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what's your favourite picture of seb? this is question that needs to be answered

I literally give a different answer to this every time its asked bc every picture of Sebastian Stan is my favourite picture of Sebastian Stan, but here, have today’s top 4 💖💜

Sherlock Season 4 Vlog Countdown
28 Days until January 1, 2017, 9:00PM UK Time

Today: Top 5 Favourite Sherlock Songs Part 1: Sherlock Season 2

Shoutout to @sherlocksbestfriend-john for the video topic!


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Hunk shown being proud abt his cooking skills, Hunk sharing his food with his friends as comfort/support, Hunk sharing his knowledge about certain recipes, Hunk as a genuine foodie with an articulate taste

Me: The Good™ Content 👌👌👌👌

Hunk only in the sidelines askin bout food thinkin bout food hey what are y'all talkin bout here look im eating food


JR/Sekai Week 2016

December 4th || Day 1: Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Favourite Epsiode: Season 3 Episode 4

You all know adore Terrorist and this was the only episode they got in the season. But the stories were still very cute and I really love how it shows how cute this couple really is, not just the ‘ewww age gap’ couple people like to hate. This scene I redrew is one of my favourite scenes too~


Hard To Handle
2nd Overall
Junior Specialty Duet
The Rock Center For Dance
Jump Las Vegas 2016

Dancers: Sabine Nehls and Easton Magliarditi

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you are the most kawaii pterodactyl i have ever met and i am so sorry that life is not letting you flap your leathery little wings properly at this moment.

^ A wild pterodactyl in it’s natural habitat.

Not pictured [INTERNAL SCREAMING] At this message because oh my good GOSH i’ve gone bright red.