Starco IS NOT Dead

After today’s episode, I’ve been noticing a lot of people saying “Starco is dead.” Or “Jarko is going to be endgame.” Trust me, Starco is far from being dead. We still have a whole other season to go. (Maybe even a 4th) If you haven’t noticed, Daron likes fooling us. Starco is still going strong. It may seem dead, but it’s not. Just wait until Marco finds out about Star’s crush on him. Besides, us Starco shippers aren’t going down without a fight. :)

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When she does sing for him, Sherlock listens as avidly as if it were a Bach concerto. Her voice slides lower and becomes more languid, as if sharing a secret.

Sometimes, it will be a blues song hummed into the warm morning air on a balcony in Madrid… Sometimes, she’ll sing softly to him when they’re lying in bed together, playing with his hair, twisting the dark locks between her fingers in time to her music…

And one late night at a hotel in New Orleans, she had indulged him by sitting at the hotel’s piano and singing a Nina Simone song into his ear while he sat next to her on the bench, holding her waist with one arm and her stilettos in the other.

—  From yet another Adlock WIP

so i just found out lily collins struggled with eating disorders (plural!!) when she was a teenager and she did a THOROUGH research for her movie and the director of to the bone has previously had an eating disorder herself and they still met with doctors and entire groups of young women who were willing to share/discuss their stories and actively sought out specialists so they can give their audience real facts instead of romanticizing the suffering of people who are dealing with/have dealt with eds. and i want to cry bc to the bone is going to be such a good movie and i’m going to bawl my eyes out but it’s okay bc it’s destroying the stereotype and finally shedding some light on the topic and i love the entire cast so! much! :’))))))))


find you a guy 

who embraces you, touches you, kisses you, looks at you, hugs you..

like dog bird ♡

Little update

So…I know I didnt post any Hc today but I’m hoping that I can post 2 HC’s tomorrow.
School is killing me but I’m going to take a vacation because of a holiday,so I hope I get more time to write and then I’ll take all those requests.
I’m hoping to post all Valentine’s Day requests until the end of February lol
It’s 3 am here, I have to wake up at 6 am, I’m saying that just to prove that I don’t have time right now to write , and I was stressed today because of that fucking hater, but we won ;) . Collages are not so easy to make, so don’t expect that much like text posts too.
And oh my I keep thinking about Jumin in kyoya style…Even tho @slytherin-pansexual-pride made a beautiful drawing for me about that (I’m just a sucker for those guys)
I’ll read some things right now @fantasyimmortal @saeyoungs-space-princess (I’ll read that you guys write, so I’m really excited )

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My lord, is there a Cybertronian equivalent of calligraphy? Is there ever really a need to hand-write the language when there is so much technology readily available?

There is, though not many people can do it. Even though we are a mechanical and highly advanced species, with a lot of technology, we did develop written script before we began typing most of our writing. We didn’t always have datapads.

Some of the guilds preserved calligraphy as an art form, along with the use of complex glyphs in the form of ideograms, that are different from letters. Most Cybertronians do more typing than writing though, and very few have what can be considered nice handwriting, let alone calligraphy. Typing became more important as our planet became more unified, since it became easier to convert between the various regional scripts that developed, and because any type of digits can type. My talons, for example, make it laborious for me to hand write anything longer than a few sentences, and I am no good at calligraphy, having never been taught how to do it, not even in Vosnian script. 

Vosnian script is a style of calligraphy developed from classical Cybertronian letters, but it became more fluid and rounded so we could do skywriting. It also uses large glyphs with flourishes and illuminations, based on the large smoke glyphs created by Seeker aerobatic teams during important ceremonies. Those sort of glyphs were originally used as signals long before the datanets were created. They would be placed in the sky over the city if there was danger or an All Clear, or if someone important died, or for other types of news, to let everyone know all at once.

Air Command Seekers did learn basic skywriting and glyph signals as part of our formation flight training. Heh, my penmanship is actually better in skywriting than with a stylus. Those glyphs were sort of a backup, a last resort for signals if other forms of communication went down, and they weren’t fancy. The Air Command signal glyphs were actually a stripped-down version of the original glyphs, to make them faster to write and also to disguise their meaning. The artisan castes practiced far more elaborate glyphs, including a beautiful form of calligraphy where entire phrases or poems could be done in an interlaced series of glyphs. They were a rare treat to see, since they could only be displayed on days with almost no wind, or in painted or carved form, but that hardly counts.


A messy little comic where Yuri finds out he’s really dumb.

Part 1/Part 7/Part 9

Guys… I said this was the last part but i was so wrong… get ready for the gay in part 9 (aka the end)


i’ve found the strength to grow so much more
a whisper to a roar
no more crying
it’s time for me to soar


Whose bad end is this again?

aka thoughts that keep me up at 2am if we had his ROUTE