I missed out @therealjacksepticeye playthrough of this game 2 weeks ago, but I’m glad that I’ve watched all of it, and needless to say, Jack really got me into this game:) 

I srsly feel that this game can be somehow connected to Undertale…..Like the personalities and stuff.

And Jack’s vids of NITW kinda inspired me to draw them in a different style, like slightly more realism of these animals. His voice acting is awesome as well:D

And i thought the plot is kinda pointless until the end….Man, it got me thinking;/, and thanks for the awesome experience, Jack:)(i love the part where you check your black hoodie and stuff cos u were trying to break the game’s fourth wall;D)

Who should you fight: Voltron Edition

Shiro: Bruh why the fuck would you want to fight Shiro? One, the dude will probably destroy you. Two, the poor guy needs a break. Don’t fight him. Wrap him in some blankets, throw on some Netflix, and cut him some slack. You monster.

Keith: Fuck yeah, you should fight him. You’ll probably get your ass kicked, but it’ll be a good time and he’ll most likely thank you in the process

Lance: Nah, Lance is too chill to fight. Every time he hits you with a lame flirtation, though, you can take one free shot, so make it count.

Pidge: What the everloving fuck makes you think you can take on Pidge

Hunk: If you think you should fight Hunk, then you can get out of my face right now. I’m also gonna need an apology delivered to my house in writing within seven days.

Allura: Probably the most dangerous one here. Girl’s got super strength and absolutely no chill. Don’t fight her. Fear her.

Coran: Absolutely. He’s an old fart and his back will probably give out before he can defend himself. But, it’s almost like beating up your cool uncle, so use your best judgement.

Slav: It’s kinda pointless because you already know that if you have the opportunity to deck Slav, then Shiro’s probably already beaten you to it.

Matt: I’d say go for it, but be careful. You might get Pidge and Shiro jumping to his defense, and that’s a battle you have no chance of winning.

Alfor: Fighting Alfor would probs be pretty rewarding because he’s a total dumb jock in his youth and probably wouldn’t see a sucker punch coming. Aim for the unarmored parts and you’d probably be alright. 

Zarkon: Hell yeah fuck that withered turtle-man up

Haggar: Again, hell yeah. But proceed with caution because she’ll probably shoot you with some magic if you aren’t fast enough. I’d say the risk is worth the reward though.

Lotor: If you catch him alone, go for it. Make that daddy’s boy cry, hard. However, if he’s got his generals with him, good freaking luck.

S3 Shiro/Kuron: 100 percent. The harder you hit him, the better chance you have of knocking that stupid-ass hairdo off his head. 

AU where Pidge is the hacker in a group of badguy-type spies along with her colleagues Lance and Hunk, and Shiro is a rookie cop who’s constantly been trying to catch them as his special assignment but it’s tough because nobody’s ever seen them and they’re super elusive so all he has to go off is like rumors?? But then one heist went wrong and Pidge kinda got stuck so Shiro ends up catching her and ???? he’s so confused ?? that this tiny, adorable… thing??? is the socially deviant potty-mouthed hacker??? Until she opens her mouth and then he’s like okay yeah yep there it is, i see it now, got it.

(anyway he ends up not turning her in because he wants to use her as leverage to find the other two so he drags her everywhere and doesn’t let her out of his sight, but it’s kinda pointless because she’s a hardass who refuses to talk and– you know what, y’all know how those dumb romcoms go)

EDIT: You know what, she’s not a “badguy-type” hacker. She’s totally like a vigilante justice hacker, working on taking down shady but unfortunately legal businesses and people. Yep. 

EDIT EDIT: Please for the love of god, read this post instead. It got better.

EDIT EDIT EDIT: I started writing it.

I hope Descendants 3 doesn’t focus on Mal. I think having Descendants 3 focus on Mal would be a waste of a movie.
She is an interesting character but I think Descendants 2 showed her not dealing well with all the pressure of being with the king, and then coming to terms with that. Which is great.
If they try make Descendants 3 about her what exactly will the movie be about?
Her going fully evil?
This would be a serious turn around and go against the first two movies, which would make little sense. We all know she would turn good in the end which would kinda make the whole thing pointless, since she has chosen to be good in the first two movies.
Her ending things with ben and going off wit someone else or just wanting to be by herself for a while?
Let’s be fair this wouldn’t be a very interesting movie if it was about them breaking up, or her finding someone else. Since they have made two movies about how they are true loves and are meant to be with each other forever, if they broke up again in Descendants 3 it would kinda show they aren’t meant to be together in the whole Disneys true love situation if they keep breaking up.
Her betraying all friends for some unknown reason? Who knows maybe she snaps and decides to go to rouge or something.
Basically I don’t want Descendants 3 to focus on Mal and Ben. Because it will most likely go like this:
They are happy in the beginning of the movie.
Something happens that causes them to drift apart, disconnected.
Some let’s be fair great songs, amazing dance numbers, some minor plot with other characters.
Then in the end they get back together all happy like the true loves we are meant to believe they are. This wouldn’t be interesting if this was what Descendants 3 was about as it has been done already we don’t need another movie about how they aren’t a good fit, but wait they actually are in the last few minutes of the movie. (Ooooooo big shocker there 😒)
What I don’t want in Descendants 3 is them trying to force a Harry x Mal x Ben love triangle. Especially since Dove said that Harry/Mal dated in the past and she broke Harry’s heart.
Besides the fact that I think that love triangles are extremly boring, cliché and seriously over used Harry doesn’t deserve to be forced into a ridiculous love triangle with the person who has already broken his heart, just for it to happen again.
If you think about if they make a Harry x Mal x Ben love triangle, Mal x Ben are obviously going to come out as the winners because Disney will use the True love excuse, but destroy Harry in the process all because they want to give Mal and Ben more plot.
If they want to pair Harry off with someone it should be Uma or Gil, personally I would love to see a poly relationship between Harry x uma x gil but it is Disney so poly relationships are extremely unlikely.
Descendants 2 showed that Harry and Uma have amazing chemistry and would work well as a couple.
I wouldn’t mind a Harry x Gil paring as I say they would work well together as well.
I really hope that they stop trying to villainize Uma in descendants 3 because she is not a villain, all she wants is to get herself and her friends off an island that they are trapped on. She is an anti hero not a villain.
If they try to make Uma a villain they will basically be saying that Uma can do nearly everything Mal did but because she wasn’t chosen in the first movie, she is a villain for trying to escape the island, which is crazy.
Also I would love for Descendants 3 to acknowledge that Adam isn’t all that good because what good person brings back DEAD villains just to put them on a island surrounded by a magical barrier, for them to suffer poor living conditions, horrific food and properly very limited to no medical care.
They should also acknowledge how screwed up and not good Adam was for being against bringing the kids of the villains over to Auradon prep, to get them away from their poor living conditions, horrific food, properly very limited to no medical care, their abusive parents and a very hostile living environment.
Personally I think it is time for the Descendants series to focus more on other characters. I would also love more character development for Carlos, Jay, Evie, Uma, Harry, Gil, Dizzy and even new Vk’s.
I would be amazing if Descendants 3 showed Evie trying to get all the Vk’s on the Isle over to Auradon. Then seeing how all the new Vk’s react to the drastic change in environment, maybe they act out and cause a huge amount of mischief, or they start to learn that life won’t be as difficult and hard anymore and but they think it is all a trick and maddness happens.
I would love to see how Harry/ Uma/ Gil react to Auradon prep and all the students there.
Descendants 3 would be great if the core four Vk’s, plus Ben and Lonnie, possible even Jane (to see what she is capable of), had to work with Harry, Uma, Gil and Dizzy (Possible other Vk’s) to stop a new villain.
I would love to see them all working together instead of fighting each other.

In Love Means... - Reggie Mantle x Reader


Anyway, cute random reggie fic I wrote in science today - kinda pointless really anyway - ENJOY


Fireworks die to a spark then to a gentle hum. That’s love. That gentle hum of life not effecting you but making you happy, and content to be so.
Being in love with him meant watching every game, being proud of him and not having a damn care in the world.

Your hair was soaked and your jacket clung to your body but you didn’t notice the cold. You carried on screaming anyway. It was the last minute and the needed just 1 more score to win. They couldn’t lose not now, not after everything they had done so far. The rain droplets caught the flood lights and made you almost dazzled but that didn’t stop you keeping your eyes on him at all times. He had the ball, he had 40 seconds. You screamed louder and louder but you doubted he could even hear you aver the crowd and the Vixens - that didn’t stop you.
He did it.
The crowed erupted as Reggie Mantle was lifted into the air by his team mates, pulling his helmet off and relishing in the rain like the show off he was. His eyes searched the crowd as you simply stood there watching with a smile greater than you had ever had graced your features. His eyes finally met yours and for a moment he remained still, his smile matching yours before he made the other guys drop him to his feet allowing him to run to you and you to him. Upon reaching you, his helmet had hit the floor and you were in his arms instead, his arms going around your waist and him lifting you spinning you around in circles making you giggle.
“You did it.” You laughed as he placed you down, ensuring you had your balance.
“Of course I did.” He was a cocky sod after a win but you didn’t mind it too much as he leaned down and kissed you firmly, your senses became immune to the screams and the ‘awws’ of the crowd that had filtered onto the pitch around you. “You are soaked, babygirl.” He became concerned over you once again as he always was,
"I am fine, baby,“ you smiled up at him as he towered over you with a smirk on his face - one that normally meant trouble, "Reggie?” you asked before he scooped you up once again raising you above most of the crowd who continued to cheer. Raising your arms up you threw your head back laughing, not caring still about the rain until at last Reggie lowered you, picked up his helmet and wrapped his arm around you.
“Smile captain!” you heard someone shout, turning your head to face people, Reggie placed a sweet kiss to your cheek as the camera flashed, making you smile wider.
“Come on, lets get you home.” he mumbled in your ear, of course meaning his house, the amount you stayed together you practically lived together, as he started walking away and out of the crowd almost unnoticed as he kept his arm around your shoulders protectively.
Being in love with him meant his protective ways and adorable insecurities over you, and how they could bring both him and you back down to earth.
Changing quickly, he threw you his dry letterman jacket that was cold but still smelled of him and a welcome change from your dripping wet attire, “Come on you,” he murmured in your ear, placing a gentle kiss to your temple his hand found yours and your fingers intertwined.
You and Reggie had been together for 2 years now and most people think we would still get butterflies, that we would get flustered and our hearts speed up, but no. Everything is calm, like now.
It’s the gentle kiss on the back of my hand once we had got in the car as he started the engine up. The way we could sit in perfect silence and be content with it as we walked into the house, Reggie falling weary from his game as we said goodnight to his parents and he went upstairs as I made a drink. How I could sit with his parents and he with mine as if they were our own and talk as if we were one of theirs. Being in love with Reggie was coming to bed to find him already long gone into sleep, sprawled out on the bed after his long game but still having left space for you to crawl in beside him.
One of the best bits about being in utter love with Reggie, was how even in the deepest of sleeps he would pull you into him as you laid beside him and place a barely there kiss to your head as if you were a comfort blanket to a vulnerable boy, because thats what he was deep down.
It was also how you would fall asleep listening to his steady heartbeat and his slow breaths, matching yours to his.
The best bit? The lazy morning kisses placed gently on your lips on a weekend to wake you up, just for cuddles or pancakes in bed, kisses slightly sticky with maple syrup but not caring.
You may text constantly, but its the small exasperated looks shared in class or the funny faces you would pull to see who would laugh first… you always lost. It is catching him talking about you like you were the one to put the stars in the sky.
For Reggie, it was realising that maybe you don’t need the whole world to love you, maybe you just need one person who will become your world. And it was liking your smile but loving being the reason for it and knowing that being in love was much, much better then falling in love.

It was security, and safety, and all things warm and sweet.
It was Reggie Mantle and (y/n) (y/l/n).

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rain || peter parker x reader

here’s a little somnth somnth for y'all while i get some other writing done and have been so busy. its really nothing, and kinda pointless, but i really like the rain and my fan calls be weird for it. idk thats kinda where the idea sparked. enjoy!!

tags : @running-outta-time @munalisax @i-just-wanna-run-hell

words : 1194



Originally posted by petrparkered

It was times like these you enjoyed the most. You enjoyed the incessant tapping of the droplets on pavement. You loved the way the clouds turned grey and the atmosphere felt dark; almost lonely to most, except you. You found comfort in the wet weather; you felt at home, not alone.

Your family called you weird for your love of the weather. For them it’s always been sunshine and light breeze like most others. ‘They just don’t get me.’ You’d always think, ‘But I like being the weird one.’

Along with the rain, you felt comfort in knowing you were original, you liked it. No matter how lonely it could be when the tapping on the roof stopped. You found solace in it.

Most kids in school found you the weird girl for your personality. You’d always been a girl of few words, only spoke when needed; but a dreamer, that you were. You were always in your own little world, oblivious to the others who stared at you as if you were an alien.

There were times when the streets were empty because of how hard and fast the drops of water would fall from the sky and you’d simply bask in it as if it were the last time you’d see the beauty in the world. ‘And that’s what makes me weird I guess,’ when you’d stand in the rain, ‘I see hope as much as despair when I stand here.’

That’s what you believed was beauty. Standing in one of the imperfections that the world gave us. Rain gave hope to flowers, and grass, and anything wanting to grow into something more; but it sent others into a depression, it’s around to remind you of the worse that’s happened before as water tapped onto everything below it.

An hour before the Science and Technology school you attended ended, rain had begun pour down like no tomorrow. All the water distracted the kids in classes; they groaned and moaned at the thought of having to walk home in that. You, however, sat in class quietly as you smiled to yourself.

The moment school had ended, students jumped out of their seats. When they’d made it out of the school, they all darted in each and every direction, trying to find the closest possible way to get home. Like them, you jumped out of your seat and out of school; but stopped outside. You stood in the pouring rain, looking up and letting the cool drops fall down your face. You searched the sky for nothing, examining the dark clouds before being interrupted by a voice behind you,

“Hey,” you turned to face the source of the voice, “Do…, Are you okay?”

It was boy about your age, presumably who went to the school. It took you a few moments to remember that he was in your Math class. He was incredibly smart, and nervous.

‘Peter Parker.’

You smiled at him as he looked at you in concern, “I’m fine.”

He nodded, giving an estranged look as you turned your back to him again, “Are you sure? ‘Cause I could walk you home if you want, I mean if you don’t exactly know where you’re going. The rain can be a lot sometimes.”

Your head tilted back upwards, smiling lightly as your eyes squinted to prevent the droplets from blinding you, “I like it when the rain’s a lot.”

You could barely hear his footsteps coming in your direction over the rain until he stopped right beside you. Your shoulders had been grazing his ever so lightly. Peter tilted his head up as you did, squinted at the sky in confusion, “What’re you looking at?”

You hummed something that sounded like, ‘I don’t know’, before moving your head down and to the side to face the boy.

You watched as he realized you had been looking at him. He moved his face to the side too, only inches away from yours. You tilted your head to the side a bit, examining the boy’s features. Reaching up, you put one of your hands on his face, cupping his cheek lightly. His eyes widened slightly as you did so, not sure of what to do then.

“Most would just run out of this,” you spoke up, still looking at the boy, “Do you think I’m weird?”

Peter didn’t know why, but he’d felt a pang of pain in his chest after hearing the last couple of words come out of your mouth sounding so desperate and curious. The thought of you getting called names for, presumably, standing out in the rain the way you were made him feel a great deal of sympathy and defensiveness for you.


Your face broke into a broad smile, dropping your hand from his face and turning back to the sky, “Thanks.”

Peter turned back as well, moving his hands up to push down the hood of his sweater, exposing his damp hair to the showers of weather. His eyes moved to the side, only glimpsing at you as his head stayed in the same position. He watched as your eyes closed, humming lightly and all expression leaving your face.

“Why do people call you weird?”

You stayed the same as you answered Peter, “Because I do this. Because I like it.”

Peter shrugged, “Why do you like it?”

You let out a sigh like laugh at the curious boy before turning serious, voice small as your face stayed the same towards the sky, “I don’t feel alone here.”

He’d felt his heart drop slightly. He couldn’t understand why anyone would call you weird; the reason you stood out here was one of the most innocent and pure things he’d ever heard.

“You wouldn’t mind if I stood here with you for a bit longer, right?”

Your face broke out into a grin, as did his, turning your head to him, laughing and shaking your head, “No, I don’t mind.”

You stood in silence with the boy for a few moments, staring at each other with curious expressions, searching one another when you’d before you spoke up again, “I want to move to London after school, you know. It rains a lot there.”

Peter, who’d begun leaning in slightly, responded dazed, “Yeah,” his eyes shot down to your lips and back up to your eyes, “London doesn’t sound that bad when now that I think about it.”

You giggled slightly when he nudged his nose playfully into yours once he’d gotten close enough. You saw water drip down his face, some falling into his mouth that was slightly agape. You leant forward and brushed your lips over his, waiting for him. He pressed his lips onto to yours, so lightly, as if you’d break if he pressed any harder. Your lips melded into each other perfectly, sending chills down your spin.

After breaking apart, you both turned back to the sky, smiling. Peter, still shoulder to shoulder with you, put your smaller hand into his; fitting perfectly into each other.

“Well,” you spoke softly, “I guess you’re weird now too.”

Peter smiled, “Maybe I like being the weird one.”

I’ve been sitting here thinking for a bit and I just want to do a very small rant about something that bothers me. I’ve noticed that in a good amount of fics, the reader is usually described in a way that basically let’s us know they are short/of height ~5'2" (around 157cm.) I am not that height, I’m closer to 6'2" than I am to 5'2". I understand that the normal height for females are closer to the lower to mid 5'0" area, but there are quite a few of us that are taller.

This could be just me being petty, but I’d kinda like to see us taller ones represented more you know? Without it being requested specifically for a taller reader.

Idk, this is kinda pointless but I needed to talk about it somewhere. I can’t be the only one that feels this way, right?

How would » Dating Blackpink

» pairing: Blackpink x Reader

» genre: Fluff

» author note: As if it´s your last is constantly playing on repeat. My new summer jam, everybody. By the way, I made these a bit shorter as this is in a group format rather than individual, so yeah.

» warning: None

» requested by: anonymous

» gifs not mine, credit belongs to the owners

Originally posted by blackpinka


  • automatically becoming the weird couple
  • jisoo never being able to keep her 4D personality at leash
  • you pretending to judge her but lowkey loving her randomness
  • “jichu you´re so pretty”
  • her blushing bright red
  • ridiculous pet names
  • deep conversations late at night
  • watching fashion shows and talking trash about the outfits while wearing facemasks
  • stealing each other´s clothes
  • her being extremely stubborn during fights
  • not really able to admit it was her fault, ,,, that kind of stubborn
  • but swallowing her pride as soon as she realized it was no good for you relationship

Originally posted by topfied


  • the sweetest gf you could ask for
  • even though she seems cold she´s actually super squishy and adorable
  • always tells you how much she loves you
  • if you don´t know Korean, she´d try to teach you
  • and you´d teach her your language (unless you talk english bc that would be kinda pointless)
  •  helping her handle the other girls
  • dates in amusement parks 
  • asking her to teach you flying yoga
  • abs™
  • fights would be pretty intense
  • resulting in you both having to leave the room and cool off
  • then apologizing to each other by pulling the other into a tight hug and whispering how much you love each other

Originally posted by yoosjiae


  • aesthetic™
  • always outside taking photos for instagram
  • trying to live the healthy life like jisoo and jennie
  • failing miserably
  • “do we want a pizza or chinese food?”
  • going for walks late at night
  • almost immediately going inside because you don´t want to get killed
  • literally the biggest scaredy-couple
  • “teach me how to play a guitar.”
  • her being weak af for you puppy eyes
  • you two would always try and avoid fights as much as possible
  • if the fight was very serious I can see her crying while apologizing (if it was her fault, ofc. if not she´d wait for you to say sorry)

Originally posted by fuckyeahagustd


  • okay another weird couple
  • we all know lisa is one big, walking meme
  • majority of your gallery is her
  • blackmailing her with photos of her derp faces
  • constantly teasing each other
  • looking for random recipes on the internet and trying to make the foods
  • failing more than succeeding
  • trying to learn all their choreographies so you can show her
  • tripping over you own foot while doing so
  • her having laughing fits at how stupid you look 
  • appreciating your effort nonetheless
  • “were you born with two left feet, jagiya?”
  • “shut up.”
  • surprisingly fights are very rare
  • like super duper kind of rare


Ayyeee.. I wasn’t really tagged but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Challenge by @butterfly-tattoo 

Rules: Take a picture of the sim that’s normally associated with your blog (your legacy founder/lead character in your story etc.), now take away all their cc (except their hair, eyebrows, and skin color), then do a before and after picture.

I’m tagging @plumb-barb, @simtasia, @simgallery@touchmypixels, @cakenoodles​, @girl-just-simming-around​, @fanaskher​, @buckleysims​, @obsimmian​, @pixelddump​, @freckled-pixels​, @lanyxie​, @narusasu-simblr​, @gohliath​, @itsniiaa-simblr 

Notes: I did a girls edition (or at least the more relevant girls that I have). Fenix looks like god either way and tbh for the sake of this I gave her a little more makeup than usual because I normally don’t have her wear lipstick. With Ani I’m very happy I did this because I didn’t realize how much I actually LOVE her with a complete bare face. She looks so different and kind of like this one girl I wanted to model her after.. so she might just wear some tiny lashes from now on and call it a day because I’m into it. And finally there’s Jaide.. she wears the most in game makeup because I spent the least amount of time on her custom skin. I wish I could get her lips the same texture as the one she wears in game.. also her eyes look so different without eyeshadow lol.

P.S. If you did this already then please disregard.. and if I didn’t tag you it’s because I already seen you do it ^_^