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Now everything make sense. Camila unfollowed lucy when the relationship between lauren and lucy was strong and real. So, why she unfollowed lucy if she has no reason? The possible reason is because she had jealousy and feel bad to see lauren with another girl. And if you think, camila was friend whit lucy at the beginning. Something get wrong. And i think camila left the band in part for this situation, it's very difficult to be in love with someone who's in love with another.

But the way Lauren & Camila acted towards each other during this whole time doesn’t look like people who broke up and are trying to remain friends - I mean there’s some serious flirting going on - and Lauren shared her opinion on “cheating” very clearly, even if it’s only in the mind. That’s also why it’s been so hard for me to believe in Laucy, because for the past year I’ve been living and breathing Camren through this blog, so when I think about a timeline it’s made of Camren moments and none of it adds up with Lauren being in a romantic relationship with someone else - and I get that they presented the relationship as an “on/off” thing, but I don’t see Lauren two timing Camila, or Lucy for that matter. Despite what certain anon may think, I do care about Lauren being happy and if that’s with Lucy or someone else then fine, I just don’t think that that particular relationship happened the way it was told. I do have massive respect for Lauren and for Lucy for giving out that message, for coming out and deciding to represent the community - I just don’t believe that the story coming with the message is entirely true. But that’s just my opinion, which I keep strictly to this blog, without ever tagging directly the girls - so I don’t particularly like being called a “bully” or being associated with the crazy/mean part of the fandom who’s spreading hate on twitter and instagram (for you @ot5-always ) I would never be mean to Lauren or Lucy or even directly get in contact with them concerning that subject, I’m just giving out my opinion, maybe it’s completely the wrong one, maybe at some point we’ll get real pictures of Laucy as a couple, and when I say “real” I mean candid and not staged, and then I’ll believe that Laucy was indeed real, but until then I’m still more convinced by Camren than anything else because we do have images and videos, hours of it, and these are the only proofs I need.

And for the all twitter thing, it was actually Lucy who unfollowed Camila only a couple of days after liking one of her posts - a very weird thing to do.

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Do you think if camila and lauren acted around each other the way they do around the other 3 they won't be shipped this hard? I think them being distant just proved camren more

If two past lovers can remain friends, either they never were in love, or they still are.