[The reason why Im doing this is to giggle madly and analize this thing. Of how I agree with Richard’s somehow habit of–see tthe thing he does when he’s near the person he loves and is ready to show his affection. The fixation on the lips?

I mean, he’s pretty much near the other one–the environment is perfect and finally they are going to kiss.. He acts like every person who has found the perfect person with all the things desired..and just goes for it.

I cant help but to agree with this, this way of pretty much going for it, because for the ideas I have for my own muse is that, sure he can be friendly and sociable, but you can pretty much count with your hands the number of people, where he can truly show who he is.

And given the fact, that I also gave him the trait of loving in the same way Bard loved his mother, this is a guy who will try and find the ways to show it, showing the other person how much they mean to him,how much his life has improved by having them around–when confidence has been built–, whether if its physically or by words, but he’s going to enjoy kissing his partner. And be pretty much enamoured with the other’s lips.