fault for nearly fucking killing me.

Fuck you, fuck your studies, fuck your glasses and your weirdo hair, and fuck off so no one has to get hurt by you ever again.

- Rosa (a.k.a. formerly Todd)