You guys think Yuri has a little crush on Yuko?

When I saw them interact I thought he likes her because she’s a mother who was encouraging and nice to him. Yuri appreciates that because he lived with his grandparents. It’s heavily implied that his parents are either out of the picture or they weren’t supportive of his figure skating. Yuko is kinda what he hoped his mom would be like.

Then again Yuko’s young and pretty and under all that attitude Yuri’s a teen. Nothing can happen anyway, so it’s kinda cute.

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So this dream sequence includes a Sasha/Abraham baby but no Caryl or Morgan or Tara? Why?

Rick is a fakeass bitch #confirmed

He don’t remember Morgan. Also,Tara gave him the middlefinger once.

I don’t know who gave Rick the right to imagine an Abraham/Sasha baby?

Like I’m legit wondering who the fuck gave you the right? Did you ask Sasha?

How you not know that your “brother” has a crush on Carol since season2? And you don’t give him hot “standing next to each other” action? He is fake.

Also I still think this should have been Glenn or Abraham’s dream sequence.

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how do people have the rosier view of the nohr siblings exactly? or well, fandom?

It’s funny how the popular fandom opinions have evolved. When Fates was first coming out, it was “your loving REAL FAMILY the Hoshidos and those lying literal monster Nohrians”. Over time, that pendulum has swung over to “those Stepford Smiling Hoshidos are falling apart on the inside and the Nohrians have the pure true family love forged in hell!”.

Neither of those is precisely right. The truth is somewhere in-between.

Look at how Elise believes that Marx doesn’t really care about her. Look at how Camilla doesn’t think Marx is interested in his own siblings. Look at how Leon won’t trust Marx with his weaknesses. Look at how Camilla prioritizes her own interests over family. Look at how neither Marx nor even Camilla has a parental relationship with Elise.

The Nohr siblings love one another very much and they have a deep connection that was forged in an awful environment, but they’re all very hurt people who grew up in an awful environment and that’s not going to go away even though they love one another. You can’t snap your fingers and turn into the Brady Bunch the moment the primary abusive force leaves the room.

The terrible life lessons the Nohr siblings learned as they grew very much dictate how they interact and express love. There is no “ideal way” to handle growing up in abuse, but the end result is that the Nohr siblings really don’t have the fluffy loving infinitely trusting relationship that fandom likes to imagine they do.

Meanwhile, the Hoshido siblings do have intense personal connections (Hinoka and Ryouma, Takumi and Sakura), and Takumi and Sakura admiring their older siblings is far from a bad thing. The lack of communication and acceptance of weakness does hurt the Hoshido family, but it doesn’t poison them as a concept altogether. It doesn’t invalidate that they have individual love for one another while also having certain frustrations.

Remember, the families in Fates are designed as mirrors to one another. There is no “right” family or “good” family, and if a story is acting like there is that story is probably wrong.


Excellent video essay discussing the symbols used throughout a Game of Thrones and how they tie in ice and fire, Jon and Daenerys.