i’m uncomfortable with how attractive paul is without the beard

While I love the idea of Douglas Booth as Montparnasse as much as everyone else, may I interest you in the idea of  Omar Borkan Al Gala

the actor who got kicked out of Saudi Arabia for being to attractive

 to play the part?


“In the beginning of our relationship, Jerry was just wonderful, and I was doing all the funny things that I had always wanted to do. I love to hear laughter, but I couldn’t get laughter just singing. Hearing a whole audience laugh is like getting drunk.“

- Dean Martin

“Oh, God, we had such fun, it was ridiculous. He’s doing a number one night and he calls me up. He said, I hope I didn’t interrupt you when you’re busy.” I said “No, I was just standing around listening to you.’ He said, ‘In the middle of the song I thought to myself, I miss him.’ I said ‘That’s why you called me up, because you missed me?’ He said ‘Yeah–now we’re together–isn’t that wonderful?” 

- Jerry Lewis, Dean and Me


The rush from her main roster debut was only just beginning to die down, she had been high off of the crowd’s reaction and knew it may be a while before she actually came down. Pam happily walked through the halls of the hotel after sitting on a flight for what seemed like forever. As soon as her match was over, she did a few exclusive interviews and headed for the airport. She arrived in Pennsylvania and instantly headed for the hotel she knew Fergal was staying at. 

After the frustrating check in process and finding out which room he had been staying in, she brought her bags to her room and headed for his. She stopped and stared at the door. As soon as he opened the door, she knew things were going to change between the two. The brunette could turn back now or face what was to come head on. 

Before she could turn away, she knocked softly at the door, setting the bags from Toys R Us onto the floor beside her. She fixed her shirt and pulled her skirt down an inch or two, straightening it out as she waited for any sort of response.

I love f(x) so much. Even though I’ve been a stan for years, pretty much from the very beginning, it’s only recently that I realize just how much these girls make me smile, laugh, jump, sing, dance. They brighten up my days, they give me strength, they make the emptiness feel more bearable. Each one of them are talented, capable and strong in their own way. Each is unique and different. And yet together, they are cohesive without loosing their individuality. And together, the f(x) sound is so distinct, so recognizable. Any time I hear the f(x) sound after a hiatus, it soothes me but at the same time gets me so excited. It almost feels like their music hugs my heart, my soul. I love that they’ve never tried to be anything they’re not. They’ve always embraced the fact that they’re different. They’ve never been too afraid to speak their minds. They’re always so relatable. They’ve never let haters bring them down. They’ve always done things in their own time, never losing faith in each other. They’ve never let their “older siblings” define who they are and built their own image by their own rules. They are artists who let their work speak for itself, and they are always so humble, so grateful. I know there will be those who disagree, who can’t see them they way I see them. But this is how precious these girls are to me. They are still young, yet they have accomplished and overcame so much to be where they are today, And as a MeU, I am proud of, I am happy, I am grateful for these girls. They inspire me. I hope that they will always stay happy and healthy.

So my class went to our fancy university archive/library today and it was awesome and there were some very beautiful rooms. One thing our guide told us was that a JACKRABBIT once happened to get inside the archive and got lost. This awakened an idea I’ve had for a while where Bunnymund is a professor…. I just wanted to draw Bunny in small glasses and a sulky face .w.

Gallifrey Records: The Wedding Album

Allison and I thought it was about time we let these two crazy kids get married. If you’d like to skip the ceremony, savior “Gallifrey Records” or “fic tennis.”

If you’d like to catch up on any Gallifrey Records you’ve missed, as always, there’s the master post.

The appointment is scheduled for a Friday afternoon with only the slightest bit of forethought.

Nearly everyone they know is out of town, the register’s office had the date open, and, if the story does leak, it’s got the best chance of being swallowed up on a Friday night.

It’s not the most extravagant arrangement, but it’s what they want, and so, when that Friday finally rolls around, three weeks after the appointment was made, and nearly a year after getting engaged, the Doctor puts on a brown suit, Rose puts on a white dress, and they walk the six blocks to Joanie’s preschool.

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