Hi guys! Just writing to let you know that I’m going to stay away from Tumblr for a while: I really, really don’t want any kind of spoiler about Justice League (I’m not even going to watch the trailer), so yeah - I’ll see you in November, I guess! In the meantime, I’ll still post stuff on my fanfictions accounts, so come say hi :) And please, whether it is here, or there, could you please be careful not to let anything spoilery in your prompt asks and other messages? Thanks!

I’ll miss you, love you all! 

On the night of Dean’s seventeenth birthday, he feels a searing pain on his right wrist, spiraling out from the veins and building its way up to the crook of his elbow. There’s fire in his blood and metal in his saliva as he watches the inky tendrils make their way across his skin, fading into existence in an unearthly way.

As he watches the blue and ebony patterns brand themselves onto the sensitive skin below his palm, he feels his mouth go dry and all he can think is how unnerving it is, being permanently tied to love without getting a say.

It takes fourteen minutes and forty-eight seconds for it to finish, and by the end his knuckles are white and his eyes are scrunched so tightly that his cheeks ache when he finally begins to relax. His arm feels like it’s been set ablaze and he’s scared to look at it, fearing what he’ll find there. It feels like once he glimpses it, there’s no going back.

Unable to stop himself, he turns his wrist over- and feels his lips part in surprise, because oh, it’s beautiful.

He’s seen his fair share of soulmate bonding tattoos: his mother’s was yellow and black with rough edges but warm, happy insides; his father had a light aqua one, with swirls that radiated the impression of kindness, comfort. As a child, Dean spent hours studying them, noting the softness of John’s, the wavering loyalty but overall love and care in Mary’s, and belatedly realized that each tattoo captures the bare essence of one’s partner entirely.

Dean’s, though- his is unlike any tattoo he’s ever seen, even unlike the stylish and complicated ones promoted in the magazines, full of shimmering lines and curving edges. No, Dean’s is made up of the simplicity of humanity. Sky blue fades into navy, washes into purple and turns to black. White vines curl their way through the design, and blank blotches tuck into the corners. It looks like the night sky, the heavens, his skin a canvas yielding a masterpiece of falling stars and melting skies.

His fingers ghost along the tattoo as he stares at his arm in awe. The skin is raw, but it’ll heal quickly, he knows. For the time being, he has to take everything in, put names to the emotions swirling in his stomach and heart.

He presses the tips of his fingers against the foreign symbols at the bottom, where the ink stops at the midway point of his arm. His breath catches when he sees the name written in English under the elaborate language, the name of his soulmate, his other half, his better half:


Alright so I cleaned out the inactive blogs i followed and now my dash is like super slow…. so yeah I’m looking for new blogs to follow! I’m kind of a diverse follower so most of them are kind of lumped into groups but I’ll try to be as specific as I can. Here are some stuff I’m looking for:

Bold: really really want

  • Seasonal anime
  • Seinen anime (like Psycho Pass, Gurren Lagann, Death Note, Durarara, Cowboy Bebop, Darker than Black, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Mononoke, Code Geass, Madoka Magica, Erased, 91 Days)
  • Josei anime (like Nana, Princess Jellyfish, March Comes in Like a Lion, Anohana, some BL) 
  • Trigger studio anime (Gurren Lagann, Kill la Kill) 
  • Noitamina anime (Silver Spoon, Kids on the Slope, Your Lie in April, basically this list)  
  • Anime by Shinichiro Watanabe (Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Zankyou no Terror) 
  • 80s/90s anime 
  • Pokémon 
  • Animal crossing
  • Fire Emblem
  • Nintendo in general 
  • Professor Layton 
  • Ace Attorney 
  • Final Fantasy 
  • Dangan Ronpa
  • Undertale
  • Earthbound
  • Voltron: Legenary Defender bonus if you post a lot of Keith and klance
  • Current events
  • Art
  • Aesthetics

Bonus if

  • Multifandom preferably with a lot of variety of anime
  • Your blog is nice and clean 
  • Talk in your tags
  • Movies and video games 
  • You are active
  • Want to be friends???

Not neccesary if

  • You’re a graphic maker
  • Don’t tag your shit (appreciated but not necessary since I don’t do that lmao)

Sorry that’s a lot of requirements orz but yeah if you want me to check out your blog please reblog this and write what you post or what kind of blog you are in the tags so I can follow you! Please don’t be offended if I end up not following you. 

Mutuals if you can please reblog this that would be great <3 

i don’t often make text posts anymore so this is a little awkward um

what i wanted to say is; i get too often comments or tags on my work that are something like ‘i wish i could do this’ or ‘why can’t i draw like this’ etc, and it makes me pretty sad. i dont think you should put other artists on some kind of…unreachable pedestal. because it’s just not true…at all

you CAN draw like this, you CAN draw even better than this. i truly believe that given time and effort, anyone can improve at drawing…just like honing any kind of skill

i played the guitar for three years in my teens and i was still awful at it, you know? i never really practiced enough, and three years is not very long. i could kinda play the melody for ‘let it be’ by the end, and i was pretty happy with that. i just never had the drive for it that i have for drawing, so i didn’t stick with it

we all struggle with not being good enough for one reason or another, and it’s normal to get frustrated at our abilities sometimes, but…

if you have the passion for it you can really do pretty much anything

*The Mystery Skulls Gang at the pool*

Arthur: *stretching his arms* “Ah, it feels good to finally get a break from ghost hunting.”

Lewis: “Yeah, I think this is the kind of break we needed.”

Arthur: “Mhmm.” *sees someone jumping off the dive board and into the pool* “Man, I don’t know how anyone can fall from that height and not be scared for the life.”

Lewis: *passive aggressive tone* “Yeah, I don’t know, maybe they had someone or some ‘f r i e n d’ giving them the 'p u s h’ they needed.”

Arthur: “Oh my god… I thought you forgave me for what happened two years ago!?”

Lewis: “Yeah, but I never said I’d forget…”

Arthur: “God, you are such a drama queen!”

Lewis: “Coming from the guy who got pissed about someone calling 'Star Wars’, 'Star Trek!’”

Arthur: “THEY WERE

Vivi: “Uh… Guys.”

Lewis and Arthur: “WHAT!?”

Vivi: *in the shallow end of the pool* “It’s not that deep…”

You’re in Trouble (Professor Novak x Student/TA!Reader)

Summary: This is my submission for @thinkwritexpress‘ College Writing Challenge! Professor Novak is essentially a very determined man, and… yeah. I don’t wanna give it away. 

Pairing: Professor Castiel Novak x Student/TA!Reader

Word Count: 2.4K

Warnings: smutty smut, language, kind of public sex? ish?

A/N: ok I said I’d post it by Friday and I got excited so here it is my friends. ENJOY GLORIOUS PROFESSOR CASTIEL NOVAK MY PALS.

Originally posted by collateraldamageaf

Warning: NSFW gif further below the cut!

Where are you?

You looked down at the text from Castiel and smirked, scurrying up the stairs to get to his classroom. The two of you only had 10 minutes before his class started, so you’d have to be quicker than usual.

Ok, so your relationship with Professor Novak, your history professor, wasn’t exactly…professional. You were his student and you both knew if the university found out about you and Cas’…extracurricular activities…Castiel would most likely be fired, regardless of the fact that you were over the legal age.

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these are my grades and i posted them on fb bc i was so proud which is kind of unlike me and this person i met once (and saw out at a club last weekend but didnt say anything to me) commented and said it was tacky and i was like hell yeah i agree but i wanted to die so bad i couldnt write my last paper and i turned it in a week late and i got an A+ in that class, the only class i took outside of my department and how powerful am i even when i dont want to live? can u imagine what i can accomplish when people treat me right? and that is just where i am right now

You know what else is great about Shadowhunters?

The fact that Izzy and Meliorn are in a happy, healthy and non-monogamous relationship - and it’s totally normalized.

Like Izzy asks right at the beginning if she can trust him not to fool around with anyone else but immediately laughs and says “just kidding” (which to me, suggests they’ve already discussed this kind of thing and agreed that they’re cool with seeing other people). And yeah this could be a defensive thing but honestly as far as I can see she seems genuinely okay with it? 

Like when they discuss the fact that Meliorn is currently in a sexual relationship with Camille as well, Izzy’s not even really interested in why he’s seeing Camille (she even says “I totally get it”). It’s clear that she’s just interested in how the relationship might help her to rescue Simon. 

In addition to the fact that Meliorn is seeing both Izzy and Camille, Izzy regularly and openly flirts with other people (Simon, Clary, those demon dudes in the first episode) and no one ever says “But I thought you were with Meliorn?” or “What would Meliorn think about this?” even though everybody knows about the relationship. 

Meliorn isn’t presented as being a bad person for seeing two girls at the same time and Izzy doesn’t come across as even slightly jealous or possessive. Her and Camille don’t get along but that’s because of totally unrelated things like: Camille kidnapping and killing her friends, Camille stealing important Shadowhunter artifacts, Camille trying to steal her brother’s boyfriend - and so on. In any other show their confrontations would have involved some comment from Camille about how Meliorn likes her better or is going to break up with Izzy to be with her, but it’s not a point of conflict between them at all. 

What’s even nicer is that Meliorn and Izzy’s relationship is still shown to be very loving and meaningful, despite not being monogamous. She risks everything to save his life and their reunion when she succeeds is very emotional. But there’s no dramatic declaration of love, no “now I see that you’re the only one for me” because they don’t need it. They already know where they stand with each other and monogamy has nothing to do with it. 

you know that like, youve been putting up with so much bullshit in your life and there’s just like that final step when you sit down and think yeah im just kind of unlucky. i’m destined to be and to live this way from now on and so when i place something inside the fridge in a very bad way, like about to fall way, then i close the door and say “well that’s someone else’s problem” i know. i just know its going to be mine. i opened the fridge. im the fool. 

Jughead and Veronica fighting over Betty, Betty standing on the sidelines

Veronica: I LOVE HER* yells in frustration*

Jughead: I LOVE HER TOO *shouts back*

Veronica: Oh yeah, if you really love her whats her favorite color?

Jughead: Easy, blue

Veronica: Okay, what kind of toothpaste does she use?

Jughead: I…. How would i even know that?

Veronica: If you really love her you would you know!!

Jughead: OH yeah, do you know Veronica?

Betty: Juggy, she hasn’t even been to my hous-

Veronica: Crest Complete Whitening Plus Scope Duel Blast *crosses arms is smug*

Betty:….. *stares bewildered*

Jughead: How did you even know that?

Veronica: With determination

so while i don’t really draw attention to it too much, i do occasionally try to remind people that i have depression, anxiety and ADD

not to gain sympathy or anything like that, but i often get really sweet and kind messages from many, many different people, just genuinely complimenting my art or my analytical abilities, or asking my opinion about something because they’re honestly curious about my thoughts on a specific subject

even tho i have several of these mental illnesses, they haven’t stopped me from producing work and impressing people with what i can do

i hope this doesn’t sound too big-headed, but i know there are quite a few people out there who admire me or find me as a source of inspiration, and i kinda just wanna show them that while i also have these mental illnesses, i’m able to continue on, and people really do enjoy what i have to say or create

(ahh i hope this makes sense…)

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Sasuke is trash but it's kind of shitty how no one took the time to check up on him after his family was murdered. Irkua completely ignored the other orphan in his class.

No I agree that was bullshit and the fact that they let him live in the SAME HOUSE ???? fucked. 

Idk about Iruka completely ignoring him though. Sasuke for the most part was pretty quiet and didn’t make a scene so Iruka had no real reason to intervene. With Naruto he was always causing trouble for Iruka, always demanding his attention so it was a bit more natural that Iruka would gravitate towards mentoring him. Naruto clearly needed mentoring whereas Sasuke did fine in school and kept to himself. The blame 100% falls on the hokage + whoever they appointed to handle this type of shit (which was apparently no one). Yeah it would have been nice if Iruka stepped in but to be fair what Naruto needed and what Sasuke needed were two very different things. Naruto needed someone to take care of him and believe in him (something Iruka could easily do) whereas Sasuke needed some serious mental health counseling (something Iruka probably couldn’t do). I also think it’s worth noting that we only really see Iruka through Naruto’s lense so we don’t actually know how involved he was in the other students lives. For the most part we only ever see him interact with Naruto.  

Man, I totally understand the Vax-puts-the-women-in-his-life-on-pedestals argument to a degree, because he does have this kind of childlike awe of Pike and Keyleth and especially Vex that means he’s often missing important cues and blundering into conversations (and yeah, I think you can argue that building up his mother in his mind after her death played a role in that). And goodness knows we have reason to be worried about that kind of representation in media.

But at the same time, I dunno, there’s something about that reading of this specific situation with Vex that feels overly simplistic and kinda rubs me the wrong way and dismisses some of the stuff I actually really appreciate about Vax’s character.

There was a really explicit self-aware futility in this week’s episode throughout Vax’s attempts to build Vex up: to me at least, it didn’t seem so much “You’re amazing, so stop being so upset” (which I’ve seen argued) as “You’re amazing, but you’re still upset, and I’m sorry I can’t figure out the words to make it better” (which is painfully relatable for anyone who’s ever tried to console a friend). It’s not “I think you’re great so why aren’t you living up to the image of you I have in my head?” so much as “I think you’re great and I’m happy to be here for you until you think so too.” 

To get back to the pedestal analogy, it’s not “I feel entitled to your being perfect because of how it affects me when you’re not” so much as “To me you are genuinely perfect but I understand that you don’t see it so I will be the person you can come to when you need a reminder.” Putting someone on a pedestal is about actively ignoring their flaws. I think what’s going on with Vax is seeing someone’s flaws and loving those flaws specifically–it was out-of-character, but the note on the broom Liam gave Laura said something like, “I’m a big fan of all your decisions,” and that about sums it up.

And that’s not always gonna work. If you’re trying to change who you are, having someone say, “I love who you are right now” can feel like a big step backwards, which is why I think a lot of people are uncomfortable with Vax lately. But that’s not to say it’s not inherently helpful to have that solid touchstone you can move back to when you’re ready. And that’s kind of the job of a friend: they shout down your demons even when you’re not ready to hear it.

I’ve mentioned before how Vax has, in his own weird little way, started toward a more healthy form of healing after Syngorn and everything that happened there–he’s been finding happiness outside of the expectation of others. The conflict emerges because Vex isn’t there yet; she’s not ready to let go, and she still feels the need to operate within the harmful rules they set. Percy, who knows a thing or two about trying to meet impossible expectations, is trying to help by giving her what everyone always told her she needed so she can understand how little it really means. Vax is trying to help by giving her unconditional validation. Both approaches are inherently flawed, and both approaches put unfair pressures on Vex–Percy’s by actively ignoring and potentially exacerbating the root cause of the pain, and Vax’s by nudging Vex toward healing too quickly. But I don’t think either approach is outright bad or harmful.

There’s a subtle difference between “I love who you are right now so DON’T CHANGE” and “I love who you are right now and I wish someone hadn’t made you to feel like you have to change that to be happy.” And it’s okay to disagree with someone saying something like that to you. It’s healthy to have different people you can go to when you need different kinds of support–the friend who always tries to fix your problems is The Worst when you’re just looking for a shoulder, and the friend who constantly builds you up is The Worst when you’re at that stage of self-loathing where you start coming up with harebrained schemes to Improve Yourself so you can stop feeling the way you do.

I think it boils down to feeling like there’s a level of respect in Vax’s interactions with Vex that get dismissed by bringing in the pedestal argument. And it feels friggin’ weird to say that. Anyone who’s seen me around a fandom for any length of time probably knows that I have a hair-trigger for this kind of stuff, which is why I’m so baffled at finding myself okay with the way Vax has been acting lately. There’s a definite misogynistic undertone, a paternalistic and patronizing patina of awfulness, that underlies the idea of the Perfect Woman, but the people who build that image of the Perfect Woman are The Worst because they genuinely don’t give two shits about what the Perfect Woman thinks of the situation. And for all that Vax is a fucked-up emotionally stunted scared kid, I think the last criticism you could make of his character is that he doesn’t give enough shits about what the women in his life think.

I could be way way way off-base here. I just get a bad feeling in my gut when “builds up and encourages the women in his life” gets read as “puts the women in his life on a pedestal” when the former is something I’ve found genuinely refreshing about his character from day one.

okay so since the Formula 1 season started this weekend I thought I’d just let you know that I have a F1 blog as well (most of you probably know this anyway, since it’s my main blog haha)

but yeah it’s @hulkieswonderland so if any of you are into F1 hmu haha :) 

it’s basically a mess, just me crying over a thousand different drivers (sounds a bit familiar huh? hahaha) and oversharing personal stuff lmao

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(Responding to the remind answer thingy) Yeah! I actually made a remind that sends out positive messages once a day. The code to join is @perfectpos !! You can sign up to receive reminders by texting "@perfectpos" to the phone number 810-10 or you could get the app. I was wondering if you know anyone who might be interested to join? I've already scheduled reminders daily till May (I may get a little over-enthusiastic, haha). A lot of the messages are kind of inspired by your blog and also by (1)

(2) your tags on your positivity posts and everything. You kinda make everyone feel really loves and really safe, and I tried to give that feeling though the messages because you inspired me!!

oh!!!! this is such a lovely idea !! :O !

i just joined ! and gosh, thank you so much ! i’m honored to have inspired you! <3