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Do you know of any really good Clexa fanfics? I read "She" and completely fell in love with it.

ummm this is a good time for me to condense some of my previous recs:

come morning light by @onemilliongoldstars - I love all of Ray’s fics but this is the first one I fell in love with; Canon universe, but AU – Lexa didn’t betray Clarke, they’re a couple and it’s essentially about them having a baby. lots of complicated feelings and very fierce Lexa characterization. it makes me feel A Lot Of Things. Pas de deux & let the flames begin are two of her WIPs that I also love. 

it’s called contraband for a reason by coldmackerel - clexa prison AU; great mix of hilarity and tender, touching moments. WIP

what happened to the soul that you used to be? by buckynatalia/ @lexasghost is so. fucking. good. ghost au. lots of triggers though; ask me if you have any you need warning for. very unique story, great writing and atmosphere. 

chasing down silver linings (we are coming home) - OKAY SO this is one of my most FAVORITE clexa AUs ever, bUT– the catch is that it hasn’t updated in like a year. supposedly the authors plan on continuing it but either way it’s so. good. ugh. and it uses ao3′s multimedia capabilities so perfectly. like just read it and then hoooope. 

they take their shots but we’re bulletproof is one of my faves; post s2. for some reason I come back to this one a lot esp now that I’m highkey in denial over s3.

pie in the sky by lingeringlilies Modern AU; clarke is pregnant and Lexa is a doctor… lots of angst and feelings. pay attention to the trigger warnings because the story is pretty heavy on those. 

within me an invincible summer by thrace - amazing fic; AU after s2. Bounces between the ‘present’ (aftermath of betrayal) and the future, like… 10-15 years later? great worldbuilding, tons of feelings. Complete.

skylark by runaway marbles - vigilante AU, great parallels to canon and amazing characterization. WIP. (i’m in love with this fic i need to write a big ass review because it’s so so good.)

now THESE are ones that I haven’t read but have been reccommended to me a lot and seem well loved:

this heart, fossilized and silent and lover in low light by chrmdpoet (Actually i’ve started thfas i just need… to finish it… what i read was very good tho. lbr you’ve probably heard of these.)

in love and war and politics by centuriesofexistence 

the white queen running by KL_morgan

+ honestly probably so many more al;fadjsf

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Hey Mark, today's my birthday and I was wondering if you could give me trivia on "The Game" that Magic R&D played while you were with them. Preferably a rule or story you've never told!

One of the rules was the Jinx rule. If you and someone said the same word at the same time, one of you could tell “Jinx!” (It was often a race, so the first one to do it counted). The other person then couldn’t talk until someone else said their name.

There was a separate rule that said you were immune to power words, such as Jinx, if you were touching a door handle at the time.

Finally, there was a third rule that said if someone broke a rule, you could punch them in the arm/shoulder. But if you falsely punched someone, they were allowed to then punch you twice.

So Richard would go up to someone, purposely say something at the same time as them, let the other person say “Jinx” and then he would talk before someone had said his name. They would then punch him as punishment. Richard would then reveal he had a door handle in his pocket that he’d been touching and he’d get to punch them back twice.

Welcome to a tiny aspect of playing “The Game”. : )

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Talking to Cole after Solas leaves Skyhold. The voice acting is very convincing. I’ve never taken the time to do this before, so naturally, I was a bit shocked. It also made me very sad. I wish there could have been a response to this. I feel my Lavellan would have been very worried about Solas making Cole forget something, as, at first, it seems invasive and unnecessary. Almost to a frightening degree. I feel it would have somehow colored her understanding of how serious Solas’s intentions were upon leaving, and how serious his pain. Because it seems more to me like Solas’s desperate act of making Cole “forget” is not an act of defense. He is not protecting himself. It is so that Cole does not have to bear the burden of feeling his pain as he embarks on his mission alone. That is how big his pain is. So though it did freak me out a little at first, I feel like this is, in itself, an act of compassion. It also indicates how hard this moment is for Solas, ie: leaving Skyhold.

Just another reminder for me that, despite his pride and cowardice with Lavellan, Solas is a deeply thoughtful, compassionate soul. Whatever his path entails, I maintain he can be reckoned with.

Applications closed/members!

Hi everyone !!! The applications are closed :0! Carter and I got a bunch of cool ones and we couldn’t be happier about it!! We already sent everyone who got in an ask, but we’ll be listing them here too. Thank you so much who applied and don’t feel sad that you didn’t get in!! 

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aanndddd THATS EVERYONE!! Again thank you SOOOO much to everyone that applied. We will be adding you all to the group chat later today(carter is out again rn and i might be going out so. ..WE BOTH WANNA BE HERE TO MEET YOU GUYS.) Remember the rules,please be kind and I hope we all have a great time being friends and getting to know eachother!!

(also posted to AO3)

Every visible inch of Loki’s skin was caked with dirt and blood, both fresh and dried.

Thor watched his face as a pair of healers assessed the wounds. The young prince stood without wavering and stared straight ahead while they worked. He said nothing and gave no indication that what they were doing was causing him pain. To a stranger, Loki might appear unaffected by what he had just been through, but his brother knew better.

It was not the first time Thor had been in the holding room of Asgard’s fighting arena, but never before had he served in this capacity. Today was not his day to shine, for the final hour of Loki’s coming-of-age trials had come to pass. Not only had he just become a man, but the All-Father had deemed Loki a warrior as well.

Thor was there as his brother’s second, a mostly ceremonial role created to ensure the tests were fair. However, the reality of his place there was that he was allowed to do little more than stand by and watch while beasts and warriors alike attacked his little brother without mercy.

For three harrowing days and nights, Loki had fought on his own without food, water, or rest. He was challenged by one opponent at a time, each battle progressing in difficulty. Thor remembered facing his own trials with excitement and eagerness for the next match. This time, after witnessing every second of Loki’s struggle with endurance, Thor felt something very different.

He was proud—so incredibly proud—of Loki for succeeding when so many thought he would fail. But Thor had also been frightened. It was the first time in his life he hadn’t been able to step in and protect his brother. Though he knew the trials were necessary to ensure Loki possessed the skills to defend himself, that did not make the last three days any easier to witness.

The healers focused in on a deep wound on Loki’s left forearm, which he had used to block a killing blow from an opponent. It took them a long time to cut away his damaged vambrace in order to clean and bind the wound. Attendants stood by to help Loki undress and wash, but once the healers were satisfied with their work, Thor dismissed the entire group.

“I will see to my brother,” he explained. “Leave us.”

The attendants exchanged looks of bewilderment, for a prince of Asgard would never be expected to stoop to the work of a servant. They obeyed without question, but Loki did not seem to notice as they filed out of the holding room and left the brothers alone.

It wasn’t until Thor approached and touched his brother’s shoulder that Loki reacted. He flinched, and his hand shot out to grasp Thor’s wrist. Though Loki focused in on his brother, he did not appear to recognize him. His muscles were tensed as if ready to strike, and the look in his eyes was a mixture of fear, dying innocence, and near-feral desperation.

Thor knew all too well how difficult it was to calm down after such a long battle. “Easy. The trials are over. Your enemies have fallen.”

Loki stared at him, expression unchanging, and Thor could feel him trembling. Undaunted, he moved closer and felt a foreign pang of fear when he did so. Loki looked dangerous, and that seemed … wrong. “You’re all right,” Thor murmured. “It’s over. There’s no one here except your brother.”

Loki held himself tense while the words sank in, but in time, gave in and sagged against Thor, too exhausted to reply. Still clinging to his brother’s wrist, Loki took in a shuddering breath and pressed his face into Thor’s shoulder. It wasn’t long before Loki’s knees buckled in a display of weakness he never would have allowed the servants to witness.

Thor caught him before he fell and hauled him back up. “You’re all right,” he whispered again and said it a third time after that. He wondered who he was trying to convince.

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when you talked about aang kissing katara for the first time, do you mean when he kissed her on the boat before the invasion? she didn't "let it slide", she kissed him back. I'm not pro kataang or anti zukara btw, just saying. and don't worry if we're not thinking of the same time lmao

My thing is: it doesn’t matter if she kissed him back during the invasion. What matters is that he kissed her without her permission. They weren’t dating — they weren’t together so he had no reason to just kiss her.

And, I actually just re-watched that scene and — she didn’t kiss him back. There’s a huge difference between letting it happen and kissing him back.

In the first still, he’s grabbing her arm and kissing her. In the second still, he’s still holding her and she’s basically letting it happen because what is she supposed to do? If she were to have said something about it (like in The Ember Island Players) he would have had a complete meltdown. But I like to give Katara the benefit of the doubt in this scene only because it is the invasion, and emotions are running pretty high at this point.

But in the last still, sure, she’s blushing but she also looks like she didn’t want to have been kissed. I don’t know, call me crazy but that’s not the face someone makes if they’ve wanted to be kissed by someone.

The only instance where she has given her full permission for him to kiss her was in the finale when she kissed him. Even then, that was just so weird and random to me for some reason. Other than that, she has never kissed him back (besides the Cave of Two Lovers but that was so weirdly thrown into the show so I don’t like to count that in any argument).

But… that’s a whole other post worthy META. I’m not discussing that finale kiss right now.

I can’t believe I have to keep making the same argument about a twelve year old kissing a fourteen year old. It’s just gross. I do hope that I cleared up your confusion though, lol.

Commissioned by my dear friend Kia! 

THE TWO BEST KNIGHTS IN THE WHOLE WORLD Flynn Scifo from Tales of Vesperia and Alisha Diphda from Tales of Zestiria with Alisha teaching Flynn how to dance ♡ฅ(ᐤˊ꒳ฅˋᐤ♪) !!!  I’d been wanting to draw these two together for so long (because who wouldn’t) and Kia has the best taste in things and knows the way to my heart SO I’M SO HAPPY I FINALLY GOT TO.  I’M SO PROUD OF IT especially the pose and it was so much fun, I love Alisha’s palette so much it’s so pretty (especially her hair color o;airg)

Thank you so much again for commissioning me! 

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headcanon on holtz reacting to finding out erin has tattoos, also how does she find out

ohh my god!!!!

  • she finds out bc on a bust one day, they got a REALLY grabby ghost (to the point not only did erin have slime in every part of her body, the ghost grabbed the front of her overalls and ripped it downwards while erin screamed)
  • queue patty widening her eyes all “nice bra gilbert” abby’s just laughing hysterically and holtz is blushing for the first time 
  • erin stammers and folds her arm across her body, and abby gets her a blanket for all the slime and it isn’t until they’re back at the firehouse does holtz blurt “so, tattoos? didn’t know they were your thing”
  • erin blushes while she wipes her self down of slime, shrugging self consciously as she says “i thought the one under my bra line would look cool. not working?” as she laughs lightly
  • holtz just grins, winking. bc DAMn do tattoos look good on erin, especially the detailed fibonacci sequence that lies there
  • “the opposite ez. they look hot”
  • erin blushes and bites her lip, holtz 100% just *heart eyes* bc she found another thing to add to her list of Favourite Erin Things that is at least a mile long 

Three cinnamon rolls from Karasuno!! It was actually pretty hard to draw …


never really thought “This is it.” I was 18 years old when I booked Youth in Revolt, and it was my first movie and I was starring in that movie, and even then, I didn’t feel like I had made it. And I still don’t feel that now. I never wanted to look at acting as my job. I needed it to be my hobby, because that gave me more artistic freedom. A lot of my pleasure from being able to do this is spending the time I get to spend making the characters that I’m going to play, sometimes more than actually doing it in the moment.

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Okay but ingaine the expansion on tongue!piercing Holtz to: college MIT holtzbert meeting for the first time in the strangers kiss/first gay hug video au


“Might be fun, you never know,” says Abby, three seconds before she fills out Erin’s name and student ID in a Google Form with the title “STRANGERS’ FIRST KISS” splashed across the top. “Okay, so do you want to kiss only girls, only guys, only nonbinary people, or do you not care?”

“Uh…what? I mean, I don’t know, I guess I don’t care…?”

“Great!” Abby clicks “submit” before Erin can protest more than a few syllables.

A confirmation email shows up on her phone fifteen seconds later with an appointment time, and Jesus Christ is Erin going to kill Abby.

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have a couple of selfies I took ten days ago and that I said I’d post but never actually posted

(I have whiskers because of youtubers in this pic, don’t question it)

like. i put my rapist in prison? i mean, one of them, but still. who gets to do that ever? i went to court as a lil thing and i was strong and everything turned out okay. i quit the drugs and i saved my life and i escaped the pit of despair that was Norway and put my head down and finished high school. i did all of the difficult things. and now i get to make money and go to school and be loved, for the first time, by someone kind and good and just as clever as me. its such a happy story and i am glad i did all of the hard things. i’m glad i get to finally enjoy what i worked for.


Jikook using the “If I look away while I’m doing it no one will notice I am actively sharing a water bottle with my boyfriend member” method

playing pulsar: lost colony

-First game, found a button that could only be unlocked by the captain. Got the captain to unlock it, immediately pressed it.  Jumped randomly into the middle of nowhere.  Everything caught fire.  This is a good game.

-We went looking for a missing research team and found a nest full of giant space ants.  I got to fight a nest full of giant space ants.

-S: Don’t use that, it destroys whatever you’re holding. C: So you’re saying I should NOT select the atomize “hands" option?

-T, as acting captain, found the option to alert all crew members to “Abandon Ship” and sent this message every 10 seconds throughout the game.

-S chose to demonstrate how to use the gun and fire extinguisher tools by SETTING THE LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEM ON FIRE and then putting it out again. 

-DV, as researcher, atomized (destroyed) everything that passed into his keeping.  For science.

-Were sent on a mission to save a ship from pirates, forgot to turn on our identifier, wound up in a fight with the ally ship instead.

-C: What happens if I spend all the ship’s money? D: Actually, as Captain I get to assign you an allowance. 

-D: DV, I’m putting the samples in your locker. C: How come nobody ever puts anything in MY locker? DV: Just as a heads up, anything that goes in my locker is probably going to get atomized. 

-R: Do I need an exosuit for this planet? S: Depends how you feel about breathing acid.

-DV:  Why is C a mustachioed cyborg spaniard? C: This is the default face I was assigned and it is wonderful and I am never changing it.

-S, our weapons specialist, KEPT SHOOTING EVERYTHING.  We had actual conversations b/w captain, pilot, and engineer about how fast we could get out of star systems so that S wouldn’t start (another) intergalactic incident.

-C: Guys, I’m lost. Again.  D: Are you still planetside? C: No, I’m on our ship, I just don’t know where I am.

-R: Look out! Radiation.  C: You literally just mountain climbed for 5 minutes to get out of the atmosphere and find that radiation.

-C, as pilot: Look, I have ONE JOB and that is POINTING THIS SHIP AT THINGS.

-S: Guys, come back! There’s a giant bird nest full of wasps! D: Do you mean a wasp nest?

-Took over another ship, then left and took back our own ship.  Unfortunately this flagged our ship as stolen, since it was an “owned” ship. (We were the owners.)  Everybody in the universe accused of us of being pirates and hated us b/c we were flying a ship that already had owners. (again, us.)

-Responded to a distress beacon of a ship under attack by another faction.  The ship AND ITS ATTACKER decided we were pirates (see above) and teamed up to attack us instead.

-DV: I died.  Apparently if you wander too far into the desert on this planet a dust storm springs up.  And then spikes come out of the ground and kill you. C: I was not expecting that last part.

-C: How do I go through the door? S: OH MY GOD SPIDERS EVERYWHERE. C: Never mind, I’ll wait out here.

-Found four graves and a lonely robot that was the sole survivor of its downed ship. :(

-C: Wait, “engine sludge” is a food? DV: Do NOT drink that.

-Boarded enemy ships during combat, repeatedly turned off all their power switches just to fuck with them.


-R: Killed 3 more rats! C: Okay, I still haven’t seen a single one of these giant space rats you are talking about.  I think you’re just making them up.  D: If this were a horror movie, this is when you get eaten by giant rats.

-C: Wait, why are we atomizing the research logs? DV: That’s the only kind of science I know how to do.

-Single-handedly took down an elite robot because I was too panicked to run away, and apparently when it was right on top of me its arms were too long to actually shoot me.

-C: Oh my god, guys, we have color-coded towels!

okay Reign is easily the funniest show I’ve seen in my life

I cannot get through FIVE MINUTES without laughing

like, the first ten minutes of the first episode is solid wall-to-wall exposition

her ladies-in-waiting are named Kenna, Greer, Aylee, and Lola


and they’ve got them all dressed like they just came back from Forever 21

like maybe it’s supposed to be delightfully anachronistic (like A Knight’s Tale) but it only feels that way some of the time. like, A Knight’s Tale only did anachronistic things when thematically appropriate (ex: having the jousting fans do the stomp-stomp-clap thing in order to show that jousting was a sport, or having the music at the dance be modern to show that it was modern, to them) but not all the time in everything

on the plus side everyone is very, very pretty

seriously I don’t think there’s a single unattractive person in this entire cast

and non-stop laughter is fun (and apparently there’s whump in this show?)

Me: I’m sorry
Him: For what?
Me: For everything

It was October. I was 16, and in love for the first time. And he was across the country, and we’d never met. I wasn’t making enough time for him, there was a 3 hour difference.

I just told him that I was sorry, and like that it was over. I sent him two much longer messages later on, but he never responded.

I deleted all of the texts, eventually. I’m almost 19 now. It doesn’t do well for one to dwell on the past, but sometimes my thoughts wander and I honestly hate myself for losing him.