it makes me kinda sad that so many ppl who write about brucenat in the tags feel the need to say that their arc “wasn’t enough"
like yeah I wish there were more too? but there were 11 main characters in that movie - there’s no way we’d ever get everything we wanted, but what we got is pretty darn great, especially if you watch it more than once, like I have - I know I appreciated the first Avengers film more upon rewatching it, because the themes and general flow of the narrative are more contextualized once you’ve sat through them once
I MEAN if I could’ve made AoU into “the bruce and natasha show” I’d have done it lol but there’s only so much time, and I deeply appreciated the scenes they had (which, imo, create a cohesive and believable whole, all things considered) after watching the movie for a second time - you notice a lot of things you didn’t the first time, at least I did

and if you’d like a defense against basically any of the arguments that keep cropping up in the tag, here is my brucenat analysis/critique/defense post with meta by myself, others, and film critics

Please don’t be discouraged by the words of a random, DE-shipping After Show host.

What she said about the Bamon hug being “boring” was still bothering me this morning, so I’ve been mulling this over. 

It chafed particularly because we were the underdog in this, fighting back against the most vindictive and rabid side of the DE fandom with all of their poll voting hacks and tricks. And essentially what that host (or those two hosts, really) did was downplay what is actually a pretty big moment for us as a fandom.

And we shouldn’t let them.

This is just the beginning for us in terms of giving/getting media attention, with a ship that’s closer and closer to canon romance.

Plus we’ve shown now that even without the boost that canon provides to a fandom, we can hold our own. We’ll only get better at it from here, and when we do have that canon bump? There won’t be anymore “*Nose scrunch* It was boring!” in response to a well-deserved win.

It was obvious from the responses of those hosts to any win by Bonnie/Kat/Bamon that they aren’t accustomed to hearing us. They didn’t seem to really know how to respond (let alone in a sensitive, positive way) to the fact that we Bonnie/Bamon stans essentially dominated most of that poll.

And is only a microcosm of what we’re going to see play out, if we keep up this momentum. They will hear us, and they will understand that they can’t ignore Bonnie/Bamon anymore. So many of the media outlets are already on board, already reading the writing on the wall about Bamon’s development and potential for romance. 

This is just the beginning, guys. Don’t let their hate stop you from celebrating!

5SOS Preference #34: Going Down
  • Luke Hemmings:"L-Luke." I breathe shakily, squeezing my eyes shut as pleasure takes over me while grasping his blonde locks a bit. His tongue flicks up and down my almost swollen, sensitive clit in a slow rhythm. I breathe in and out quietly as I shiver. "B-baby." I whimper as Luke begins to move his tongue up and down my slit. I squirm and he groans a bit before hooking his arms around my legs from under them to keep me still. I lean back against the pillow and moan out loud once he begins to thrust his tongue in and out of me, licking my juices as he does so. "Shhh, princess." He coos breathlessly against my throbbing lower half, gripping my thighs with his fingers. I breathe in before looking down at him after he begins kiss my inner thigh. "Just breathe and let me work, baby. Please." He whispers, gently, while staring at me with dark, royal blue eyes.
  • Michael Clifford:"F-fuck, (Y/N)." Michael mumbles as I bob my head up and down slowly, creating the right friction for him. My tongue swipes over the tip of his cock and he moans. "Jesus." He whispers under his breath, arching his back up from the bed, making me gag a bit. "You're doing so good, kitten." He whispers as his thumb caresses my cheekbone. I remove his cock out of my mouth and begin to pepper it with kisses. Once I begin to lick the top of his erected member, Michael gasps before closing his eyes. I move my hands to his balls and play with them gently. The veins of his cock are evident now. "(Y-Y/N)..." He moans squeakily and I giggle a bit. I straddle his legs while still fondling with his balls before kissing his soft stomach. Michael then whines. "Kitten, you're killing me here." He cries out once I begin to pump him. I smirk at him. "Mikey, you have to be patient."
  • Calum Hood:"Oh God..." I moan softly and Calum chuckles lowly. He moves his tongue slowly up and down my slit and I nearly lose myself right there. "Cal..." I whisper, running my fingers through his hair. I shudder once his tongue moves to my clit and licks around it. I push myself into his face, whimpering like a mess. He grips my hips while making loud licking noises and breathing heavily. The pleasure is mouth watering. "B-babe, oh god y-yes." I moan as he begins to flick faster on my clit. His tongue and teeth begin to take turns with my clit, nipping or licking at the swollen bud. I tug at his hair while throwing my head back against the pillow, crying "yes" over and over again. My legs begin to shake a little. Calum groans gently as he slides his tongue into my pussy and I whimper, closing my eyes. "You taste so good, pretty girl," He whispers, pulling me closer to him by my hips, gently. "So fucking good, baby."
  • Ashton Irwin:"Christ, baby." Ashton says, quietly, while putting his hand on the wall behind me to support him. I suck gently on his cock while bobbing my head back and forth. I give him a fast and slow pace and he moans. "You're such a good girl, baby." He whispers gently, while running his finger through my hair. I hold his thighs to steady myself while giving him the friction he needs. He breathes heavily while grasping my hair gently. "Just like that, (Y/N)- fuck." Ashton whimpers, closing his eyes hard. I move faster, almost pushing him in deeper. I slide my hands over to his center, moving them to his balls. He gasps and jolts a bit once I grasp them firmly. I move slowly, almost letting his cock out. "Mmmmm b-baby girl." He moans as his muscles flexed. I remove him from my mouth and he whimpers. "No, baby, n-no." Ashton whines to me and I begin to lick his penis. I smile as I lick his pre-cum. "Does daddy want me to finish him off?" I ask, looking up at him with innocent eyes.

150522 - SHINee comeback stage Music Bank recording (please do not delete credits)

→ Finished view recording just now… 3 regular mtakes and one really long partial one at the beginning that was hilarious.
→ Taemin and key were wearing shorts today.
→ Taemin had a move where he needs to slide on the floor a little but because of the shorts he said it was difficult. His knees would hurt. He actually joked around after that trying to pull his socks higher to cover his knees xD dork.
→ Of all the OT5 shows I’ve been to this was by far the most lively and active and just happy recording. They were in their best mood ever ㅠ ㅠ
→ They played around so much I don’t even know where to begin. The first 10 minutes were just them goofing around and it was glorious.
→ Taemin continued his word play today. He went from View to “I love…” and we went “You!” He was happy lol.He added a 3rd one: “Thank you"XD When the members didn’t react to his Thank You he was bummed so he said I only have the fans. The fans get me XD
→ Taemin was singing&suddenly he changed the lyrics to "ugh I’m so tired,dead tired” then when we worried he continued singing “just kidding~”
→ They had to film the same part over and over so Taemin said it’s difficult&Key suddenly went “Hwaiting!"super bright XD Taem was like yes~
→ It’s kind of weird -happy weird- to see just how much they’ve changed in how they interact with fans. Especially Taemin. It’s astonishing- I mean even just 2 years ago I never would’ve imagined Taemin to be this talkative ,interactive&most importantly comfortable with fans ♡
→ During the partial-recs they kept cutting off the song so we got a ton of acapella-singing from SHINee,they kept on singing without musicㅠ ㅠ
→ Before we went in they warned us not to do individual chants&ments. No random screams of hey minho did you eat, Taem I love you, etc etc

→ Out of Music Bank recording, boys were full of ennergy, always playing around!
→ They kept doing strange noises, so funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
→ The stage was full of mirror, really amazing!
→ We kept laughing at us and they started a recording with us laughing, hope it won’t be the broadcasted one OTL
→ At the start Taemin was checking Onew’s mic and when it worked they started doing body gag ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
→ Taemin’s wearing short! So so cute ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
→ They recorded the close up shot at first but the boys were still playing around when they started so they had to re-do it a few times xD
→ For the close up shot they use a shoulder camera and the man almost kicked Minho because he was really close to him. So after the take Minho re-do it with Taemin, do funny ㅋㅋㅋ
→ Taemin was the first to arrived, he waved at us then hide behind a curtain to tease us xD
→ They were singing live, amazing ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
→ As Key was singing some of their old song Minho did the "Lucifer” pose. Taemin made a bad joke and members laughed at him xD
→ Taemin told us “I love View”! He also told us “Thank View” so cuuuute ㅠㅠㅠ
→ The balloon is new, they gave us fancard. It feels like a new start for Shawols~

→ So cute today babies. Greeted us warmly today when they came on stage ♥
→ Taemin sang along to Hana, but changed the lyrics to “in the morning light xxxxx(didn’t catch) I’m dead tired” ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

→ Taemin was a wearing a dark blue blazer and jean shorts, white shoes and high socks and a white shirt that said peace on it
→ The stage was purplish light and with hanging rectangular mirrors all around
→ The shinee members were really cute and awake today
→ The prerecording for view was an hour because they also filmed closeups for the view performance
→ They kept fooling around while waiting
→ After a the closeup recordings, Taemin complained that it was hard cause he was getting tired but Key told him “Hwaiting!”
→ Jonghyun and then the rest of the members started to make clicking sounds while practicing in between recordings. Then the members started to blow into their mics and would pretend that the wind they would blow would hit onew and onew reacted lol
→ In the beginning, Taemin randomly began to sing a few lines from One
→ Taemin told to the fans “I love View” and shawols responded back saying “I love you/view” and taemin responded by saying “thank you” in eng
→ The SHINee members were also singing parts of Lovesick while waiting to record
→ When minho said lu-ci-fer, taemin said it too and then said doc-tor, lol oh taemin-ah xD
→ There was just so much interaction with SHINee today!! ^_^ I’m happy that they were happy today

So my grandmother said we couldn’t name our horse Francis on the grounds that it sounds “too f*ggy”. I mean. Did you… Did you forget your gay grandson is in the car or are you just trying to make a point? Well, I guess it was your daughter that said I couldn’t get a unisex sweatshirt with the Superman logo on the grounds that it made me “look like a d*ke”, so…

anonymous asked:

sigils kind of confuse me... do i just draw them when/where i need them and they begin to help?

Google a copy of ‘Practical Sigil Magic’ by Frater UD and give it a read. It shouldn’t take too long, it is a small book. He explains a lot of basics of modern sigil magic.

To answer your question, yes and no. You can draw them when/where you need them, and they will take effect if they are charged. But whether or not they are helpful depends on how you crafted them and where you put them.

oh man I forgot how very very bad Sid’s acting was in The Passenger (s1e8).

I just. he puts even SHATNER’S scenery-chewing to shame. 

Just to educate some people

when you post something online, you no longer own it. you are literally distributing it for everyone to see. so, it can be altered, changed, re-posted, and you don’t have to have a say in that because YOU posted it it to begin with. And i’m not just talking about the recent feud we’ve been having with the other fandoms .  

a great example would be Instagram; did you know that Instagram can take and sell the pictures that you post?

so just be careful.       

doctorcthulu asked:

It's my birthday! and also your birthday! any trivia on the vanguard format?

It’s not my birthday quite yet. (It’s Monday.) Vanguard was made as an alternate format to be played through a program we had called Arena which used to be played through stores. The Weatherlight Saga was just beginning so I fought to have the Vanguard cards reflect the characters from the story.

Happy Birthday!

tip to dramatically improve your life: to avoid feeling even worse after naps, take naps in periods of either 15-20 minutes or for an entire 1.5 hours. NEVER plan to nap for 30 minutes, 40 minutes or an hour (or anywhere inbetween) because you’ll wake up to an alarm out of the deepest (and most important) part of sleep. the reason you feel terrible is because your body wants you to go back to sleep because you were just getting to the best bit!! at 20 minutes we begin to enter the second stage of deeper sleep, then gradually move on to stages 3 and 4, each with increasing discomfort it we wake up during those stages.

tldr: when napping, either only enter stage 1 sleep (15-20 minutes MAX - you probably won’t even realise you’ve been asleep) or go for a full sleep cycle (1 and a half hours)

Mid-day break at the hotel

So I’m exhausted and it’s only three o clock in the afternoon.  Actually, that means I’ve been wandering for five hours.  And yeah, I finally figured out what time it was – my wrist watch was an hour wrong.

So obviously my first plan was to locate the Yogscast stand.  I found it after a while.  Took me an embarrassingly long time, but it was worth it because Sips was already there helping out with the merchandise, and I got to talk to him and junk, and just, he’d been there since the beginning, and about two hours later he was still there, cheerfully talking to people as if he’d never get tired.

I always look like a fucking cow, but somehow Sips knows how to pose.

I’m making that face and gesture because the second before the picture was taken I tried doing a “peace” sign, you know, the two fingers thing, but I did it backwards and I forgot that that’s a really rude gesture in Britain.  Basically I had flipped our camera man the bird, and I just “OMG I’M SORRY”

I located the food area (+ the chocolate fondue I keep returning to) and I got some food in me (seriously I hadn’t had any breakfast), and I located the Weebl & Bob stand once again, bought a CD.  I was caught by a nail polish stand that made wonderful art on my nails, it was really cool.  I also located Nina Serena again, and bought her lil alpacca comic.

And I bought these lovelies:

Seriously, you can never go wrong with eeveelutions.  If anyone ever doesn’t know what to get me for birthdays or christmases… bam: eeveelutions.

So 1pm, all the Yogs are at the stand.  I didn’t take any pictures.  It would have been too much, because I kept holding up the queue because I wanted to talk to them all – which I failed, because it was so hectic.  I did manage to tell Kim that I love her Nano’s Village series and that I looked forward to seeing Nilesy building his build after Fiona and Zoey (Nilesy’s featured in the Nano’s Village poster – it doesn’t take a genius to draw conclusions!), and I also managed to tell Martyn that I think it’s a great idea that he try doing what the Game Grumps did with Starbomb.  He was like, “Yeah, Sparkles is back from Italy now, so now we just have to write some songs and stuff, he’s excellent at it!” and I was like, “I know, right?  I think you can do it, I mean, you sing and you rap, and you speak faster than I can think, so yeah, definitely!”  I got to tell Lewis, “Just, thank you, for the Yogscast” and I tried showing Turps my ringtone of him and Duncan saying “Vanja, pick up your phone” but by then I was holding up the queue pretty bad, so I’m not sure I succeeded.  I also told Sjin that his beard looked awesome, and, “You could easily become the new Simon.”

Speaking of Simon, I asked Lewis how he was holding up, and apparently he’s fine physically, but mentally he’s a bit down.  I didn’t ask any further.  I just hope he’ll be fine!

I waltzed around the artists’ area, found some really cool art, bought a poster of Ripley from Alien, drawn by a guy who was very into female positive comics, and had been since the nineties.  He thought it foolish that companies are now just going, “Oh, we need female characters!” because most of them are doing it to get more money and stuff, sort of.  He, however, had a comic series about various women with various lives who all share a love for, uh… derby?  Rollerskating?  I have no idea, something like that, and one of them is a single mother, one struggles with domestic abuse, one is a one-armed librarian, one has a cleft in her palate, or however you write it (I said, “Oh, she’s got a harelip!” and he replied, “Actually, you should call it this thing in stead, because apparently ‘harelip’ is a derogatory term” and I just “omg, I had no idea”)

So I’ve got a bunch of posters and some nice comic “teasers”, so to speak, and I’m super exhausted and I don’t know if I want to have a nap or a shower or something, but I have to get back for the Yogscast Q&A in any case.

A friendly reminder that at the beginning of DMC3, Dante had just finished taking a shower  and didn’t care to button his red coat before going on to meet with Vergil. From beginning to end, He half-assed the entire adventure. That makes me question how much of his power is Dante holding back? Only Vergil managed to defeat him once but everything else fell without trouble.

Ten Ways Men Oppress Women with Their Everyday Behavior

Manspreading and manslamming are just the beginning! By now, you may have heard of “manspreading” –when a guy sits with his legs apart on the subway to assert his dominance — and “manslamming” – when a man doesn’t get out of the way of a woman on the street and they run into each other. While these are definitely very important women’s issues, there are still so many more we need to be talking about. Here are ten words for even more ways men are constantly oppressing women:

1. Broplimenting: This is when a guy says something nice to you without asking for your consent first. Men should always ask. “Do you consent to me complimenting you?” before saying anything nice or else it’s assault. No, nonverbal cues don’t count – he still has to ask for explicit consent before offering that kind of affection.

2. Mansulting: This is when a man says something really mean to you. You know, like, the opposite of a broplimenting. Mansults are worse than insults because each one is another brick being added to the fortress of the patriarchy that surrounds you every day no matter how hard you try to fight it with hashtags on Feminist Twitter.

3. Bropen-mouth chewing: When people see man chewing with his mouth open, most think that it’s just him being rude — but that’s just because most people aren’t educated on women’s issues. Social-justice scholars realize that feeling the need to display the crushing and grinding of food is actually a sign of dominance over the lesser being that you are consuming. Especially if it’s meat because eating meat is sexist because women need to show solidarity with animals because that’s how the world sees us anyway (like animals) and we have to be their friends. (I am only interested in dating vegan men who make sure they have chewed and swallowed all of their food before we return to talking about how many microaggressions there are in the restaurant. It’s so rowomantic!)

4. Mentoring: You’ve heard this word before, but unless you’re as educated and culturally aware as I am, you have probably never thought about how sexist it is. Why isn’t it “women-toring,” huh? I’ll tell you why. It’s because we live in a society where people think men are the only ones who can give advice. Seriously, I hate when like my boss or my dad tries to help me out or give me feedback and acts like it’s because he has more experience when really we all know it’s just because he thinks that he is better than me because he is a man and I am a woman. I fight against this by refusing to take advice or direction from men and smearing anyone who tries to offer it in a Jezebel post. I just did this with my boss, actually, and guess what? He fired me! Just more proof of sexism in the workplace.

5. Sleep Manpnea: Men snore because they have to keep imposing their existence on us even while they are asleep. It is of course different from women’s snoring. When a woman snores, it’s because she has been manterrupted all day and needs some way for her voice to be heard. By the way, if a man ever tells you that your snoring bothers him, what he really means is that he is uncomfortable with the idea of women being heard.

6. Mantroduction: If a man introduces you instead of letting you introduce yourself, that’s because he wants to control your identity. If you are out with a guy and he says “This is my girlfriend …,” leave immediately. Sure, he might have just been trying to be respectful, but don’t feel bad for him. That would mean he doesn’t understand his privilege and you don’t want to be with someone that dumb and out of touch anyway.

7. Manspiration: This is when a man tries to inspire you with a story from his own life as if he has any idea what your life is like as a woman. Now, while that’s unacceptable, it’s also past time to recognize that men and women are equal and exactly the same. Sometimes guys say this makes no sense and is contradictory and ask me to explain, but that’s an example of …

8. Manterrogating: This is when a man asks you to explain anything or questions anything you say. This is included but not limited to being asked to explain contradicting lines of thought or provide any actual facts or evidence to support your claims. A real man knows the only acceptable thing to do is to blindly accept anything that comes out of a woman’s mouth rather than to continue gender disparities by manterrogating her.

9. Manpacking: Similar to manspreading, (where men sit with their legs apart on the subway and take up too much room,) this is when men bring large backpacks onto the subway that take up too much room. Before you dare manterrogate me and ask why it’s a gender issue when women can have large bags too, check your privilege and realize that the only reason women have backpacks is for makeup and other items they need to measure up to the standards imposed on her by the patriarchy. If you see a woman with a large backpack taking up space, the only person you should be mad it is yourself for imposing that backpack on her with your unrealistic standards of beauty.

10. Mensoring: This is when men censor their cool partybro bro-time stories around women because they don’t think we can handle anything offensive. Seriously? Treat us the same! It’s not like we’re easily offended or anything! —

Katherine Timpf is a reporter at National Review

Photo by tattedyogi16
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