Losing weight is not my main priority right now. I’ve literally just realized this.

There have been times in my life (weeks and months at a time) when my main focus really has been forming new habits to lose weight. And it worked. I think that’s really what you have to do sometimes in order to make progress and really figure this whole thing out.

But I keep getting frustrated because I’m ONLY about TWENTY POUNDS away from my ultimate goal. It shouldn’t be that difficult for me to buckle down and get it done. I want to lose 2 pounds a week like I have in the past.

But you know what? I’ve already lost twenty pounds. In fact, I’ve done it TWICE, actually ALMOST THREE TIMES already. And that’s pretty fucking awesome and it took a lot of work.

So sure. I would like to lose around twenty more pounds and/or lean out by decreasing my body fat percentage.

But I would also like to finally land a full time job that pays well. And I want to finally get an apartment with Jake. And I want to get a puppy. And I want to get married in the next two years.

Those are my priorities right now.

I’m not going to stop running or eating well or drinking enough water, because those things make me feel good and are part of my lifestyle now. And I’m not going to use this as an excuse to go back to old habits I’ve already broken.

But I AM going to stop getting frustrated when I don’t see major changes in my body or my weight. I have other things to focus on right now.

I’m 55+ pounds down and that’s pretty fucking awesome. I’m much better off now, when it comes to my health, than I was a year ago. I’m not going to give up. But I need to recognize that I can’t expect to see steady progress when I’m not making weight loss a big priority.

It feels good to have reached this point in my journey.


Ok… so, I’m a little nervous about posting these things ‘cause drawing really ain’t my forte. Colouring is more my thing. I guess it shows…?

But yes, tell me that if these idiots actually met in the show, it wouldn’t go down in a similar manner to this?! I mean, come on! :D

Unless of course Ronaldo is too busy looking for literal rock people (since in his last blog update he’s only friggin’ drawn Peridot looking like a Geodude! XD) he totally doesn’t realise Peridot is an alien from outer space who was sent by the same Diamond Authority, the ones who want to hollow out the Earth! I mean, Peridot pretty much confirmed all of his theories were right in It Could Have Been Great. Imagine if she could actually tell him all that?! Good grief…

Also, the ridiculous kawaii Peridot there is meant to be a terrible tribute to this post by Tara Jenkins, which is only like, I dunno…. the best post in the entire tag! :D

Anyways enjoy my horrid scrawl, potato and dorito fans!

New RebornTale Blog

First, I wanna say how honored I am that you guys like the AU I made. For real. I never thought anyone would find the concept I came up with as exciting and interesting as I myself did when sitting in bed fantasizing, but you sure proved me wrong, ha ha!

All the beautiful art, interpretations and contributions for RebornTale you guys created is safely tucked in a folder on my computer because it was literally physically impossible for me not to. I also love all the submissions and questions you ask that even I didn’t think about before. However, I realized today that all the RebornTale content is kind of crammed into all my personal shit, which probably makes it annoying for people who like my content, but not the AU.

So, I made a side-blog where I can post absolutely everything about and for RebornTale, including you guys’ submissions and questions! It will also help keep me more organized tbh.(Which is rare for me so this is a goddamn miracle)

Here be the blog if you wanna see all things RebornTale:

Be warned that there WILL be Fontcest and NSFW content posted there, so if you dislike either, I will tag all as such for you to blacklist.

anonymous asked:

I love that you are so active in fairness for POC and against privilege, but do you ever think that you are ever reaching a tad? Like, I literally know no POC that would be hurt by two fan favorites on the cover of the magazine. Rick is literally the main character and it's obvious that the fans gravitate towards Daryl. Would it have been nice to see a woman, or a POC? Sure! But I think walking on eggshells must get exhausting.

Your ask is super respectful, which I appreciate. Also, since I’m not a POC I don’t get to speak for POCs, so I’m responding to this ask as a woman. Okay, cool!

I was born the captain of the USS Taking Everything Too Seriously. So do *I* think I’m reaching? No, or I wouldn’t be writing about the issue on my blog.

My question is this:

How long do we shrug off White Boys Everywhere Syndrome™ with “Would it have been nice to see a woman, or a POC? Sure!”?

I mean it’s just one more magazine cover, right?

But it’s one. And then it’s ten. And then it’s a thousand. And nothing ever changes. It’s not this specific magazine cover that makes me – as a woman looking for positive representation in media – exhausted and discouraged. It’s the fact that there are a million more just like it.

Are Rick and Daryl fan favorites because they’re actually great characters or because we, as a society, are steeped from birth in the idea that we’re supposed to love and revere our white boys just because they exist?

Fans of Melissa and Danai celebrate every single time we’re handed a teeny tiny crumb of representation, precisely because even though it’s 2016, those crumbs are so rare. And it’s full out depressing, because imho Carol and Michonne are infinitely more interesting characters than either Rick or Daryl at this point in time.

Clearly I can’t force anyone to be upset about the TV Guide cover. But I’m upset about it, so I’m gonna say so on my blog.

cadetcuttlefish asked:

Ahh I love ur stuff sm, I was just wondering what inspires u? I love collage but I'm crap at continuously creating stuff and making time for it but I'm a big fan of ur stuff!!!!

you are so kind thank u !!!! continuously creating stuff is SO difficult dw i feel you. i love me some bullet points so … here is a handy list of stuff that inspires me 

  • seeing other people making good shit is so inspiring and like putting that stuff on a pinterest board/separate blog is super helpful so whenever i’m feeling uninspired i can just browse and gather inspiration
  • i, a 20 year old human woman, am so bad at expressing my emotions lmao so a lot of the time i make art about how i feel ??? like really petty passive aggressive things that i would never confront someone about but still piss me off
  • i also have a really weird need to document literally everything ? so like “let me write this playlist down in case spotify breaks and the internet is lost forever JUST IN CASE so i don’t lose this great selection of songs that i love” or “this is a great lyric I HOPE I NEVER FORGET IT i must write it down 100 times JUST IN CASE” or “i have no photos of this particular place i lived/went on holiday/went to college so let me try and draw it from memory so i NEVER FORGET” etc etc so that always gives me ideas and then i just try and make those things look pretty 
  • going through free magazines/travel brochures and cutting out the pictures i really like the look of is always inspiring bc i’m then super excited about making art with them and want to get on it immediately
  • i always have lists of ideas (ideas for layouts, words/phrases to use, colour schemes, general ideas etc etc) that i add to when i am inspired so when i have no ideas i can pick something from there
  • similarly i have a list of things i like to draw so when i’m stuck i can just think “oh look i like to draw hands i feel very uninspired but let me draw this hand” and then you can draw a hand on a mountain picture or draw a hand on some pink paper or draw a hand and colour over it with colouring pencil and you never know it could turn out looking fantastic
  • this sounds so ridiculous but absorb things ??? watch tv, watch films, think about the shapes and the cinematography, screenshot your fave parts and draw the shapes, listen to music and jot down good lyrics, write down playlists, look through photos from 2009 and think about how embarrassing you probably were, read poetry and underline the good bits, have a 10hr sleep, go outside and look at a tree, find a dog, pet a dog, draw a dog, listen to conversations and write down things people say, read through texts and write down the good bits that probably won’t make sense in 3 weeks, think about family holidays and write down things you associate with that holiday etc etc it sounds so cringe but just try and immerse yourself in other creative stuff and eventually something will give you an idea

this is so lengthy and i know it’s so easy to say “just do this and it’ll be great !” but i hope this helps somewhat ???

ok but i made this blog at like 10 PM 3 days ago.

what are you all doing here honestly i mean this is shinji, a half-baked magus now fucked up grail child with major issues… &&. yet there are 50 of you &&. counting… I’m very flattered like wow I actually wasn’t expecting this at all gee. Anyway, it’s like… all these new friends B) 

@asturiat ; matt this blog exists because u screamed about matous with me i literally blame u for everything that goes on here u have shattered my heart bc now i am writing shinji who shatters my heart but u started this ergo by association it is ur fault obvs. jk i adore you &&. i adore carme pl s just hkgahhsjdg 

@charxon ; now that i have ur number we will text &&. scream about muses for all eternity. bless u a lot &&. i can’t wait for more interactions! 

@beduier / @intemera ; ok but thread where shinji summons arthur is a thing that will happen &&. it will be glorious because shinji matou confirmed arthur alter no lie. i adore you, i adore your writing && your muses please let me wrap u up in blankets a lot ok. 

@murasakinoai ; k we just started writing today && im already cRY IN bc wow what sick fucks let this sakuji thread happen… wait it was us but i mean wow i enjoy writing with you sO MU CH ple a se all i want is 4 these two to not be in pain ok ( shinji voice ) sakura move to far away from fuyuki with me honestly just lets not be in this house things might get better && less fucked up if we are not here tbqh the environment needs to change u feel 

@myrmadorned ; u presh ok. presh && thank u for listening to my rants! I look forward to more interactions! 

@caelairata ; please but alchemist shinji is my aesthetic drown me in feels also i love you i love mina i just jhjgahjsdh !!!!!! 

&&. the rest of you who i will honestly never be cool enough to thread with properly because i am a potato &&. shinji is… well… shinji 

@archvrous @angclique @blindriderr @bxndraoi @bcllatoria @calmacht @deletedheroine @faketaintedgrail @jxkyll @lancerofclay @luxregulus @lapxus @mercxrius @nomorale @ofbastct @ordaiined @ofgemstones @pathcrosses @sarrutum @shinchuu @sciathuladh @sacerdox  @sgtbitch@scathgaiscioch @unheroical @ulsterswardog 

&& i know i forgot people bu t j e sus ily all 

thank u for putting up with this problem child

lesbianadventures asked:

Did you document your move to Canada somewhere? Like videos, or a blog, or a specific tag on here or something?

There is a big button on my blog that says “Operation Canada”, yes.

When you click on it, you are redirected to the blog of the same name, where you can find art and videos about my adventures there.
Although I’m running a bit late these days.. I need to update it.

If you are on mobile, here is the blog.

Screw the rules. I'm doing this.

So with enough self hype I managed to convince myself to give a reason why I’m following 75 people. A large chunk is active RP blogs or main blogs of RP characters. So I’m mentioning you dorks why I love you all so much. Even if you don’t follow me or give me asks. (Send more!) I still have a reason! :D

@aariablackthorne We haven’t roleplayed at all and you were a random follow but me running into you last night and mentioning it. You were so cool and awesome about it and I’ve been stalking your blog and enjoying literally everything you post!

@aether-tea Your writing makes my heart beat around and make me feel cool and sweet. The prompts I read are awesome and your character is a really solid and awesome one. We should totally RP more!

@akulaz + @akulazart YOUR ART IS LITERALLY AMAZING.

@all-things-cameron Should I even say stuff you don’t already know? You’re a great writer, a great person, and have great characters. You are literally my best friend.

@areniaagn The funniest, least edgiest Dk I know. Between cracking wise jokes he knows how to roleplay bloody and brutal combat and me reading it makes my skin itch.

@arthurshub My first thoughts. “A guy with the FC of Big Boss? He can’t be that good.” NOPE. I WAS WRONG. IF ANYONE WAS BIG BOSS I’D WANT YOU TO BE IT. Your character is great to see interact with others and its always a nice read to see the prompts sent to them.

@tootie219 Its Em! Between the wide, amazing range of emotions with your character and the writing you make. As well as the wise jokes you make in gchat you are another person worth seeing every day!

@calliasmescudi You’re a lovable idiot that can throw out a 16 paragraph emote about fighting. How can I not include you in here when I feel a battle rage between you and Renault?

@dunnedinsniper and @jazimina Your fluff and characters make my heart ache and jump around doing happy dances because of how perfect they are for each other. You also have awesome friendship chemistry OOCLY.

@kewlstory You literally like everything I post. Not a second is wasted before you click that “heart” and I always give a dumb smile when I get a notification of you liking it.

@king-kankor and @somoria *ruffles hair* You two are adorable characters, especially when you’re together. Kankor is silly and reputable and Correth’s emotes are long and worth the read!

@lianna-evermist THE QUEEN OF SMIRKS! Or so she once was. I don’t know why we didn’t interact in CE. You are a silly and adorable person out of character and Lianna is like a little sister that Jaxon prods fun at. Plus you make me cringe at how silly you were back then. :P

@lysa44 Bronze drakes and shapeshifting? DON’T SIGN ME UP! Between giving me really cheap commission art and being a dork and entertaining streamer. You are definitely a good friend of mine!

@orland-silverwing Orland is a cinnamon roll and I love it. With the few times we’ve interacted he’s a change of pace from the regular worgens and he makes me laugh almost every time.

@pommie-tappet Famous, a good writer, and a gnome. What isn’t there to like about you? Between the stories you make at the stories circles and the server wide events. You deserve every praise you get!

@silversongtheatre We’ve only interacted a few times but your character is badass. Especially when he’s pulled into a fight. Also the guild you run is great and filled with amazing people!

@thecyanbladesman You’re a dork. An awesome dork. When you fight I am super jealous of you because you kick ass every time with the writing. Renault is a silly badass and I love him to death.

@twosidedsana HOLY SHIT IT WORKED IN ME MENTIONING YOU! We had that one awesome RP and it made me laugh and actually work through my brain to come up with rhymes. You are an amazing writer and have a great character personality.

That’s all she wrote! Gods I’m sure I missed a few. I should’ve wrote these down. Thinking of 75 blogs gets tough but. No matter what. When I follow you I follow you for good reason! To stalk your blog and enjoy whatever you post! You are great people in my eyes and I hope you don’t quit this amazingly fun hobby anytime soon.

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flowerchildlovescats asked:

Okay, so let me start by saying that I'm absolutely in love with your blog. Literally everything about it makes me happy. I am a 100% John supporter and always will be. He's an amazing character and was actually a really good father even with the odds against him. Anyway though, my question for you would be, what ultimately made you decide to create a John Winchester blog? And what appealed to you about him?

What ultimately made me decide to create this blog was because I was tired of seeing hate against John and hate in the tag against John, and it just made me really really frustrated about it.

I honestly thought that he was a pretty OK dad. I got into the supernatural fandom before really getting involved on tumblr, so i kinda had a clean slate when i watched spn, and so when I saw John, I saw a father who was just trying to do what he could in a horrible situation. The hate made me want to defend him more and more, because he literally is not the bad guy here, and now I will fully admit that I am a hardcore John Winchester fan until the very end.

apexxprimate asked:

the tags on that post concern me. why 'thank god'? is it so bad to have a character be portrayed that way? and how is it common knowledge that ANY of the RWBY characters AREN'T gay? sexuality isn't something you can tell just by appearance. literally anyone in the show can be any orientation considering nothing has been stated otherwise. it's not a meme, it's interpretation, which is what the rp scene is all about.

Ok so 

watch the show?



unless they’re just… uh… pretending?

I don’t really care if characters are gay. The ‘thank god’ was because the fandom whines so much, I love it when they don’t get their way. Take everything personally and life ain’t gunna be too fun, chief.

Also have an obligatory “this is my blog so I don’t owe you shit fukboi”

takeunknownroadnow asked:

So I feel like Jack wouldnt have talked about Peggy to Vernon after all the shady things started so he's probably been bragging about his wife since the S1 finale (or even Russia) and I want to cry. He probably drives everyone crazy talking about her

I was about to answer you this ask from my Jack blog! I can totally picture him doing it! I have as a headcanon that Jack’s got a twin sister, so I can picture him calling his sister just to talk about Peggy and how pretty, incredible and a bunch of sweet things about her! To the point she ask him to stop talking about her because she was already driving crazy and literally knew everything she had to know about Peggy haha, and he just answering with dreamy eyes “What can I say? She saved my life… I think I’m in love with her.” and every time he mentions her her sister goes like

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anonymous asked:

I managed to follow you for 2 full days before I realized your blog was just you complaining about everything and being literally the most negative person I've ever seen on this site so I had to unfollow. My apologies

my heart is breaking

come back 2 me :( 

what i do without u :(

personal blog no place for personal problems, i have learned my lesson :/ sry i disappointed u :/

harryattack asked:

the cake eleanor is ironic where the fucK have u been before i mean u ship larry u should know this and oh my god i repeat: larry has never been the heart and soul of the band there were three other, rather important, guys there too, remember? not everything is about larry and the stuff you're saying is kinda disrespectful when it comes to the other boys.

omg i literally can’t pls move along

anonymous asked:

I love you!! youre my senpai, teach me, omg, how to be so cool? Your hetabook series are brilliant and your blog, m7 pls, this is the best thing I have ever followed. I really enjoy everything about you. You have fan in Poland. Ok, im done :))) ily


anonymous asked:

Hey love your blog but I'm a little confused: where do you get your Rapier Squadron info from? Like I know some of it is headcanons but is there any evidence about Poe and Muran from the books? I haven't gotten around to the ones pre-TFA yet so genuine question

thanks for liking my blog!!!!

and lol actually there is very minimal information on muran in general i really am just making this up as i go along


there are only two things that can be even remotely construed as poe/muran and only if you’re reading it in a very desperate and specific shipping lens

“Rapier Four. Standing by.”

“You see,” said Poe, “you should all follow Muran’s example, there. You hear how nicely Rapier Four reported in, without editorializing or anything?”


Laughter filled his cockpit, even Muran joining in, and Poe found himself grinning and shaking his head

anonymous asked:

Oh my god I am so pissed off at that anon, like I hope they shit their fucking pants in public every day for the rest of their lives. Everything you said was right. Mature adults need to process their thoughts/emotions and understand their situation before they can fix it, and if it helps you to write about it here then by all means do so. It is not your job to provide the exact content everyone else is looking for. Make your blog what it needs to be for you.

Thank. You. So. Much. Literally everyone uses their blog to talk about whays going on in their lives and nobody should be penalized for that. We’re all humans and people need to get over themselves.

anonymous asked:

The person who called sanha a fuckboy on a chat post was making a damn joke im gonna need you all to chill like the blog is literally a kpop blog mainly hailing all of astro sooo

woah *throws hands up* okay… first off i would just like to say that i was /not/ the person to even make that post about the whole “sanha being called a fuckboy” so im not even completely sure why i am getting this message in the first place

second… if you are (clearly) offended/hurt/angry/whatever by the fact that a lot of people dont like that a post like that was made then you can reasonably talk to people about it and try to have them understand or you try to understand yourself why it makes others upset

third (and most important)… the other thing is, if you happen to be the person who made the post, that when using the word fuckboy there are many people who will take it more seriously then you. that isnt really a word to be joking around with (especially using it towards an idol you have never met and it being 15 y/o sanha). many of us understand that yeah you could use that word in a joking manner but you really do have to be cautious about the way you use it and be aware of what the word actually means. this is something that fits within the whole misuse of AAVE (im sorry im not fully knowledgable about all this but im trying) and “fuckboy” is just another word that is being misused all the time. it shouldnt be something taken lightly especially if you really do not understand its origins and how that word should really be used. i mean, you wouldn’t want to be called fuckboy, now would you? i dont think anybody does.

…and also, just because somebody is so called “hailing all of astro” does not give them the right to label any of the boys with a heavy word like that. again im sorry that you feel offended by this and if you really want i personally can delete that post from my own blog, but in the future just be sure that you and others take into account how other people will feel towards something like this

also… dont tell us to chill. thats rude.

I think never said this, but if any Bethyl, Beth stan, Emily Kinney fan want to use any of my screenshot to DEFEND bethyl/Beth/Emily Kinney or Norman, go ahead and do it.

Without giving any credit at all, or even asking for permission. If you are in the middle of a talk with a hater, and you need proofs of something they said, and you know the proof you need it´s in my blog, come here and take it, I don´t care.

I have everything, from people insulting Norman or Emily, to people saying that TD members should kill themselves, or talking shit about literally everything, to  quotes from almost every nice article talking about bethyl or deniying c@ryl… 

And I have a lot that I never posted, so if you are searching for something specific, maybe I have it. Just ask and I will send it to you.

So if you need something from here, and you want to use against a bethyl/Beth/Emily/Norman hater, come and take it.

…The bad thing is that almost nothing is tagged, so good luck trying to find something (sorry).

Another thing, even if this blog is not too active, I have another blogs that I attend daily, so I´m here even if I´m not posting anything.