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The Truth May Vary - Part One

Pairing: Anders x Fenris x f!Hawke

Summary: Hawke pleads for the Inquisitor to stay behind in the Fade. In the Herald’s Rest, Varric gives Cassandra and the Inquisitor the real story, while Hawke relives it in the Fade.

Warnings: Major Character Deaths, Euthanasia, False Calling, Lyrium Poisoning.

Varric kept Bianca trained on the massive demon guarding their escape. The Nightmare, a giant fucking spider. He spared a quick glance to Hawke. The rogue gripped her daggers at her sides. Her mouth set in a smirk he knew all too well, but her eyes looked off past the demon and into the distance.

He knew that expression, too. The same look she carried for weeks after Bethany died in the Deep Roads; when her mother died in her arms.

He knew there would be no talking her down this time.


He missed the conversation between the Inquisitor, Alistair, and Hawke; but it was clear what the proposal had been.

Hawke turned her steely gray eyes onto Varric. There would be no tears in her plea, there were none left for her to shed.

“I…I have nothing left.”

The group stared at the Inquisitor, anxiously awaiting his decision.

Varric took it out of his hands. Never leaving her gaze, his mouth spoke the words before his mind could stop him.

“This is going to be one hell of an ending, Hawke.”

Hawke smiled wide, in a way that entertained most but broke Varric’s heart. “It’s not a good story unless the hero dies, right?”

Goodbyes were never a thing for us anyway.

She pointed to the split in the Veil with her dagger. “Go. You don’t have much time.”

Hawke broke a flask at the feet of the party. Varric recognized the cover and yelled for the group to retreat. One by one, they disappeared through the gap, Varric the last before the Inquisitor. He paused to take in his last glance of the Champion of the Kirkwall in all her glory.

And then he jumped.



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#i need his smiles more than i need air

I'll get kicked for this, but sorry Oliciters, that lighting motif was used with Lauriver and O/S.

That damn lighting is not what makes that scene pop. It’s how angry Felicity gets at Oliver for, once again, calling it quits.

YOU ARE NOT DONE FIGHTING.” EBR SOLD DAT. I mean, Felicity is so done with Oliver buckling under the guilt, at every turn, at every setback. They just got attacked, their van was just derailed, with the intent to kill everyone inside. Felicity was knocked out cold, the cure was just hijacked by one of Slade’s men, and she is not even close to seeing this as done.

That is what gets to me: Felicity doesn’t even need to have combat skills to be a good soldier in a storm, with enough morale and patriotism to make Captain America look like a little pussy and with enough influence to help Oliver realize that giving up ain’t even on the menu.

That Bitch not only has WIFI, she has RESILENCE, for herself and for Oliver and that broken conscience he still hasn’t brushed off in the heat of battle. BLESS HER. JUST GOD BLESS HER.