guide to sf9
  • youngbin: so mature???? can be spotted telling other members to get their shit together, being called "dad". looks kind of like an older chani
  • inseong: the one who looks like a fucking nerd and is a fucking nerd. literally never stops flirting, everyone and everything is fair game. also very likely that he is singing loudly to himself rn
  • jaeyoon: HIGHLY EXTRA. nobody knows what he's doing but he is doing it as Big as he can and it is funny so its fine. very very confident in his face and talents and also completely shameless
  • dawon: im sure he introduced himself but just in case. he is the one who is screaming for no fucn reason. funny as FUCK. overflowing with useless talents. rly intense about whatever's going on
  • zuho: looks like a shark or smth, raps like a demon. despite scary voice and scary face he is probably wearing pink glittery eyeshadow and doing something cutesy
  • rowoon: literally tall dark and handsome. flips his hair all the time. pops into the frame to make a pun and then leaves. if he makes eye contact with someone he will either start dancing or giggling
  • taeyang: literally dances like a freak, easy to find him in dance practices bc his style is really unique. dont look into his eyes its like looking directly at the sun
  • hwiyoung: probably the member who smiles the most but hes always covering his face. possibly he is crying or squealing about something
  • chani: shortest member (for now lol). adorable but actually goth. really deep voice also. "wait he's 18???"

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Welcome to my studyblr! This is my first original post on this blog and I’m really excited for the new year :) These are some of my notes from my neuroscience class last semester and I’m kind of sad that it’s over because brains are cool dude (I’m a prospective neuroscience major so more brains in the future~). 

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Pairing: Jace Wayland x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 578

You had gotten hurt on the last mission. You had gone with Isabelle, Jace and three other Shadowhunters, split into groups of two, to find a rogue group of Valentine’s followers. You had walked into an ambush though, you had fought but one of Valentine’s lackeys had got a lucky blow to your head and had then stabbed you in the side. Jace and the others had appeared just in time, Izzy was by your side trying to draw a healing rune on your arm, that was the last thing you remembered before passing out. Turns out the rune didn’t work, Izzy was to drained and Jace had ended up carrying you back to the Institute, you were never gonna hear the end of that.

A knock on the door had brought you back to reality, you were in the infirmary. You turned your head in the bed, leaning against the door frame was Jace.
“You’re awake.“ Jace said, standing by the door, a smile spreading on his face. And that was all it took for your to blush. “How you feeling?”

“Yeah, not feeling to good, feel like someone ran me over and feeling a little holey.” You said as you tried sitting up. “Woah, be careful,” he said as he rushed over to the infirmary bed. “Don’t need you opening any of your stitches!” He put his hands on your back as he helped you find a comfortable position. “Huh, holy?” He questioned as he began registered your words, his hands leaving your back but hovering over you.

 “Yep, I’m getting to be too much like swiss cheese,” you babbled, too embarrassed to actually explain your joke. Looking up you were met with his eyes, his face was so close to yours. “Runes can only do so much for this,” you muttered as your hands vaguely waved at your body. “Anyways, what happened after I went down?” You squeaked out, trying to move the conversation away from you. “Is Alec still gonna make me write up a report?” You groaned out as you remembered the stupid protocol.

 "Oh, yeah no need for you to worry about that,“ Jace mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck. “I wrote mine and got Alec to let you off,” he blushed, looking intently at the floor. “You’re still gonna have to talk to him, but no report.”

“Thanks, Jace.” You said, as you placed your hand on his arm, bringing his attention back to your face. “I, just-” you said as you quickly placed a small kiss on his cheek. “Thanks for saving me and well for everything.”

“Oh,” Jace exclaimed. “Maybe I should save you from paper work more often, wonder what that would get me?” He smirked as he watched you blush. 

“Who knows Wayland?” You replied, not sure where the confidence came from, probably the head injury. “Maybe it’ll get you an actual kiss.” You suggested, face burning.

“Is that a promise?” Jace asked as he moved closer.

“It’s a maybe-” you replied, sneaking glances at his lips.

“Well then,” he suddenly smiled, as he began walking towards the door. “I guess I’ll just have to leave you to get better and learn more excuses.“ Jace turned smirking, "Can’t wait to get that kiss, beautiful!” He said before he left your sight.


Taiki is a Japanese model and Noah is a Korean model and these two are known to be dating for quite a while. 

now all seriousness aside

i’ve been following these two for quite a while

my japanese is pretty limited scratch that i can barely decipher the characters but my korean is somewhat basic so i have a close idea on what noah’s saying so hey hey hey

i have always had numerous of thoughts whenever i see taiki and noah together: 

“how did they meet” “how did they get together” “why are they so cute wtf” 

i had always have this assumption that maybe they met through friends because taiki had worked with korean models or maybe they met while they were working iDK but one thing for sure

they are hella cute together

i went to backtrack the timeline once again

taiki started posting about noah around september 2015:

[left: taiki | right: noah] and taiki’s caption was “With #koreanidol hahaha #seoul #korea #koreanboy #idol”

noah also started posting about taiki around september 2015

[left: taiki | right: noah] in fact, this post is one of noah’s earlier posts, his caption being: “With my lovely #japanesemodel”




(p/s: anyone wants to talk about how cute they are hit me up)

  • enoch: thanks, mom... why is everyone staring at me?
  • millard: you just called miss peregrine mom; you said "thanks, mom"
  • enoch: what? no i didn't
  • miss peregrine: do you see me as a mother figure enoch?
  • enoch: if anything i see you as a BOTHER figure because you're always BOTHERING me
Worth It

Summary: reader twisted her ankle and Bucky helps her take care of the injury. One thing leads to another and… well just check the warnings.

A/N: Okay…. So something weird happened last night. I was just doing what I normally do which is look through my drafts and see if I can come up with something for my imagines and stuff which didn’t happen, sadly. Then I just opened a new draft for some reason and just began writing while my mind drifted off to some… things. Basically what I’m trying to tell you here is that I wrote smut.
Yes, I wrote smut and posting it will be my first time posting smut on this blog. I’m feeling kind of anxious about posting this because I don’t know if it’s any good. Either it’s so bad it’s hilarious, cringy or it’s actually something people can enjoy in a non humorous way. I mean I got a little erotically charged (college talk for horny (i love you if you get that reference)) while writing it but I don’t know if other people will. If you want to read it, go ahead and if you feel uncomfortable, don’t.
Feedback is appreciated, especially now since this is my first smut that I’ve posted. You don’t have to go into detail just tell me if it was well written or not, that’s if you want to, of course. I don’t want to force anyone to do anything they don’t want to do.
FOR THE PEOPLE I TAGGED!! I have no idea if you guys wanted to be tagged in smut posts too but hey, you don’t have to read it! I don’t expect every person to read every single imagine I post. Just skip this one if you feel like it.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Words: 5,622

Warning(s): SMUT, oral sex (both male and female receiving), cursing, unprotected sex (remember to wrap it before you tap it! Sex is cleaner with a packaged wiener. Don’t be a fool, cover your tool. Wrap your bate before you mate and all that stuff)

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princess [draco malfoy]

request: nonexistent! this was directly out of my mind (’:

word count: ~3700

a/n: good jesus christ this one took far too long to write. this is my first post of the blog, though, so color me excited for what’s to come! also i’m so tired. this has drained my energy for some reason. ugh. please do request though i have nothing to write and my ideas sort of go everywhere when i don’t have a solid idea in mind! thanks for reading! <3

summary: in which a sarcastic comment has draco calling you “princess”. he’s also kind of an ass. a very attractive, rude ass. (contains swearing ofc)

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  • my therapist: so what keeps you going?
  • me: roy haylock (b. june 27 1975), better known as bianca del rio, is an american actor, drag queen, insult comic, and costume designer, best known for being the winner of the sixth season of rupaul's drag race. she is a fixture in the new orleans and new york city club scenes, often working with lady bunny. being a fan favourite throughout and after season six, she is considered-

anonymous asked:

Hello, I have a quick Q- do you have any OCs from Haikyuu?? I'd love to draw them if you do. If not, who is your favorite character(s) and I'll draw them. I just really want to draw you something because you're amazing and always draw my favorite team (Dateko) --S

Anonymous said: have you ever thought of making a Haikyuu OC? or have you already? please show!!!!!!!! i can tell they are gonna be the shiniest sunshine ever

aaahh!! yes, meet my children!! don’t worry about drawing them though, they’re happy to just chill here (and keep bullying Iwasa with affection, poor guy). I appreciate the sentiment regardless! ♡ thank you so much for asking!! and thank you second anon for having faith in their sunshine(?) hahaha 

⌒▽⌒)ゞI hope you both have beautiful days!