Today marks 1 Month since I joined this ship/fandom…

I’ve only been in 2 fandoms before Outlander and in every fandom I’m involved in my only contribution has always been manips and fanarts. The first time I made a manip in this fandom, it caused a huge drama (involving the costume designer, TD). I felt really bad and guilty about it. I hate drama and I don’t like the idea of my manip causing drama (the other 2 fandoms I’m in are relatively quiet and manips are really common so they never make a big deal out of them). I’ve never felt bad or guilty about making manips until I joined this fandom. I thought maybe I should just be a silent lurker because I’ve got nothing else to offer; I’m not a great detective like @sherrigamblin, writing isn’t really my forte like it is for @nothingislost, I can’t make GIFs and beautiful videos like @manders1984 and @jamesandclairefraser. I did become a silent lurker for a few days and during those few days there were times when I was very tempted to open Photoshop and make SC manips again but decided not to. One afternoon I checked my Tumblr and there was one message. It was from Jess. Her message was short but it meant a lot to me at that time to hear that it’s not my fault, I don’t need to be embarrassed and it’s okay to make manips. Her message got me thinking. My manips are my imagination and it is my way of expressing my love for SC, why should I feel guilty for loving them, for celebrating the beauty of two people who look in love and happy to be with each other? There will always be monkeys/people who disagree with what I do, but it shouldn’t stop me from doing what I love. I’m very glad I didn’t continue being a silent lurker, I enjoy making and sharing manips now and in the process I’ve made friends with so many wonderful people in this ship. Love you guys X