Ravi (@AceRavi):

벌써 4시네요.. 다들 굿나잇⭐️

It’s already 4 o'clock.. Goodnight everyone⭐

안자는 별빛 채팅하자⭐️

Starlights who aren’t sleeping, let’s chat⭐

이렇게 많이 안자고 있을줄이야ㅠ
모두와 이야기 못해서 미안해요
대신에 좀 더 자주 채팅할게요
그러다보면 언젠가 모두와 채팅한게 되지않을까..? 밤늦게 다들 고생많구 화이팅하고 건강챙겨요⭐️

I didn’t know this many of you weren’t sleepingㅠ
I’m sorry I couldn’t chat with everyone
Instead, I’ll chat more often
If I do that, eventually I’ll chat with everyone, right..? You all worked hard late at night, so good luck and take care of your health⭐️

Trans. cr: fyeah-vixx

I’ve been debating a lot lately about what to do with this blog.

It’s strange, because this little Tumblr url has been /my/ place for almost five years now. It’s like a piece of myself; a place where I made several friends and found over 10,000 people who share my interests enough to follow me and care about what I have to say. Do you know how unreal it is that nearly 11,000 people know I exist even though they’ve never physically seen me? Maybe that’s something only I think about haha. It just makes me feel a little less small.

But this isn’t like…my PERSONAL blog anymore, you know? None of my writing goes here. I don’t hop on here every day excited to tell you all things anymore, and there’s not really any conversation. That’s all on my writing and RP blogs. Those are the people I talk to every day. I’m not even sure any of you will read this to this point haha. And sometimes that bothers me, sure, because in 2012 this blog was a conversation. Now it’s more of a culmination of my interests and me shouting into the void on occasion. There’s nothing wrong with that at all, but I feel like some sort of purpose has been defeated.

So I’m not sure, honestly. I’d hoped I’d reach a conclusion by the time I came to the end of typing this, but I’m left with ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ really. I’m going to go fill my queue and stew on this for a little longer. I have finals to study for and a paper to write.

I’ll try to be positive, maybe tomorrow. I do believe it’s Killian who’s holding the ring. Maybe he takes it out of his pocket in a moment of frustration because:

  • First, Emma is still trapped.
  • Second, they know that the hooded figure is already here, waiting for her.

But today I will allow myself to be disappointed with everything they have shown us. I do not care if CS meet in that AU, it’s too late. It will probably be a scene such as:

Emma: Hook! Look at yourself! It seems that you are 300 years old, finally.

Alt Hook: Excuse me?

It’s not enough for me.

PSA Outlander Fandom ...

This is a tough fandom to be in.

Everyone tries to police others. It gets old really fast.

Luckily my blog = my opinion.

Follow, unfollow, block…I don’t care.

If people can’t handle differing opinions, then that’s too bad. That is their issue, not mine.

There are enough people around who ARE willing to look at different sides and come to their own independent conclusion.

I like to hang with them 😄👍!!

I have has some really good discussions of late.

Thank you all for making me think 😄👏!!

also!!! remember buds, it’s really cold out lately and animals will be hanging around warmth where they can find it so be SUPER careful about starting up your vehicles. help feral cats survive the cold in safer ways, and any strays should always be brought to someone who can take care of them if you can manage it

winter months are hard on everyone but they’re especially hard on the furry friends with no warm homes and full plates to get back to at the end of the day

they deserve safe and happy holidays too!!! so make sure you’re doing what you can to keep every puppy and kitty cozy and fed this christmas season

i already posted this on twitter, but everyone’s been talking about why Supergirl is so important to them lately, so i wanted to do the same…

Everyone has been tweeting the Supergirl writers, Chyler and Floriana, praising and thanking them for what they’ve done in terms of queer representation this season, and as a queer girl who, at 25, hasn’t figured out where she fits in yet, I both admire and thank them for that.

But Supergirl has become so important to me for other reasons, too.

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Until we meet again.

every time the holidays roll around i like to think about how they probably miss each other like hell when they leave to visit their families, even though they literally spend every waking moment together. it’s not just christmas, either – it’s like, every second they spend away from each other (and i’m totally not saying they’re not able to function when separated) they somehow are still connected. i’ll bet you if they could use mind telepathy, they would just have hour-long arguments about eggnog and where snakes fart out of.

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