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You are the only blog I have ever had notifications on for and I let out a little squeak everytime I see them! Your art is wonderful and it never fails to make me smile. Thank you for being so dedicated to it!!! ♡

You have notifications on for me? Oh my god, I’m so touched. 

Thank you so much for writing me something so nice ;; I hope you have a great day!


TST appreciation week + day 3: favorite book scene

Minho let out a low, dangerous-sounding chuckle. “We’re the ones at a disadvantage?” Minho swiveled his head around mockingly. “Unless the lightening storm burned my retinas, I’d say there are elven of us and one of you. Maybe you should start talking.”

Thomas really wished Minho hadn’t said that. It was stupid and arrogant, and it could very well get them killed.


My favorite bands/groups: Marianas Trench (1/?)

(If you don’t know them, I suggest you listen to them. You won’t be disappointed. They are an amazing group but they are so underrated. I hear they’re popular in Canada (that’s where they’re from) but not so much anywhere else. Just saying, if you’re looking for something new to listen to, I suggest checking them out :) )