How it feels;

I kinda went a little off-topic with a few of these so I’m really sorry but these are basically short descriptions of what I think it would feel like to be the signs and how they perceive the world - I understand that these are probably not 100% correct and if you really want me to change it then just ask and I’ll try to xx

You can use your sun/moon/saturn signs xx

Aries: Passion; Not many people understand me when I tell them I’m an Aries. Many of them assume I feel intense anger. It’s passion. And passion is something unlike anything else. It is a white-capped wave that is controlled by the moonlike thought that you believe in and it rushes through the cracks in your bones - threatening to fracture them further. It’s the feeling when you’re on the ground with gravel ingrained in your palm and your knees but you get up despite the blood and you press forward because the pain is what makes you stronger. You crave it. It gives you a reason to dive into your passion because in a way - that passion is your painkiller.

Taurus: Patience; Not many people understand me when I tell them I’m a Taurus. Many of them assume that I am controlling and greedy. Maybe I am. But I work hard, and with hard work comes reward - that’s just how it works. It’s not that I want more and more it’s that I want to improve and so I work and I dedicate myself. I live in a feeling of adrenalin, as though every hour is 3am and every second I’m about to uncover something new. I feel like I’m about to unveil a masterpiece and finally, people are going to commend me for the work I put into it. I feel power because power comes with work and with work comes commendment. And yet, despite how much I look forward to the future I can’t get my head out of the past and that slows me down. I feel like a streetlight by the highway, taking everything in as it speeds by without so much of a glance. Sometimes I feel like my patience ends up leaving me behind. (Thank you to the anon who sent in a paragraph on how they perceive! It was really insightful and helped a lot xx )

Gemini: Eunoia; Not many people understand me when I tell them I’m a Gemini. They wonder why I don’t talk as often as I’m meant to and they wonder how it could be possibly that I’m comfortable with silence. It’s never silent though. The thoughts are racing through my mind, to others it could be described as living in a strong wind your entire life - the whistle constantly in your ears. Sometimes I try to write my thoughts down but the pen can never move fast enough and I end up skipping words and making no sense. It’s as though the words, the language, are a part of me and I am a part of them. I know how to use them I understand them, I can manipulate them to trigger emotion - deep and perceiving. You hear me speak and you wonder how it’s possible that a hundred stars could be hidden behind my eyes. (This was really biased bc I’m Gemini and this is how I feel most of the time so sorry)

Cancer: Caution; Not many people understand me when I tell them I’m a Cancer. They don’t understand that I’m not just someone who they can walk over - I’m more than just someone who can’t say no. I want to help you, I really do - but sometimes it’s all too much and I can feel the walls caving in and I know that I have to put myself first. I rarely do though. Because at night when it’s 2am I lie in bed worrying, not about the test I have the next day, not about how early I have to wake up the next morning. Nothing like that. I have a different worry for every star in the sky and not one of them has anything to do with me. And how could they? I am one person out of billions. Why worry about myself when I can worry about the girl in my grade who I know is going to change the world? I’ll admit, once or twice I’ve thought I could be that girl. (Thank you, [ you know who you are ] I hope you’re feeling okay and thank you so much for your submission - I really want to say that you sound like the person who could change the world for the better in a big way and I really hope you do xx )

Leo: Pride; Not many people understand me when I tell them I’m a Leo. They just assume that I’m confident - but it’s so much more. I take pride in myself. I like to think that whilst others hide in the shadows, I step into the light because what use is the light if there is nothing for it to illuminate? But people don’t understand that this doesn’t mean I’m self-absorbed - if anything, I’m the opposite. There’s a difference between being selfish and taking pride in who you are. I live in this pride because it is who I am and if I didn’t take pride in myself I don’t know who I would be. 

Virgo: Precision; Not many people understand me when I tell them i’m a Virgo. There is a way that things work for me, it’s similar to how the planets revolve around the sun and the sun can see everything they do in detail. I feel like I can see it all. But I also feel like I can only see the little things. I can see the way people change their stance or their eyes lose their spark or their fingers twitch at certain words, but I can never view the reasons behind their movements. I can see the planets moving around me but I can’t see the forces pulling and pushing them that way.

Libra: Balance; Not many people understand me when I tell them I’m a Libra. They think I’m detached, and too passive. I’m not, I swear. It’s just that when I see people living on the streets or when I hear about the thousands dying overseas I can’t bring myself to cry. I feel like if I were to cry I’d be accepting that nothing can be done about it when really so much can be done and I want to be the one to change it. I want harmony, and when I see the world as it is I feel an emotion that is too deep to describe because the world as it is doesn’t reflect how I think it should be. People tell me that I could make that change but no matter how much I wish I could and want to I know that I don’t have the confidence to. But people tell me I can. I’m not as confident as they think. I want to create a balance. I want to travel the world and uncover its’ secrets. I don’t want to expose them though. (Thank you to: Drewbusch and anon for helping me out with Libra!! I really appreciate it and it helped so much xx)

Scorpio: Mystery; Not many people understand me when I tell them I’m a Scorpio. They instantly shrink back because they think of wrath and lust. But that’s not me - sure, I feel passion to a high extent, but that doesn’t make me dangerous or intimidating. When I see the way they react to me I think and calculate why. I feel like the depth of the ocean, people try to look into me but they only find the darkest parts of me and not the beauty and I look up and am blinded by the light. Similarly to the depth, I keep people out - I make it as hard as possible for people to discover me because once they discover the depths of who I am there’s nothing else for them to wonder about and if there is nothing for them to wonder about they’ll leave. I wish it wasn’t that way - but it is.

Sagittarius: Discovery; Not many people understand me when I tell them I’m a Sagittarius. They don’t understand the power that feels like it controls me. It surrounds me. It’s hidden under the soil and between the leaves and I want to find it. It’s almost like a gravitational force pulling me towards places I’ve never been. I want to discover as many places as I can and I want to experience that place deeply through its’ culture and people. It’s as though rather than wanting to experience my own culture, I want to experience others. As though I’m stuck in a fish bowl and all I need to do is pull a Nemo to get out. I don’t understand why I want to get out - it’d be so much easier if I wanted to stay - but maybe there’s a reason I don’t know yet, I hope there is.

Capricorn: Understanding; Not many people understand me when I tell them I’m a Capricorn. The first thing they think is that I’m too calculating. I guess it’s a little true, but not 100%. I enjoy learning about the little things that most people would dismiss - maybe it’s because the big things are made up of the little things or maybe its just because they don’t get as much recognition. They have an aura about them of mystery and isn’t everyone attracted to mystery? Don’t we all want to discover the truth behind it? I think we do, it’s just that we all find the mystery in different things - whether it be ourselves or the world around us. (Thank you to the people who submitted for Capricorn! I really appreciate it and it was really helpful xx)

Aquarius: Independence; Not many people understand me when I tell them I’m an Aquarius. They assume I’m reckless - but I prefer to call it rebellious. Everything works out in the end, despite how unorganised I am and how often I out myself in danger. It’s all for a good cause though. You see, the world as it is doesn’t reflect how I think it should be and I want that to change because when I see people living their life without smiles on their faces I feel like not only I’m letting them down but we all are - we’re letting each other down because we don’t bother to change. I’m one person, and I understand that maybe I can’t make a change but despite that I believe I can… I’m independent, I don’t listen when people tell me what to do or not to do and sometimes that puts me in situations that are dangerous or confusing - if in the end I manage to change one persons life for the better, it’ll all be worth it. (Thank you to the people who submitted for Aquarius! I really appreciate it and it was really helpful xx)

Pisces: Sensitivity; Not many people understand me when I tell them I’m a Pisces. I am sensitive, I can’t be thrown around like so many people seem to think. They throw me around and use me and to be honest I’ve had enough - I just can’t bring myself to do anything about it because if I do I might lose those people and as much as I hate to admit it - I depend on them. I don’t really know how I see the world - the easiest way I can describe it is that I look at everything the way I look at clouds in the sky - trying to figure out what or who they are and where they’re headed. I wish I could go with them.

I hope you guys liked this and once again, if you want me to make any changes just message me and if you want me to I’ll tag you for credit :) xx

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  • Post: If an apocalypse were to happen, what do you think the situation would be?
  • I genuninely believe that any kind of ‘apocalypse’ that we can conceive of won’t be the end of the planet, it will be the end of us as human beings. this is of course, inevitable, but honestly - the end of humans is nothing to the planet. tbh, i’m of the belief that no matter what happens, the earth will be fine - it will adapt and change and diversify. it’s us we have to worry about, we’ve fucked things up for ourselves, not the planet.

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anyway yes hello any and all followers i still have, i might be around. ffn is still best way to reach me though, i don’t get alerts for when I get messages on here for whatever reason

also idk if you know this but it’s very important to me so i thought i would share, ROLLER COASTER TYCOON + BOTH EXPANSIONS ARE ON STEAM FOR $6 TOTAL AND WILL PROBABLY DROP WITH THE SUMMER SALE


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Misconception: only does things so he can gain power, that's literally the only motivation.

thank you for letting me rant about the child

well… in a nutshell: NO.

clearly, octavian is a human being with desires and emotions and things. from what we’ve seen, he’s kind of a social outcast. undoubtedly, he’d be at least a little lonely. but by boo, we just kind of see that looming cloud of bitterness.

i think his whole thing with power really stems from two things:
1) he wants to rule rome in the way that the gods dictate.
2) he wants attention.

and that’s basically it. but it’s really important to remember that when a child gets bullied and outcasted and laughed at and told to die, it actually has psychological impacts on them. it’s not that he only does things because he’s some power-hungry snake– it’s that he craves attention and wants to be loved and wants to make an impact on the world.

i have this one headcanon that’s really cute and it’s that octavian would be the sunniest, most optimistic person if he had at least one friend to back him up.

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This is a little off-topic (but it kinda is on topic) but was Regina even forced into the marriage with Leopold because she dealt with Cora before the marriage... or did she go through with it so she could get power? the latter is what I think, but yeah.

Putting this under read-more.

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[ spiritision ]

「 ♥ 」—

            “ Ya sure you’re okay?  Oh look, she’s being protective over her partner in crime.  I mean I could kill him, but right now he’s kinda unconscious in the alleyway over there…  She said as she pointed to the nearby entrance to the alley,  I also took some cash, but that’s ‘cause we kinda need it. Anyway, are you alright? Right after she got off topic, she snapped right back to her original purpose of leaving a man unconscious in an alleyway at night.

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So off topic of 5sos (kinda)but do you know a good free app that you could use gifs, and have them actually work? I really need to make a book trailer.

I do not. Sorry lovey!

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I've started seeing Fakiru in all my songs now. I've gone too far down the Fakiru shipping AU path and there's no going back. (Kinda off topic: But would it be alright to send you a couple more songs that I have AU ideas for? I don't want to overload your askbox and I know I've already sent quite a few things.)

welcome to the dark side. we have ad-free spotify and 800 unfinished 8tracks fan mixes.

(and OH MY GOODNESS YES PLEASE DO I LOVE GETTING THINGS IN MY ASK!!!! Don’t ever worry about sending me too much; I love getting messages, so it’s never a bother!!! If anything I feel like you’re going to be the more inconvenienced of the two of us because I am absolute garbage when it comes to being able to respond to asks in a timely manner, lol.)

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Leader, what was ur 1st impression of the other Dream Eaters?

The Leader: More people to teach safe ways of handling dreams while leaving the human safe and unharmed…. and then there was Sasha…. She was a goddess that descended from the heavens, and Angel that came to work for me! She was beautiful and, er….. I kinda got off topic didn’t I?