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Can you write more fics about Mor and Azriel?

I have some coming up soon! but I’m always here for writing more Moriel if you have something specific in mind? ^_^


guys i know that i’m always doing this lately but again i’m so sorry for going away like this and to make such depressing posts and barely blog study stuff

it’s just that sometimes i start thinking about how lonely i am and i get so overwhelmed and anxious and i start crying for attention like a big baby, but i can’t talk about this with anyone, i don’t want my mom to worry, my best friend has been kind of ignoring me, and if i tell my school friends they will be like grow up

so yeah writing text posts on here is my only way out, and believe me i’ve tried everything to get new friends at uni or elsewhere or feel better but atm there is nothing, so i’m sorry, i will try to stop writing that kind of stuff on here but i can’t promise anything

rant over, thank you for reading <3

After explaining to a guy on OKC that, hey, you’re not into non-monogamy and we have a 17% match rating, you’ll probably have better luck elsewhere, I got this back:

Look i just read your profile once again,very confussing. Im guessing some kind of fancey way of saying swinger. Dude idc. I just want a regular sex partner thats cool enough too be a friend. Shit i do some freaky shit,me andmy ex use too have guys screw her while i watched,hell yeah ive got a kink

And that’s nice but no

confession 2:

i think it was kind of a mistake joining the FNAF fandom and making my own human animatronic and guard designs.

like someone accused me of ripingoff pole-bear’s springtrap design after i re-designed him and had to re-design him again. how they complain that my human designs have no animal ears or tails (my version are detachable)

so much thoughts i had on this since last year

lupintyde said:
They missed a Suicide Squad casting choice…according to this, Amanda Waller should have been played by Mike Tyson.

They don’t call her The Wall for nothing!

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yeah, I heard they toned down a lot of Digger’s sexism/racism from the original cut. Probably for the best.

That’s the rumour, yeah.  I don’t know how true it is, but Jai did make a comment about Digger being racist and sexist…then again, he might have been talking about comics Digger at the time, so who knows.

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It’s our highest level of education!

He also minored in strine.

Cut for some of my angst (and also possible Season Three Flash spoilers).

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