To everyone saying that Victor and Yuuri pair skating is impossible: That’s enough.

Yes, competitive same-sex pair skating is impossible.

But I’m pretty sure most of us just want to see an intimate moment between Victor and Yuuri back in Ice Castle Hasetsu, where they play Stammi Vicino/Stay Close to Me and skate out their feelings for each other together, perhaps holding hands/each other’s waists and trusting the other to lead them with closed eyes or something along those lines.

We don’t want them to compete in pair skating. We want to see a moment that is only their own, shared and expressed through their mutual passion and the thing that brought them together.

That is all.

okay, everyone pause. let’s talk about even who went to his school in the middle of the night. the fact that he went to school, on a cold night to the the place where he laid his eyes on isak for the very first time.the fact that he felt so alone, and so hurt that he just needed to feel something. he wanted to feel how alive he was at that moment with isak. he was hurting so much and just needed to feel something. that’s how real his feeling are because only you can feel what you feel.

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Can we take a minute and talk about how much love and support he has and how amazing that is?  How many people have reached out publicly that actually know him, the fact that the Paynes will likely be in the audience, all of the fans here on tumblr screaming about how much we love him, all of the fans elsewhere probably doing the same thing, all of us buying and listening to this song and gifting it to those who can’t and streaming it to get the numbers up.  He has SO MUCH LOVE AND SUPPORT.  And do you know why that is?  Because he’s an amazing human deserving of it.  He’s touched so many lives, he’s made so many people happy, he’s done so much for others that everyone is here to give BACK to him.  

  • Winston: Now remember tracer you have one very specific objective in this mission, stay focused got it?
  • Tracer: Winston please i'm always focused. ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ
  • Tracer: *breaks into talon's hideout*
  • Widowmaker: What the-
  • Tracer: Can i have your number.
  • Widowmaker:
  • Winston:

I’m laughing bc Yuuri was a drunk mess when he asked Victor to be his coach, and I swear–
What Victor saw:


Victor’s had it so bad for Yuuri right from the start…