Apollo (altho i love nicknames feel free to give me one)
im gonna say 17 cuz i turn 17 on September 18th
im from germany! but rn i live in california
i like the raven cycle, inception, mad max, my qpps, algebra, space and sharks
i dislike all things orange, onions, things with holes and humidity
i read, write poetry, hang out with friends, swim, go exploring, argue over history
my fave song currently is drive or gasoline by halsey
my fave thing bout autumn is pumpkins! and rain
hey baby r u a season? because ur gonna fall for me

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Why did you choose your url?
It’s from my character in a game called Wizard101. Her last name is Skyheart, so yeah.

What is your middle name?

If you could own a fictional/fairy tale pet, what would it be?
K, so I would love to own a dragon and yes, yes I know that I would be putting my house under potential destruction, but dragons, man. My favourite one most definitely is Saphira from Eragon. The movie was extremely inaccurate but the books are amazing and Saphira is awesome af.

Favorite color/s?
Light shades of blue (sky, turquoise) and black.

Favorite song?
It’s the same with both songs and movies, you can never pick just one.
Some of my favourites right now are Wake Up by Awolnation, Better Strangers by Royal Blood and You and I by Ingrid Michaelson.

What are your top five fandoms?
Homestuck, Steven Universe, Supernatural, Marvel and my fellow Wizzies.

Why do you like Tumblr?
Tumblr is half the reason I watch the tv shows I watch, read the books read and play the games play. And most importantly, I have made so many awesome friends through this website.

Tag 10 of your tumblr crushes/squishes, they do the questions too.
Just like aphludgerkresnik, I will only tag mutuals because it does feel more comfortable that way. Not necessarily crushes, but people I do genuinely want to ask some these questions.
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All cakes

ahhh… cake

  • White cake:What’s your name and gender?

Hope and Female

  • Carrot cake:Do you have a crush on anyone?


  • Cheesecake:Favorite song?

rn it’s Trouble by Halsey

  • Red velvet cake:Romantic and/or sexual orientation?

Lesbian, gay, gay af, super fucking hella gay; I accept all of the above

  • Lemon cake:Do you think you’re a cinnamon roll or a problematic fave?

lol im like a block of salt carved to look like a cinnamon roll

  • Strawberry cake:Name a cinnamon roll.


  • Pumpkin spice cake:Name a problematic fave.

idk? I would say my other best friend Jessica but she’s not problematic tbh she’s just like me we’re gonna be salty old ladies together in our old age it’ll be great

  • Blueberry cake:Do you have any hobbies?

Yeah drawing I guess. Also learning the guitar, but I’ve kinda been “learning” that off and on for like 5 years so yeah I suck

  • Fruit cake:Name four things you would like to do.

1- go back to Disney Land

2- go back to Disney Land during October it’s supposed to be spoopy

3- go back to Disney Land this year while the Diamond Celebrations still on

4- go back to Disney Land THIS OCTOBER

  • Rainbow cake:What is your current phone wallpaper?

Like, this Star Wars thing with flowers… it’s kinda hard to explain yeah

Thanks for the questions Luv!

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fave artists? for music

AHH okay so the thing is is that I don’t generally listen to music by artist!! like some of my favorite songs are the only songs I’ve heard by that artist, and I jump around a bit BUT I will do the artists that I do listen to a whole bunch of
In no particular order:
1d, duh
t swift (I like her music, she’s :/ )
The glass animals
young the giant
George ezra (MY BOYFRIEND)
Oh Wonder
The xx
Halsey? I love her but idk if she’s a fave yet

That’s all I can think of rn!!

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1) If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
my mam’s roast dinner :’)

2) Favourite animal?

3) Last film you saw?

4) Favourite book?
The Hobbit

5) Dogs or cats?
dogs cats are scum lmao

6) Where in the world would you like to visit?
America, Australia & Ireland (again)

7) Top 3 bands?
Catfish And The Bottlemen, Kasabian, Oasis

8) Favourite tv show?
i have so many rn that i can’t decide a fave but recently i’ve been getting really heavily back into Misfits and reminiscing from years ago, This Is England, My Mad Fat Diary and Sherlock

9) If you could 5 artists/bands to play at a music festival, who would they be?
Catfish And The Bottlemen, Oasis, Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys & The Courteeners 

10) Last song you listened to?
Dancing Song by Little Comets

11) Favourite season?
winter, without a doubt

idk who to tag so please just feel free to do this if you would like x

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  • Why did you choose this url? um well so looooong time ago i was trying to make a livejournal account and i like steampunk you know but of course steampunk was taken so i thought hey why not put more mmmms that’d make it okay wouldn’t it and here i am   
  • What’s your middle name? pfft i don’t have one
  • If you could own a fairy tale pet, what it would be? dragons yeah?
  • Fav colour? black
  • Fave song right now? idk if i can call this fave but i’ve been listening to landslide by oh wonder a lot past couple of days
  • Top three fandoms? star trek & pinto (i’m never sure whether this should be counted as one or two), sense8, captain america
  • Why do you like Tumblr? do i like tumblr tho but fandom is my fandom and this is where we are rn
  • Tag all nine of your tumblr crushes or people you just think are cool as fuck to do this as well! ok so according to that little crushes thingy i’m supposed to tag jouissants, semper-amamohtz, rabidchild67, vulcains, spaggel, itreallyisthelittlethings, soproudofya, medeafic and everybody else because i think all of you are super cool!!!

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Name: Julie (short 4 julianna)
Age: 9
Birthday: Nov 16
Sexual orientation: okay
Favourite colour: green
Rn: 8:00am
Average sleeps: i dunno
Lucky number: i dunno
Last thing I googled: horse porn
Favourite fictional character: myself
Favourite book: an autobiography i wrote bout myself in stores near u
Favourite music: Soviet by Frank (just frank), Bad Law by Sondre Lerche, black flag, the descedents, fox academy, frankie cosmos n circle jerks
Dream job: i wana make dumb songs or b a taxidermist 
What I’m wearing ATM: giant sweater w leggings 

I tag: 666u and pussyrocket 

Get to know you

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name: Adele
birthday: September 29
gender: Female
sexual orientation: a demisexual bisexual (confusing I know) 
height: ummmm
relationship status: Single
zodiac sign: Libra MBTI type: INFJ
any siblings: An older and younger sister 
fave colors: blue and purple 
do i have pets: 2 dogs (AKA my babies) 
fave artists: Hozier, Vance Joy, Florence and the Machine…. I have music from anywhere, I tend to like songs more than bands and artist tbh 
what time do i wake up: Weekdays: 7am Weekends: 9-10am
what time do i go to bed: Also 9:30-10pm
what type of phone do i have: iPhone 4 
what am i doing rn: procrastinating











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1. Why did you choose this url?

I love Luffy a thousand times over. But the url iloveluffyathousandtimesover was a little too long so this one works too.
there was no real reason it just kind of happened

2. What’s your middle name?


3. If you could own a fairytale pet, what it would be?

I mean…dragons are always a go-to. Or a phoenix? Or unicorn…

4. Fave color?

sky blue and gold

5. Fave song right now?

Shut Up And Dance gets stuck in my head so much lately so looks like that’s the one

6. Top three fandoms?

One Piece and SU are the only ones I’m keeping up with rn

7. Why do you like Tumblr?

I’ve become friends with some super cool people on here. Like really super cool people. 

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what are your favorite songs? u seem like u have great music taste so i want some recs thanks!

this is a v hard question bc every song is my fave song haha but if i had to pick: a lizard state by king krule, blue by matd, the one who broke your heart by st vincent and david byrne, i’m your villain by franz ferdinand, northern downpour by patd, and hannah hunt by vampire weekend! 

this was so difficult but they’re my most listened to songs on itunes rn :^)

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nickname: kate/ katie

birthday: november 9 

star sign: scorpio

gender: female

orientation: bisexual/ biromantic/ ace (i dont really know which one lmao)

height: 5′6″

fave color: blue

average amount of sleep: anywhere between 0-12 hours

last thing i googled: my local mall’s closing time

first thing that comes to mind: i really like this song rn (idk what its called but its stone temple pilots)

happy place: with my friends or writing something

blankets i sleep with: one comforter

fave books: harry potter, to kill a mockingbird, remember me, the catastrophic history of you and me, the inkheart series, the fault in our stars

fave artist/ band: my chemical romance, imagine dragons, stone temple pilots, twenty one pilots, lana del rey, melanie martinez, raised to the ground

last movie i saw at the cinema: the duff

dream job: language officer (for the CIA)

what im wearing right now: a ‘good vibes’ t shirt with black yoga pants :3

i tag: northeas-artist98, shitsquiettime, walk-in-library, karrinemackgenesis, littleboxlauren, stickeredcheesecakes


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um, well, I love one piece and I’d always wanted a URL that referred to it somehow. And I love Luffy too an his little straw hat, so mugiwara comes from there, and Araba is like, my name. So there you go.


I don’t have one. And I always find it strange that people have such long names, even though I guess it would be fun to have one. A middle name, I mean.


Dragon. I don’t even need to think about that. 


black and blue.


Right now, it’s an Urdu ghazal (pretty sure most of you won’t understand this anyway) called Tum meray paas Raho.


ok, um, first is One Piece

then Dragon Ball Z

and, uh, oh yeah, Harry potter


I enjoy the fandom things, and the occasional funny post, and the many awesome drawing and fanfics by the talented people here!

tag all nine of your tumblr crushes or people you just think are cool to do this as well!

OK, so since i’m kinda new here, I do not have many people i’m comfortable with, but here goes

curiousoddaisha, fromthecastlesintheair, kuro-hisan, trafalgar-d-ghita

this would have to do. this was fun, I hope all of you have fun too!


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🎶 - Top 5 favorite songs?

idk if this means favorite songs of all time or current faves so im just gonna list ones im listening to alot rn in no particular order

Terrence Loves You - Lana Del Rey, The Hills - The Weeknd, Often - The Weeknd, Blue - Beyonce, and XO - Beyonce

📝 - Story from your childhood.

okay so when i was learning how to tie my shoes my mom tied then for me first and she was like “okay now its ur turn”. so i was like okay you leave the room and ill come out when i’m done. so she left and i literally just slipped the shoes back on, already tied and went into the living room and was just like “i did it”. and she believed me

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bias order: (as of rn) feeldog, jude/raehwan, sunghak, baram

my favorite song by them: Trying to Erase You its so beautiful i lov it


bias order: gunwoo/insoo, chaejin/junq, seyong (that might be completely the other way around…

(current) favorite song(s): Day by Day, F.F.Y., Miracle (theres more but i really cant pick just one im sorry)


Bias Order: (oh f*ck me) D.ana, Newsun, Euijin, Nahyun, Sumin, Minjae, High D. (tbh……..these girls are like all my fave but the first three are just a lilll bit more)

favorite song: Everlasting Love (also on my top 10 songs ever)

thank you for sending these groups asdhfksah

send me a group to know my bias order and my favorite song!

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Alaina. Rate my blog. My fave song is Tear in my Heart rn and my fave movie is the Alfred Hitchcock film Rebecca. Do it.

URL: choice//sick af//you wanna make a trade

Theme: damn son that is some good shit//I really like it and you should keep it this way until the world implodes//how did you even do that cause I can barely technology

Icon: who is this precious cinnamon roll//A++//ughhhnnnnnnnnnnn I’m gonna stare at this all night