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Someone on Instagram is reposting your art and claim its theirs. They delete comments that ask them to take it down. They also said they will make other acc and continue to steal art :/ Their name is __link_is_life__

((I don’t have an instagram so I was completely unaware of this .A. 

Well y’all if you see anybody on instagram with my art style and my artwork, that sure as hell ain’t me. Idk why anyone would want to repost my BlueLink art, frankly, it’s not the greatest sobs

Thank you for letting me know, though :< i just made one so I could request that she take my stuff off her blog (and some of another artist I know’s artwork) 


Today was sooooooooooo amazing.

I didn’t said this, but I went to an anime convention today. It was amazing!!! (every year is the same and I still love it)


And ahhhhh, it was so fun, I just wanted y’all to know that I’m tired and really happy.

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excuse me but why is weheartit bad? when you heart something you heart it from the source. so if it was something from you it would source you so I don't understand why you are so mad. it's simply the same as liking or reblogging a post but just transferring it to a different website??? it's not "stealing" it's just people showing pictures that they like. maybe you should be proud of yourself instead of calling people with only good intentions bastards.

ok, maybe i overreacted a little bit, BUT

 most of them repost things without source (which is stealing)! and even if they have a source, it doesn’t give a link to an edit, but to a blog, so if I wanted to reblog it, I couldn’t find that edit. AND some of those reposted pics get more ‘likes’ then in tumblr which makes me sad(?).

My poem

I’m stuck in a picture of righteous when inside it is dark and hallow I’m trapped in a box of fear suffocated by judgement and drowned by decisions constantly clouded by worldly possessions our only escape is hope
the glittery light that can peer down any path and fight all fears break all judgement make u grow 10 feet higher and 100 times wiser. Do not wonder down the road breaking yourself down let your heart guild u home.

I keep seeing clothes that are essentially plain besides a tiny embroidered picture or quote something (Yes I’m talking about Dan’s €300 black shirt with the sad face on it.) Anyways, I have a lot of clothes that I’m bored of, and I’m considering doing that to them. Obviously not the same designs as other people used, I’m not going to steal it, but make my own designs? My mom has a ton of embroidery floss, so that would be super easy to do.

So I had a dream I masturbated with my dildo in the living room while I had the knowledge that ppl were in my house and I had to hide the dildo in my shirt. Then my family confronted me about me accusing my grandma of stealing someone's dog then I got criticized for taking a bad picture of a pineapple. All this happened with a dildo peaking out of my shirt.

I edited some of my pictures from my trip to Paris, France~

The Fontaine Saint-Michel (French pronunciation: ​[fɔ̃.tɛn sɛ̃.mi.ʃɛl]) is a monumental fountain located in Place Saint-Michel in the 5th arrondissement in Paris. It was constructed in 1858–1860 during the French Second Empire by the architect Gabriel Davioud.

Credit to me: cassee-the-wild-hetalian-appears