“I told Kimura long time ago. We shouldn’t stay too close to each other, but we also shouldn’t stay too far from each other. I also told him during our early days that I’ll be the clown and he should be the handsome guy. People calls me as SMAP’s Leader, but I should say that SMAP’s Ace is Kimura.”

-Nakai Masahiro

“Lover’s relationship might ends when they break up but friends stay friends even after years later. Please continue to be my best friend, my partner in crime and please continue to be a SMAP member. To BEST FRIEND Nakai Masahiro, from Kimura Takuya.”

-Kimura Takuya

this is without a doubt one of my most favorite gifs ever. I mean louis is priceless and so is harry. The look on louis’s face and the little grin and wink from harry. They needed someone to scream at them that they were on live television and to try and control themselves. But im glad they didnt because this isnt faked its genuine. They knew what they were doing and didnt care and thats what I love :)

i call this priceless louis and adorable harry