“We’ll talk later.”

My ship raises the dead and brings life to barren wastelands. It’s a good day  also please listen to this and tell me that this isn’t Vex’halia singing to Percy.

edit: have some extra blushy cuties bc i spent an hour trying to figure out how to draw smooches.

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Any fics where Clarke meets lexa and she's like athletic and hot

okay, well, i’m gonna answer this in sections, mostly for my own shits

first up are the fics from my sports au tag that i’ve already read and enjoyed enough to have posted them! so like, these fics come with my stamp of approval basically

Love Me ‘Till My Heart Starts
- ok so it’s not exactly your traditional hot athlete lexa. she plays golf. clarke plays golf. but objectively, they are both very hot and they are both athletes and this is a great fic so there.

break your plans
- lmao i feel like this fic has been around since the Beginning of Time but it’s still going strong and i love that! lexa’s a Hot hockey player, so there you go. feat. friends with benefits with accidental feelings so you can’t go wrong.

- lexa is a hot soccer player and she is very hot and that is a problem for clarke and also me

But still good
- so lexa’s a soccer coach, and as we already established, objectively hot. but real talk, this is one of the best and cutest fics you’ll ever read REC REC REC REC

Thirty-Two Minutes
- lexa’s a (hot) star basketball player but she’s also a tragic homosexual and keeps getting distracted by the (hot) blonde cheerleader from the other team on the sidelines. gdi lexa

jump then fall
- really really really really cute high school au where lexa plays hockey and, bonus, is hot

- yoooooooooooooooooooo. remember that olympics thing people wouldn’t shut up about this summer? WELL. clarke plays soccer and lexa swims and they meet and it’s pretty hot. and great. and amazing. and this is a great fic.

- lexa is on the football team and she is really hot and this story is really cute!!!!

this one gets its own section, idk

A Soccer Love Story
- ok i actually did read this one awhile back, and funny enough, i’ve been meaning to come back and reread it. lexa’s a soccer player for the US women’s national team (so of COURSE she’s hot) but when i read this i didn’t even know who they were. so a lot of this went over my head. since then, however, i’ve become about 1000% more invested in soccer and i’d probably enjoy this much more (clarke and lexa are still v cute but the fic is a bit heavy on the uswnt stuff). so just be warned! it was a great fic though and even though i didn’t understand a lot, i remember i couldn’t stop reading it so that probably says something :)

the following fics are ones i bookmarked AGES ago to read for another sports au rec i never answered, but i never got around to reading them. so i’m going to share them with you, but i can’t personally recommend them. let’s hope lexa’s still hot though!

No One Else Like You
- The story of how Clarke and her friends just want to play hockey and Lexa just wants to professionally skate, but there’s only one rink at the university. or the story of how Octavia and Raven (and company) have always been little shits except now on ice.

picture this
-  Ice Hockey Player Lexa is injured during a game and ends up needing phsyio (and guess who is her physio therapist ?) Or: Lexa thinks her physiotherapist is cute

The Weekend
-  Lexa is a professional soccer player and she’s got a simple, semi-charmed life. She’s never dated, not finding any need to. Her roommate Raven and her own a house in Polis, but Raven is away when one of her childhood friends comes to the house in need of help.

How big, how blue, how beautiful
-  Clarke plays tennis for her team in Ark University, Lexa for the Polis University. They’re rivals. What happens when you fall for the one person you’re not supposed to?

and uh, this one, idk, it’s been on my list to read but i haven’t gotten around to it

Waiting for Love to Strike
-  After the death of her father, Clarke Griffin had lost everyone that she had cared about and all she had left was the sport that made her feel most connected to him. So with nothing left to keep her home, the college freshman left for her first year of school with a hope of replacing all that she`d lost. But when her new soccer captain, Lexa Woods, turns out to be more of a dictator than a teammate will Clarke find that she’s in over her head? Or will she find herself ready to take the plunge when love strikes?

On The Hug™ and Eros in Relation to Yuuri's Future

Okay okay… I have been thinking all of this over for literally 36 whole hours now… I can’t believe I’m doing this because I’m really Not Good at articulating my thoughts (or even having thoughts worth turning into meta… can this even be called meta???? anyway). 

That being said, I’ve had a LOT of thoughts, and if I don’t try my best to write them out I’m gonna die. Unfortunately this post is just gonna be about Viktor and Yuuri because I’m still way, way too emotional about Yuratchka to tackle that.

I’m gonna start with The Hug™ because that’s what got me all worked up in the first place. 

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“I know the truth in your heart. The loneliness. The growing knowledge of your own difference.” He leaned in closer. “The ache of it." 

I tried to hide the shock of recognition that went through me. "I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I said, but the words sounded false to my ears. 

I tried to turn away, but he reached out and took hold of my chin, forcing me to look at him. He was so close I could feel his breath. “There are no others like us, Alina,” he whispered. “And there never will be.”

Never date someone who isn’t comfortable seeing unused unopened pads/tampons. Never date someone who won’t even go down the pad/tampon aisle at the store with you because it’s “embarrassing” or “gross” to even acknowledge that periods exist. Don’t let your partner shame you for your body. You didn’t choose to be born with a uterus, so don’t be ashamed.

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neutral chaotic is my favorite alignment and this villain!Izuku au you did make me so happy!! and I'm wondering if you've any plan for Shinsou in this?

no plan, except for izuku to be inexplicably fond of shinsou. no one gets it, not even shinsou, but yuuei staff take advantage of this by using shinsou to corral izuku sometimes. 

a scruffy and slightly burnt kaminari pokes his head sheepishly into the gen ed classroom. the teacher heaves a sigh. “deku again?” he mutters. “go on then, shinsou. make sure to get notes from one of your classmates.” 

shinsou nods diligently, like he hasn’t been nodding off in his seat this entire time, and follows kaminari out the door. 

“i’m so sorry we keep pulling you out of class like this,” kaminari says mournfully. 

“it’s fine,” says shinsou. “what’s happening this time?” 

kaminari winces. “well…today we were supposed to be practicing rescue maneuvers and coordinated raids, but as soon as we got to the replica city district, it, uh…became a giant minefield of traps? deku’s just laughing maniacally in the center somewhere. aizawa and iida sacrificed themselves to get me out so i could get you.” 

“sacrificed themselves,” shinsou repeats. 

“uh, aizawa got himself caught in a net, and iida fell into a pit.” 

despite his best efforts, shinsou can’t help but snicker. 

“hey, this isn’t a laughing matter! lives are on the line!” kaminari says indignantly. “shinsou, seriously, we’re really counting on you!” 

“right, right,” says shinsou, smiling faintly. 

“hey, seriously, don’t laugh!” 

shinsou tunes him out, but he feels a bit lighter as they walk across the grounds. 


deku really is odd. he’s a nuisance and a disturbance, and shinsou doesn’t trust him as far as he can throw him – but he likes him all the same. it’s just that deku is fearless. he’d just thrown himself into a seat next to shinsou during lunch once, declared him an ‘interesting guy,’ and asked him how he styled his hair in the mornings. then he asked shinsou what his quirk was. then he said, ‘that’s really cool! but you know what’s cooler?’ and showed shinsou a small helicopter he was building out of toothpicks. the detail was really impressive. 

deku has never shied away from talking to shinsou – seems to seek him out, even – but he has also shown no interest in shinsou’s quirk aside from that first conversation. and despite deku’s insistent habit of rewriting reality to suit his own vision, he seems to – well, he seems to see shinsou for shinsou, and not his quirk. 

in some odd way, he even seems to see shinsou as a friend. he drops in to chat with shinsou (albeit in the middle of class), he talks to shinsou about things he gets excited about (shinsou always has advance warning of his shenanigans), and he actually calls shinsou by name (an honor he has not extended to anyone else, not even bakugou). 

it’s thawed others’ attitudes towards shinsou. deku’s entire being has somehow become a greater worry than shinsou’s quirk. and even this, with how deku doesn’t ever really seem to back down for anyone except shinsou – people seek shinsou out. they forget about his quirk. they talk to him. when deku is involved, people forget to treat shinsou like a terrible stigma. 

shinsou has started to learn that there is a terrifying and crafty methodology behind deku’s madness, and he’s beginning to suspect that deku does this on purpose. 

he doesn’t know what to think of that. but it – means something, whatever it is, and shinsou is – pathetically grateful. 


the replica city district is alive with chaos. it is incredible how much one person can stir the pot. kaminari slows, and shinsou slows with him. “do you want to stay back?” shinsou asks. 

“no, i’m fine,” kaminari says, and takes a deep breath. “i just gotta – brace myself – oh god. okay, i’m fine. let’s go.” 

they open the gates and immediately have to duck a water balloon. it explodes behind them with a strange rustling sound. shinsou really doesn’t want to know. 

kaminari runs into the fray, yowling as he tackles kirishima out of the way of another trap. shinsou hesitates, and then starts to run after him.

“hey, watch out!” someone says, and a moment later, deku has hoisted shinsou up and flipped out of the way of a couple of knives. real, actual knives. shinsou stares. “up you go!” deku says, and he shoots a grappling hook gun and pulls them to the top of a nearby building. smoke rises in the distance. deku smiles cheerily. 

“i thought we had a talk about non-lethal weaponry,” shinsou manages. 

“knives are non-lethal!” deku protests. “if you use them wrong.” 

sometimes shinsou forgets that deku is an actual villain and not just the human version of a large, overly affectionate, excitable dog. thank god deku always manages to correct him of that notion. 

he must have made a face, because deku pouts a little bit and says, “aw, come on, shinsou, you don’t think i’m that careless, do you?” 

“i don’t want to imagine the other option is true,” shinsou says flatly. “are you ever going to set me down?” 

“sure,” says deku, and then he flops backwards onto the roof, still hugging shinsou though. well. 

“kaminari asked me to stop you,” he says. 

“stop me from what?” 

“terrorizing their training exercise.” 

“they’re practicing traps and situational awareness! i’m doing them a huge favor.” 

shinsou has no words. no wait. he does. “they look harassed and run off their feet. haven’t you done enough? you even used real blades?” 

“they’re dulled,” deku mutters sulkily. “mouse man didn’t stop me, so they don’t have any right to complain.” 

the mouse man–? oh, right. principal nedzu. shinsou has to question what goes on in his head to allow this sort of thing. “did you tell aizawa-sensei?” 

“no, i thought he could use a surprise,” deku says. “now he doesn’t have to teach a lesson at all!” 

“…and what lesson is that?” 

“working together in teams in a hostile environment,” deku says, and grins proudly. 

shinsou pinches the bridge of his nose. “i think it says something that i’m actually seeing your logic here.” 

deku looks surprised, and then he beams. “in that case–” 

“i’m not helping you,” shinsou cuts him off. “but maybe we can wait here a little longer.” 

deku laughs. “no, i don’t need your help. i was gonna ask if you wanted to see how the rest of 1-a is doing! todoroki and yaomomo have teamed up to save aizawa, and bakugou’s gone off to try and steal the key. it’s going to be fun. so? wanna come?” he props himself up on his elbows on shinsou’s chest and grins down at him. 

“…yeah,” says shinsou. “that sounds nice.” 

“next time, you can join them,” deku tells him, “but this time i’ll let you see the backstage production.” he winks and pulls shinsou to his feet before he can process the implications of this statement. “let’s go!”