This is Gideon. We rescued him from a home where he was extremely neglected, so much so that he could go days, almost whole weeks without food and water. He picked at his feathers because he was starving, and still does so because of his anxiety. Gideon was only fed bird seed, and because he is a type of Conure, he should be eating fruit, nuts, vegetables, and other good sources of the vitamins he’s been lacking.
He’s made best friends with our other Sun Conure, Poopy (the bright orange one, my dad named him because the first time we held him, he pooped) and they’ve been almost inseparable ever since. Poopy teaches Gideon how to climb, and leads him to the food bowl when they want to eat. They do almost everything together.
We took Gideon to the vet the day after we rescued him, and he was prescribed an aloe spray to soothe his feathers and skin where he’s picked. He still picks at his feathers, but Poopy comes to the rescue and taps him with his beak to make him stop.
Gideon is treated with so much love and respect here at his new home, and he will never have to know what it feels like to be starving ever again.


[”'Redraw Your OTP Like-’ Challenge” on deviantART]

So I saw [this] post, and I wanted to give it a go. tamarinfrog‘s Blue and Orange became my cannon fodder.

I’m not totally happy with how Orange’s face came out. I feel like I could have pushed the expression more, but whatever. It was a fun drawing project regardless. Also, this is my first time drawing a male inkling, haha. How’d I do?

Anyways, if you’re a fan of Splatoon and looking for good fan artists, totally go give tamarinfrog a look. I freaking love her stuff, so it was only a matter of time before I drew her some fan art.

Notice me, senpai!♥

Artwork belongs to BlueBead

Orange and Blue belong to tamarinfrog / searching-for-bananaflies

Inklings and Splatoon belong to Nintendo

Do not repost or modify without permission


2 years & 3 months between the first and last photo

168 cm / 5'5"

Starting weight: 96kg / 211 pounds

Current weight: 70kg / 154 pounds = weight loss of: 26kg / 57 pounds

Lost 24cm / 9.5 inches off my waist + 15cm / 6 inches off my hips.

Here are a few tips I’ve learnt along the way:

1) Don’t rely on the scales.. there were times I lost inches but no weight 2) Lift weights!! Honestly don’t waste your time doing cardio. Do some cardio but make sure you lift lots of heavy weights! That will help you to keep burning calories for 24 hours after your work out is done + more muscle = more calories burned. 3) Drink water and lots of it, also green tea will help speed your metabolism 4) There will be times you will slack off, I slacked off for months at a time. The important thing is to get back to it! Consistency is key. 5) Make sure you eat enough! You really need to get your balance right between eating enough and eating too much. Eat too much and you won’t lose, eat too little and your body will hold onto every calorie you take in and you won’t lose. 6) Eat foods in their natural state, avoid processed foods, eat lots of lean protein (chicken and fish) and lots of veggies/ salads as well as fruit. Personally I wouldn’t recommend cutting carbs, your body needs all food groups. Eat brown rice and wholemeal pasta / bread in small quantities! 7) Mix up your workouts, don’t do the same workout everyday because your body will adapt to it and your results will slow down. 8) squats and lunges are your best friend, with proper form and adding weight your butt will look better then ever before ;) 9) Find friends to join you on your journey, being with friends with similar goals and interests really helps you to achieve your goal. 10) Never give up! Don’t get discouraged if it feels as though nothing is changing. I’ve had many days like this but looking back I can see that there is a change.

I may not be where I want to be yet but I am so committed this time and I know I am not going to give up! I love working out and eating healthy it has finally become a lifestyle for me and I love encouraging others :)

Thank you to all the inspiring pictures , any more questions you can reach me on my blog:

anonymous asked:

Do you have the lyrics for Tkay's rap in DLKA?

Yep. Here’s a blend of what the lyrics are supposed to be with tweaks in parts where Tkay apparently changed the lyric in recording:

“They can’t stand, I handstand,
Don’t hold on right anymore,
Please to meet you I’m kinda moved,
But that last one was my antidote,
Green eyes, become green times,
There is no first or a last chance,
They’re telling me to turn down,
Cause I’m so lit recall flash dance?
Only A1, and I stay 1,
They counting out for that day when,
Residuals become imminent,
Because failure is not pivotal,
They just be asking the same,
Try switch it up, I switch lanes,
No love in this world, I’m still sane,
Right? Because that’s enough?
When the lights on and you don’t keep love.”

How I think the Lumberjanes girls would look in the Gravity Falls Universe. Molly wearing Mabel’s wonderful sweater was babooshka-yah-yahs-manfriend‘s idea! April would totally be carrying GRAPPLING HOOK everywhere she went. Bubbles in Dipper’s hat because I wanted to draw Bubbles and incorporate Dipper’s hat. Jo would definitely be trying to figure out the journal (Also I colored her hoodie and shirt to Dipper’s clothes a bit) Mal would be the handyman, Also I gave her Wendy’s colored flannel. And Ripley would be Mabel’s energy! Also, we have to have someone taking care of Waddles :D (additional info in tags)

So I decided it was finally time to make my first follow forever!!  ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ I hit 1k a couple of months ago so I thought it was about time to make one.
I’m just gonna go right ahead and add the urls. I want to thank everyone for following me and keeping up with my multifandom mess. ;u; Ily. ♥ (also sorry for this super lame edit I have no ps skills as you can tell)

p.s if we’re mutuals but you don’t see your url here please let me know! I’m very forgetful and have probably forgotten a lot of urls.  ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ so please don’t hesitate to let me know so I can add your url!

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Didn’t post a selfie last week, so you’re getting a selfie from last week.

I couldn’t have chosen a more perfect first ever match tbh.


My bra is full of flour bits instead of hot sauce, and when I went to pee for the first time in hours, flour fell out of my underwear. 

Really, really glad I never got hot sauce in my underwear. 

Everything changes and change is good, but I do miss my Taco buddies. Sigh. 

anonymous asked:

do u have any tips on how to help urself heal? like emotionally?

Hey bro hey no homo but first of all I wish I could hug you because it sounds like you’re asking this for yourself and I /feel/ you.

There’s no one magic thing I can give you. In fact, I’m healing right now, myself! These last two days I have started the process that was much needed: and that’s celebrating myself. I take more time to do my makeup. I pick an outfit I know I’ll feel confident in. I water my plants and force myself to pick up my room. I study and I accept compliments from my peers and teachers. I take selfies and post my favorite ones! I make myself foods I love and watch things that make me feel happy. I sing in the car and play songs that remind me of some of my favorite times–times that I was happy /on my own/ and not because of someone else. I write myself notes in places and put tally marks on my whiteboard for the days I’ve been strong!! I could go on and on. It’s helping, only if it’s a little bit. I was sick of letting my depression take me over so I decided to start fighting back.

(I hope this helps! I’ve tried lots of things and this seems to be working the best for me)

anonymous asked:

I know you've said you draw on your phone but like, how do you draw them? I'm so bad at humans and I wanna draw your oc's cause I love them alot but I'm getting heavily discouraged cause I just can't draw them T_T Any tips?

Hey I believe in you! Don’t get discouraged! I used to have a hard time drawing humans, and I still do :P but practice makes perfect right?(I’m still learning so I wouldn’t say this is the way of drawing a human, this is just my way of drawing a squid kid)

But first off I start with this shape

Then I usually add thes lines on a different layer as a guidance for where things should go. (Top) 1st line is the hairline(but since I drew my inklingings eyebrows up there, I end up extending the top of their heads) 2nd for eyes, 3rd for nose, (bottom) 4th mouth.

After I just add in the features. The eyes are mask like, and instead of coloring all around their eyes like how it is in game(I used to do that) I just make their eyes connect with the shape of some weird curly w thing???. And their noses are just a line, because I suck at noses lol

As I said before I extend the top of their heads(mainly the males) so they can have that poof look  and dd in their pony tails which I don’t know how to explain…sorry

And then we have an inkling boy…(so sorry for the crappy explanation, I can’t explain for shit XP)

It’s basically the same for how I draw my inkling girls…ever wondered why I only go to mid body and rarely show arms? Yeah it’s cause I needa practice more on that…

But hey my main tip is practice, :P I hope I helped you with my lame explanation/tips/how to squid kid?

Bookhorse and Dragon Bae

I dunno. I had a hankering to draw Twilight and Spike. This is the first time I’ve ever drawn Spike, and upon realizing he’s made of TWO circles and ponies are THREE circles, I’ve decided to only draw Spike from now on.

Horses r dum. Dragons r best. :p

It’s getting late though so I figured I’d post what I have. I might finish this later, and if I do… I haven’t drawn the wings yet but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to? They were just going to be closed, but it blocks Spike’s foot which I thought looked good… haha that feel when you conceal something you liked. (Voice yer opinion below!)

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look! Hope you’re doing well!


I’m genuinely sorry that I haven’t been posting everyday and replying to your messages as soon as possible (I hope that you haven’t noticed it that much). 

Today was the end of my first month at college and although it has been an amazing and rewarding experience so far that I’m really enjoying, I’ve also been extremely busy, sometimes even having to go on 2 hours of sleep and 30 minute naps. 

I’m getting used to my schedules and working out exactly when can I work the hardest to have some time for my own so that I can some gifsets done and ask replies can be posted. 

It makes me happy that I still get messages from you and notes on the things I do. And again I’m sorry for my lack of posts lately….