‘Cause I’ve learned to slam on the brake
Before I even turn the key
Before I make the mistake
Before I lead with the worst of me
I never let them see the worst of me
'Cause what if everyone saw?
What if everyone knew?
Would they like what they saw?
Or would they hate it too?
—  Words Fail, Dear Evan Hansen

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nicknames: well I guess Ann is actually a nickname, and sometimes people call me Nessa or Nessie lol but it was usually throughout middle school, not so much nowadays

gender: female

star sign: gemini sun/taurus moon/leo rising

height: uhhhh like 5′9ish?? 175cm, that is

time rn: 7:12pm

last thing i googled: “123movies” (the original site was down so I had to look for another one lmao)

favorite bands: BTS, GOT7, Exo, Vixx, Shinee, Big Bang, DAY6, 5SOS, The Script, The Killers, Panic! at the Disco, Simple Plan, The Smiths, Take That, Arctic Monkeys, fun., OneRepublic

fave soloists: Dean, Eric Nam, Kyuhyun, Amber, IU, Crush, Zion.T

song stuck in my head: D (Half Moon) by Dean

last movie i watched: I actually haven’t watched any movies in quite some time?? wow anyway I can’t really remember, I think it was Pretty Woman (EDIT: I remembered!!! it was actually Finding Dory a few days ago lmao)

last show i watched: new episode of Supergirl

when did you create ur blog: July 2011

what do you post: well I’ve had this blog for nearly 6 years so it’s gone through quite a lot of phases actually but now it’s almost entirely bangtan + a bit of got7 and some aesthetic or funny/relatable posts

when did your blog reach its peak?: uhh I don’t think it has yet or at least I hope it hasn’t lol

do you have other blogs: no but I have some saved urls

do you get asks regularly: lol nope

why did you choose your url: bc I’m in love with a nerd

following: 1,464

posts: 27876

hogwarts house: slytherin

pokemon team: i never played it (actually I did for like 15 minutes and gave up so I truly don’t remember if there were any teams at all lmao)

fave colors: all shades of blue, turquoise, mint, white

avg hours of sleep: anything from 2 to 12 lmao

lucky numbers: 8 I guess

fave characters: uM THIS IS HARD OKAY John Watson, Eleven from Stranger Things, Goblin and Grim Reaper from Goblin, Barry Allen, Cisco Ramon and Earth #19 Harrison Wells from The Flash, Tony Stark/Iron Man, Clint Barton/The Hawk, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes (Marvel), Simon Lewis, Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood from Shadowhunters, Spock, Seto Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh, Stiles from Teen Wolf, Alex Danvers and Maggie Sawyer (Supergirl)….. there’s probably a bunch more but these are the ones I can remember atm

what am i wearing now?: The Flash t-shirt and black tights aka pj’s lol

how many blankets do u sleep w: anything from 1 to 4 depending on the season

dream job: something in the field of cosmology/astronomy or something in the performing arts

dream trip: Seoul!!! also LA and NYC and Tokyo and Jeju Island….and Dubai

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Tag Game

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Rules: answer the question in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better

a - age: still 29 for a 9 more days 😧

b - birthplace: Glendale, California

c - current time: 1:50pm

d - drink you last had: almond milk

e - easiest person to talk to: 2 besties, my mom, a few peeps on here

f - favorite song: I love too many and rn I’m still obsessively only listening to 30stm so one of my faves of theirs… night of the hunter or Conquistador

g - grossest memory: idk I guess whenever a public bathroom had to be used lol

h - horror yes or horror no: yes!!

i - in love? always

j - jealous of people?: I’m needy so yes, but I usually keep it to myself

k - killed someone?: what? No

l - love at first sight or should I walk by again: lust, yes. Love, no. I need time

m - middle name: there are 2 and they’re super plain- Caroline Louise.

n - number of siblings: 2

o - one wish: to be financially stable

p - person you called last: one of my coworkers

q - question you’re always asked: if my older brother and I are twins

r - reason to smile: thinking about all the friends coming from out of state for my birthday shindig next Saturday, jared leto existing, CAMP MARS!!!

s - song you sang last:  I sang TO purple Lamborghini in the shower lol

t - time you woke up: inner clock woke me up at 6am 😣

u - underwear color: hot pink with black polka-dots

v - vacation destination: saving up for Greece with the family

w - worst habit: being too introverted I guess

x - x-rays: the last one was when I was in 7th grade and I broke my left arm at the elbow

y - your favorite food: SUSHI

z - zodiac sign: Aries Pisces cusp

I tag: @bartholomew-cubbins @ma-ph @whyarentyoulaughingj @bitch-its-bigbang @x-mars @xtheoutsider @piscesdreamer228 @angelfacejared @cicitmars @chrisechelon @dreamboatleto @deathbyechelon @hephaestiyum @sookieblack12 @jaredgucci @jayded-dreams @jaredletofanficandpersonal2 @mj-38 @mymarsrevolution @not-that-kind-of-hot @stylishredlipclassic @vintagemichelle91 @waldvogelg08 @jeromethejoker and anyone else who wants to play (and sorry if you were already tagged but oh well, there are worse things in life, ermarit?)

anonymous asked:

Which songs do you like in more life is far?

I screenshot my faves fjdkgkf i got passion fruit, get it together, madiba riddim, teenage fever, can’t have everything, glow, and since way back then n I’m likin ice melts rn fjdkgk

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Rules: tag 10 of your followers you wanna know better
Nicknames: kat katie dibby !!!! and like sonic fucker probably
Height: 5'6-5'7
Time right now: 11:21 pm
Last thing I googled: sonic boom sticks
Song stuck in my head: every song from 2009
Last movie I watched: I haven’t watched a movie in like 60 yeRs
Last TV show I watched: Sonic Boom YEEHAW
What I’m wearing now: a Canadian t shirt cause I’m TRUE Canadian and also plaid pjs because gaaaaay
When I created this blog: like a year ago but I’ve been on Tumblr for 5 years possibly 6
The kind of stuff I post: EVERYTHING CARTOON RELATED!!!! mostly sonic rn
Do I have any other blogs: yes so many i have my art blog my personal blog my disorder blog my nsfw blohg my doll blog not to mention over 200 saved URLs (im not joking I wish I was)
Do I get asks regularly: YEAH like maybe 10 a day I used to get a lot more when I was an su blog tho.
Gender: girllll
Hogwarts House:ive never even seen Harry Potter sorry
Average hours of sleep: im gonna say like 7 when I’m working and like 12 when I’m off lmfao
Lucky numbers: 3!!! My OCD is very fixated on the number 3 always have been
Dream job: Highschool art teacher!!
Number of blankets I sleep with: 3 AND A SPONGEBOB BLANKET WHICH IS MT LIFE
Following: like 509 ppl?

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nicknames: Soph, Sophiebaby, Fen, Fenbug, Bunny-Hop, Puppy. Also Bitch.

gend: female

star sign: Cancer Sun, Leo Moon, Virgo Rising.

height: 172 cm

time rn: 23:05.

last thing i googled: Naver Translate.

favorite bands: BTS, Florence + The Machine, Avenged Sevenfold, Black Sabbath, BIGBANG, Monsta X, 2NE1, f(x), Vaults, Daft Punk, Danko Jones, Foster the People, Gorillaz, MUSE and like 100+ more that I can’t even remember off the top of my head.

fave soloists: Paolo Nutini, José Gonzalés, Adele, Eva Cassidy, Amy Winehouse, Sia, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Helen Sjöholm, Jason Mraz, Johnny Cash, and yet another 100+ that I can’t remember.

song stuck in my head: MAMA by J-HOOOOPPPEEEEE

last movie i watched: Not sure, don’t watch a lot of movies.

last show i watched: Not sure, don’t watch a lot of series. xD

when did you create ur blog: This one was created in November 2016, but I didn’t start posting until December 2016.

what do you post: Kpop, aesthetics, bull shit, memes, video game stuff and pictures of my pets.

when did your blog reach its peak?: It hasn’t. xD

do you have other blogs: I have @fykorean, and like one more URL that I haven’t decided if I’m gonna start using yet.

do you get asks regularly: Not really? I get them every now and again, but usually in reply to something I’ve said or done.

why did you choose your url: It’s based of my previous URLs and Gamertags from when I was like… 13? Don’t judge me.

following: 1429

posts: 1360

hogwarts house: Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff

pokemon team: Mystic :D

fave colors: Purple, Green, Black and Gold.

avg hours of sleep: Anywhere from 4 to 16 hours tbh. Depends on if I’m having nightmares or a lot of pain or not.

lucky numbers: 7? I think?

fave characters: Garrus motherfucking Vakarian. Cullen Rutherford, Dorian Pavus, Sky from Jade Empire, the Adoring Fan and M’aiq the Liar. Also, Skull Kid. And my dog, she’s a character…

what am i wearing now?:
Hoodie and panties.

how many blankets do u sleep w: Two, usually and at least four pillows.

dream job: Games artist/games writer, or something to do with music.

dream trip: I really want to do a full tour of Europe at some point, and I really want to go to Japan and South Korea. :3

I’m tagging: @rudeoppa​, @jungkoog​, @yoongiski​, @blondekimseokjin​, @prettypjm​, @ssconce​, @02gguk​, @mey-ryuu​, @coffee-with-bangtan@rosymyg, @ungiis@junglecork, @momomint@pastel-yoongs, @frstlv

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Thank you @cosyjimin for tagging me (((also wtf how is your blog A+++++ already Gman chill)))

nicknames: Charl, Char, Carl

gend: female or who gives a shit

star sign: gemini

height: 161cm

time rn: 23:05

last thing i googled: Brighton Uni

favorite bands: Big Bang, EXO, Twenty One Pilots, My Chemical Romance

fave soloists: Marina and the diamonds, GD

song stuck in my heald: She’s so lovely - Scouting For Girls

last movie i watched: Light Between the Oceans

last show i watched: Cheese In The Trap?????

when did you create ur blog: like a few yrs ago idk

what do you post: kpop n aesthetic ish

when did your blog reach its peak?: what peak fam

do you have other blogs: oui oui @moodmarina for super kawaii, aesthetic grunge ish

do you get asks regularly: lol

why did you choose your url: jimin innit

following: 380

posts: 7720

hogwarts house: Ravenclaw

pokemon team: Rocket

fave colors: White, Pink, Green

avg hours of sleep: 6

lucky numbers: 24

fave characters: Im a real fan of that Kim Jongdae idk if you know him

what am i wearing now?:
a hoodie

how many blankets do u sleep w: 3

dream job: cinematographer 


tagging: @chanyoel @baekhyeun @puppy-chanyeol @chimchimshi @changkyuh @yixseok @dazedjongin @ilovminseok @jpghope @sunflowersoo

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nicknames: mac, macy, max

gend: female

star sign: libra

height: 162 cm

time rn: 12:42 pm

last thing i googled: bts memes LOL

favorite bands: exo, bts, blackpink, twice, got7, vixx, b.a.p, infinite, all time low, i’m not going to list them all

fave soloists: IU

song stuck in my head: Downpour by IOI rn

last movie i watched: wow I think it was Hyung

last show i watched: how to get away with murder

when did you create ur blog: this one was created around 6 or 7 months ago and I’ve had my main blog for like, 5 years I think

what do you post: kpop here, fandom stuff on my main

when did your blog reach its peak?: hahaha this one hasn’t

do you have other blogs: @llydiahstiles is my main blog

do you get asks regularly: nope but I appreciate any and every ask, as random and weird as they may be hahaha

why did you choose your url: because wang eun is such a cutie and baekhyun <333

following: 163

posts: 5195

hogwarts house: ravenclaw (slytherclaw tbh)

pokemon team: valor

fave colors: dark red, navy and grey

avg hours of sleep: 7-8

lucky numbers: 16

fave characters: stiles stilinski, lydia martin, isabelle lightwood and more

what am i wearing now?:
shirt and jeans

how many blankets do u sleep w: one

dream job: writer or director tbh

dream trip: Italy, Korea, England and Australia

tagging these lovelies @dazedjongin @changkyuh @mafiayixing @yixseok @hobikookie @taenity @blondekimseokjin @taetae-babe @cmdrfenris @mochikotae @puppy-chanyeol you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to ofc ^.^

anonymous asked:

I sent a similar ask to brat mum but she didn't answer it :/ sad cause I wanted to know what she thought. Anyway I've been looking through my fave songs rn cause I'm obsessed with connecting sims I love to songs I love and I thought Halsey - strange love fit rylan and mars sooo much. If you get a chance to listen to it lemme know if you agree? :D

Think of her more like a very busy sister! She’s trying her best to keep up with message’s but we don’t want to make her feel bad or else this won’t be fun for her! I did listen to the song though and yeah man that’s pretty much the most accurate thing I’ve ever heard! Well done friend!

anonymous asked:

OMG I LOVE YOUR PLAYLIST every single song you post on your blog <33 Do you listen to K-indie?

i don’t really listen to k-indie and favor the genre or its artists in general, i just listen to the ones topping the charts.. but i do love CHEEZE tho and JRabbit (the vocalist’s voice is literally one of the prettiest voices i heard) i also like Bolbbalgan4 a lot, if they count as indie.

 I’m more favorable towards R&B and Hip Hop

20 Questions

Tagged by @tae-la-tiger thank you very much darling <3 

nicknames: Vera

gender: ♀

star sign: Pisces

height: hmm maybe 163 cm

time rn: 12:35

last thing i googled: Lanky Box Justin (well..yes^^)

favorite bands:

K-pop wise:  BangtanBoys, SHINee, B.A.P /they are the TOP3 but I like other bands too/

Non K-pop wise: I really loved One Direction when they were together, now.. hm.. I don’t have a favourite

fave soloists: 

K-pop wise: Hm… it is hard because I am listening bands and if i am listening soloists then it is because their song is in a drama. 

Non K-pop wise: Troye Sivan,Hayley Kiyoko, Niall Horan, 

song stuck in my head: SHINee - Tell me what to do

last movie i watched: hmm… mostly I am watching series and dramas but I think it was the new Bridget Jones movie. 

last show i watched: Hello Counselor on youtube. 

when did you create ur blog: 2013. september 23.

what do you post: Well honestly everything. foods, fashion, movies, kpop, dramas, series, quotes, lgbt stuff, animals.. really guys. Everything. 

when did your blog reach its peak?: haha

do you have other blogs: Not in tumblr. 

do you get asks regularly: It would be good but no :D 

why did you choose your url: My first favourite book, play and musical was Romeo and Juliet and I really like Verona as a city too, and I have always wanted to be a princess so… yeah. 

posts: 94,480

hogwarts house:  Hufflepuff *-*

pokemon team: -

fave colors: Light pink and black <3 

avg hours of sleep: maybe seven hours. 

lucky numbers: 7 and 13

fave characters: oh… The entire Weasley family, Yeo Wool from Hwarang because he is my spirit animal, and I am sure I have others too but I have these ones in my mind right now. 

what am i wearing now?: jeans and a black Lee Jong Suk /W/ Tshirt. 

how many blankets do u sleep w: 1

dream job: writer <3

dream trip: South Korea. Scotland, Ireland, Alaska

I will tag @minsam2 @taequila @hipsonlou @dansphil

I was tagged by @crazy-chocobo and @tsumtsum
Rules: tag nine people you want to get to know better!
- relationship status: gay
- favourite color: salmon or any pretty pink!!!
- lipstick or chapstick: chapstick! Don’t want crusty lips!!!
- last song i listened to: These Girls- Sticky Fingers
- last movie i watched: finding dory on Netflix omg
- top 3 tv shows: Breaking Bad, um uhh I don’t watch tv shows anymore
- top 3 characters: Trevor (GTAV), all of my jojo faves like fuck I can’t choose
- top 3 ships: uh fuck um jotakak, gyjo, and Caesar x Joseph
- books i’m currently reading: HA! Me? Reading books? I can’t even read an article. But I’ll do what Dany did and tag the games I’m playing rn: Outlast, Overwatch, replaying KH 3D and getting back into Destiny
I’ll tag: @i-kick-ass-for-the-lord @madradiohead @spiralmorioh @mythbro @ahogecos @bisolidsnake @jotaro-kuho @altfire @luomoape

@rollinmv thanks for tagging me <33

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nicknames: gargi, gordy, gordi, g-$tring, corgi, gaga, and bitch

gend: cis female

star sign: gemini

height: 167 cm

time rn: 11:45 pm

last thing i googled: darren criss

favorite bands: maroon 5, day6

fave soloists: adele, john legend, n more

song stuck in my head: i need u by bts

last movie i watched: some history documnetary

last show i watched: the flash

when did you create ur blog: like 3 days ago

what do you post: kpop

when did your blog reach its peak?: lmao i dont think it has

do you have other blogs: yuuup @bane-magnus for shadowhunters /the flash and glee, @persiius for aesthetics

do you get asks regularly: nope, you should send me some if you feellike it

why did you choose your url: cause cosy jimin man

following: 590

posts: 27

hogwarts house: slytherin

pokemon team: idk

fave colors: purple

avg hours of sleep: 9+

lucky numbers: 12

fave characters: magnus bane, blaine anderson, barry allen

what am i wearing now?:

how many blankets do u sleep w: one

dream job: neurologist

dream trip: nyc, australia, s. korea, florida, LA

i tag: @nverever @yixseok @luflute @xiullah @chimchimies @baekhyeun @jimin-bean @ggukthicc @rarepepi @sassuho @sunnyjungkook @deerbbh @bangtoori

anonymous asked:

All the Eurovision entries are out now, still have the same thoughts?

ok so im listenin to the playlist rn imma tell u my fave ones or smth. so. i really like spain.. russia is soo catchy and reminds me of an old song i like it, bulgaria is chill (and also #evak), i love iceland too (i just saw a comment sayin her voice sounds like robyn’s i am attacked), i love latvia too, moldova is still my fave its just such a jam, switzerland is real catchy too, norway is honestly isak rappin but better not sure how i feel about the song tho but its norway so u kno, sweden still reminds me of fancy its okay tho “i cant go on when u look this freaking beautiful” me @ henrik, uk “i will never give up on u” me about evenfors4 its a nice song, yoo i love serbia, france!!!!! ,ah portugal i really like it, macedonia wow! i love the vibe, also montenegro omg, belgium!!!!!, australia’s lyrics is also #evak but not really a fan of the song, the netherlands did That, im really liking cyprus, hungary:-) even tho he wasnt my fave and i dont like the rap part bc hungarian rap makes me cringe ,i like the song bc its like… traditional hungarian w romani, austria! i like it anddd belarus!!my second fave after moldova…….so yaa these are the songs i love hahah

@jigglybuff tagged me in a top 10 fave songs thing and WHO AM I TO SAY NO >:V (I’m picking ones I’ve been thinking about a lot recently)

サムライハート(Some Like It Hot!!) - SPYAIR

Life Itself - Glass Animals

Glitter & Gold - Barnes Courtney

Heirloom - Sleeping at Last

Rolling Star - YUI

Down With The Trumpets - Rizzle Kicks

Beta Love - Ra Ra Riot

Yuri on ICE - 梅林太郎

Sabotage - Beastie Boys

Na Na Na - My chemical Romance

anndd I’m gonna tag @smellsliketimetravel@candletrails@castleintheskye@andern3ll@a-singular-lobster​ and anyone else who feels like sharing some music rn B)

@yconmins tagged me in this thingi, thank u so much oml

nicknames: sam, sammy, sambam, p much any bastardisation of samuel rly

gend: male (but p androgynous idk fuck gender (he/him tho def))

star sign: cancer

height: 162 loving that smol life

time rn: 21:05

last thing i googled: “enneagram type 3 fear response” im doing fic research ok i am Not a type 3

favorite bands: cage the elephant, the 1975, nephew (and spector too lately), bts and exo too ofc

fave soloists: lorde, lana del rey, hozier, t.o.p, zico, cro, etc etc etc

song stuck in my head: stay high by spector, honestly the entire album is a gift from god

last movie i watched: captain america - civil war i think it was

last show i watched: please like me (the best god damn gay sit com ever)

when did you create ur blog: early 2014, i was a supernatural blog back then ,, wild times

what do you post: mostly kpop, but aesthetic, bad memes and the occasional stuff form other fandoms too

when did your blog reach its peak?: in like ‘14 or ‘15 when i was a super active member of the spn writing community like wow what a time

do you have other blogs: i barely have time to to keep this one running lmao

do you get asks regularly: not at all, but i love it when i do get some

why did you choose your url: i wanted a bts one, i love everyone, it looks so damn pretty so yeah i stuck w it

following: 235

posts: 22,481 (so much spn)

hogwarts house: ravenclaw (or slytherin idk im having a hp identity crisis atm)

pokemon team: i have never played it so

fave colors: any pastels, and dark red and violet

avg hours of sleep: around 8, 9 if it’s weekend 

lucky numbers: 15

fave characters: draco malfoy, amethyst from steven universe, soso from oitnb, jaime lannister in the books not the series bc eh

what am i wearing now?:
the loosest most fluttering soft pants and a hoodie

how many blankets do u sleep w: 1

dream job: full time writer, or maybe a translater of some kind. making music on the side, def

dream trip: roadtrip with a best friend, going everywhere, for as long as we want to

this is a tag 20 people thing but that’s not realistic for me, so i’ll just tag some super nice friends and mutuals:

@nsfwseok  @amalie-s  @atdawn  @cheolhan  @bi-hoseok  @viking-witch  @anga-sassumi  @velvethoseok  @meeowra

+ anyone who wants to do it yay

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STAR SIGN : Gemini/Cancer
HEIGHT : 5′0″
LAST THING I GOOGLED : Novel Writing Tips
FAVE MUSIC ARTIST: Rn, I think it’s this youtuber RobertIDK
SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD : Aftermath by As Lions
LAST TV SHOW WATCHED :  Once Upon a Time
WHAT ARE YOU WEARING RIGHT NOW : Tank top and black shorts
WHEN DID YOU CREATE YOUR BLOG : OH shit fuck. This one was made on June 8, 2016, but the old one was made August 26, 2014
WHAT KIND OF STUFF DO I POST : Roleplays, random other shit tbh.
DO I HAVE ANY OTHER BLOGS : FUCK OKAY- @telepxthicheart @dragonheartecl @whoisincxntrxl @himitsunochie @noanoyorokobi @mumeinopiero @kejicho @hasunokenshi @imnotaghostiswear
WHY DID I CHOOSE MY URL : Because his name is Noiz and there’s such a thing as noise pollution-
FAVORITE COLOR: Hmmm. Probably green rn.
AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP:  I usually go to bed at a time that will allow me to get 8 hours, but I rarely sleep the entire time, and it takes me about an hour to fall asleep anyway
FAVORITE CHARACTER(S): Noiz, Kenny McCormick, Danny Fenton, Tyki Mikk, Mae Borowski
DREAM JOB: Psychologist, Author, or Youtuber/Twitch Streamer


TAGGING: @emptyhandecl @fxrsakenhearts @fcnikkusu @49names

@astarkey tagged me in this, thank, <3 

Nicknames: katie or kate
Time right now: 8:15pm
Last thing I googled: “jack kennedy birth chart” (lol.. embarrassing)
Fave music artist: silversun pickups
Song stuck in my head: ones who love you by alvvays
Last movie I watched: Jackie (and it fucked me up, I’m currently emo over it, it was really good)
Last TV show I watched: dont trust the B in apartment 23 
What I’m wearing now: pj pants and my tank top w/ jim morrison on it
When I created this blog: like 4 yrsago? I’m too lazy rn to look 
What I post: music/bands stuff, memes, movies/shows stuff, self care stuff, quotes,art, generally pictures of ?? stuff i like??? lmao and …lots of personal posts and selfies …
Do I have other blogs: yes but i dont use them ever ..rarely i will i use my paramore blog though 
Do I get asks regularly: no …
Why did I choose my url: because i love kevin and mbv is one of my fav bands
Gender: nonbinary 
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Pokémon Team: idk what this means lol like fire? or electricity? or like what.. i like pikachu 
Fave color: orange forever 
Average hours of sleep: average would be 6 maybe bc i go from getting 3 hours to getting 10 so often 
Favorite characters: dana scully, alice (in wonderland), coraline ..
Dream job: hmmm like realistic dream? that would be an elementary/middle school teacher.. or fantasy job like never - gonna - happen job? in a famous band w / punk rock vibes where i get to just yell a lot lol
Number of blankets I sleep with: 2

i will tag these cool people : @istarteatingarbage @tayloryorkfanclub  @cruisingthebluesupreme

Tag game

Tagged by @annlka yay thank you ! ♥♥♥

1. when did you make your blog?: June 2015

2. how many blogs do you have?: This one and @kyu-feel-dat 

3. how did you come up with your url?: it’s just my nickname

4. amount of posts: 6728

5. amount of queued posts: 0 rn

6. amount of drafts: 20

7. amount of likes: 8647 

8. amount of followers: 710

9. first follower: I bet it was Sungyeol fan blog ^.^

10. how many blogs do you follow?: 620

11. what type of blogs do you follow?: kpop , my fave non-kpop bands, planners and bujo

12. what blog is getting most of your love?: ughhh I have no idea… probably  @annlka, I love @nabiso stuff too 

13. ever blacklisted a mutual?: nah

14. the last message you got?: @t-doogo sent me some nice songs as always ^.^ ♥

15. the last ask you got?: something for ask game I guess, it was long time ago 

16. tumblr friends: I think I have some people which I can call friends but I’m not gonna mention since I’m not sure if they like me too (lol me xD)

17. post a screenshot of your dash:

18. post a picture of your blogging space?: 

(it’s dark here so my phone takes weird photos. but I’m crying cause it was a gif and I captured same moment on screenshot xDDD #mysenseofhumor ^.^)

I tag: @kpopakamylife @t-doogo @husberttee and everyone who wants to do this  :)