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Name: Kristina
Age: 17
Country: Denmark

Hi! My name is Kristina and I’m a Danish (no, not the pastry) student with too much time on my hands.

I’m very interested in physics, especially astronomy, and in addition to that, I spend most of my time reading, listening to music, or binge watching lots of different TV series. My taste in music ranges from quiet instrumental to heavy metal and everything in between.

My friends would describe me as rather goofy and I like to laugh as much as possible, but on the other hand, I enjoy deep conversations where nothing is too weird.

Preferences: Age 15-25, I’m not picky if you’re interesting.
I’d like to communicate via e-mail because it’s as close to the old-school snail-mail, but not as expensive.

The Charm That Keeps On Charming
  • Griffin: So [Taako] you take off your safety harness and you just chuck yourself off of the back of the wagon and you get a good leap. You're sort of flying backwards. Just as you hear Hurley shout, "NO!" as she looks behind her, you hear something. You hear a revving motor and from behind the shark tank you see a stream of dust coming up on you as you're flying through the air, again in bullet time, again in slow motion, and you're snatched out of the air like a foul ball by a gigantic furry hand-
  • Travis: *gasps*
  • Griffin: -and placed down into the side car of a motorcycle. And driving that motorcycle you see Klarg the bugbear.
  • Justin: HELL. YES.
  • Travis: That's my boy!!!!
  • Griffin: ...who looks at you and says:
  • Klarg: Wow that was a close one, wasn't it?

So, getting serious about creating a personal blog (probably using wordpress), and being the elitist fuck that I can be, I refuse to use art work for the layout other then my own.

So, here’s a rough sketch about to move on to inking phase of the background pic that should be tall enough to slide down with the viewer as they scroll the blog entries.

ID #45813

Name: bri
Age: 15
Country: usa

hello there! as you know, i’m bri and i’m 15 years old. i love rock, alternative, punk, metal, synthpop and darkwave. my favorite bands are type o negative, she wants revenge, t.s.o.l, asking alexandria, bring me the horizon and my chemical romance. of course i could carry on and on about all the emo bands i love, but those are my favorites. i love reading and writing everything from comic books to songs. i’m the lead singer of a band called Our Tragic Affair and i’d like to be a comi. book writer & illustrator as well as a tattoo artist when i graduate. i’m pansexual and androgynous (they/them). ♡ yeah so i’ll wrap this up so i’m not tooo boring, i’d love writing to someone through letters more than once a month and/or texting.

Preferences: i’ve been told that i’m mature for my age, so any ages are welcome! obviously no judgement of any kind! gender, sexuality, religion, etc. don’t matter to me at all! ❤