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Collab with the amazing tishawish <3 she did the lineart and i colored it!

We agreed to do sort of a makoharu modern yakuza AU we just wanted to draw badass makoharu in fancy suits holding guns (or at least it was the case for me >_>)

it was a real pleasure to color Tisha’s super neat and clean lineart ;A;

Tisha’s part (pshh it’s fem!makoharu yakuza au)

okay so lately there’s been almost nothing related to my current interests on my dash so reblog if you post

 999 !!!

(or zero escape in general)

Dangan ronpa


✲angel beats

✲other anime like snk or klk something idk


✲game of thrones

✲cute things! !

✲scenery or flowers


and i’ll check out your blog! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


One more before I go to work. I do so enjoy destroying everyone. I hope you don’t mind. This is a personal fetish of mine… the boxer. Oh for him to come home after a match a beat… needing my care… :swoon:

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