Upcoming Fic Schedule!

Red Menace Part 3, “Phoenix”: this evening (Thu 8/18 EST)

Five Goodbyes IV: Fri 8/19 (Sat 8/20 if work is stupid today)

Five Goodbyes V: Mon 8/22 (Tue 8/23 if work continues to be stupid)

Polyship Week Ficlets from 8/22 through 8/28 (send me some requests!)

Red Menace Part 4: Thu 8/25

Stucky Big Bang 2016 Story (a standalone follow-up to Deprogramming, whaaaaat!, featuring illustrations by the AMAZING @riakomai ): no later than Mon 8/29

Red Menace Part 5: Thu 9/1

then Five Returns (follow-up to Five Goodbyes) starts 9/2!

I will possibly have to skip a week on Red Menace the week of Sep 5-11 due to husband’s birthday and traveling for a wedding, but if I can keep up my three-chapter lead, I’ll try to avoid it.

<3 Bohemienne