thechildofthefullmoon  asked:

10, 20, 30?

10: Do you tend to stick with one genre, or do you play a range of different game styles?

All of my favorite games are JRPGs, but I branch off sometimes. There’s a few fighting games that I like, a bunch of really neat puzzle ones, some simulations, platformers…. I’m a pretty casual gamer in general though

20: Is there one video game series that you’ve been playing for a long time and a have a ridiculous loyalty towards?

Pokemon and Mario! Also Smash Bros, even thought there’s only a few titles released

30:What aspect of a video game is most important to you - eg graphics, storyline, soundtrack, controls?

GAMEPLAY. I can’t even list how many games I’ve started but dropped because of the gameplay, even ones that have supposedly amazing stories. If I’m not having fun while I play, then there’s not much point to playing it. Story/characters are important too, and as long as I can see what’s going on, I don’t care about graphics. If the soundtrack is bad I’ll just turn the sound off