I have no idea what normal married couple post-midnight lights-out pillow talk is supposed to be

but in my relationship it’s line-by-line in-depth analysis of Minkowski’s mini-episode and every single way and moment in which Cutter and Rachel manipulated her and drove all these wedges between her and her husband and parents and basically how it was the most traumatic nine minutes of audio ever recorderd and Minkowski deserves to be happy, dammit!

       things to know about how jack actually captains and leads a crew during a shipboard fray or fight:

  • it’s like he has this switch where, as soon as shit gets serious, he goes into Captain mode where he loses all of his playfulness and becomes this very calm, logical and confident leader ( and he gets Commanding and it’s attractive as hell okay )
  • seriously great at multitasking and is usually thinking about at least three things at any one time
  • but isn’t so great at rousing speeches. in TPOF all he did was shout ‘fight’ and ‘victory’ and hope for the best
  • on an individual level he’s good at reassuring his men though
  • will literally ignore any injuries he sustains or how tired he is until someone tells him to rest or sit down
  • completely mad plans that 80% of the time pay off
  • talks to himself
  • makes sure that he knows the name of every single crewman on his ship so that, should he lose anyone, he knows them and can pay tribute personally

a little animal crossing update 2 celebrate that it’s now available for everyone 2 enjoy (ˆ‿ˆԅ) i’m half way though level 27, i finally got the denim dress i’d been checking the market place every rotation for aaaand i’ve maxed out most of my relationships w the animals :(


choices, stories you playvines

            ↳ aleister to rourke