List 6 movies you never get tired of watching, post them with GIFS and talk a little about why you love each one. I was tagged by @josiesimblr, thanks hun!

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Donnie Darko - Never ever getting tired of watching this, I love everything about it. The actors, the soundtrack, the weird plot. It’s my favorite movie of all time.

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Dirty Dancing - Yes most of the movies on this list are older, I love old movies. Especially eighties movies. Watching Dirty dancing always gives me that happy bubbly feeling.

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Almost Famous - I always said I born in the wrong decade music wise, I love this movie and I love the music. And I also love Kate Hudson, like, a lot.

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Back To The Future - A classic, all three of them make for a great movie night and I’ve watched them countless times. It’s one of those movies I always hope my SO likes because I am gonna watch it every now and then.

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Grease - I love musicals and my favorite is hands down Grease. Sandy and Danny are just so freaking cute and the music numbers are amazing. I also have a soft spot for the sequel with Michelle Pfeiffer but I don’t watch it nearly as much.

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My Neighbor Totoro - This has been one of my favorites all my life, I remember watching it when I was little, my dad had taped it for me. I broke that VHS tape after playing it too many times. It also just reminded me of me and my little sister a lot and I love that about it.

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Thor Week-Day One: Why Thor?

The thing I love most about Thor is his personality. He’s honourable and willing to give his all in protecting the Nine Realms and its people. He’s extraordinarily kind, honourable, gentle and compassionate, but at the same time, a powerful, fierce, and dedicated warrior too. There is also a humorous side to him, making him a very interesting character to watch or read about.

All of this, plus my love for mythology is what drew me to him. I’m quite a pessimist in real life and the happiness that Thor exudes makes me want to see the bright side in life. His has a smile that brightens up my day and he makes me want to be a better person, which is my favourite thing about him. Also, he’s freaking gorgeous, so why wouldn’t I want to spend my days reading about him or watching him in movies.

you know what this is
  • you know what this is

we’re going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship :D

they’re so badass they don’t need to wear space suits lol


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but, i’m getting ahead of myself. ahem. let’s take a look at a little gif that’s been floating around the internet recently, one of my favorites, actually.

That whole “favorite” thing was sarcasm. Don’t know if I communicated that directly.

I fucking despise this gif. It’s so god damn simple. The fucking head shape has to morph like 3x to transition to each character. It’s literally the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen try and validate the similarities in today’s cartoons, because it’s a BASIC FUCKING HEADSHAPE. THAT MOST CHARACTERS HAVE. Yet somehow, it’s kind of a centerpiece to this anti-CalArts sentiment that’s spreading. So uh, let’s break it down, shall we?


The Amazing World of Gumball was created by Ben Bocquelet, who didn’t go to CalArts because he lives in the UK, fuck you. Like, i’m not even gonna make an argument for this.

also have you seen the fucking plethora of creative designs on this show in a fucking multitude of mediums? why is this even in this gif

Steven Universe

Steven Universe was created by Rebecca Sugar, who went to the School of Visual Arts in New York, fuck you.

also, uh remember the fucking pilot?

oh man so simplistic and generic

wOW tHe FuCK?? ? they A L L  LOok the SAme


jesus okay, how about the 3 shows from this gif actually made by CalArts grads, Gravity Falls, Clarence, and SvTFOE.

you ever considered that CalArts grads (or art student grads in general) don’t just come out the school tassel to the left, directly to the studio, and sit down at a table and draw for nine months until the show is born, with the show looking exactly the same way as the first sketch? ever considered that studios, simplify design for appeal or due to constraints? That maybe some studios have a style that no matter the initial design the creator has to adhere to? That maybe some execs MAKE the creators draw in a way that’s similar to other shows, in order to bring in an audience?

also have you considered the plethora of cartoons that exist not spearheaded by calarts alums? cause there’s a lot.

TL;DR stop demonizing CalArts (and its alums). It did nothing to you. It was sitting across the schoolyard minding it’s own business and you threw a dodgeball at it’s head. Now apologize or you can go stand on the wall for 5 more minutes.

"Do you still remember when I've lied about my fish curse?"

all the relationships in pushing daisies |→ olive and emerson

“If the day finally comes that being around pie boy and his pie girl make your suffering insufferable, I just want you to know that there’s a place for you–right here in this professional establishment.”


#when you unintentionally insult the bae #and you gotta apologize for it

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This is my favorite article of all time. “Life Tips You Need To KnowI don’t know how I ever lived without these life tips. 


“It’s the Matt Mercer blow-up doll we’ve been waiting for!”

“…Did you really just say that out loud?”

The Most Epic Reactions to The Most Epic Fan Gift Ever, by Vox Machina (feat. Daran de Paul, Will Friedle and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)