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Maya Hart - a mini character study via chat

So, on the tail of this post (X) about the GM Truth classroom scene, @mayaahrt messaged me an interesting expansion on the 2nd point, the last 2 Maya gifs. Here’s one:

I’m posting this because I’m simply amazed at how much of the big picture is coming together from analyzing in depth 3 episodes.

@mayaahrt:  okay also this is (kinda) off topic, but in your post about the truth classroom scene, you mention that Maya glances back at Lucas after the whole “the truth always comes out” bit. I completely agree that it’s suggesting Maya had a crush on him, etc., but my point is: it’s so interesting to see maya’s reaction in moments like these. Because right from the start Maya’s so determined to ‘break’ Lucas. It’s like she knows that the 'perfect’ act isn’t really him. And she sort of pieces that together throughout the first season… Like in Flaws as well.

Absolutely. Just researching those first 3 episodes, there’s already a pattern there - Maya is more mature when it comes to human interaction (communicates well in GM Boy), she also tends to see the reality of things better (below/beyond the flash - see: gold locket, “doesn’t matter”, it’s the picture of the family inside that’s valuable), and also like I mentioned earlier in the Anatomy of a Crush set, there’s a reason the whole cowboy/Texas stuff is intrinsic to Lucas/Maya. He does end up being a bit of a cowboy, stereotypical cultural reductionism aside.

@mayaahrtYep, GM Boy is such an interesting episode. I love that you said Maya is more mature when it comes to human interaction, because just today in theatre class my teacher was talking about connection and he said that one of the simplest yet most intimate forms of human connection is eye contact. Anyways, it got me thinking about GM Boy again. And correct me if I’m wrong, but Maya doesn’t have a phone until the end of the episode when Cory gives her one? Then isn’t that why she’s such a natural when it comes to human connection, vulnerability, emotions? Isn’t it why she doesn’t accept the 'Mr.Perfect’ act as soon as she sees it, why she knows that there’s a surface to ‘break’, that he’s hiding something. It’s why she tries to figure him out throughout the entire first season, and even when we reach the truth in SoL, it doesn’t just stop there. She attempts at figuring out his feelings, if he really likes Riley or not. And I think it’s gotten to a point where she’s spent so much time trying to figure him out (discreetly, like in GM Truth or in plain sight like in GM Friendship), that she’s developed her own feelings for him, and come hell or high water, she’s falling for him.

Yes yes yes x1000. She had a phone, but not a smartphone, and she didn’t use it much: she starts the episode by insisting that Riley and her talk about her avoidance of talking. I’m going into GM Sneak Attack/Father soon which I think will add to the picture - but yes I really believe that she’s someone who, by nature, digs deeper and needs to see people for what they are (and this can be negative in a way at times because it might come from her wanting to guard herself against disappointment from people, with her father having left and her mother - despite her best intentions - being absent; so she doesn’t let herself hope). But the more she finds out about Lucas, the more she senses things about him, the more she realizes he really is through and through “a good guy”. That’s how she develops feelings for him, in spite of herself. This is all really excellent, and ties into my thoughts dump on the episode. 

Here’s the bit about Maya from that earlier foray:

Now if we take Maya’s experience of that lesson, what do we learn? That she is already ahead in its application to life (in no small part because of the circumstances of her life), which consolidates her as the more mature character. (X)

@mayaahrt: Yeah haha woah I’m just now realizing how much depth these characters really have. And how well the writers have thought the characters through. The way that each of them have been set up individually, and then forming connections and developing relationships with each other is just amazing when you think about it. Maya following her heart is a concept that they’ve thought through so thoroughly - from something as small as her phone, to something as devastating as her father leaving. Maya’s always been one to follow her heart and she’s always very in tune with her feelings, so when they bring in the element of her being confused because of this triangle she’s been thrown into… It’s really interesting to watch and honestly I just want to see how she grows as a result of it. Actually, I want to see how all of them grow from it - which is my hiatus is the bane of my existence! 😂

I’m “woah”'ing myself a whole lot. And the crazy thing for me is that I just started rewatching the series with a critical eye - and in just 3 episodes of this, SO much is coming together. I’m flashing forward and back, and it’s just a wonderful tapestry of themes, symbols and character growth. So, I guess, in a way I’m taking advantage of the hiatus to take the time to really appreciate and understand what the writers have done

I’ll add one caveat to the whole “Maya following her heart”: while I completely agree that she’s more in tune with herself and others, I honestly think that she does not put herself out there easily. I feel they tried to misdirect the audience in GMNY with the whole “Maya = Sensibility”, and even in the Pilot, when Riley says “I think too much, and you don’t think at all”. I think that’s a misconception of Maya: sure, she lets loose, and she tends to say what she thinks, straight up, no filter. But when it comes to her own *personal* feelings about someone, especially if they’re becoming deep, she’s guarded. She doesn’t want to risk it. Think about it, she always acts cool, and tough. And I’m not just talking about Lucas here; I’m talking about Shawn, her mother, the hope for a family.

Over the course of S1-2, she grows and learns to open up - and one of the main vehicles of that is her art. She learns to hope. Which is why, I think, the final scene in GMNY is so heartbreaking for me when I watch her poor lovely face, and think about how much it took for her to bring herself up there and reaffirm her feelings for Lucas.

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  • Post: If an apocalypse were to happen, what do you think the situation would be?
  • I genuninely believe that any kind of ‘apocalypse’ that we can conceive of won’t be the end of the planet, it will be the end of us as human beings. this is of course, inevitable, but honestly - the end of humans is nothing to the planet. tbh, i’m of the belief that no matter what happens, the earth will be fine - it will adapt and change and diversify. it’s us we have to worry about, we’ve fucked things up for ourselves, not the planet.
Hail to the king, baby...

Another short fic based on a prompt by @a-king-reciting-hamlet. It actually went a little off topic, but I kinda like it. I think Kylo would get pleasure from Hux’s feelings and emotions…

‘Hux gets to use Starkiller for the first time. The whole thing works. Planets explode. His life’s work a success, destruction as far as the eye can see, Hux has a moment of passion which takes him over. Kylo and him are alone. Sparks fly. It’s time for Hux to be the uncontrollable wave of emotion that rends asunder everything he’s near’

NSFW - smutty :P

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I know I don't have to tell you, cause you seem like a really great person, but I just wanna say that I HOPE the hate that people have for Caleb (I myself don't hate him! He seems like a nice guy, so far... but as a hardcore Gallavich shipper, I DON'T approve! lol) doesn't transfer over to the actor! Remember people: these are ACTORS portraying FICTIONAL CHARACTERS! No matter how much we love them, THEY'RE NOT REAL! I say this cause I've seen so many ACTORS get hate for portraying a character!

Yeah I haven’t seen too much of that which is good! Though I’m only on here (fandom wise) so idk.

It’s not even just the mickey-less of it (though it does still hurt lol) but the only Ian storyline/plot/whatever that I actually liked was him feeling like crap but wanting to find a purpose. That purpose soon goes to just wanting to fuck a firefighter at a barbecue bc he’s never done it there.

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Heyo. I know this is kinda off topic, but I was wondering what your thoughts on Kylux is? Do you ship it? Do you not ship it, but you're ok with it? Do you dislike it? Do you hate it as much as Reylo?

I’m actually neutral on Kylux (Kylo Ren/Hux).

Like, they’re both assholes and space fascists, and they don’t seem to like one another, but it’s also, as far as I’m aware, not abusive.

I don’t ship it because I personally am really grossed out by Kylo Ren (despite him being an interesting character), but I’m not anti Kylux.

tbh i’m so tired of how much everyone demonizes dumbledore? like, he did shitty things, but it bothers me that i keep seeing so many headcanons that are like “so and so character knew he was a Bad Person all along” and like… no!! like a couple of weeks ago i saw a post that was about how lupin was screaming and mad at dumbledore because lupin ~knew sirius was innocent but he took dumbledore’s word for it~ and like. no. everyone fucking thought sirius betrayed them. shut the fuck up. one of the scariest things about what voldemort did was the fact that it made people unsure of who to trust, even if it was their loved ones. like when they meet up again in poa sirius even flat out said that he didn’t tell lupin about the switch because he thought that lupin was the traitor!!! i just kinda went off topic but it just annoys me that people basically use dumbledore as the scapegoat of everything now i see so many posts like that and i am just done

// I feel kinda bad since most of the character’s who’ve reblogged the clothes swap meme are male and I know equality’s important but I still feel quite awkward sending theses clothes swap prompts. And yet I really want to send asks in general since there’s nothing worse than reblogging a thing and getting no or only 1 or 2 replies back.

blesh, sorry. :”“D

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This is kinda of off topic but I'm going to a game next month and I was just curious how long you stayed after the game and do the players usually walk around the entire stadium to sign autographs or stay in one side? And also how hard is it to get a players autograph?

I stayed until the last player left so like 45min. The players usually break off into groups and go to different sides of the stadium. If you are behind the bench of on the endline you have the best chance. It’s quite hard to get autographs cause it’s just luck of the draw

Horse takes a kinda-sorta hiatus

So what’s up, lovely people?
Just needed to let y’all know that this month is gonna be pretty busy and an emotional rollercoaster for me.

I have exams and several tests to prepare for, have to travel to Germany for a training job interview (which looks promising), I’m waiting for the results of a competitive exam too; so pretty stressful stuff.
At the same time we’re putting my 16 year old dog down today, which is a big chapter of my life with a lot of fond memories that I’m closing.
And so I can’t promise that I’ll be around regularly at least until the end of February, if not begining of March.
So yeah… the rest of the team remains available for y’all, messages, submissions and all that.
- Horse

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do you have links/receipts to what malay said last night (or the night before i can't remember) about zayn? like about the rocket, and about pillow talk. you're like an enzyclopedia <3 ty so much in advance!

i wish ik where u got the enzyclopedia info from i dont keep shit!!!

anyway what i do have is this, which is about the rocket…


he didn’t really answer much about zayn this time, but i did ask him what guitar he used in befour which was a ‘gretsch white falcon’, he also said that zayn has worked w a lot of artists, which we found out that z’ worked with tricky stewart, MYKL obviously, and the pillow talk guys (levi lennox and joe garratt), which means there’s probably more producers he’s worked w that we just don’t know about yet, which is cool.

I kinda got off topic there but ye that seems to be it, he talked more about frank and music he liked than he did about zayn – he did say that he HAS heard pillow talk and he thinks it’s a great song. This is all coming from memory btw, so I’m v sorry.

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what's that about leia and extracting souls from living beings?? How does that work? sounds like a power you would have to be responsible with

(I kinda went off topic for a moment there, so if u have any questions, I’ll try to explain, or I’ll draw smth tmrw if need be)

Okok, so Leia is a Dusan/Bocathin Hybrid. A Bocathin is a reptilian humanoid mortal and a Dusan is a reptilian beast god.

Dusans have the power to extract souls and eat them in order to elongate their lifespans. They used to not have this, but they were banished from the Holy Continent, Oria, due to petty reasons. So if they wanna live a normal gods lifespan, they gotta eat souls.
Leia inherited this talent from her mother, who was a Dusan.

Something to note is that if someone eats a soul of a certain species, they have those traits in them. So this is why Leia has great shapeshifting powers, because she’s devoured a lot of souls (only of those that came after her tho).

Everything in my story has a soul, even creatures like birds and fish, but those only add minutes to a gods lifespan, people’s souls add years, sometimes decades depending on the magic content in the soul.
Souls can be used for rly old spells and other stuff.

This is why Ash and Leia are hunted, because they are Dusans.

How souls are extracted. It’s done magically. The soul is in the chest and Dusans can literally reach in and grab it. Once the soul is gone, the host is p much dead.

Some souls are ranked as “ok” to use/eat (but rly it’s bad still to do, and if you do it, you’re p much mark d for death).

It goes Amadan, Arawn, Akari, Mahoon, then the gods.
(To translate simply, I guess it’s: creatures, beasts, monsters, people, then gods)

Amadan are the fish and birds, animals that just survive.
Arawn are like bears and other beasts that hunt people (intelligent Mahoon have been put here too, like dragons and stuff due to racist shit)
Akari are like Mahoon but they don’t have a culture, they hunt like the the Mahoon
Mahoon are the humanoids(and other) and intelligent things that make the laws and cities and cultures and such
And gods are basically big Arawn and Mahoon that control the weather and important things in a specific area (let’s say one god is has about the size of Delaware to control) and they are worshipped by the Mahoon (cuz if they don’t, petty shiz will happen)

Her power to take souls is actually how she met and became bffs w Ialu since he needed the soul of a Doppelgänger for a spell

I hope this helped you understand (this stuff has been up here in my head for YEARS, so this makes sense to me, but maybe not to u)

DAY 29

Do you remember what you were both wearing the first time you video chatted (or saw each other)?

J: well it was on skype, she was wearing her north face raincoat, a beanie and her glasses. We only spoke for 5 minutes because she had to go pick up her mom, but it was the best 5 minutes of my life. That’s when you just know she’s gonna be yours for life. (Sorry this kinda went a little off topic)

K: I don’t remember haha I think she was wearing a striped red shirt, she was in her lounge room though. She cute.