On the night of Dean’s seventeenth birthday, he feels a searing pain on his right wrist, spiraling out from the veins and building its way up to the crook of his elbow. There’s fire in his blood and metal in his saliva as he watches the inky tendrils make their way across his skin, fading into existence in an unearthly way.

As he watches the blue and ebony patterns brand themselves onto the sensitive skin below his palm, he feels his mouth go dry and all he can think is how unnerving it is, being permanently tied to love without getting a say.

It takes fourteen minutes and forty-eight seconds for it to finish, and by the end his knuckles are white and his eyes are scrunched so tightly that his cheeks ache when he finally begins to relax. His arm feels like it’s been set ablaze and he’s scared to look at it, fearing what he’ll find there. It feels like once he glimpses it, there’s no going back.

Unable to stop himself, he turns his wrist over- and feels his lips part in surprise, because oh, it’s beautiful.

He’s seen his fair share of soulmate bonding tattoos: his mother’s was yellow and black with rough edges but warm, happy insides; his father had a light aqua one, with swirls that radiated the impression of kindness, comfort. As a child, Dean spent hours studying them, noting the softness of John’s, the wavering loyalty but overall love and care in Mary’s, and belatedly realized that each tattoo captures the bare essence of one’s partner entirely.

Dean’s, though- his is unlike any tattoo he’s ever seen, even unlike the stylish and complicated ones promoted in the magazines, full of shimmering lines and curving edges. No, Dean’s is made up of the simplicity of humanity. Sky blue fades into navy, washes into purple and turns to black. White vines curl their way through the design, and blank blotches tuck into the corners. It looks like the night sky, the heavens, his skin a canvas yielding a masterpiece of falling stars and melting skies.

His fingers ghost along the tattoo as he stares at his arm in awe. The skin is raw, but it’ll heal quickly, he knows. For the time being, he has to take everything in, put names to the emotions swirling in his stomach and heart.

He presses the tips of his fingers against the foreign symbols at the bottom, where the ink stops at the midway point of his arm. His breath catches when he sees the name written in English under the elaborate language, the name of his soulmate, his other half, his better half:


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Okay so this is my harmless thought, ready?

Basically. On YouTube we have all kinds of non-canon ships right? We have Troyler, Tronnor, Jaspar, Maspar, Shoey, Tyler with any male, Marcus with any human, Miranda with any human, et cetera, et cetera. But like the people in those ships (ok maybe not Tronnor idk I don’t keep track BUT THE OTHER ONES) all like to laugh about their ship. Tyler puts it in a hashtag on his videos and did you WATCH his Tumblr Tag video with Troye? So much gay. Marcus and Caspar actually kissed on camera. Joe and Caspar named their daughter. Miranda calls everyone bae and she planned her marriage with Lilly (IISuperwomanII) on one of Lilly’s livestreams. All these people just like to roll with the ships, to play around with them and joke about them for the benefit of the viewers because they aren’t canon. They are comfortable with pretending they’re dating because they aren’t actually dating

And then there’s Phan. First of all let’s not even TALK about 2009-2012 ish, but like right now. They are both fully aware that LITERALLY EVERYONE ships them together. But they never pretend they’re dating, and they avoid the subject. Imagine the scenario.
Question: Troye, kiss Tyler.
Tyler and Troye: *look at each other and lean in and pretend to kiss and at the last second pull away and laugh*
Question: Dan, kiss Phil.
Dan: no, that’s disgusting, Phil is my friend, you sick bastard

And that’s if they would even include the question at all. So with all of this hardcore shipping of Dan and Phil, you just have to ask yourself why they don’t just roll with it for the hell of it. Give the viewers what they want! And don’t come at me with the “they’re not gay” thing, I know that, but neither is Marcus and neither is Joe and neither is Caspar and neither is — you see?

So why don’t Dan and Phil just act deliberately and exaggeratedly like a couple on camera, to prove the point that they are able to joke about it, so it must not be real?

Well, maybe because it is real.

(or maybe I’ve got this all wrong and they’re just different but I think I’m right hbu)

Signs as things that my friends have texted to me
  • Aries: what if I just kind of body slammed the bookcase
  • Taurus: can you pick me up someone lit a firecracker inside the house and now we have to wait outside
  • Gemini: yeah but then what
  • Cancer: why would I fuck a robot while in Canada
  • Leo: I kind of punched a wall
  • Virgo: how do you hide a body
  • Scorpio: what do you mean I can't fly to England and track down Dan and Phil
  • Sagittarius: ;)
  • Capricorn: I just chugged a bottle of apple juice
  • Aquarius: some bitch just fell in the pool lol
  • Pisces: oh my god there's Doritos everywhere what do I do

to everyone saying that chilton’s innocence should be obvious to jack/the fbi because he’s vegan and can’t digest meat:

there hasn’t been any actual evidence of the ripper eating his victims

yeah, will said so, but he’s been proved wrong before, and not just by fake/planted evidence. see, in the real criminal justice system, profiling isn’t an actual standalone job - CSI/SVU-style profiling doesn’t really exist, and even real offender profiling is done by forensics people with psychology/crim backgrounds - and that’s because it just isn’t that helpful.anything beyond “white male, mid-30s to 40s, likely employed” is difficult to impossible to glean, and even that is supposition.

that’s one of the reasons zeller and price always act incredulous/disbelieving when will does his empathy thing: basing an investigation off of a profile, rather than physical evidence or witnesses, is ridiculous, especially with the wild leaps and bounds will is making. something as outrageous as cannibalism needs a shitton of evidence to back it up, and they haven’t found any. as far as the fbi is concerned, the ripper just takes trophies.

(also, will may have been exonerated, but his professional credibility still took a major hit when he was imprisoned. plus the whole “wildly accusing a highly respected psychiatrist” thing)

You’re in Trouble (Professor Novak x Student/TA!Reader)

Summary: This is my submission for @thinkwritexpress‘ College Writing Challenge! Professor Novak is essentially a very determined man, and… yeah. I don’t wanna give it away. 

Pairing: Professor Castiel Novak x Student/TA!Reader

Word Count: 2.4K

Warnings: smutty smut, language, kind of public sex? ish?

A/N: ok I said I’d post it by Friday and I got excited so here it is my friends. ENJOY GLORIOUS PROFESSOR CASTIEL NOVAK MY PALS.

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Warning: NSFW gif further below the cut!

Where are you?

You looked down at the text from Castiel and smirked, scurrying up the stairs to get to his classroom. The two of you only had 10 minutes before his class started, so you’d have to be quicker than usual.

Ok, so your relationship with Professor Novak, your history professor, wasn’t exactly…professional. You were his student and you both knew if the university found out about you and Cas’…extracurricular activities…Castiel would most likely be fired, regardless of the fact that you were over the legal age.

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anonymous asked:

gentle earth is a mess rn... like it's just been people being petty about shit like vaguely similar names, spamming, talking about being literally abusive, and saying gross things about others because of their sexuality... why can't we have nice things

yeah i know. i don’t really know what to do about it to be honest. i feel like i worked really hard to create this beautiful little thing for self expression to help people and every time i go on there i’m just kind of disappointed. there’s always someone upset over something petty, someone spamming the page with meaningless conversational posts like it’s some sort of chatroom, someone trying to be funny.

i think that’s the worst, the people trying to turn the page into a giant joke. posting copy and paste relatable text posts and unfunny “random” youtube vids. i really kind of wish those people would just go to a different page. like damn, if you’re so bored go to reddit.

it doesn’t really bother me that much, it’s just kind of a bummer on a personal level because for years and years that page was completely hidden and only used by people as a way to get things off their chest. even i posted there a LOT from when i was 22-24, i just did it anonymously, and now it feels like it’s different. like i’d feel dumb going in there actually trying to be sincere.

so yeah, i feel u.

the male characters section on the marvel wiki has 1669 pages

the female characters section has 554 pages

even if the ratio of female characters killed off to male characters was balanced they would have to introduce like, 3 new female characters with every one killed off to make up for that gap. and that’s not even mentioning the fact that the characters who come back from the dead are predominantly male, whereas female characters are stuck in limbo if they’re lucky. so yeah. stop killing women in comics.

stares @ that ‘hussie is problematic post’ ,,,,,ok

yall realize how old some of the shit on there is rght? like yeah hussie isnt perfect nd is on no grounds to be worshiped but he has grown significantly as a person and ntm theres some actual shit on there trying to drag him for the shit his CHARACTERS DO IN COMIC lilke ok

i mean i understand his characters are his control but??? this is like ‘this character has done some AWFUL things so hussie is obviously AWFUL too’

like calm tf down man chill jfc