Daily Affirmation 655 and 1/2.

It looks like I accidentally missed a day yesterday! Sorry about that! I forgot the queue was going to run out.

So here’s yesterday’s affirmation, a little late, but hopefully still good:

It’s okay to be wrong. It’s okay to make mistakes. Whether it was trying something you thought you wanted, then discovering it was something you didn’t, or using a label that never really fit, or anything else surrounding your asexuality that you didn’t get right the first time, it’s okay. You’re okay. Making mistakes is human. You are not invalid because you made a mistake.

elinor. i’m going on vacation in three days, for two full weeks, and i haven’t set up a queue for this blog, because i couldn’t bring myself to. i’m having problems with being on this blog lately. there’s been a lot of negativity going around, and right now, my mental state hit rock bottom, so i’m gonna use these two weeks of torment with my family to get my spirit back. i love break more than anything else. i’m gonna try my best to be back. 

apart from that, i also changed my skype today. give this a like and i’ll add you. i’m trying to leave all of the negative emotions i combine with a lot of things behind, and that’s one of the steps. you can also find me on these two blogs: garry and my oc jean, mostly the latter. catch me there until i leave to italy.