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Everyone needs to chill out. We ALL knew boatbang was coming. However they portray it -or lead into it, it’s coming. That’s a fact.

Other facts:

Jon and Dany’s chemistry was seriously one-sided in the last episode.

He didn’t look back, and Jorah did. The cameras even got a good shot of his back (not looking back) while Jorah did.

Sansa and Jon had undeniable chemistry. No one makes Jon smile like her. NO ONE.

Sansa and Jon still think they are siblings. I repeat JON AND SANSA STILL THINK THEY ARE SIBLINGS.

Jon doesn’t know Dany is his aunt. I repeat JON DOESN’T KNOW DANY IS HIS AUNT.

Jon also doesn’t know that she crispified Sam’s fam.

There’s a lot of things Jon doesn’t know about Dany.

Men make mistakes. They are setting up a lot of angst for next season.

Calm down. Boatbang does NOT negate endgame. It’s a catalyst.

Find your zen.

Jonsa is still endgame.

I really hate it when people talk crap about how ridiculous it was that Harry defeated Voldemort, and that he had ‘too much help’ or got lucky. For starters, he was a teenage boy, it’s not wrong to have help. We all need help, we don’t have to do everything alone. The series shows the value of friendship and love, and I don’t know why people hate on that.

Everyone has a right to their own emotions and opinions about this new group TS is making.

Emotions aren’t good or bad, they just are. But how we act on them is what will sway to “good” or “bad.”

Direct your frustration at TS’s main page. Please do not go onto the artists’ SNS pages to voice your thoughts. Please do not go to the artist managers’ pages. Please, please, please focus on getting anything you feel or want to say through to the main TS account and appropriate administrative staff (should anyone decide to send letters or something idk).

This isn’t fair to Secret, Untouchable, B.A.P, Sonamoo, or this New Generation group. This is about the whole company dropping every ball for all of their artists.

Stay strong. Stay happy. Blue is coming soon and we all should try to remain ready to support B.A.P all we can. B.A.P will not be pushed aside or forgotten so easily. We’ll all make sure of that.

We may be called Baby but we are all also a fandom of Warriors.

With love,

The Admins of thatssobap

We are not in the best moment, not at the team level nor as a club. Since I’ve been at Barcelona, it’s the first time I feel that Madrid are superior to us. We have to start to turn it around. It seems we’re going in separate paths and it’s not. We all go to one, together we’ll be stronger and that’s the slogan for us all.
—  Gerard Piqué

anyway im Tired of little to no lesbian rep on tv, and the little that we have is mostly characters that are treated badly (with very few exceptions) and/or killed off. im also tired of having to power through shitty shows bc they have one (1) lesbian couple (often with 2 minutes of screen time in total). im Done with always needing fics to help me pretend that i have rep when i actually don’t. 

i love fics as much as the next person but do u ever wonder why lesbians have the most fics in pretty much all fandoms? bc we have zero (0) canon content and im TIRED and DONE and if i were a goddamn billionaire i would use that goddamn money to create my own fucking network and make a gayass fucking quality show that will have literally no hets and that’ll be FUN instead of goddamn Tragic (the cw in total can choke) and/or gross (im side-eyeing oitnb right now)

and last but not the least, im Done with few good shows with good lesbian rep (sense8 for example) being goddamn cancelled bc fucking hets just dont give a shit about anything that isn’t about men (fucking hetero queerbaiting Supernatural that gets Twenty Thousand seasons)


This morning news broke that Taylor Swift had won her assault case against DJ David Mueller for a symbolic $1, a case she opened after the ex-radio host sued her for causing him to lose his job after she revealed that he had sexually assaulted her. After an interview, Mueller groped Swift under her skirt during a photo-opp.

Swift’s victory follows the Friday dismissal by a judge of Mueller’s case – he had been suing her for $3m, claiming that her claims of sexually assault were personally motivated to end his career and stunt his salary.

On hearing all of this, I was surprised to find that the first thought to run through my head was: “If you wanted to ruin a man’s career, you would not accuse him of sexual assault.”

After all, we have had it proved to us time and time again that such accusations repeatedly fail to even tarnish the reputation of men in the media.

A key example of this is the celebration of Casey Affleck, who received an Oscar this year after having been accused twice in 2010 of sexual harassment.

While the rhetoric around sexual assault claims continues to suggest that women lie and deceive in order to damage or extort men of high repute, this wilts in the face of the reality that, overwhelmingly, the reputation of these men remains intact despite accusations of such illegal behaviour.

We happily discuss the news of Woody Allen’s as-yet-untitled film, where a teenager has an affair with a man in his twenties, despite the director’s own adoptive daughter claiming that he sexually abused her as a child.

The media is frequently speculating about Johnny Depp’s latest projects, having blithely forgotten about the domestic abuse claims of his ex-wife Amber Heard.

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from all this, it’s that mistreating women does not seriously impede a man’s success.

So why on earth would Taylor Swift accuse David Mueller of groping her in order to ruin his career, as the DJ has implied? On the whole, accusing someone of sexual assault seems to bring women far more flak than it does pay-off.

Swift is in the privileged position of having the resources and the standing to legally pursue her alleged assailant, as she stated this week when she pledged to give money to charities which support victims of sexual assault to hold their abusers to account. But we must remember the lessons we’ve learned from this case when unknown women bring charges against renowned men. Because often it’s these women, and not the men they accuse, who suffer the most when they have their reputations pulled through the mud, their veracity questioned, their “motives” dug into and their sexual history publicly scrutinised.

The disincentives for accusing someone of sexual assault are numerous – you risk being called an attention-seeker, a liar, a slut, devious and manipulative. And let’s remember that the rates of conviction for rape and sexual abuse remain disappointingly low – so even when a person risks their reputation, family life and sometimes even their career to bring a case to court, it’s still unlikely that the person they accuse will end up convicted.

Mueller’s claims, then, were always distinctly implausible, as the recent ruling reflects. For, by and large, there is an alarming acceptance of the abusive or inappropriate behaviour of men towards women in society – and Hollywood in particular is adept at protecting these men and ostracising these women.

We should use the Swift-Mueller case not as an opportunity to think about how sexual assault claims might affect a man’s career, but rather as a chance to reflect upon how rarely such accusations do cause a serious change in attitude towards a public figure. Because there is no denying that successful men often treat women however the hell they like, without having to face the consequences.  

(The Independent)

whilst I’ve been away, i met this family and we were in the pool and i have cap’s shield tattoo’d on my arm, which became a conversation starter to talk about marvel. and they’re not huge marvel fans like, they’ve seen the films but they’re not into it the way we’re all into it.

anyway, we were talking about cap and the avengers movies and one of the daughters goes “the first avengers film was good, the second one i didn’t really get what was happening it was a bit of a mess, and the third one the whole thing seemed dumb I won’t lie” - now as we all know there isn’t actually an official 3rd Avengers film as of yet, but my mum chimed in with “Yeah we went to see that third one for B’s birthday last year, there was too much going on for me”

Civil War. They were talking about Civil War. Casual moviegoers with no vested interest in the MCU deadass have spent the last year thinking it was Avengers: Civil War.


Then Rhodes’s eyes widened, and his body stiffened. “What the hell-” He dropped down next to Stark and pulled at his shirt. His face literally was lit up as he looked down at the radiant circle on Stark’s chest.

“Those bastards,” whispered Rhodey. “How much time-?”

Stark shook his head, uncomprehending.

“How much time until the bomb goes off, Tony!” His voice was rising with urgency. “Is there a cut-off switch?” Quickly he was uncorking his canteen and was trying to ease water down Stark’s throat. “I’m not abandoning you now, buddy! Not after all this! But we gotta disarm that thing, and if-”

Stark coughed up water, but it wasn’t because he was choking. It was because he finally realized what Rhodey was reacting to, and it was damned funny. He tried to speak and his voice was barely a croak as he said, “Not… a bomb, not a bomb.”

Rhodey stared in confusion at the miniature Arc reactor implanted in Stark’s chest. “Then what the hell is it?”

It glowed softly in the darkness. A beacon of light.

“A reminder,” said Tony Stark.

-Iron Man Movie Novelization

We all have that one band

-That we stay up all night waiting for a song release from

-That we watch old interviews and music videos

-That we tear up over when looking at pictures of

-That we dedicate part of our lives too

We all have had that one band that we really care about so don’t go making fun of others for liking the bands that they do.

dc needs to stop making storylines about characters being fascists lmfao because there’s gonna be a detective comics storyline revolving around tim being a dictator in the future and we all know he’s supposed to be jewish

To all the Readers Who Don’t Comment on Fic

It’s okay.

I want you to know that it’s all right. I know, sometimes you don’t know what to say, sometimes you read something and it takes your breath away, or it resonates so deeply you can’t describe it. You don’t know what to say and that’s all right. It’s all right that you stayed up until 4am reading one more chapter and now you can’t even see clearly. That’s fine.

You don’t owe me comments like I don’t owe you updates and that’s all good, we are in this for the fun of it. You don’t owe me anything. So it’s okay, don’t let people guilt you, don’t let them make you feel bad that you’re somehow not doing something you’re obliged to do. You’re not obligated. I did not write that story for the comments, I wrote it because my brain would not shut up about it. Discourse with the reader is fun but I’m not entitled to it, and I’m not broken up because I didn’t get it. If I want attention, I have three dogs.

So it’s all okay that you didn’t comment. Maybe your friend will ask if you’ve read anything good lately and you’ll think of me, or maybe someone will ask for fic recs on their blog and you will mention me and that is so wonderful, thank you. But even if you don’t get that chance that’s fine. I’m glad you were here.

You read my story. Thank you. I hope you liked it. But even if you didn’t, you did read it. And that in itself is a gift. There have been thousands of story tellers throughout history whose stories have never been heard. I can’t think of anything more awful, so thank you, thank you for listening. Thank you for stopping by, thank you for just being a part of my audience, if for only a little bit.

Thank you to the readers.

Friendly reminder that the team and coach cannot be blamed for what happened to Barcelona tonight. It’s not their fault that the managers keep calling the wrong people to come to the club and misappropriating the clubs money. It’s not Messi’s, Suarez’s, Neymar’s, nor Pique’s fault. This team is inadequate because the management is inadequate. All the years of legendary football and the greatest football players of all time for our club were destroyed, because of the snakes like Bartomeu. We have to keep resisting the management. The team needs to resist the management. The world needs to resist the management. The club has never been so disrespected in all of history. We became THAT team tonight. Sadly, it’s going to take years to fix all the damage caused, but we don’t quit. Mes Que Un Club. We still will support our players, give them our hope and belief. Right now this is the team we’ve got, and we have no choice but to rally with them.

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I was in a park when I saw a kid trying to talk to a duck but instead of the usual "quack, quack" he was doing a high pitched scream and I wondered if all this time we were talking to animals wrong.

I’m just gonna leave this here for all of you.