Bon finalement je n'ai aucune photo spéciale (j'ai pas réussi à faire sa coiffure aussi et elle n'a pas vraiment de pouvoir ou truc spécifique sauf “la lumière” mais ça gâchait la photo avec la lampe de poche) mais ma gardienne est un peu près moi physiquement (Lia-Chan) je pourrais toujours éditer la photo plus tard et genre rajouter une boule lumineuse. Sinon mon haut est noir et j'ai le même maquillage !

Adding a short English version : so my picture is pretty simple, my guardian having the power of the light I couldn’t find a way to have a cool luminous ball without editing and i don’t have my computer nearby. Anyway I have her make up (fake freckles and those beautiful dark circles) my lips aren’t as red as hers are and the primerose’s hairstyle is way too hard to reproduce so I gave up Oh and same top color o/ my guardian’s name is Lia-Chan btw

  • me: god i can't believe you would ship a married man with his also married best friend
  • me: *trips*
  • me: *pictures of brendon and dallon spill out of purse like breadsticks after a date*
  • me: oh no those aren't mine
  • me: *scrambles to pick up pictures*
  • me: *knuckle tattoos read brallon*
  • me: i'm only holding them-
  • me: *cellphone rings and only the word brallon plays repeatedly*
  • me: -for a friend


I’ve had this blog for about 3-4 months, and I can without a doubt say this is by far my favourite fandom. I have blogs in the Teen Wolf, Taylor Swift, Celebrities, and movies/books fandoms and honestly, you guys (Youtube) are hands down the nicest fandom. *ps I don’t take credits for the picture * Anyway, THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY DASH THE BEAUTIFUL THING IT IS.

-Lots of love, Lia.

(BTW I’d love if any of you guys wanted to join my Youtubers Love Network!)

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I’m sorry because I know I’m forgetting a lot of people, regardless, if you are reading this, I love you<3

Hello there petal ♥★

I wrote this short scenario actually quite a while ago, but didn’t post it because I had not a writing blog back than. Anyway, please enjoy this short, angst scenario with pretty Suga boy and excuse my grammar and spelling mistakes, English is not my native language.

Lots of Love, Lia   

(btw, Don’t worry I’m working on your requests, I probably will finish a scenario request today.)

Gerne: Angst

Words: 677

Warnings: Swearing, toxic relationship

Pairing: Yoongi x reader 

Choose not to (Min Yoongi)

Yoongi was always a special person to me and for most of the time in our relationship I liked to believe that I’m special to him too. 

But I wasn’t.

Every time when we lay there under the sheets, in the dark and he told me that he loved me my heart would flutter and I really, really did believe him. Now I know that I only believe him because I didn’t want to admit that the men I fell in love with didn’t love me back. I was blinded by the unrealistic imagine of love in my mind. So I choose to ignore the signs.  

I ignored that he only told me that he loves me in the dark when he couldn’t look me into the eyes.

 “Y/N?” he whispered into the dark while I was embraced in his warm arms.
“Mhmm yes?” I answered him.
„I love you so much.“
„I love you too, Yoongi.“

 I choose to ignore that he disappeared for days sometimes weeks without a word.

“Hey, it’s Y/N… again. It’s just, you didn’t respond to any of my messages and didn’t pick up your phone….I’m just… Are you okay? I haven’t heard anything from you for 9 days now. I just want to make sure you are okay?…Umm, well please call me back when you hear this. I love you.”
He never called me back.

That he never would hold my hand in public or even be near to me. Because according to him it’s too embarrassing and just inappropriate.

“Y/N stop, please. It’s really not the time.”
“Oh come on Yoongi. Why? I just want to hold hands with my boyfriend on this beautiful, sunny day in the park.” I exclaimed while trying to entwine our fingers. Yoongi jerked back and scolded at me.
“Seriously, Y/N. Stop. We are in public this is so embarrassing and totally inappropriate.“
My smile immediately dropped. Humiliated and unable to look at him I started walking back to my apartment, Yoongi right behind me.

That his friends probably would have never met or even heard about me when I didn’t happen by accident. The way he screamed at me after I brought him coffee into the studio and his friends saw me and started to question him.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? I told you I don’t like it when you disturb me at my work! What were you thinking!?”
Yoongi fumed, his hands frantically clenched to fists
“I.. I just want to bring you coffee, since you looked so tired today.” I mumbled, trying to hold back my tear.
“Well, fuck Y/N I didn’t want fucking coffee. Now I have to explain the others who you are.” He snapped at me while kicking the next best thing near him. I flinched from sudden noise and stammered: „Isn’t that a good thing though…. I mean we have been dating for the past year…“
He just shocked his head and cursed me out under his breath. Then, without another word he stromed out of the he room.

And especially I choose to ignore the disgusted look he gave me when he thought I wasn’t looking. But I noticed it every time, I just choose to ignore it. I needed two years to be able to admit to myself that he, the men that I loved, love so much, doesn’t care about me the way I do. And I cried and cried until I couldn’t feel anything anymore. Until I just could lay in my bed, staring blankly at ceiling and feeling numb, so fucking numb.

What I still didn’t understand why he was with me in the first place for such a long time when he doesn’t love me anyway.

Howsoever I tried to put the piece together I just couldn’t. I couldn’t understand his reason behind this. Does he want to hurt me? Doesn’t he want be alone? I don’t know and I probably will never. And of course I could leave him but….

“I choose not to.”