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↳ specially for kintokie​, Happy 3 months belated Birthday Qistina! ♥


nd right then, i felt the whole world change...

you change everything | zemra x solas


"People always think I make dark, scary, disturbing movies. People are always surprised when they talk to me or meet me that I am nothing like the movies I make. Which is a good thing, because I always say that I do not want to live in the world of my films. I don’t know, it’s filmmaking, man. It’s all make believe."

Happy 38th Birthday James Wan! (2/26/1977)

The 100 Spoilers below

im just so happy about the 100 right now because after last week’s promo with the clexa kiss and then jason’s tweet about it being “out of context” made me so. damn. worried. that it was some weird queerbaiting thing but it WASN’T literally the thing that was “out of context” was that lexa initiated it instead of clarke and like yeah clarke isnt ready right now and neither is raven and that’s totally ok. confirming your lead as bisexual without making it into a whole “OMG BISEXUAL PLOTLINE” thing is great and done so well and wow

also jason tweeted during west coast’s livetweets tonight after raven and wick had sex that “Raven has to learn that sex isn’t a way to solve her problems.” I. LOVE. THIS. The show isn’t SHAMING raven or showing her in a bad light for having sex with multiple guys. it’s showing that one of her flaws is jumping right into things with these guys instead of taking a chance to think about how she really feels and giving her a chance to pull back and recover from finn. it’s setting up some great potential for character growth. most importantly, the show doesn’t portray her as a bad person for having sex with multiple guys. if raven sorts through her feelings, allows herself to open up, moves on from finn and finally grows to love wick (or, hell, another guy), then they’ll probably have sex again. and that’s ok.

the parallel between the two girls, showing that they’ll both not over finn (and yet, not hating each other! what a concept!) was so, so great and it was just great character profiles overall in tonight’s episode 

Can i just rant about An Extremely Goofy Movie for a sec

I keep saying that I really don’t like this movie, only because it has a lot of potential to be good? Like, the whole X games thing at the second half of the movie just kinda sucked. I guess it’s more Goofy centric which is ok, but Max’s character development was pretty non existent in the movie, which weakens a lot of what was taken from the first one. It’s understandable that Max is a typical teen, super moody, and Goofy can be p annoying.

But, throughout the movie there was nothin to really like about Max? He’s just a complete brat who only cared about himself for the most part. So, it just got rlly boring and hard to feel for him because of his crappy attitude. But Sylvia and Goofy are so adorable forget Max lmao

SO! who wants to hear the personalities I associate with numbers.