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a thunder shower makes for a cozy hour 

The companion piece to Himawari’s room. And another collab between ammeja (who did the incredible drawing) + me! Everyone could use a good thunderstorm and blanket fort every now and then ⚡ 

  • Interviewer:Perhaps there is something going on between bellamy and clarke this season???
  • B*llarke fandom:OMG REALLY THEYRE MY OT-
  • Jason not even 2 seconds later:HAHA NOPE NOPE NOpe nope NOPE noPE no NO nope
  • B*llarke fandom:*heterosexual tears*

tattoo artist Luke always being judged for the way he looked and he never cared until you came along. People would always criticise him for “not being good enough for her” “she could have someone who’s so much better” and it would hurt Luke so much. You didn’t care what people thought but Luke felt he had to make it up to you for “not being the typical boyfriend”. You noticed how he would do random little things throughout the day to try make you happy such as buying you flowers, cleaning up the apartment or cooking you dinners till one day you found out why he works so hard to please you. You’d find him in the kitchen of your little apartment at 3am with a sad look on his face. “Whats the matter sweetheart?” you’d ask him while pulling a chair beside him to sit and he’d just sigh and explain how he feels you deserve a “normal” boyfriend and not someone who has lots of tattoos or a relationship that doesn’t get criticised and hated on as much. You’d be shocked that he felt this way because you didn’t even notice the comments, you’re just so in love with him that you don’t care what others thought and with that you’d get up from your seat and hug him. You’d hug him so tight that he knows you love him. “you’re my person Luke, you’re the only one for me and what people think doesn’t matter, I’m so in love with you and id do anything for you and right now i just want to hurt the people who made you so sad” you’d tell him with a smile and he would let out a breathy laugh while hugging you back and burying his face into your neck. “I love you so much” he’d muffle out and squeeze you tightly. You’d then tell him how you appreciate everything he does and how he makes you happy and that he doesn’t have to do what he does just because of judgemental people but that he should do it out of love and kindness, which he obviously does. He would finally realise how much you love him after that conversation and how much you want to be with him because of the person he is. You wouldn’t change him for the world and thats all he needed to know.

oh my gosh

can everyone stop acting like “strong female characters who are badass and can still be feminine!!!!” is somehow revolutionary…. i wanna see strong tomboy female characters, strong butch female characters, female characters saving the day with hairy armpits and dirty sneakers and ugly cargo shorts. of course feminine strong female characters are great bc theyre still strong female characters, but praising their femininity in particular is so odd when female characters have only ever been feminine, theyre expected to be and not accepted otherwise

// k i’m just gonna put this here: aside from any threads I’m discussing currently (including the people whose asks I haven’t responded to in like ten days), I’m not going to start any more threads. I have way too many currently running, and I’m honestly not capable of even keeping up with the ones I have now. Sorry if you guys wanted to plot :s I’m just really overloaded and my mental state is incredibly volatile right now.

Farkle's character development? Hell yes

What I could see from the clips on IG he hasn’t changed for bad(apparently the way he looks bc he stop himself in the “Thanks I’m…” only when we see the full episode we will tell), he is still the same kid we love that would do anything to protect Riley and Maya and that loves so much his best friends. There is a new pretty boy in town, that’s Farkle the smart,caring and probably now less weird but amazing guy we all love, and I just hope Lucas, Riley and Maya would understand bc people change but they are still his best friends and as long as he is happy and don’t change for worse that’s good.