Preference "How they react to you calling them "Daddy" or "Mommy" in front of everyone by accident"

(I JUST LIVE FOR OUR FAVES BEING SHOOK XD OMG RICHARD’S MY FAVE XD FOR THIS ONE! Yay for Laura being added :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gifs not mine/found them on google/credits to the original owners.)

Negan-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d be shocked for an instant only to start laughing, thinking it to be absolutely hilarious. As you were working in the Sanctuary, Negan would walk by and just tease you with his words about his plans for the night, obviously trying to distract you from your work. Fed up, you’d try to swat him away, but he’d only be persistent and would start to tickle you, making you laugh and say out loud “Daddy! Stop it, stop it! You know i’m ticklish!” and for everyone to turn their gaze at you. “Y/N! You just let out our biggest secret! Oh my god! Baby girl! You couldn’t resist it, could you!”

Daryl-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d be uncertain and make you repeat yourself, only to get embarrassed. As you’d come back from a run, you’d successfully catch dinner for everyone and would just want to brag about it to your boyfriend, Daryl. However, with your excitement, the moment you see him, you’d show your catch and approach him and let out loud, saying, “Daddy, Look what I got!” making everyone turn their heads. “Y/N…Did you…Did you call me…by our secret…”

Rick-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d chuckle and brush it off to hide the fact. As you’d all eat dinner together, you and Rick had just come back from a little round in your room, making you both still hot and bothered from it. So forgetting yourself, you’d casually ask Rick, “Daddy, can you pass me the salt?”, making everyone gasp to hear you and for him to stare at you wide eyed before finding a quick solution. “Y/N…Honey…You meant It for the kids, right? She calls me that way for the kids…”

Merle-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d grin from being so pleased and tease you back by calling you “Baby girl”. As you’d cook in the prison, he’d come up to bother you and would just occasionally lightly grope you, while whispering to you, reminding you of the night before. As you’d get lost in his flirting, you’d get cocky and forget about everyone else in the room, saying “Oh come on Daddy, how can I ever forget that…” That is until you’d turn to the side to look at him and notice the others. “That’s right everyone…Y/N’s my Baby girl…So what? Don’t act like you wouldn’t all like to have pet names like us…Right, baby…”

Glenn-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d get nervous but just laugh if off because he thinks it’s funny. As you would work around the camp, you’d find yourself doing most of it as everyone would be having fun and all. However, as Glenn would notice, he’d offer help and just flirt around with you so much that you instead of his name, you said his pet name out loud, saying “Thank you for everything, Daddy~”, making everyone suddenly pay attention to you. “Oh my god…Y/N! Y-you called me daddy!”

Carl-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d be stunned and just deny it had happened. As you’d wake up in the morning to see him setting the table for breakfast, you’d just find him so cute and with him in his pj’s, you couldn’t resist running to hug him and accidentally letting out loud, “Good morning, Daddy!”, making everyone else that had gathered at the house look over at you both. “W-what did you call me? No…No guys…She has it wrong…She never said that…She said Carl…”

The Governor-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d get quiet and stare at you for a moment, wondering if that just really happened before acting casual. As he’d talk about his plans for the next run with his men, you’d forget yourself and just think to yourself as to why he isn’t in the room yet, making you walk over to where he is and let out, “Daddy~ What’s taking you so long?”. As you’d stand by the door, you’d meet his eye as well of those of everyone else. “Y/N…I-I’ll be there in a few minutes…I’ll be honest I don’t always go by that when we’re together…just sometimes…”

Abraham-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d laugh his ass off instantly, making light of the situation. As you’d keep yourself busy in the armory, he’d suddenly walk in to see you and would just have the urge to tease you and say something playful about you. However, as you’d hear him, you’d get “mad” at him and say, “Guess, Daddy doesn’t want any of this tonight!” Only to see everyone else with him the instant you’d turn around. “Aw, come on, Y/N! Don’t be shy! You know daddy still wants you even after everyone knows about us!”

Eugene-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d do a double take and just chime in the facts about everything. As you’d notice him feeling sad and down from his little argument with Abraham, you’d try to cheer him up by making promises to him. You’d hug from behind and whisper everything, making him ask you if you meant all of it and for you to be taken back and to just yell out, “Of course, Daddy! Why would I lie to you?!”. “I-I’d like to say that Y/N…doesn’t see a parental or fatherly figure out of me…What, she meant was purely sexual…”

Ron-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d be confused and wouldn’t know what else to do. As you’d search for something in his house, you’d forget about how everyone had gathered for a party as well as to call him by his real name rather than his pet name, making you yell out, “Daddy! Did you see my-”. “Seriously, Y/N…”

Jesus-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d feel really flattered and would just smirk, forgetting everyone around. After a few days of him scavenging on his own, he’d come by to visit you in Alexandria. The instant you’d see him as the gates opened, you’d run towards him for a hug, only to exclaim loudly, “Daddy! Oh my god, I missed you so much!”. As he’d hug you, he’d see everyone’s expression and you’d realize yourself. “Aw, Y/N…You’re too kind! I know you dream about me but I didn’t think you’d feel this way…”

Dwight-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d get lost in his thoughts staring at you and would be speechless. As you’d both look for food in the kitchen’s of the Sanctuary, you’d spot your favorite snack, only for Dwight to be mean and take it before you. You’d try to take it from him but as he wouldn’t let you, you’d decide to make him weak by saying, “Oh come on Daddy~ They’re my favorites!”. As you’d realize your tone was too loud, it was too late. “Y/N…why would y-you call me Daddy…now…it’s not the time…”

Morgan-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d freeze just to see their reactions. As you’d walk downstairs into the kitchen and see him standing by the counter, you’d go hug him from behind, saying “Good morning, Daddy~” in the sweetest tone yet sensual tone, only to feel him hold your arm around him and for him to look towards the living room. You’d follow his gaze to see that most of your friends were just standing right there. “I-I don’t usually go by that name in this house…I swear…”

Shane-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d laugh at you, only to act smug about it. As you’d finally be able to take a shower after a long day on the road, you’d just get so excited that you’d forget about the others around and yell out for him to join you and really wanting him to his pet name would come out, “Daddy~ Are you sure you don’t want to join me?”, only to suddenly hear everyone gasp before going quiet and to hear only one familiar voice. “Yeah that’s right! She just called me, Daddy! Jealous?”

Milton-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d get extremely flustered and red and try to come up with an explanation. As you’d enjoy the party in Woodbury, he’d suddenly get quiet around you, making you understand that he doesn’t like to see Merle acting flirty with you. You’d then try to cheer him up by pinching his cheek but forgetting yourself, you’d say loudly, “Aw, Daddy~ Don’t be mad~”, making everyone around gasp. “I-I don’t make her or ask her to call me that! I swear! S-She meant Milty…Right, Y/N?”

Aaron-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d be lost and confused, only to nervously laugh in the end. As he’d come back from a run, you’d instantly go to greet him with a big hug, only for him to whisper to you saying he has a gift for you. As he’d hand it over, he’d whisper in your ear again about his plans for the night, only for you to be extra thankful and forget the crowd of friends around, saying out loud, “You’re really too kind, Daddy~”. “Y/N…You called me, daddy…While everyone is around…”

Gabriel-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d be just as shocked as everyone else before walking away with you. As you’d clean out the church, he’d come to help you, only to pass you a note, describing all the things he’ll do to you for the night, making you get so excited, you’d bashfully shove him and say, “You’re such a tease, Daddy~” in a rather loud tone, only for everyone to gasp. “W-we’re not like that…S-she meant “Father”…I was joking around with her…Yeah…Alright, Y/N, let’s go…“

The Wolf-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d shrug and not really think too much of it. As you’d all travel together, you’d end up falling asleep on his shoulder in the car and would hold onto him. However as a town to scavenge would be found, he’d set you to sleep properly, only for you to get clingy and say, “No, Daddy, don’t leave…i’ll be good…”, all while you were half asleep and no one has left the car yet. “What are you all looking at…It’s just a word…Grow up…”

Noah-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d avoid your gaze and walk away quietly out of embarrassment. As you’d all go on a run together, you’d suddenly come across some cute clothes and would just pretend to try some of them on, making him laugh. However, as you’d see some lingerie, you’d play around with it, only to flirt a little saying, “So…Daddy what do you think?”, and not realizing how your other friends had just walked in behind you.

Simon-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d look at you with a big grin and wide eyes. As you’d both be on a run, he’d spend most of his time actually working. You being fed up as you’re really in need of him, you’d take away his walkie talkie and just yell out at him, “Pay attention to me, Daddy! I’m the one who needs you here and now!”, forgetting completely that you had your finger on the interrupter the whole time. That is until you’d hear Negan as well as the others laughing on the line. “Alright, baby Y/N…Now everyone knows…I’ll have to punish you for that…”

Ezekiel-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d be startled and try to cover it up with a silly lie. As you’d take care of Shiva for the evening, you’d suddenly think about your plans with Ezekiel for the evening, making you smile and just be impatient to see him. So when you’d hear him call for you, instantly you’d be sweet and get up to answer, “Yes, Daddy~”, only to turn around and see him and his whole crowd with him. “Oh, Y/N…My dear…How can you look like such an innocent child…Did my voice remind you of you youth?”

Benjamin-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d be shocked and wouldn’t know how to form his words. As you’d look at him training with Morgan, you’d notice how hard he was working and just wanted to reward him for all of it, making you go to him and tell him about your plans. However, seeing him all sweaty, you’d forget yourself and smirk, saying “Looking good, Daddy…” All while people were walking by and Morgan still next to him. “I-I…U-Uh…That’s not my idea…Actually it’s just an accident, right, Y/N…”

Caesar-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d be pleased only to start teasing you just to brighten the mood. As you’d look over at him fighting in the pits, you’d eventually get worried over his injuries. So the instant it was all over, you’d go to join him and just jump to hug him tightly, saying “Daddy, are you alright?!” All while his friends had gathered to help his injuries. “Ahh, Y/N…Baby i’m fine! But you got it wrong…It’s Papi remember!”

Heath-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d look at you strangely and just get nervous from feeling all the gazes. As you’d all go on a run, you’d both have your own little fun flirting at the back of the group, only for you to ask him to join you for the night again and to plead him saying, “Oh come on…Please…Daddy…”. All while the others can actually hear you and turn their heads towards you. “S-she meant Heath…You all just heard it wrong…”

Spencer-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d start to chuckle and just wouldn’t be able to stop smiling. As you’d work on fixing the windows of your house, he’d come over to flirt with you and try to convince you of his plans for the night. However as you’d try to concentrate, you’d end up telling him, “Look, Daddy! I’m busy for now, i’ll join you later…” All while the others had gathered around to try and help you. “Alright, Baby…I’ll wait for you…You heard that she’ll be joining me…”

Richard-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d just get so flustered, he’d lower his head and close his eyes. As you’d eat dinner all together, he’d sit next to you and you’d casually feel his foot brushing against your leg, making you look at him to see him smirk. Although you’d whisper to him, “So it’s Daddy for tonight…”, before he could even nod, Jerry would’ve heard it all and ask you out loud, “Did you just call him, Daddy?”, making everyone’s head turn. “No…Jerry…She didn’t say that…Y-You heard it wrong…”

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Not Meant To Be

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Characters: Jungkook x Y/N 
Genre: Angst
Length: 3.1k words



mhe28andal: so i was thinking if you could do a scenario or a series about Y/N got into a car accident and then having a temporary memory loss where she goes back to where she and Jungkook are still together. ending is up to you. thankyou~ ❤ 

A/N: Thanks for requesting and I hope you like it~ I apologise for posting so late, been caught up with school!!

The car crash accident removed the memories that existed after you and Jungkook’s breakup, leaving you a mess when Jungkook tells you that he’s no longer yours.

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Fair Play

anonymous asked: Hey! If you’re still making nalu prompts is like to ask you if youd like to make one when Lucy and Natsu is in our time and a tivoli or carnival comes to the town, and the two of them goes there having a good time.:3

This one was waaaaaay too much fun, and it’s written in a slightly different format because I couldn’t decide which would be better, so I kinda combined the two. Hope you guys like it! 

NaLu, Gajevy, and Gruvia… so a little something for everyone!<3

  • -high school AU again where the gang goes to the school fair. A graduated Gajeel with his hands stuffed in his pockets and complaining about how lame it’s gonna be.

The tallest of the group of friends stood with his shoulders slumped and his hands stuffed deep in his jean pockets, playing with the lint found there as he tried his best to keep a stoic expression. He doesn’t know why he always allows his friends to talk him into doing lame shit like a school fair. For the most part he blamed the shrimp for him even being here… Those damn eyes of hers. Now he was stuck in a long-ass line waiting for over-priced tickets to an overrated park full of lackluster attractions. 

“Aww, cheer up would you?” Natsu huffed from beside him, glaring at the taller, graduated teen. “You’re bringing down the mood." 

Gajeel glared at the pink-haired boy. “I already told you all I didn’t want to come. So put a cork in it-“ 

"It’s fine, Natsu.” Levy spoke up from where she stood in a little huddle talking to Lucy and Juvia as they waited their turn to buy tickets. “Gajeel will pout for about an hour after not getting his way, then he’ll be fine. He’s got about,” the blue-haired student body president looked down at her wrist, checking the time on her watch, “twenty-two minutes left of brooding. Then he’ll be fine." 

Gajeel sneered, “You’re not helping. 

Levy smirked, “And you’re bringing down the mood. Deal with it.” 

  • -Juvia kicking ass in the water-gun-filling-baloon contest with Gajeel cheering her on as Gray wins her a goldfish.

On one side of the park, Gajeel is red in the face as he cheers on the star of the swim team as she aims a water gun perfectly at a tiny bullseye about ten feet away, thoroughly wiping out any and all competition as her balloon fills faster than anyone else’s. 

Juvia is thoughtful after she wins, as she is allowed to pick from any of the prize options, meanwhile her long-time friend behind her is trying to hustle others into playing against her once more. Whether or not he’s trying to start taking bets is unclear to her, but Levy appears shortly after regardless.

Juvia doesn’t know how the small girl managed to reach all the way up to his ear and pull him away, but then again Levy is always surprising her. 

Meanwhile, on the other side of the park, a ping pong ball dinks on the side of a glass bowl containing a goldfish once more, and a frustrated boy slams his fist against the wooden stand. A bored attendant rolls her eyes. 

"Dammit,” Gray huffed, retrieving another dollar from his pocket, having long since ran out of tickets. “Another one." 


"Another one." 


"Another one!” ‘


One more!”


“Can I just buy the damn fish from you?” 

  • -Natsu grabbing a fearful Lucy’s wrist and making her go on the rides with him, until he gets sick after trying one of the school carnival’s infamous jalapeños on a stick while waiting in line for another ride

Lucy’s legs are already feeling rubbery, her palms clammy, and she’s even taken on a greenish tint around the edges… and they are only in line for the first ride. 

She stood up on her toes, her Converse digging into the dirt as she used Natsu as leverage. Up ahead the blonde could see the spinning ride that did not look like it passed any sort of safety regulations. 

"Natsu,” she frowned, pulling at his sleeve. “Natsu, I really don’t think I wanna do this.”

The boy took her nerves in stride, wrapping one strong, well-muscled arm (she’d be forever thankful for all the basketball conditioning his coach put him through) around her shoulders and pulled her close to his side. 

“Aww, come on, Luce.” He grinned boyishly at her, “I won’t let anything happen to you. It’ll be fun!" 

"Heh, yeah.” She tried half-heartedly to grin back, but as they got closer to the front of the line, seeing people lose their lunch after stepping off the ride did little to calm her nerves. Meanwhile, it seemed to only fuel Natsu’s enthusiasm. 

However, one very, very important factor didn’t really dawn on them until they were strapped in and ready to go. 

Just as the operator was lifting his thumb and pressing the button did Lucy turn to the boy beside her, a frown on her face and a crease between her brows. 

“Wait, Natsu,” she said, “don’t you have really bad motion sickness?" 


However, even though he could hardly walk straight afterwards and was leaning heavily on his girlfriend, Natsu was hardly deterred. 

"C-come on, Luce.” He groaned, still dizzy as he tried in the direction of the next ride. “The li-line will get too long if w-we don’t get there soon." 

"Are you crazy?” She was feeling a little sick herself, but there was no way she was getting on another one of those deathtraps. 

“Probably,” he said, walking a little straighter now as he grabbed her wrist and began to pull her along. “Come on, the swing one looks cool." 

It looks like death!” 

It still took suffering through two more rides, but Lucy soon found her way out of anymore shitty rides once Natsu finally met his match. A go on the Tycoon after consuming one of the park’s infamous Jalapeño kabobs was enough to make the boy turn to his blonde, a meek grin on his face as he said, “How about sticking to the games from here on out?” 

  • -Levy, as the student body president, stressing over the festivities too much until Gajeel shuts her up by pushing his ice cream cone into her face, to which she promptly responds to shoving her cotton candy in his. 

"This isn’t funny!” The small girl frowned up at the taller boy as she studied her phone furiously, a bag of cotton candy stuffed under her arm. “They haven’t answered me yet and they’re late! How is this supposed to go off without a hitch if they don’t even pick up?" 

Gajeel licked his strawberry cone. 

"I mean,” she continued. “I’m the class president, and what kind of president am I if I can’t even pull off something as simple as this?” She gestured wildly to the commotion around them. 

The boy’s tongue took another swipe of the pink frozen treat, letting the shrimp get everything out of her system. 

"You done yet?” He asks, as she played with her headband, sliding it back into place. 

“Yeah,” she sighed, shoulders slumping forward. “But honestly the grand finale for tonight-" 

Levy shrieked when Gajeel’s ice cream cone is smushed into her nose and cut her off. 

"Gajeel!” She squealed, “You ass!" 

The boy’s laughing was then interrupted as a wad of cotton candy was then promptly shoved into his face. 

  • -Natsu and Gray getting super competitive and almost putting a hole in the inflatable obstacle course, which was aimed for children 12 and under… but try telling them that.

"Is that the best you can do, foot fairy?” Natsu huffed as he hurried over the inflatable course, practically flying through the “obstacles” with Gray practically neck-and-neck with him. 

“Nice try, basket case,” the soccer player huffed as he raced his all-time rival, regardless of the fact they didn’t even play the same sport. 

They both ducked under foam beams, scrambled up the ramps, and practically tucked and rolled through all the slides. 

Meanwhile, Lucy and Juvia watched on, unimpressed. 

“They do realize that thing is meant for kids half our age, right?” The blonde asked. “Like, they had to take their shoes off to go on that thing. They’re racing in their socks.” 

"Always the competitive ones, those two.” Juvia murmured, shaking her head as her eyes followed the little fish swimming from side to side in the tied-off plastic bag she held in her hands. 

  • Meanwhile, Levy is helping Gajeel pick out the best temporary tattoo. He, and Natsu- who freaked out when he saw it- end up with matching dragon ones before the night is over. 

“This is so stupid,” the long-haired boy grumbled, kicking his feet in the dirt. “No one cool gets one of these." 

"Aww, of course they do.” Levy grinned, flipping through a book displaying all the different choices. “Lots of cool, tough dudes have tattoos." 

"Yeah, but not temporary ones! Honestly woman you- wait, back up a page. Is that a dragon?” 

An hour later, once the six had all met up again and Gajeel has smugly shown off his new ink, Lucy shoots Levy a sarcastically thankful glance after Natsu begins pulling her away, demanding that he now needs a dragon tattoo as well. 

  • -Everyone participates in the Photo Booth 

"Gray, your hand is literally in my face." 

"I’m doing the camera a favor." 

"Natsu you’re elbowing my boob you’ve gotta move." 

"Well your boyfriend’s got me pinned against the wall. Can’t really breathe." 

"Don’t you dare poke Bubbles’ bag! Were you raised in a barn, Gajeel?" 

"Who the hell names a fish Bubbles?" 

"I wanna know who the hell thought it would be a good idea to try all six of us in one photo booth!”

  • -Natsu and Gray getting competitive again over the rubber duck race, nearly getting disqualified for trying to cheat. 

"My rubber duck is going  so much faster than yours, twinkle toes!" 

"Please, mine just passed yours! 

"That’s because you hit the water!" 

"You nudged the table earlier!" 

"Again!” Lucy watched unamused from the sidelines. “Find something not meant for six year olds!" 

  • -at some point during the night, once they break out the sparklers, Lucy ends up having to drag Natsu by his ear over to one of the stand-by paramedics because he burned his hand and nearly caught his shirt on fire. [nothing serious, they just end up wrapping a little gauze around it and telling him to be more careful. All the while Lucy is glaring because her friend is an idiot]

The stand-by paramedics shut the doors to the ambulance, smiling at the two teens and waving goodbye before pulling away slowly to drive back to their post. Natsu takes it easy on a nearby wooden bench, his hand wrapped up nice and tight in a stiff, white gauze and bandage. It itched a little, but he was more so concerned about what his coach was going to think of his little stunt. 

His shirt was a little charred as well, but luckily Gray had been able to douse him with his own shirt, still soaked from the duck race earlier, before the fabric could flame up completely. 

His free arm was wrapped around his blonde’s shoulders as she had her face buried in his neck. 

"Idiot,” she kept mumbling. 

“I know,” he kept replying, softly. “I’m sorry, Luce." 

"That,” her voice was shaky as she sniffed, “was terrifying.” 

"It won’t happen again,” he promised, rubbing her arm up and down to soothe her. 

“Please never say you’re getting all fired up again." 

"Aww,” the boy squeezed her shoulder, a soft grin on his face, “but that’s how I get pumped up before a game. I have to have my motto. I’ve gotta be at least a little intimidating, after all.” 

"Fine,” she pulled away slightly to grin weakly at him. “But can you at least keep it as a figurative thing? The literal meaning is a little scary.” She proved her point by gesturing to his bandaged hand and how his shirt almost caught fire. 

He grinned at her again, kissing her cheek. “I love when you talk all nerdy to me.” 

Lucy hugged the white, stuffed dog that her idiot had won for her earlier close to her chest.

“Whatever,” she blushed, standing and pulling him- by his good hand- up with her. “Levy’s been freaking out about the ‘grand finale’ all night, and we’re gonna miss it if you don’t hurry.” 

  • The gang all settles in on patched blankets with popcorn and fair foods, faces illuminated reds and blues and greens by the explosions of colors in the sky. 

Natsu’s head is in Lucy’s lap as he half-heartedly tosses stray popcorn kernels at the back of Gray’s head in between fireworks. To which the raven-haired boy flicks powdered sugar from his funnel cakes as revenge. 

And as Gajeel has Levy curled up against his side under his arm, he figures that maybe the fair isn’t such a lame idea after all. 

No way in hell would he ever admit it out loud though. 

But that was okay, the others knew it anyway.