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I relate to that 10th doctor thing with physics. I relate to that so freaking much especially since I have a physics test this Tuesday with 2 days full of notes but it's a crap ton of notes. Like 4 pgs in 2 bloody days. Jeez.

Oh my god. I know exactly what you mean. My physics course this semester was total Hell. I’ve never had trouble in any of my other classes so when I saw how bad I was doing my stress levels skyrocketed. It was so bad! 

BUT! I have some helpful advice. Breathe. The writing will be torture, and the physics test may be stressful, but hey, you’re taking physics! PHYSICS! How awesome is that?? You know how smartitudical you are just for taking that course? Very. If it’s as difficult as my physics course was, and you’re getting by, then hon, you have my immediate respect. 

You’re gonna do GREAT, anon! I believe in you! :) Kick that test right in its butt and come out with a smile because HOT DAMN you’ve got this. 

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