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  • Post: If an apocalypse were to happen, what do you think the situation would be?
  • I genuninely believe that any kind of ‘apocalypse’ that we can conceive of won’t be the end of the planet, it will be the end of us as human beings. this is of course, inevitable, but honestly - the end of humans is nothing to the planet. tbh, i’m of the belief that no matter what happens, the earth will be fine - it will adapt and change and diversify. it’s us we have to worry about, we’ve fucked things up for ourselves, not the planet.
Skinny Love (part one of the series)

He walked you home that night. It was late and cold and he didn’t want you to be alone “with all the crazies”, he had said. The two of you stood at the door of your apartment, tangled in each other’s arms as you hugged goodbye, the coconut scent of your hair tickling his nose. You innocently kissed his cheek goodbye, no further intentions dancing in your head. At least, you didn’t think you had further intentions. Ashton was sent from your apartment in a slow goodbye; only making it back to his around eleven. To his surprise, the boys were still crowded around his living room couch, waiting for his belated arrival. “You so love her, mate.” Calum chuckled, not moving his eyes from the screen of his phone. Ash shook his head in exasperation as if to say “here we go again.” He was always quick to deny the claims of love the boys were known to throw at him after you hung out with Y/N. “C'mon, Ash. You know you’re in love with her! You walk her home every time we hang out, she wears your t shirts to bed, you let her call you Ashy,” Luke started, counting off the supporting basis on his long fingers. Mikey interrupted with a “And don’t forget, the time we caught you two cuddling on the couch?” Ashton’s cheeks went bright red. His band mates could be annoying, but they had a point. Ash was in love with you. There’s no way he’d be telling you that, though.

Kinda off topic rant here but I’m annoyed we talk about kids here sometimes, haha.

Let me ask, why is it okay for people to share every single photo ever of their kid, how they parent, what their baby did today, down to photos of their baby’s shit, but the instant that someone (that someone being me) posts a goddamn joke about screaming babies and not wanting kids, it turns into this fiasco and somehow ends with me framed as a witch and baby hater, looking for a debate? (I’ve posted the same status like 5x and never gotten a debate, I was honestly just trying to joke, can’t a girl live?!)

For context, I posted a status saying “The sound of a baby screaming makes me remember why I don’t have kids.” Nothing more, nothing less. Not directed at anyone except for the kid screeching at the top of their lungs while I tattooed mom for 45 minutes. For those with kids, was that a wrong thing to say? Did I somehow step out of line into the realm of treacherous heathen who would love to do nothing more than send babies flying off of cliffs? 

- Emily.

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I'm not going to ask you to draw something I promise I just wanted to compliment you on how cute your doodles are c: I think that people are spamming you because you're actually good... But don't over-work yourself please ily <3

Thanks! Your kind words are much appreciated. :)

I’m gonna use this space to go on a tangent (sorry anon, I’m kinda veering off topic here, nothing against you)

I know people just drop me random requests in hopes that they get lucky, but the problem is, I get them daily, daily, and sometimes it feels like this is it, this is my life, drawing shit for people for free. Because even if I do it sometimes, when I have free time and want to, it is never enough - people will always ask for more. Every day. 

This has been happening to me - and most artists - since we were little. Since middle school, high school. It’s a never-ending onslaught of “can you draw me _____?” And at first, it’s cute, because, aww, you’re appreciated.

But months pass by. Years. You realize that you are just a machine that spits out pretty drawings on command. You start to get angry and frustrated. 

But when you complain about it, or snap at people on tumblr, people call you cruel and heartless for not wanting to fulfill the wishes of a single anon. 

Because yeah, it’s easy. I can draw stuff fast. Most of the time, it’s effortless.

But the amount of mental energy it takes for me to heave my carcass up and become an etch-a-sketch for the 20 people that are begging me to do this thing for them for free - please, please, pretty please, ur such a good drawer!!11!!! - is enormous, and we’re all human (except for me) and I have limits, so. 

That’s basically why some artists are assholes - not because we are. But because we are very very tired. 

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♥ = Character’s preference for relationships

// Coco fits Jinxy’s preferences rather well. He lets her be as crazy and destructive as she wants, and actually encourages it. He even joins in on her mayhem. He also protects her and makes sure she’s safe, which is what an idiot like her kind of needs. She can get herself out of a lot of situations, but sometimes she needs a little extra help. 

Now, I’m gunna go a little off topic and go into other ships I can see with Jinxy (or at least how I portray her and with enough work)
First and foremost would be Jinxy and Thresh. It would be along the same lines of someone who enjoys her chaos and wouldn’t be against joining her on her crime sprees. He also gets any unfortunate souls from Jinxy’s chaos, so that’s a big win, isn’t it?

This one’s a bit silly for me to explain, but it’s crossed my mind a few times and is why I call Jinx’s other guns her kids, but Fishbones is usually her best friend. If he was fully humanized (and not into a kid like last time) I could see him having a protective sort of relationship with Jinx. He really does love her, always caring for her. Even if it feels one-sided all the time, she loves him too. It’d take work, but I see it as a cute fluffy sorta relationship instead of a chaotic one like the other two. 

And lastly I can see Ekko working well with my Jinxy as well. It wouldn’t just be something that happens out of nowhere, since I definitely don’t see him liking her chaotic nature anymore. But maybe if he got her to be a little less dependent on Fishbones, there would be a chance. It’d take work, and there would be a lot of conflict over their different opinions of acceptable fun, but I see some fluffy moments between the two that would work rather well honestly. 

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sorry this is kinda off topic, but how do you think the series will portray the henchman who "looks like neither a man or a woman"?

I’m not sure! Hopefully more sensitively than in the books.

this is kinda off topic but this is part of the reason i love films so much, like seeing everybody reacting so strongly to just a simple 20 second scene just reminds you of how rad films are and what they can do for people

pro-choice-and-pro-voice replied to your post: Kinda off topic rant here but I’m anno…

I saw that post, didn’t think there was anything wrong w/it. It’s not like you said, “I hate all babies/children” you said you hated when they scream & cry, like literally WHO DOESNT?? Lol, what were people saying to you? How could they even be mad?

One person said something about crying in public and it relating to teaching respect. (Which I didn’t even really comment on.) Then it turned into this ridiculous debate about the fact that kids scream and it’s a thing that happens. Like, I never said it didn’t? Then it turned into the parents on the post saying “well, I would rather hang out with my kid than adults that complain all the time.” even though that was almost the exact same sentiment that I posted, just reversed. Then one woman said I was “looking for a debate” when like I said, I’ve made similar posts before and never had any backlash, mostly just other people joking about it. 

I’ll be quite frank here, I’m not very big on kids. I don’t hate them, but with the exception of my family, they make me incredibly uncomfortable and mess with my anxiety. I have no desire to have one, nor could I afford one if I wanted to. However, with the amount of ridiculousness I got, you’d think my status read “I hate babies and if your kid screams in public then you’re a bad parent.”

I think I’m just frustrated at the fact that millions of baby posts are made on Facebook daily and are well received, but the instant I make a post about not having or wanting a baby, I’m just complaining.

- Emily.


just off the key of reason (petekey with some frerard)

try (frerard and petekey)

sing me to sleep (frerard)

(okay i couldn’t find it on ao3 but it might be on wattpad and i found some other nice ones)

more than human (frerard)

summertime (frerard and a bit of petekey)

okay okay i think one of these is the right one idk which though lmao but they’re both good

cemetery drive

life’s shadow 

oakenshieldgisborneandwinchester replied to your post: Kinda off topic rant here but I’m anno…

Parental unit here. There is so not anything wrong with not wanting kids or joking about it. Parenting is NOT for everyone. Secondly, not a tat artist but I figure if they want decent art, then they get a sitter. don’t distract the artist.

tbh kids aren’t even supposed to be in the shop. Super adult imagery everywhere and things that can seriously hurt a child. I totally understand that not everyone can afford or get a sitter, but a tattoo shop is no place for a kid. However, you run the risk of seriously pissing off parents if you tell them to come back without the kid.

And yeah, I can deal with screaming, it doesn’t change the quality of my work. But it hardly allows for a relaxing environment and isn’t fair to other customers.

- Emily.

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this is kinda off-topic... but i am glad you have realized the beauty of classic lolita. personally, mary magdalene was the first lolita shop i fell in love with. but then i realized that their sizes were super small... they make everything in one size (which is pretty common in lolita) and their dresses rarely have shirring. even though i'm pretty tiny, the waist measurements are usually too small for me (usually it's about 27 inches)

A friend of mine valloir likes that fashion and has some pretty dresses and wigs and looks adorable in them. It’s funny how I have no sense of aesthetic, I like all different kinds of fashion and want them all simultaneously. Sometimes I think it’s good that finding plus size clothing is so hard, otherwise I’d be tempted to spend all my money on clothes :P

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Okay, kinda off topic from anything but I need your advice. A guy gave me his number today, and it occurred to me that my only interest are Internet, video games and anime. I know I shouldn't be fake around a guy, but I don't want to tell him all my nerdy hobbies yet. What do normal people talk about?

Okay, here’s an idea- talk about movies. Everyone has an opinion on movies. Ask him about his favorite movies, and tell him about yours. How did you meet? If you met at school/work/at a concert, you can talk about something related to the thing you met at. If you met somewhere boring, like a Walmart or something, crack a joke about it. Try to ask him questions about himself, and that might spawn into a conversation about something.

Tons of guys like video games. I’m sure you wouldn’t weird him out if you ask what games he plays. As for the internet and anime, everyone uses the internet, and everyone knows what anime is, but you don’t know just how into the internet he is or if he’s into anime, so I’d back off of that subject until you feel comfortable talking to him about it.

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Off topic, but I'm kinda sad they made Peter a bad guy again and then he was out, because I really loved him and his sarcasm. Anyway! Love your blog, enlights my day! Thank you

yeah, they ruined Peter’s character

also, thank you! :)

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Hey chanelle, I know this is kinda off topic. But do you know what the second timer was for? It's been done for a while now but I didn't think anything happened..

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it was just to mess with us. OR did it end when they rick roll’d us???? did they set a timer for when we’d be rick roll’d??????

So my friend is trying to have me watch Death Note and felt it necessary to show me a character she finds creepy, just as a warning.
Apparently… I don’t react like most people. Oh Kingdom Hearts, how you have scarred my very soul