If my Muse was a Deity, what Offerings Would you Leave at Their Shrine?

Ufufufufuu~ ♥︎  What wonderful offerings to an old deity. It’s nice to feel appreciated ♥︎ 


((When your hand slips and you put the Earl in a traditional Korean outfit…..))


so i was supposed to post this on 1st january (what a fail) but i totally forgot but better late than never! thank you everyone in this follow forever for being amazing <3 i feel extra excited since this is my first follow forever (:

S H R E Y A ’ S  F O L L O W  F O R E V E R

not in any order (p.s if your bolded your a cupcake to me, if your not your still a cupcake) 

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No. Its staying. There is nothing offensive about the confession. And while there are a few ruffled responses…it has not been nasty or bullying like some have been in the past. 

If anything…I forgot to post that behind a read more, likely because it was late at night.  I’m sorry about that. I will check the queue and make sure to add Read Mores to the confessions that warrant it.

So in closing…the confession is staying.


Roses are Red

@redbirdinwhitecage prompted: I fell for The girl that sold me roses for my valentine…

AN: I totally forgot this was even in my drafts, I’m so so sorry that it’s so late!!!

Gold noticed her eyes first.  He’d always had a weakness for blue eyes.  Then he noticed her rich brunette curls, and finally, when she began to speak, her beautiful lilting voice.  He had no intention in starting a conversation with her, or for those conversations to get longer and longer every time they happened to meet.

No one in town but Belle could spare him a kind look, let alone a kind word, or several.

His wealth and power separated him from the rest of the people that would be his neighbors.  It wasn’t something he’d admit in the light of day, but in the dark, if he’d had too much to drink, he’d concede it was lonely being the beast of Storybrooke.

Gritting his teeth Gold came back the present standing in front of the only flower shop in town.  Taking a deep breath he stepped forward, the shop’s bell ringing merrily as he entered.  Along with various flowers in all sorts of colours there were also bright red heart-shaped balloons cheerily proclaiming the date: Valentine’s Day.  Determined not to fail, he walked up the counter, waiting for someone to come and take his order.

He masked his shock as best he could when Belle stepped out from the back of the shop, a welcoming smile at the ready.  It took him a moment to recall that Belle’s father owned the shop he was currently standing in; she was probably helping out on one of the busiest days of a flower shops year. 

“Mr. Gold!”  She beamed.  “I didn’t expect to see you today, what can I do for you?”

Clearing his throat he fidgeted with his cane.  “Dozen roses.”  He muttered.

“O-oh.”  Her smile faltered for barely a second before she was back to her cheery self.  “Are they for someone special?”  She teased.

“They are.”  Gold admitted 

“I’m sure they’ll love them.”  Belle replied almost wanly as she gathering up the flowers wrapping paper.

Nodding, he smiled.  “I’m hoping so.”

Later that evening Gold stood outside of the library’s upstairs apartment once again fidgeting with his cane.

Photoshoot (Kris)

AN: Requested by anon.

I was supposed to post this last week but I got busy and I was going to queue it up for last night but I forgot OTL


“Yifan. Oi Yifan, get up.” Kris grumbled and shrugged the hand that was gently shaking him by the shoulder, trying to wake him up. He pulled the blanket over his head in hopes that whoever was trying to wake him up will leave him to his much needed sleep. “Come on Yifan, you have a schedule to go to remember? You’re going to be late for your photo shoot for High Cut.”

“That photo shoot is tomorrow Yixing.” Kris mumbled, pulling the blanket tighter around his body.

“No, that photo shoot is on Thursday and today is Thursday. Now get up or I’ll get Zi Tao over here.”

“Today…is Thursday?” the leader sleepily mumbled. He started counting the days in his head, his eyebrows furrowed in thought. Tuesday was our rest day and yesterday we had a radio show, yesterday…Wednesday…so today is– his eyes snapped open and he threw the blankets off of him, scaring the poor unicorn that was still by the side of the bed.  His feet were unknowingly tangled in the covers and he almost tripped when he got out of bed, “What time is it?”


“Shit Xing, why didn’t you wake me up?”

Lay crossed his arms over his chest with a huff, “I did!”

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Semi Hiatus

So school’s been kind of hectic lately and I’ve got an essay outline and philosophy paper due next week, so I won’t really have time to be on tumblr. I’ll try my best to queue stuff up for you guys when I can. I should be back late next week (unless I forgot other papers again