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Hello Archy. I'm from Poland so maybe some polish architecture?

We have posted many times about Poland and featured Polish architecture here. After all, part of my family tree connects me to Poland (that is where my Niemiec surname comes from).

But there is always room for some more Polish architecture:

Great Market of Zamość

Philharmonic Hall Estudio Barozzi Veiga

Malbork Castle

Konieczny’s Ark KWK Promes

Wawel Castle

Hotel Forum Janusz Ingarden

*Me to the therapist* “Well, once, when I was 15 or 16 and walking home from school, these boys pulled up my skirt and smacked tree branches across my thighs. For a few minutes. I was terrified. It hurt. They laughed. There were other girls there. They didn’t try and stop the boys. But the girls were nice to me afterwards and hugged me.”

*Therapist*  “Sharon, what you are describing could be seen as a serious sexual assault and something that could result in criminal charges.”

*Me* “Eh, I was more casual about things. It was just something that happened.”

The hot weather vs cold weather people posts here are interesting cause I bet they have a lot to do with where people are from a lot of the time. Like in a warm weather person, but I’m from a part of the world that doesn’t go above 90 Fahrenheit and doesn’t have leaves on the trees for half the year (the trees in my backyard JUST grew back their leaves..)

Checking my trees yesterday was a little disappointing. Only about half of them are leafing out. A bunch died to the roots and are growing from the rootstock. This is probably from our harsh winter. A bunch are vole eaten and dead. 2 of them actually pulled out of the ground to pointed tips where there should have been roots. It looked like underground beaver’s work. I need to find a way to deal with these guys without poisoning the other animals.
All We Do Is Run - Chapter 2 - Ann_Knightley - Dear Evan Hansen - Pasek & Paul/Levenson [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapter 2 already up!! I have a crazy amount of inspiration for this work. Enjoy some classic Jared Kleinman antics. 


Hi everyone, @vstolbunovhere again. Today I am sharing some of my astro timelapse work here on @universetoday!

This second one is from Ojochal, Costa Rica. I shot this among the palm trees, facing directly up. The three different rates of motion (stars, clouds, trees) are my favorite part of this timelapse. To avoid the typical quick-moving astro timelapse, I shot this at faster shutter but higher ISO.

A few weeks ago, my neighbor and I strung a piece of yarn between our windows with the intent to make tin can telephones. We never found the tin can, but we left the string up anyway.

I just woke to a creaking sound near my ear. Something in the darkness was pulling on the string from outside my window. So… I did the obvious thing and tugged back.

For several minutes, the thing on the other end of the string would alternate between pulling and letting it go slack. I fumbled for my glasses and crept out of bed towards the window, but it was too dark to see anything except a vague black shape that might’ve been anything. I managed to dig out a headlamp I found in a hastily abandoned cabin and locked eyes with my opponent.

Outside in the woods, an enormous raccoon was yanking furiously on the string with its little humanoid hands. I pulled the string and it pulled back. It wasn’t stuck - when I managed to dislodge it from its grip, the raccoon reared back and leapt into the air to grab onto the yarn again. We engaged in a dead silent tug-of-war until another raccoon chased it back into the trees and my roommate told me to fuck off.