“that isn’t why. she would have chosen him even if you’d had royal blood in your veins, even if you’d had the same blood as kastor. you don’t understand the way a mind like that thinks. i do. if i were jokaste and a king maker, i’d have chosen kastor over you too.”

“i suppose you are going to enjoy telling me why,” said damen. he felt his hands curl into fists, heard the bitterness in his throat.

“because a king maker would always choose the weaker man. the weaker the man, the easier he is to control.”

thetourguidebarbie asked:

I wish I had more room to gush about this (curse you, askbox character limit!), but my betas (justanotherfiveminutes, cuteasahybridpuppy, and ckhybrid) are the most amazing people EVER. I obviously write A LOT (and at weird hours), and they are basically Klarosaints just by putting up with my Beta Folder of Doom, and even more awesome for helping me get my shit together and produce work that is post-able. I love them so much and I just wanted to publicly spew that love. 💖

Gush away! Anyone who feeds our fic (and smut fic! Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the yearish I’ve been in this fandom it’s that Klaroliners like it dirty). Betas deserve internet love too!

justanotherfiveminutes seems to do A LOT of betaing because I see her thanked on all sorts of fics. She also seems to think she’s not a writer but I’ve read Gallery so I’d have to disagree! AND she’s a lovely and supportive reviewer!

I can’t tag ckhybrid for some reason! Sorry! BUT she was actually one of the first Klaroliners I personally interacted with and was awesome right from the get go. Read her fics here! I’ve heard whispers of some upcoming things that make me VERY excited. Her smut is excellent and, shall we say, creative ;)

And cuteasahybridpuppy writes the established Klaroline of my fluffiest dreams. You can’t not root for those two adorable idiots the way that she writes them. LOVE LOVE LOVE the drabbles. There’s a collection on here or check out the tag on her blog for the newest ones.

Why do I have to be a “lesbian” to tell another woman she looks beautiful, great, hot, or that she’s slaying? I can’t compliment another woman without being questioned of my sexuality? I’m straight as a line. But I appreciate the female body and I sure as hell don’t compete with other women. If her lipstick is messed up or in her teeth, I will tell her and help her out. I’m not gonna have her walk around embarrassing herself and then at the end of the day question why nobody had the decency to tell her. I support women. I’m not going to tear her down. This is probably why a lot of women fight and compete with other women when we really need to be supporting each other.

I’m straight. If I tell you that you look hot or that you’re beautiful, it’s because you are. You should feel amazing about yourself. I’m not asking you if you wanna constantly interchange dildos or something. And men, I’m not going to play into your fantasy and make out with her just because I think she’s beautiful.

Tf? Y'all need to grow up. Ain’t nothing wrong with complimenting somebody.

you know that thing that happens when you get a compliment? like and you just hide under your covers of bury your face in a pillow cause you have a huge dorky smile on your face and your face is redder than a tomato and you’re also kinda embarrassed casue you’re like “what is happening?” 

this is me rn and its all batsonthebrain and starry-eyed-yet-sleep-deprived and ufo-ss fault