Teas for Witches: the Basics

I can talk about tea literally all day (and I have because I’ve worked in a spice and tea shop for years), and there is SO much to talk about with both health and magical benefits. Teas are made from tea leaves called camellia sinensis, with the exception of herbal teas/infusions. For this, I’m going to list magical and health benefits by type of tea.

Black Tea

Feminine * Earth * Winter * Strength * Stability * Death * Expelling Negativity * Alertness * Energy

Black tea is the most fermented and oxidized of all teas. Its tea leaves look shriveled and black. It combats heart ailments, digestive problems, high cholesterol, asthma, and breast/menstrual problems. Black tea also has a lot of caffeine (47 mg, still less than coffee) and too much of it can cause acidity issues in the stomach.  

Examples: English/Irish Breakfast Tea, Assam, Darjeeling, Lapsung Souchang, Ceylon, Earl Grey

**There is a subset of black tea called Pu-erh, a post-fermented black tea. Some consider this to be the “purest” of all teas and connect it to the aether, as it is rare and valuable.

Green Tea

Masculine * Fire * Summer * Passion * Healing * Conscious Mind * Sexual Health * Love * Energy * Progress * Magic

Green tea is slightly steamed but not fermented, which maintains its green color. It has many health benefits, such as detoxifying, reducing cholesterol and weight, boosting immunity and stamina, and reducing blood glucose. It has less caffeine than black, but still some. 

Examples: Jasmine, Sencha, Matcha, Gyokurocha, Genmaicha, Hojicha, Gunpowder, Dragonwell

Oolong Tea

Feminine * Water * Autumn * Reflection * Meditation * Wisdom * Serenity * Concentration * Romance * Friendship

I always describe Oolong as being between Green and Blacks, since it is half fermented. It can help manage weight and stress, balance blog sugar levels, remove free radicals, and promote healthy skin and bones. HOWEVER, too much can actually speed up bone degradation because it sweeps away excess calcium. And beware of its high caffeine content (I used to drink Raspberry Wulong to pull all-nighters).

Examples: Milk Oolong, Formosa, Wulongs

White Tea

Masculine * Air * Spring * Happiness * Wisdom * Moon * Purification * Protection * Clarity * Cleansing * Beginnings

White tea is a little harder to find. Either the tea leaves are plucked as immature leaves and steamed, or the leaves have not been processed (there seems to be little consensus across cultures). Some have a small amount of caffeine. It’s a great antibacterial and antioxidant, and it improves the heart, oral health, and skin. Drinking a couple cups works better than one, and you can reuse the tea leaves, granted that the second cup will brew longer.

Examples: White teas come in many flavors and are usually labeled as white tea. You may need to seek out a tea shop to find some.

Herbal Tea

Magical properties depend on which herbs are used

This tea seems to be the most popular for witches on tumblr, because it is composed of dry, unprocessed herbs, seeds, fruits, or roots, and has no caffeine (as long as the herb doesn’t!). There are many recipes online as herbals are easy to make. In general, herbal tea promotes calm, reduces cholesterol and risk of heart conditions, cancers, and diabetes. Due to its lack of actual tea leaves it has less antioxidants than other teas. Some don’t even call it a tea, but dub it Herbal Infusion.

Examples: Rooibos, most Chais, Ginseng, Chamomile, Peppermint, Spearmint, Hibiscus

**Yerba Mate is an herbal tea that is notorious for its high caffeine levels (you’ve probably seen the energy drink). It also zaps one’s appetite and can become addictive, so be careful around this tea!

As always, feel free to add/message me of any corrections, and I hope you find your cup of tea!

Since obs&bh is currently delayed and I will probably be off tumblr for the next little while for reasons relating to my personal life, I thought it would be fair to give you guys something chapter 9 related to tide you over for now. For every chapter of the fic, I write up chapter breakdowns while planning which set out the different sections of the chapter, usually relating to either scenes or set chunks of time and changes in character emotions/motivations. So as the first sneak peak into what obs&bh chapter 9 will look like (since I have no sneak peak of the actual chapter yet that I can give), here is the rough chapter breakdown for what you can expect to see once it is finally written

Also apologies to people involved in the fic ask game whose prompt is yet to be filled and anyone who has sent me an ask yet to be answered. I am intending to reply as soon as I get back and have some free time for tumblr again.

See you all soon xx

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OH MY GOD YOUR OLDER BOKURO IS SO, UGH, I DON'T KNOW. I JUST LOVE THE WAY YOU DREW THEM WITH THE BABY. SO, IT'S TIME FOR SOME QUESTIONS: 1.Is it a girl or a boy? 2.Do you have any headcanons for the baby? 3.How would Bokuto and Kuroo be with their kids?

But that’s literally all I have to give you, this seriously wasn’t supposed to be more than just that one drawing haha

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Have this sketch I promise I’ll draw more of them later when I’m done OKEY

“Spellmaster and Seer…both start with an “s”! We’re PERFECT for each other, E!”

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Companions (with the romanced section, please <3) reacting to finding Inky crying themselves to sleep. I love the sweet smell of angst

It’s 5am and I’m at work and I haven’t seen the fucking sun today. Angst is literally all I have in me right now.

Cullen: He didn’t mean to intrude. He came to the Inquisitor’s rooms at the top of Skyhold with a stack of reports for them and found the door ajar. Through that gap in the door he heard strange noises, so he bounded up the stairs expecting to find an intruder, the papers falling from his hands as he reached for his sword. But there was no one there except the Inquisitor, curled up in bed and sobbing. He relaxed, took his hand off his sword, and took a deep breath. “I’m sorry,” he says. “I didn’t mean to intrude.” If the Inquisitor asks for company, he will stay. Maker knows he’s been exactly where they are, but he had no one to rub his back and tell him it would pass. It seems like the least he could do for the Inquisitor. If Romanced: The stack of reports was dropped the moment he pushed the door open, his sword out of its sheath and at the ready by the time he was halfway up the stairs. When he sees the Inquisitor curled up in bed and sobbing, no one else around, he drops the sword, too. He sits on the bed beside his lover and runs a hand up and down their back. “I didn’t mean to intrude,” he whispers. “Talk to me, love. Tell me what’s wrong. I’m here for you, anything you need.”

Leliana: Like Cullen, she comes bearing reports as well. Unlike Cullen, she recognizes the sound of the Inquisitor sobbing when she hears it through the door. She debates the matter with herself for a while, wondering if she should intrude. If the Inquisitor has a love interest, she’ll decide to leave and make their LI aware of the situation. If the Inquisitor is not in a romance, she’ll push the door open, set the reports on their desk, and sing softly to them for a while if they don’t tell her to leave. Once they fall asleep, she’ll quietly slip away.

Josephine: She also has a stack of reports for the Inquisitor. The burden of the advisors. Like Leliana, she recognizes what she hears through the door. Unlike Leliana, she won’t hesitate to push open the door. She drops the reports on the Inquisitor’s desk and sits beside them on their bed. “Cry as much as you need,” she tells them. “You’re not alone, though I’m sure it feels like it. I’m here for you.” If Romanced: The reports get left in a pile on the floor as she rushes to her lover’s side. She grabs their hand and kisses it, then lays down on their bed beside them and takes them in her arms. “You’re not alone, my love. I’m here. I’m right here.” She doesn’t leave even after the Inquisitor falls asleep.

Solas: High Approval: He came to talk, but he hears the Inquisitor sobbing. He frowns, guilt pinching at him, and opens the door. “Would you care for some company?” he asks when he gets to the top. If the Inquisitor accepts, he sits beside them on the bed. “I could help you sleep. Or we could talk. Whichever you would prefer.” Low Approval: He hears the sound of the Inquisitor sobbing before he opens the door and pauses. It’s not his place to intrude. Whatever business he has come to discuss will wait. He retreats silently. If Romanced: He can hear the Inquisitor sobbing as he pauses on the landing below their room and grimaces as the guilt pinches him hard. He takes a deep, steadying breath, then ascends the stairs. “Vhenan,” he says by way of greeting when he reaches the top. “Let me comfort you, my heart.” He slides into bed with them and lets them either cry against him or talk about whatever has them in this state.

Iron Bull: He isn’t entirely sure what to do when he finds the Inquisitor curled up in bed, but he won’t just leave without trying to help. “Hey, Boss,” he says, shifting awkwardly. “You want to talk? Or I could help you forget about it all for a while. Whatever works.” If Romanced: He holds his kadan close and lets them cry. Sometimes you just need a good cry, he knows. And when the tears are done he knows a great way to relieve the remaining stress. It involves rope and oil.

Cole: He knows. The Inquisitor’s distress called to him, but this isn’t something he can help them forget. It’s too big, too much, and erasing it would erase other things, things they need. So he brings them their favorite hot beverage and just sits with them, hoping some company will help. If it’s not enough, he goes to get either their LI or best friend. He wants to help.

Sera: Like Cullen, she thought the Inquisitor was being attacked when she heard the sobbing through the door. She leaps up the stairs, snarling at the intruder… Except that there isn’t one, just Inky on the bed, sobbing. She puts away the little knives she pulled out of her belt with a sigh. “What’s all this? Come on, Inky, talk to me. You’re gonna be okay.” If Romanced: Once she realizes that honeytongue isn’t actually in danger, she kicks off her shoes and climbs into bed with her. “Hey, Inky. Not gonna let you get hurt. ‘S’okay. I’m here.” She stays until she has no choice but to leave.

Varric: “Ah, shit,” he says when he finds the Inquisitor sobbing. It’s not the first time he’s seen this, of course. Hawke cried quite a bit near the end, and when their mom died. He’s seen heroes in their weakest moments, the moments that never make it into the stories because they remind people that the hero is still a person and not infallible. He walks over to them and rubs their back soothingly. If they don’t send him away, he’ll tell them stories to help them calm down. Heroes are people, too.

Cassandra: This isn’t exactly her area of expertise. She doesn’t really know what to do for the Inquisitor when she finds them crying. She sort of pats them awkwardly and asks them if she can get them anything. Whatever they tell her they need, from something to eat/drink to a shoulder to cry on to time alone, she’ll give them. If Romanced: She’s really not used to being the shoulder to cry on and she feels a little awkward, but her lover needs her and she’ll be there. This is what she wanted, after all. She wanted the romance, the sappy stuff with flowers and poetry, and that includes the moments of weakness. Her lover is overwhelmed, and she’ll be damned before she leaves them to deal with it alone.

Blackwall: He’s been alone for so long that he can barely remember what it’s like to comfort someone, but he’ll do his best. He knows what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and helpless, though probably not to the extent that the Inquisitor is feeling. He’ll gladly offer his shoulder to them. If Romanced: He gathers the Inquisitor into his arms and lets them lay their head against his chest and cry. If they need to talk, he’ll listen, but he’s just glad to be there for them.

Vivienne: She hears the sound of the Inquisitor sobbing before she knocks. She stops and sighs. She knows that sometimes you just need to retreat into yourself for a while and have a good cry. She’s been there before, too, though she’d never admit it. With a soft sigh, she leaves the Inquisitor be. If she doesn’t see them for a few hours, she’ll drop a hint to whoever will comfort the Inquisitor best, either their LI or best friend. But she’d never admit to that, either.

Dorian: He definitely understands the need to cry in peace, but he also knows that sometimes you just need someone to show you that you’re not alone. With that in mind, he’ll climb the stairs to figure out which one the Inquisitor needs and respond accordingly. If they want company, he’ll sit with them and offer whatever comfort he can, which he knows is very little. If Romanced: He’ll only leave his amatus alone if he demands it. Otherwise, he’ll slip into bed with him and hold him tight. “There, there. I’m here. I’ll protect you,” he says.

Laundry Date

Summary: (Roommate!AU) Bucky helps you do the laundry and considers the evening a first date.

Word Count: 2,215.

A/N: Inspired by a Friends episode, “The One with the East German Laundry Detergent”, I couldn’t help but get major Bucky vibes from the way Ross was acting around with Rachel. Hope you guys like! :D Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm a but of a Dramione virgin, but what fics (other than your own, which I'm about to devour over spring break) do you recommend?

Hello, friend! Welcome to the wasteland! Here’s a Dramione starter pack:

The Dramione gold standard consists of the classics: bex-chan (Isolation is the most popular, but my favorite is Love Me Twice), Lena Phoria (The Deadline is great, and that’s coming from someone who prefers to read young Dramione), Colubrina ( @colubrina, my favorite of hers is still The Die), and galfoy (I love her one shots - Malaria Visions and Minimal Risk are the ones I always reread). 

I also highly recommend It is the Cause, My Soul by @drsallysparrow, Revival by elleaeterna, Bite Marks by @provocative-envy, and First They Came for the Death Eaters by @kyonomiko, which are all unique (and uniquely well done).

For my stuff, probably start with Clean, or give the one shots in Amortentia a whirl.

For future, though, I’m a TERRIBLE source for recs. This is literally all I have, so please don’t ask me for more, haha. Give the @dramioneasks database a try!

Is gud?

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Is very gud…

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  • a well known lyricist & composer discovers davey’s writing (davey writes the most brilliant adaptions & original stuff for regional theatre) and begs him to work together on something she wants to get to broadway 
  • davey is confused bc did he just hear his name and broadway in the same sentence. 
  • by the time it’s ready they have producers & a team of creatives who the get sent the script to begin designing and casting 
  • davey assumes he’s pretty much done w involvement unless they need some rewrites but then a producer is like “yo the set designer wants to see u”
  • this is where davey meets jack kelly. this young guy about his age who shows up to their meeting in a cafe w paint stained jeans and graphite on his hands. they introduce themselves & chat a bit about the musical then jack brings out his tablet and shows davey his designs 
  • “is this how you imagined it?”
  • davey will never say so but he pretty much fell in love w jack kelly then and there because no one has ever asked him that question before when visualising anything he’s written 
  • it’s beautiful. the detail and thought jack has put in honestly makes davey want to cry
  • (sure enough weeks later he sees jack’s copy of the script which is meticulously annotated with highlighters & sticky notes all colour coded)
  • jack insists they exchange contact info and he texts davey whenever he’s stuck on visualising something or has too many options 
  • “shouldn’t you ask the director this?”
    “still want your opinion first” 
  • they fast become friends and by the time opening night off-broadway comes around they’re pretty much best friends and drunk jack at the after party won’t stop talking about how he wants to work with davey again bc everything davey writes is “just so beautiful guys are you listening”
  • off-broadway goes really well; the show has criticisms but fact is audiences LOVE it and it’s not too challenging for the producers to get a broadway theatre after that 
  • jack & davey have been working on other stuff and still catch up occasionally but the director brings them both back bc stuff needs to be changed for the broadway run 
  • jack is helping davey change some dialogue when he asks davey out. the convo literally goes like this:
    “we should go on a date sometime”
    “jack these characters are siblings”
    “no davey, i mean us”
    “oh… i’d like that”
  • and thus broadway’s power couple emerges 
  • they “announce” their relationship when jack posts a silly selfie on insta of him kissing davey’s cheek on opening night on broadway and adds some cheesy caption like “so glad this project brought me to you” 
  • loves them

(this is so long but it’s literally not even all i have about this au so if you have any prompts/headcanon requests hmu bc I LOVE THIS AU OKAY)

Even If I Tried || Min Yoongi Imagine♡

Genre: F L U F F

Pairing: Yoongi x reader

Word count: 1718

Summary: Yoongi’s soft side :’)

Note: Please, if you want the full effect of this imagine, listen to IV by Ikotu. This imagine was completely inspired by this song (and also there’s an edit of Yoongi with this in the back and he’s laughing n shit n beING A BEAN).

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You waited at the airport for him. You weren’t supposed to because of all the cameras but you didn’t listen, because it has been too long since you had last held him and you couldn’t wait a second longer than you had to. So he had no idea that you were here. They had just landed in Seoul and you had travelled all the way up there from Busan, where you had been living for the time they all had been gone. Your hands were fidgeting with one another and your heart was beating fast. You weren’t nervous, you just missed him so much over these past few months. 

When you saw Tae walking through the archway and his eyes landed on you, he sent you a wave. He was quite far away as you were behind all the cameras since you wanted to wait for Yoongi to reach you so they had a smaller chance of snapping a picture of you. You returned with a wide smile but before you could do anything else, Yoongi followed him only a few seconds behind. 

At this point, your mind wasn’t controlling your actions, your heart was doing all the work. You ran as fast as you could to him, not giving two thoughts about the cameras and when he heard your fast footsteps coming towards him. He looked up and when it finally registered in his mind who you were and what was happening, he dropped everything he was holding and ran towards you too, closing the bitter gap between you two.

When you were in his arms, you felt a feeling you had never felt before. It completely consumed both of your bodies and it didn’t just feel like it was only you two in the room, but only you two in the entire world. It was the closest to bliss any of you had ever felt before.

Your face was buried in his neck and you couldn’t help but smell the familiar scent he carried with him everywhere he went. It wasn’t a certain type of cologne or anything, it was literally just the smell of him, which to you reminded you of home.

You let out a sob you hadn’t realised you had been holding back as Yoongi placed his hand on the back of you head and pulled his face from the crook of your neck.

“Hey, hey, don’t cry. I’ve waited this long to see your smile.” You looked up at Yoongi’s face and saw his infectious smile grow upon his lips, although you could also see a tear fall from his left eye. You brought your hand up and wiped it away with your thumb.

“There, now we can both smile.” You said as you let your own smile form naturally on you face.

As both of you stood in the middle of the arriving area of the airport, you were brought back down to earth after being in what seemed like heaven. You heard the clicks and flashes of cameras behind you two, which made your stomach drop.

You and Yoongi always agreed that your identity would be kept a secret for as long as they could keep it one, because it made Yoongi feel like he had you all to himself.

“Okay, put your hood up for me and keep your head down babe. And stay right next to me. I’m not ready for people to see you just yet. I want a little more time.” Yoongi grinned as he took your hand. 

You lifted the hood of your hoodie up with your free hand and then wrapped that one around Yoongi’s hand as well. Once Yoongi picked up his bag, the both of you walked quickly to the rest of the boys so you could all get to the hotel the boys were staying in that night. 

When you finally saw all the boys again, you were greeted with hugs and showered with love. You were all very close with one another. It had been like that ever since you met them, almost like you were all meant to know each other. They were like your brothers.

You all spent the rest of the day and night in the massive penthouse suit with rooms for all of you talking and catching up. You didn’t say much, but that was only because you wanted to hear as much as you could from the tour and all of the other adventures the boys went on while they were away. That and you didn’t really do much while they were gone.

When you had gotten up to go to the kitchen to get yourself a drink, you felt someone’s shoulder brush against yours. You looked up to find Jimin smiling down at you.

“Ugh, what do you want?” You asked sarcastically, trying to wind him up. Jimin gasped and put his hand over his mouth.

“You know, I really thought we had a better friendship than that, Y/N. It seems I’ve misjudged you.” The two of you let out laughter.

Jimin spun you around and hugged you tightly, which you eagerly returned. You were obviously closest with Yoongi, but you really did love Jimin like the brother you never had. It was a brother/sister bond the two of you had and you cherished it just like you did with Yoongi’s love. After all, when you first met the boys, Jimin was the only one that would actually talk to you instead of being overcome by nerves.

“I’ve missed you so much, Y/N. I’m so glad we get to stay here for while.” Jimin said as he pulled away from you, but kept hold of your shoulders.

“I know Jimin, I missed you too. I missed all of you. Do you know how lonely all those months were with out you all. I literally have no other friends that you guys.” You chuckled.

“Well, looks like you’re stuck with us for good then.” Jimin grinned. You were just about to propose that both of you go back to the group when Jimin spoke again.

“You know, Y/N, Yoongi was really sad while we were away. He missed you more than any of us. Or at least he showed it most,” Jimin explained. “I’ve known Yoongi for a while now, and I’ve never seen him like this before. I’ve never seen him act the way he does when he’s around you. I’ve never seen the way he looks at you before either. I can tell you really do mean a lot to him and, you mean a lot to him too, to all of us. We all love you so much Y/N, but we both know that Yoongi’s in love with you. So, do me a favour and never let him go, okay?” 

You were touched by Jimins little speech about his hyung. You could tell that Jimin was just filled with love for everyone in his life and he would do anything to stop them from getting hurt, so you were glad Jimin could talk to you about this.

“Jimin, I honestly don’t think I could let go of him, even if I tried.”

After you and Jimin had finished talking, you went back to the group and talked some more. And then by the time it was 3 am, most of you were nearly half asleep. 

“Jungook,” Taehyung groaned as he tried to help Jungook get to bed. “You need to help me out a bit here.”

“Just five more minutes, I promise I’ll get up.” Jungkook said with his eyes still shut as he was being held up by Taehyung alone, because Namjoon and Jin had already gone to bed and Jimin had Hoseok on his back heading down the hallway.

You giggled at the sight of Jungkook and Taehyung as Taehyung practically dragged Jungkook to his bed.

“Goodnight guys!” You shouted with a raspy voice as you were also one of the ones that were half asleep and got a bunch of groans in return. You chuckled again and turned around to find Yoongi right in front of you. You leaned in to hug him loosely, as this is what you were like when you were tired, you would hug anyone and anything in your sight.

“Come on, Y/N, let’s go to bed now.” Yoongi chuckled as he picked you up with ease and started walking to your bedroom. He held you in his arms so that your head was just above his heart, and you could here it beat. It made you smile knowing that there was love in there for you.

You felt soft sheets on your back and Yoongi laid you down on the bed and then put the sheets over you, tucking you in too. Your eyes were shut, but they barely opened when you felt a warm breeze enter the room. Yoongi had opened the balcony doors slightly and you could hear the beautiful noises of the rain falling and the city below you. 

You also watched as Yoongi got ready for bed, and you just couldn’t wait to feel him next to again, even though it had only been a few minutes.

Once he climbed into bed, you wrapped your arms around him and you felt him chuckle.

“You must have really missed me if you’re this clingy.” Yoongi joked. You knew he as joking but decided to play along.

“Fine then, if you don’t want me to hug you then fi-” You started to unravel your hands from his waist and take your head off his chest but he kept you close.

“No, I was kidding. I love it when you’re clingy.” Yoongi claimed while he let his hands roam through your hair, which he knew you absolutely adored.

“I love you, Y/N. I really do.” Yoongi whispered as he leaned down to your ear, and then he left a kiss on your forehead.

“I love you too, Yoongi.” You smiled as you said those words. “I really do.”

Both you and Yoongi could feel the love and content radiating off one another and you both slipped into a sleep with happy hearts. After all, there is no better feeling in the world than falling asleep with the person you love in your arms…