One of my favorite PVs by Rejet. This was from 2015.

Count on them to make these a-holes look like marriage material. 

Ofc Ayato has to have his 24 seconds of monologue because he is the poster boy. |D

Vocaloid Song Master List

EDIT: This has been updated! …Again! As per the usual I’ve gone through and added all the new songs I’ve happened to stumble across and ended up liking. I’ve put stars next to the new songs in case you wanted to look at only the added ones! I hope you enjoy!

Seeing as this is only months after the last time I updated, there aren’t as many new songs as last time. The last time I updated it had probably been around a year since I last touched the list, so…yeah. Not as much new content this time, but I figured it would be good to update this before it became to tedious to do so ^^’

I actually made this for my good friend Blacklands, but I figured, hey, if you guys want some good Vocaloid tunes to listen to and don’t know where to start, here you go! Now you know all the stuff I jam to on a daily basis.

Inspiration for everything I do usually comes from listening to Vocaloid music. Hollah.

IMPORTANT: Sooo tumblr is being stubborn and refusing to show all of the links I spent hours putting together, so I decided to put this whole word document in my stash on DeviantART. If you’re lazy and don’t want to go through the effort of looking up these songs, my stash has all of the links attached. This time I didn’t go through and check all of the links to see if they’re broken or not, seeing as that’s like 200-300 songs I have to go through…a very, very long process. So! If you click on a link and it no longer works, please let me know and I will fix it ASAP.
Here’s the link:

Well…here we go, then!

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♦ endless list of my favorite pvs of g48 — 02. hitsujikai no tabi↳ “The shepherd does not speak, dreams alone will not feed him. Just to stay alive he continues walking the ancestors’ hills, laying his feelings on the same earth a priceless life reaching out to God. Prayers reaching out.”


♦ endless list of my favorite pvs of g48 — 01. dakishimecha ikenai“I can’t embrace you, because I didn’t want to say goodbye. So, unreasonably I told jokes becoming much too sad. I can’t embrace you. Tying up my shoestrings, I tolerated your loveliness.”