~ My very first Grammy, from 2001! Do you guys have souvenirs of our time together? Share them using #LoveRockbyShakira
~ Mi primer Grammy del año 2001! Guardan algún recuerdo de nuestro tiempo juntos? Los pueden compartir usando #LoveRockbyShakira

This is the first attempt to draw a picture from my “Reading tigether” project. This is a bit sketchy, but I love it. Unfortunately I don’t have much time to draw carefully, so I prefer to draw fast, but keep all those ideas on paper. In my headcanon Childermass and Segundus not only share romantic passion for each other but are also wonderful colleagues, which add to each other’s skills and personal qualities, and they also share their love for magic and books. So sometimes it’s their kind of romance to read together, maybe sharing a kiss or two. Or more. :-) 

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one of my classes has something due tues and it’s literally just a video of you trying to make a standing structure out of dry pasta/tape/string lmfao i have no idea how tf i’m gonna do that

i start college on monday??? when did i become an adult????

anonymous asked:

do you have any pet peeves when in cosplay at a convention?

Do you mean things that bug me at cons? Uhh. Only big thing is certain people who take photos. Like, if I am eating and someone asks for a photo its a little bit annoying just because when I am eating that’s most likely the first time I have sat down since I arrived at the con, most of the time I oblige cause I know they like my cosplay and I greatly appreciate that, I just wish they could wait till I am done. Also those people who take photos as I am walking by, all you have to do is ask and I will be more then willing to pose for you and give you a better looking photo then some blurred one of me walking away. That’s it for the most part. Lines are also a pain but you can’t help that.

15 Things to do the Night Before School!

 So by the title you’ve guessed what this post is about. This is a list of things you could (and some things you should do before the first day of school). 

1. Any appointments that need to be made (hair, nails, facials, etc.) should be made before 5pm. After 5 is when you’re probably going to start feeling pressed for time.

2. If you exercise, do that. I usually do so in the morning so I can feel productive and actually start my day.

3. If you live in the US, you know that a lot of popular reality shows, and just TV shows in general come on, on Sunday. I start school on a Monday, so I know that the show I like comes on at 9:30 and ends at 10. Plan for the TV shows you would like to watch and try to watch them so you can wind down. This is usually the last thing I do.

4. If you don’t/can’t drive, be sure you know how you are getting to school the next morning and plan accordingly.

5. Cheesy, but pick out your clothes, jewelry, perfume whatever it is you want to wear in the morning do, pick it out. You’ll save unto 20 minutes the next morning.

6. Call friends. Talk about your schedules for the next day, who you’re planning to meet up with and where. or just goof off.

7. Pack your backpack!! This includes filling up water bottles, packing bags for sports/ gym class as well as your primary school bag (if you want to see a what’s in my backpack post, send your request here)

8. If you aren’t a morning person, shower the night before, it will save you at least 10 minutes.

9. Set your alarm. Self-explainatory

10. Think about your morning. Do you usually get coffee? How crowded does your schools parking get? 

11. Alway try to be done getting ready 5 minutes before you have to leave. This is just a safety blanket incase you forget something, or you can just be 5 minutes early.

12. Eat dinner. Doesn’t have to be a huge mega feast, but it’s always good be eat before bed.

13. Do something that it therapeutic for you.

14. Kind of related to number 10, but also think of your game plan for when you get to school. Heres mine:

  • Put the rest of your books in your locker
  • pack your bag for the day
  • review schedule
  • get tea

15. Go to bed at a reasonable time. I recommend anywhere between 9-10:30pm

So that’s it, if you want to add more please do! This was in no particular order. Feel free to leave any suggestions as to what you want me to post here. Also you can submit stuff to me here


All day Sunday (August 30th,2015) I will be answering any and all questions. Same rules apply as they usually do- the question’s don’t have to be school related. Also you can just feel free to tell me how your school year has been going if you started already :)

Seventeen’s reaction when you walk in on them changing

🐳 ~ We make BTS, EXO, 2PM, SEVENTEEN and GOT7 reactions, scenarios and outfits so feel free to request. –> reactions & outfits//scenarios


“Jagiya, I know that I’m irresistible but this is a bit..”


“Omo, remind me to lock the door next time.”


at first he will be flustered but then he will probably give you a sixty minute long lecture about how much you need Jesus in your life and take to to church to pray and confess.


“well hello there, baobei.”



“ahhhhh” *flies away from you creep*


“oh, no no jagi. you shouldn’t do this.”




“woah, when did my jagi get so sneeky?


*judging you with Hanson*


“i was just trying to change my clothes and i honestly feel so attacked right now.”


“uhm.. ”



**i don’t own the gifs*


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hi! hope you don't mind me asking, do you think you can give a summary of all your art supplies? i want to expand my horizon a bit more but i dunno where to start, all i have now is a sketchbook and pencils

My list of essentials:

1.Appreciation for the things you already have.
Let me just this first, because I think its a super important thing to have. Your art doesn’t have to be limited by your art supplies, you can make art with pretty much everything. When you appreciate what you have, you spend more time making art with it, rather than spending time thinking about what you don’t have and dreaming about all the things you could do with it. Often the dream is better than reality.



4.Some sort of fine-liner
(I use Copic Multiliners because they are waterproof and marker proof, but there are plenty of good quality yet economical ones around)

Other stuff that can be groovy:


  • Ball-point pen
  • Gel pens (especially white ones for drawing on black paper or black areas)
  • Sharpies/Vivids
  • Markers (like Promarkers and Copic markers and their cheaper alternatives)
  • Highlighters
  • Colouring pencils (I use Cretacolor and Faber Castel, but I’m a bit reserved about pencils because they fade easily, even in the dark)
  • Water Colour pencils 
  • Charcoal pencils
  • Nibs & Nib holder (they take a while to get used to but in the end are better than fineliners for inking because you can get different line thicknesses and feelings)
  • eraser
  • kneadable eraser (great for highlights - you can mush it into any shape)


  • Synthetic hair (soft, gives you smaller/less brush strokes, smoother look, and the hairs don’t fall out as much)
  • Natural hair (coarser, textured - gives you brush strokes, I say they are very good for dry brushing)
  • Flat (I like these because they are great for detail, they are easier to control)
  • Round
  • Fan (good for doing textures)


  • Charcoal sticks (very expressive)
  • Oil pastels (less mess than charcoal, but gross on the fingers)
  • Gouache (Its like paint but it dries kind of powdery and matte)
  • Acrylic paint (Reeves is a good brand, it has rich colour, but if you use crappy cheap acrylic and put a gloss or satin coat or shellac over it once its done you could get much the same effect. I know that Reeves tends to stay wet longer though)
  • Indian Ink (if you want good black… Also Pebo is a good brand)
  • Instant coffee (if you dissolve it in a bit of water it’s great to paint with)
  • Food colouring (Just because I don’t have dye… but beware though, when you go over dry areas with water it will colour the water and blur, also its hard to get out of brushes)
  • PVA glue (a cheap alternative to varnish)
  • Satin or gloss varnish (really does bring out the depth of colour, you will not regret it)
  • Shellac (Basically a varnish, dissolve flakes in meths and paint over area. However it will stain the work browny yellow - good for a sepia effect)
  • Face make up products (for the lols)
  • Coloured paper
  • Glitter


  • Drawing tablet & stylus (I have a Wacom Intuos)
  • Corel Painter (great for digital painting, blendy pieces)
  • Clip Studio Paint (great for comic style, cartoon, has a good amount of brushes)
  • Artrage (I find this program incredibly frustrating tbh)
  • Adobe Photoshop (good for editing photos or pictures of your art for digital publishing)
  • Adobe Illustrator (good for creating digital images, logos, posters, typography - is all vector based, so anything that isn’t a photo will be infinitely scaleable)
  • Adobe InDesign (literally the best thing ever, great for laying stuff out and organising things for publications etc) 

But you know, be creative, think outside the box. Use random things that you haven’t seen anybody else use before. Explore.

Mo Farah Wins Unique Triple-Double

Who said repeat viewings get boring? Not for Mo Farah, who completed another glorious 5,000m and 10,000m double – and won his seventh consecutive world and Olympic title – after chasing down the Kenyan Caleb Ndiku in a thrilling final lap chase.

It means Farah has completed a historic triple-double – having also won the 5,000m and 10,000m double at the 2012 Olympics and 2013 world championships, and having already won the 10,000m title in Beijing.

“It is great to make history,” Farah told the BBC trackside. “I didn’t feel great, my hamstring was playing up a bit but the medical team helped me through it and to make a double means so much to me. I was getting nervous for the first time in a little while but thanks to all the medical team. It was amazing to do it.”

Anybody else struggle with figuring out how to get characters to actually get together after a slow burn romance?

It seems like whenever I plot out these kinds of stories, I get to the part of my outline where I write “and they sleep together for the first time” –

…and then draw an absolute blank on how to get the two of them to actually do it after dancing around the issue of mutual desire for chapters-on-end.

It basically ends with me picking at my outline and grumbling at them like:

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So…Commissions are now officially open~! 

This is my first time opening commissions in years; I’ve come a long way from drawing avatars for gaia gold back in the day >3

Color Character Portrait - $15

These will be from shoulders up with either a plain or textured background. 

Scene Sketch - $12 + $3 for extra character

Sketchy drawing with a simple background of your choice. I can do them greyscale or with some monochrome color if desired. 

These are the ones that do take me me the longest to plan out/draw which is why they’re priced the same as a color portrait for 2 people. 

Basic Sketch - $10 + $2 for extra character

No background, can be full/half body. Greyscale/monochrome. 


  • I would prefer to take commissions for dragon age related art, but I would be open to trying another fandom if it’s requested. I am not very good at drawing anthro/mecha/non humanoid people though.
  • Payment will be accepted through paypal at my email Once the payment goes through I will start your drawing!
  • I do not draw gore or extremely explicit material, though I am open to drawing some NSFW stuff so just shoot me an email and I can let you know if it’s something I’m comfortable drawing. 

* (Ah, I hope swiping the same layout for my giveaway won’t be too confusing, I am actually really awful at laying this stuff out. Also these prices may be subject to change as I’m testing the waters for interest; but I will be pretty clear if that happens and won’t change them mid-commission.)