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001 | sormik obviously !

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When I started shipping it, if I did:

I actually resisted shipping them when I started playing Zestiria - the cues were there, I could feel the narrative slapping me in the face with it, but I resisted it anyway.  Why?  Because it was the one thing I assumed would never actually happen.  I mean, an actual canonical mlm ship in my favorite JRPG series?  Come on, that was never going to happen.  Hell, I did the opening hours of the game with two of my friends who knew my shipping tendencies and even they were giving me the “Are you shipping them yet?” look.  Real Life happened and schedules weren’t lining up either, and I ended up starting up a playthrough on my own, and I still resisted it … although my will to resist was crumbling a little after that lovely inn skit where Sorey calls Mikleo a babe.

Then I saw the second epilogue, saw that look on Mikleo’s face, gave up and jumped in with both feet because damn it, if that isn’t the look of someone reuniting with their long lost lover I don’t know what is.  And I’m a sucker for it.

(Rest of the answer behind a cut because someone sent me an ask for an ask meme about my OTP and we all know I drop walls of text whenever that happens)

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I think Tokyo Mirage Sessions was extremely fun. I could watch the combat sessions for hours and never get tired of them. The characters were likable and the music is extremely catchy. It's one of my favorite Wii U titles and people are missing out.

Agreed 100% Anon ^^ 

It’s one of my favorite JRPGs in a very long time and quite a few people who gave it a chance actually enjoyed it too. Despite the sales, I do hope that Nintendo brings it over to Switch. Some gamers wanted to the play it, but weren’t able to since they didn’t have a Wii U. Plus, the game itself deserves it.

this took way too long. This was my favorite jrpg and i had the chance to finally replay it and beat it 100% like the over achiever I am. this game celebrated fifteen years of existence recently and this is my gift to them. 

and now i’m on hiatus until i beat fire emblem fates 6 times through. i’m crazy! I’ll do it!

I’ve been thinking about what my all time favorite JRPG franchises are and figured I’d make a list of them.

Here’s a short list: Tales of, Suikoden, Wild Arms, Final Fantasy, Hyperdimension Neptunia, Chrono, Kingdom Hearts, Megami Tensei, Persona, Mana, Breath of Fire, .Hack//, Xeno, Dark Cloud, Rune Factory, and that about covers the one’s that I’ve played and enjoyed so far.

There are still a ton of franchises that I’ve yet to play but eventually I’d like to fill in my list some more.

In honor of Suikoden III getting added to PSN … a sketch of Thomas and Cecile a few years out from S3 times. I like to think Cecile turned into a beefy Brienne of Tarth and Thomas stayed a lil’ bean pole nerd.

But seriously, Suikoden III has a special place in my heart as one of my favorite JRPGs. Check it out if you want some serious charm.

P.S. Trying to draw more again.