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Which person if any is Eren likely going to end up with? Because I'm a hardcore eremika shipper and I think the chances of them becoming canon are decreasing more and more. I feel like he has more moments with other characters (Armin, Annie, Levi...) and that just breaks my heart..

Hey there anon, please don´t worry about that. I think, at this point of the story, its relatively safe to assume that, if any Eren ship ends up as canon, it’s gonna end up being Eremika. Granted, I am saying this with my stomach filled with Eren and Mikasa butterflies, but there are a bunch of rational arguments behind. First of all, at least in my opinion, Eremika had the strongest character moment  between Eren and another character that could indicate a “more than friends” relationship out of any Eren ships. I mean, we had a (presumably) almost kiss, as well as a promise to stay together forever. I mean those are some heavy words, stronger than anything Eren has said to anyone else so far. Plus the ship is referenced by a few other characters (Armin’s knowing smile, Levis talk about Mikasa’s attachment to Eren, Jeans comment about saving Eren´s “precious Mikasa” etc). No other Eren ship really has that, at least not in this quality and quantity. Also, it is noteworthy that Eremika is heavily referenced in pretty much all the official, Isayama-approved spinoffs. I doubt that is a coincidence. Hell, even the voice actors ship it.

Based on all of that, I very much like to think that if anything will be canon, it´ll be Eremika. It just has the highest chance at this point. And it’s not like they don´t have any moments in the recent chapter, just look at 72 or 74. I mean yeah sure it’s nothing extreme but it’s still there.

If you want my personal opinion as to whether it´ll be canon, I´ll be honest and say no. It never seemed to me like snk truly has the time for something like romance. Our characters are, honestly, just too busy, too broken for all of that, at least in my opinion. I also believe Eren will not be alive by the time the manga ends. I think he´ll give his life to accomplish his goal, to bring freedom and to stop the titans. But that´s just me. I want to be mentally prepared for the deaths of my favs, as well as the not becoming canon of my ships. That doesn’t mean I don´t see the option of them becoming canon.

To sum it up, don´t worry. If anything will be canon, I think it´ll be Eremika.

GUYS, I FOUND MORE STUFF which probably means nothing but my mind is waayy too fucking hopeful rn so please don’t ruin this for me

Okay, okay, so…

First of all, THIS COMMENT WAS REALLY GAY AND I FUCKING LOVE IT. It probably doesn’t mean much but if you think about the amount of times Maya has mentioned girls in the same context as guys, you may see where I’m coming from

I lowhighkey think that this is some crazy ass, incredibly subtle, seemingly meaningless foreshadowing O_o

Right, so then, Riley gives her speech and she gets kinda off topic O_o She starts talking about the guys as her guy friends

SO SHE’S BASICALLY SAYING THAT SHE GOT SO CAUGHT UP WITH THE CONCEPT OF LUCAS BEING MALE THAT SHE FORGOT THAT GENDER LITERALLY DOESN’T MATTER AT ALL… She doesn’t wanna limit her “preference”, she can like whoever the fuck she wants Maya and that’s okay.

So, if you think about it, she’s hinting at her sexuality asdfghjkll

She says while turning to face her ga(y)l pal, Maya Penelope Hart *insert Maya’s southern accent here*

AND OMG SHE LOOKS AND SOUNDS SO FUCKING HOPEFUL WHEN SHE SAYS HER NAME. She thinks Maya understood that indirect, incredibly subtle message but nah, Maya’s oblivious as fuck

I’m probably gonna get a tonne of those comments about how I completely misinterpreted this scene and how it has literally nothing to do with feelings… but I’m tired and I need me some Rilaya. plus, if you actually look at what Riley says, you can tell that she’s totally referring to her feelings

stop me. please and thank you. and I’m sorry if this is confusing as. which it probs it. oops.

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  • Post: If an apocalypse were to happen, what do you think the situation would be?
  • I genuninely believe that any kind of ‘apocalypse’ that we can conceive of won’t be the end of the planet, it will be the end of us as human beings. this is of course, inevitable, but honestly - the end of humans is nothing to the planet. tbh, i’m of the belief that no matter what happens, the earth will be fine - it will adapt and change and diversify. it’s us we have to worry about, we’ve fucked things up for ourselves, not the planet.

…oh, how i wish Nintendo would make it easier to add people on Miitomo. Miitomo has proven itself to be a great resource for wasting time and unwinding when i’m too stressed out / busy / whatever to deal with stuff. it’d be great if i could casually interact with you all there, but no. Nintendo has to be illogical.

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I am pro-choice and a lifelong feminist. Did you really target a user (Bill-11b) and attempt to affect his real job for his opinions here? After your sack of shit comment, I checked. 😕😒 Freedom of speech. 🇺🇸 A necessary discussion negated w 👉👈

>’I’m pro choice and a lifelong feminist’

>supports a racist, misogynistc loser’s hate speech

my laptop has been on the fritz which prevented me from contacting that sack of shit’s workplace, but hey if someone else did it then it’s no skin off my teeth. anyone who advocates for the genocide of people who is also in the military in an environment where they can kill said people should be fired.

also “””freedom of speech””” doesn’t cover blatant hate speech that would be a fireable offense in any other setting, just cuz it’s the internet doesn’t mean it’s ok to call people slurs and, again, vouch for the murder of people lmao.

(for those who don’t know the context - said user has called for the murder of all middle easterns for the sake of ~patriotism~ and is also, unsurprisingly, a racist and sexist sack of shit. don’t engage or look em up please, just block em.)

Dance with me?

Jungkook scenario to wanting to teach you to dance? (Best friend ver.)

It didn’t say anything about girlfriend or not so I just wrote about kookie and his best friend. I actually wanted the best friend to be a boy, but I’m assuming you mean a girl so i just rolled with it :D

This has almost nothing to do with the request. I tried my best but after i wrote ¾ of it i saw that it was off topic kinda. I tried to save it at the last part but meh. I hope that’s not a problem.


It was one of those boring nights again, you had nothing to do, your parents were at work and jungkook wasn’t here to cheer you up. Well, you weren’t sad or anything but since kookie is your best friend, he always knew what you should do to stop that boredom. He was practicing again, it made you worry about him, he was surely overworking himself. Today, for example. All of the boys were at the dorm, even offered you to come also, but kookie was at the studio practicing his dances. 

In your eyes Kookie was already an amazing dancer, but he din’t think like that, he always wanted to be better and better. Not in a competitive way, he was just not happy with himself. Kookie was actually more of a brother to you, that’S why you always freaked out about him overworking himself. You knew him since Kindergarden, you grew up together. Kookie was always active, he did sports, he was not able to sit quiet he had to either Talk or sing. Being lazy was never his thing. The reason why that scared you so much is, that you even saw him collapsing a lot of times. That one time he didn’t eat well, he was on a “diet”, he didn’t even eat a slice of cake at jimins birthday. It was just one week of diet but he barely ate, he was just drinking water, he worked out, and still practiced with the boys at the same time. After 4 days he collapsed. It’s been a stressful week yo you decided to “take a break”, but you just tried to kinda force him to eat. Jungkook was still so bubbly and happy around you and wanted to have a dance battle with you. And then again, he barely ate anything for the past for days, but before you could say anything about that, he fell. You rushed him to the hospital, called the boys, the manager, litteraly almost everyone. The only good thing about that was, Jin lectured him and forced him to eat right in the hospital, just for his own well-being, he was on a healthy diet for the next 3 days and started eating normally afterwards. 

Yah Jungkookie, you’re a troublemaker, you said while sitting down on your couch and opening the TV. It was still boring for you, but it was late and you coulnd’t leave the house now. You had a few glances at your phone, no messages from Jungkook but a lot in the group chat you had with BTS, because you had nothing better to do you decided to read them. 

Wow. He’s being really sassy now. What am I supposed to do now? The only times when Kookie was this disrespectful were, when he was eiher really pissed or under a lot of pressure. And from what you could tell now,.. he was both. It didn’t take long for you to stand up and and prepare some food for both of you. After that you took the keys to your car and drove to the studio. You didn’t want to waste time so you hurried up and see there, after just 10 minutes of driving you arrived. The staff members unlocked the door for you, so you could get in, they knew who you were so you didn’t have problems. 

“Kookie?” the lights were turned off, but you could clearly hear music from the studio. But when you got in you were not greeted by a dancing kookie. It was more of a “Fuck-my-life-”Kookie. He was just laying on his back, facing the ceiling, almost fallen asleep. “Jungkook?” This time quieter, worried that he is sick again? The sleepy boy opened his eyes just so much that he could see you. “Y/N? Why are you here.?” Oh boy, he was exhausted. “I was worried about you, i brought food and some drinks.” He gave you a lazys nod, but then tapped on the ground right next to him. While you took off your jacket and tried to find a comfy position next to him, he turned off the music that was still blasting through the room. 

“I’m tired Y/N, let’s rest a bit, we can eat then okay?” “Jungkook, you should go and sleep at the dorm.” He shook his head, in dissaproval. He wasn’t the type to give up. After almost 30 Minutes you guys stood up and ate the food you came with. “Do you remember when i wanted you to dance with me?” AH no not this story please. “Which one?” you said jokingly. “Maybe the one when I made you dance in the thought that no one would see? That one time when your bias came in, and you stood there dancing to Dope?” Oh yea, it was a memorie you would never forget. Even though you knew Bts from the day, the’ve been formed, you still had a bias. Like the were your brothers havong a bias in that group is just unnecessary, but yea, you had to admit jimin was your bias. And on that day, you danced his parts in dope very very badly… and this little one in front of you texted jimin to come over…

“Yeah. I do. And I still hate you for doing that.” Jungkookie smirked at you. “Really? I realised that Jimin hyung is especially close to you after that day.” YAH SO EMBARASSING. Your cheeks flushed red and you tried to hide it, but it didn’t work. You guys continued talking and eating for a while. But then Kookie jumped up all of a sudden.

“Yah, I’m gonna teach you a dance too. I need you should be pretty easy, since you’re already talented.” “No kookie, please. I came for you to stop overworking yourself.” He turned back and looked at you with big eyes and his bunny smile. “Last dance, just the chorus. We can go then.” And because you’re weal, you agreed to that. “Fine.” you said, with a little smile. 

It didn’t even last and hour and you’ve been done. “See i said it wouldn’t take too long. You’re good. And I’m sure jimin hyung likes that too.” WAIT. RIGHT; HE JUST TAUGHT ME JIMINS PART AGAIN. “Jeon Jungkook you little,…” He ran away and you tried to catch him, but he was too fast. 

“STOP. Yah I’m tired, let’s go home. Okay?” He was holding his knees and looking down while saying that. “Okay, deal. I’m gonna die if I do one more exhausting thing.” Both of you laughed, and then left the building heading to your car. 

“Y/N,.. thank you. I would probably collapse again, if you wouldn’t be here.” You could hear in his voice that he was really thankful. He gave you a warm smile and then got into the car.

Yah, this troublemaker.

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Ew. I really don’t think this one is good. It’s almost completely off topic. But i tried my best. Hope you like it. ^^ 

Though i tried something new with the text thing. 

PLUS: I’m sure there are going to be 1000000 typos. But meh. 

Hope you like it ^^

Make sure to leave other requests for BTS, Seventeen, Vixx, Jackson and Tao ^^

Here: (You can also tell me if Y/N is a boy or girl.)

PS: please make sure to tell me which unit or which specific members you want for seventeen because they are so many members and I don’t want the reactions to be so similar. If you don’t i’ll choose them myself (max 5). But if the reactions are different I’ll do them in parts, but then again it depends on the request. ^^

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What made you first decide to check out Undertale? In response to the request for your followers to ask you stuff in your inbox.

well, tbh i didnt know anything about Undertale until a few days after it came out and a friend had bought it, asking me if i wanted to play it with them. and thats what led to me getting a little bit into it, but it wasnt until i bought the game for myself and started watching Let’s Plays that i got rEALLY into Undertale.

tbh, Papyrus was my first fav! I loved his personality and i still do tbh.

another secret: I didn’t think Undyne would be a major character since we only saw her in her armor at first and it only reminded me of armored characters from other games i’ve seen that werent around for long or were just enemies so.


boy oh boy

was i wrong abuot that and how i’d feel about her hoowee


me on the topic of whitewashing gifs and some points i address:

  • some scenes are dark af, i like to be able to see things, hence everything will be lighter, including skin tones
  • creativity is fun, pastels are nice, pastel colorings will inevitably lighten the entire scene, which includes skin tones
  • we do not all share the same screen resolution and color scheme; some of us have more vibrant screens and some of us have more faded/whitewashed screens
  • i am not lightening the skin of poc chars bc that is my aesthetic

So I’ve recently been diagnosed with adhd, which apparently is incredibly common with tourettes. And now I’ve been going to all my teachers and saying that I need help in lessons, cos I found it incredibly ultra hard to focus and write and listen at the same time and I was stressing me out beyond belief, and its just so great actually getting help for it now, cos before I just thought it was my fault and I needed to just get a grip.
Plus the hospital guy was saying how it makes you more kind and loving and empathetic, and I learnt loads of cool stuff which any of you snapdragons can feel free to ask ;) But I’m just really happy about it, but when I go onto the tags on here, it just starts making me feel sad about how difficult it is and how its different or wrong and I dunno, I kinda want a hug right now guys

I kinda went off topic there but I guess the main point would be, can I have some lovely messages from some of you, thanks snappies

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so who/what is exactly satan? its a title, right? i've heard of there being multiple satans with different purposes, but a lot of the time its used to refer to Lucifer as if theres only one. do you/any followers know anything about this? sorry this is kinda off topic from your blog.

“Satan” is actually just a Hebrew word meaning “Adversary.” Satan, when used in the bible, is both as a title and a description (like “he was a satan/adversary,” and “the adversary/Satan stepped”). Although some Christian sects do refer to Lucifer as being Satan, this isn’t in the Bible itself and is a more recent theological development. In the Bible, you are correct, there are multiple Satans! 

Satan himself, in the Bible, is an unnamed being who is just known as challenging God the Father. There are associations to Satan being any demon, Lucifer, Abaddon/Apollyon, or even Jesus. The most factually founded association is to Abaddon, rather than Lucifer. 

And it seems like my blog is filled with strange questions today! No worries, though, I don’t mind sharing my knowledge about theology and helping clarify some of the rampant rumors that have been skewed throughout history and even just on the internet. :) 

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interesting! thanks for that information. another, kinda off topic question for ya, how do you feel about trans woman brick? Ive seen some of that and im just curious what you think

I LOVE TRANS WOMAN BRICK WITH ALL MY HEART. All of that kicked up during last year’s trans borderlands march, and I was personally touched by all of the positive attention and headcanons and even fic created for her. It was a private headcanon of mine for a long time, so that made it even better. Late transitioning and masculine trans women deserve a lot more love and recognition than they get! Major props to @lassenby for being the driving force behind all of that.

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Hello! I wondered how do you overcome negativity and bad emotions? Sometimes I feel so shocked by them :/

Yeah that’s me rn on my period :(( honestly staying productive/active and keeping your mind on a task really helps like a hobby or work :D! This is off topic kinda but I always notice guys doing that to keep their anger at bay (lmao ones that get angry that is!!!!) and I feel that really helps when I’m feeling sad for me, to be busy with something. 😋

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(The one anon that literally won't leave you alone) Ok, this is kinda off topic, but I have a close friend that runs her fingers through her hair a lot like Jimin does. I don't really say anything about it, but I kinda internally giggle every time she does it. Side note: I also kind of like her a lot (I feel like such a creep, she had no clue), and her reminding me of Jimin all the time is nOt hElpIng. She's going to be the death of me, I swear.

Omg get it. Get on that. Lol.
If I had someone that reminded me of Jimin like that…. I would be like
“I need you to get on top of me for science reasons.. pls…thank.”

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would it be possible for me to in any way anonymously ask you something "In Private"? it's not like what I wanna ask is inappropriate or anything it's just that it'd fell kinda weird & off-topic to ask it here

i mean you can send something through the messenger instead but that wouldn’t be anonymous unless you used a side account.