I keep foam stickers in my backpack to give to people who I think need or deserve one and they’re very colorful and I have an assortment of not only aliens but also dinosaurs and like as silly as it sounds I genuinely want to mail one of those stickers to Dan like I dunno if it would help but he could have a little purple dinosaur or a little green alien to stick on his fridge or whatever and I think that’s always a nice thing

Dan if you’re reading this go buy some foam dinosaur/alien stickers and put them on ur fridge like it’s definitely not gonna solve any of your problems but it’ll look super silly and you’ll feel like a seven year old and it’ll be great I promise trust me on this one I’m a scientist

hi i made this (not great) edit myself using a photo from my hawaii trip on insta (_princess.amelia) 

but i thought it was time for another follow forever so i can show my appreciation for you guys!! 

i apologize in advance for the length of this oops

my faves (in alphabetical order)

0alien ~ em!! we have been friends for some time now and you are so sweet honestly. i’m thankful every day for your support and how understanding you are. i have been through some rough patches that you know about and helped me through and i’m just really happy we are friends and i hope that continues for awhile!! love u

belovedgadreel ~ adrie idk where to even start with you cause i mean we have been through so many years together and i even met you in person this summer and it’s just been a great ride despite the things we have been through i know your friendship is gonna last a lifetime and for that i am thankful 

blackheaux ~ maya you are an absolute cutie pie and i don’t even remember how we met but it has been worth it every single day and your friendship means so much to me and i hope we keep it that way you know? ily

booty2fat ~ felicia we haven’t talked in awhile and i know that but i just want you to know that i appreciate you anyway 

bootyboi ~ trevor!! your support over the years has meant so much to me and you’re such a cutie thank you 

chinupstagram ~ natalie!!! i can’t express how much you’ve affected me and i’m really happy we were able to see each other in person cause it meant so much and you’re so wonderful and i love u

cryh ~ mars!!! my favorite pixie!! we just recently started talking so frequently and it’s been one of the best decisions ever. you’re the biggest sweetheart and i love your sense of humor and style and everything. talking to you brightens my day and i’m so happy we started talking i love u

ctrlartcats ~ it’s interesting to remember how we met tbh but i’m glad we did you have been a great support these past months and i hope we talk more tbh 

fembarbie ~ maria my sunshine my pride n joy you are truly one of my most favorite people you are just so genuine and cute and i love you so much honestly 

frankiesnotaboy ~ frankie you’re just cute in general and i enjoy our conversations thanks for being someone to talk to 

fuckliam ~ lexie!! we haven’t talked in ages but you brought me into this fandom and i’ m still here so congrats i guess? it’s been awhile miss you 

fvkmeup ~ annaliese i have missed you you’re so cute n nice and i love u pls keep being cute 

hangovear ~ laura my love we haven’t talked in forever but you’re such a wonderful person thank you for being in my life 

heavimetal ~ abby you’re so amazing and i’m so glad we met and have talked so much and i’m thankful for you 

indiesmusic ~ ebbie you’re such a sweetheart and i’m glad we talk and i love you

jet-pack-b1ues ~ jordan i could go on and on about you cause you have changed my lie so dramatically i am so so happy we met just so randomly that one time bc i haven’t been happier like you are the sweetest and i’m so lucky to have you in my life thank you i love u

kohltracks ~ mazz my favorite person to discuss dumb things with all night!! our conversations are always something to be remembered and i’m glad i met you it’s been really fun 

monochromatic-heart ~ mando you’re my favorite nerd and i know that we will be friends for a long time 

moonemoji ~ meryl my favorite emoji you are so pretty and i’m happy we are friends bc you have made me smile a countless amount of times i love u 

morezainmalik ~ jv you are a big sweetheart and you always know how to make me laugh i love u

nativehoe ~ kan i’m still surprised you follow me if i’m honest you’re one of my favorite blogs and being your mutual is really awesome 

okuninushi ~ ian you suck 

sadbeautifultragic ~ chyna you’re one of my favorite blogs as well so i’m really glad we are mutuals 

shuckkface ~ callum my favorite dweeb in the world you’re so great and i love you a lot for just being there for me whenever i need it so thank you and i hope we stay friends forever 

sixsteen ~ celest you definitely changed my life when i first met you and i’m really glad we reconnected because it’s been really nice talking to you again love u

solarific ~ arden i’m thankful for you a lot because you are just so refreshing? which i know sounds weird but when i talk to you or look at your blog i just feel instantly better and i really really appreciate it 

starryskiesoftomorrow ~ grace my favorite sparkly star you have been with me through so much and i don’t think i can ever repay you 

teenbicth ~ ariana my beautiful flower how are you doing i’ve missed you and you are so so important to me ilysm

zeautiful ~ rachael my gf my one n only (except you know this is bs love u) i love talking to you and and doing anything with you tbh i think we are an awesome duo and we could probably rule the world one red lipstick at a time 

zeysus ~ lexie you’re just really cool and i feel lucky that you follow me lmao thanks for being an awesome mutual

my other just as awesome mutuals 


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and that’s it! hope i didn’t include too many inactive blogs or anything! sorry again for the length lmao i wanna appreciate everyone!!

anonymous asked:

I'm a student but I really love this blog. because it sort of humanizes my teachers more in my mind? idk that probably sounds dumb

No, I think that’s totally awesome! Teachers shouldn’t seem like some omnipotent, evil creatures who assign ten-page essays and then laugh as they throw them into a fireplace without even looking at them. We really care about you guys a lot, and a lot of times we’re just doing our best and hoping it works out, and I promise that we hate standardized tests just as much as you do. Hopefully you can see this in your own teachers and we can all try to understand each other better and work together.

Checking Out Seventeen Blogs!

Hey guys! I’ve had this blog for about a month now and I just realized that I only follow 22 people (like wtf). I haven’t really been active on this blog and I really wanted to look for some more blogs to follow (cause it’s been so hard for me //weeps), so if you want me to check out your blog please like/reblog this post! 

I’m fine with anything as long as its Seventeen ♡ also, if some of my followers can help me out, that would be a great help!

anonymous asked:

hey so i wanted to start a youtube channel, mainly cause my life is a disaster and i have a bunch of stories to tell, but i base p much all of my self worth on popularity (ie. insta and tumblr followers) and im rly scared that my self esteem will take a big blow if i do this and yeah idk im just scared, but i have some good stories like the one time i was on a train and some guy got into a fist fight with an old lady cause he had a coconut on a string and it kept almost hitting her? idk sry

Well know that numbers don’t matter in the long run, what matters is doing what you like! And your stories sound p cool so as long as you tell them well it’ll be great!


OK but tbh how stupid is Jack to just go along with letting Hannibal play bait. I mean, I get that it’s kind of their last resort, and they think they’ve covered everything with the police escort. I’m just saying, maybe if it’d been some random cop but this is JACK. Will has literally told Jack he wanted to run away with Hannibal - and that’s just ONE of the reasons I wouldn’t trust Will with Hannibal ever again, if I were the FBI.

And come on, don’t tell me Will’s not acting a little sketchy all that time, even when he first suggests it (“I’m not sure, who’s sure“). Idk maybe that’s just me, so nevermind. But come on. “Let them believe I helped Hannibal escape.”

You know, for authenticity.

But sure yeah, sounds good, let the guy who’s aching for Hannibal go do the “fake escape” with him. This cannot possibly go wrong.

Thanks for tagging me thefangirlingbarista! (Also, important question, are you actually a barista?) I already answered some of these questions here but these are the ones not included.

current time: 7:38

celebrity crush: Natalie Dormer is very important to me. Also Nicki Minaj. Marie Avgeropoulos? Whoever that guy who plays Bard the Bowman is. Jeremy Renner? Idk man. In real life I prefer guys but when it comes to gorgeous unattainable people, girls win out.

favorite book: I’m not limiting myself to just one, fight me. Anything Tolkienverse, Narnia, The Golden Compass, 20 000 Leagues Under The Sea, this one book series I read as a kid about a kingdom whose princesses had a foster system with dragons and it was really chill.

favorite bands/artists: Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Young the Giant, Bad Suns, Amber Run, Florence and the Machine, Radiohead, The National, Bon Iver, and of course, Halsey.

last movie I watched: The newest Mission Impossible, it was appropriately ridiculous and I loved it.

dream trip: A few years ago I left my heart in Peru, on the trail to Machu Picchu. I want to go back. The last time I walked that trail I was sick and tired and I had to stop for rest literally every 20m of the climb because it was so physically grueling, but even so it was the most beautiful place out of all four continents I’ve been to. On the third day of the trail we passed through what they call the cloud forest, and there was so much fog that it looked like you were walking on the very edge of the world, all alone except for the trees a few meters ahead of you and the tiny purple orchids that grew on the mountainside. My words won’t do it justice. It was magical.

dream job: I want to write sci fi/fantasy novels. I want to direct their movie adaptations. I want to code story-based video games with puzzles and lesbians and dragons. I want to travel and own a lot of cats. I want to code apps that help people manage their anxiety and learn beautiful new things and make them smile. I want to do so much stuff.

Sorry I talk too much. Uh, I tag any of my followers who want to do this, you guys are great and I have no idea how so many of you decided I was worthy of a follow. Hi. Welcome. I’ll be posting new work soon.

geniune question how do u guys stay motivated during exercise because no offence but i’ve had a gym membership for 5 months and only been twice and i just tried working out in my room but then i saw some balloons so i spent 20 minutes sitting on my floor blowing them up and idk just how do you stay motivated… help me….

Luke always tried to have a “date night”, as he called it. even if you guys lived together and had been dating for some time now. he’d just say “Do you want to go out on a date with me?” and you’d roll your eyes and say yes. the both of you would get ready seperately, and he would kiss you and tell you that you looked beautiful before going out. sometimes he’d even ask you if you wanted just to skip to the end of the date as his fingers fiddled with the zipper of your dress making you slap his hand away, telling him that this was his idea. you guys would go out for dinner or whatever Luke had planned for you guys, and once you guys got back home he’d kiss you at the door and ask you if he could come in. you would just roll your eyes since he lived there as well, but play along and tell him yes

Hello there I have reached another milestone and I’m quite surprised that I reached it early than I would have expected. And made a number of new friends along the way yey. Anyway thank you guys for following me and putting up with my shitposts. As per tradition here are some top Quality™ blogs 

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I loved five women before you.
Who. What. When. Where. Why.

Who I loved, was a girl from college. I wasn’t exactly close to her but with some superficial facts and a few interaction over semester; you know, like most guys fantasizing about a girl they barely know, I filled in the blanks like a fairytale author. And who she became in my head was probably more than the reality. She was a third year sorority girl. And I was the infatuated freshman, sure, but the several times we got to spend together outside  of class also allowed me to see she also had a good heart and a bright spirit. The only problem was? So did just about any other guy. And while she turned me down nicely, I swear, there were times when it seemed like the cliche sorority girl may have felt something for the typical, awkward, freshman.

What I loved, was an old friend. But she was much more than just a friend. we met early in college and kept in touch with the year after. We saw each other grow, and change. And through multiple relationships. I saw her different boyfriends come and go, she was also there for every girlfriend… and break-up of mine. Personality, humor, taste, it was all there. Her and I were almost perfect. The only thing that wasn’t perfect, was our timing. We were never single at the same time and what we loved about each other was never enough to leave who we were with. This is something we eventually have to face and accept. And we had to leave behind what we had.

When I loved, was my first girlfriend in highschool. It’s a bit unfair because she embodies the combination of both love and youth. The feeling of young love is unique and impossible to replace or replicate. Because we can only be that age once. High school was the time of innocence, discovery and adventure. We shared these three elements together and things like, our first kiss, late night sneaking out, and mad-named movies. All of which now have become a nostalgic love. Preserved in a time that neither of us can touch, but know it’s there. Even though we were just kids, there’s not a doubt in my mind that when we were there, we were in love.

Where I loved, was the girl I met in Los Angeles. I never intended to stay there that long. It was just a six-month internship after graduating, but it all changed when I met her. Soon a year had passed and somehow another year after that. I couldn’t leave the city. I couldn’t leave her. Maybe it was my desire to be on my own, or prove something to everyone back at home, but she helped me accomplish it over there. With a relationship reflective of the city we were in. A new energy and new experiences that really push me to mature more than anyone. Or anywhere else. When people ask what city I love the most, I say, L.A. The city where I loved the most.

Why I loved, was a close friend of mine who passed away. She told me after she was diagnosed that death wasn’t what saddened her the most. But the fact that she never really felt like she had fallen in love. She wouldn’t get to have those emotions, good and bad. Of being hurt, and of being held. After she passed, those words stuck with me the most. Teaching me to see that, one of the greatest gifts we have of being alive was the ability to give, receive, and even lose love. There are so many like her, whose lives end before having any of those experiences. What a waste if we don’t strive to love in our lives. She made me understand why. Why waste our life… not loving?

You are the sixth. You are none of them. Because you are all of them.

You are who I love. The girl on the pedestal. The fantasy. The make-believe things that are actually true. You are what I love. The depth, the inside jokes. The bestfriend. You are when I love. A new history is being started with you. We are the young lovers our older selves will someday reminisce about. You are where I love. Because I’d go anywhere just to be with you. You are why I love. Because before you, I didn’t truly understand what I was looking for. Now that we found each other, You’ve given my past, and future, meaning.

You are the sixth. You are the last.

Where Can I Find You? Pt. 10

[Taehyung] Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9

Taehyung got to know you a lot more over the course of the last few weeks. He felt like he met you just yesterday, but you’d been good friends now for around about 2 months. You went on that date a while back, having a few others after that, and just hanging out with the guys. During all those times, nothing escalated over a hug here and there. You kissing him on the cheek happened only that one time. He even helped you rearrange the furniture in your apartment and even went out with you to pick out some new stuff.

He saw you almost everyday, even on your days off. You’d pop in, whenever they weren’t busy. Even bringing some sodas and snacks for Yoongi, Namjoon and Hoseok if they were ever staying late producing music at the studio. You’d go out shopping for groceries with Jin, picking out different foods, trying street vendor treats, even exploring around. You’d stay in the dance room with JungKook and Jimin, bringing them water, sometimes driving them back to the dorm if they were too tired.

What would you do for Taehyung? You’d make him smile, laugh, make him watch stupid movies with you that you both knew were terrible, but were just fun to laugh at, and go to weird shops with random merchandise. You would go to the arcade with all the guys, go on picnics with just the two of you, Jin packing your lunch, but, you weren’t dating, and you both knew that.

It was coming around to being 2 months since you started working at the company, and Taehyung and the guys were talking for a bit and decided on throwing you a little party at the dorm.

They wanted to do something for your first month, but the both of you were just too busy to organize anything, so they decided to do it on your 2 months. Today was the guys’ first day off in almost three weeks, but they told you that they had to go somewhere downtown for a meeting with the agency, giving them time to decorate the dorm, the guys all meeting in the living room.

“Did you already text her?” Jin asked Taehyung, the latter bobbing his head up and down.

“Okay, good. Yoongi and Hoseok, go to the store and pick up some streamers and balloons. Namjoon, go with Jimin and get some snacks. I’ll stay here with JungKook and we’ll finish making her cake.” Jin ordered, sending all of them out of the door, different lists in each of their hands.

“What’s Tae gonna do hyung?” JungKook questioned, tugging on Jin’s shirt.

“He’s gonna go pick up something else, he knows.” he commented as Taehyung grabbed his car keys.

“See you guys in a bit!” he said, locking the door behind him.

He got in the car, his stomach filling with butterflies once again. He put the keys in the ignition, taking a deep breath before starting the car. He drove for around 30 minutes, before getting stuck in traffic.

“Why does this place have to be so far~” he whined, looking at the clock.

“Ehh, I still have a lot of time, I won’t be there long anyways.” he thought, switching lanes. Within another 10 minutes, he was driving into the parking lot, shutting the car door and walking inside.

Twenty minutes later, he had his package, heading back towards the dorm. While stopped at a red light, he opened the box, looking over the gift, being pretty happy with it.

“I hope she likes it..” he mumbled.

A couple minutes later, he called up Jin, seeing how he was doing.

“Yeah? Did you get it?” he asked, the oven sounding in the background.

“Yeah, I’m on my way back, how’s it over there?” he questioned, moving the phone to his other hand.

“Everything’s good, Hoseok and Yoongi came back not too long ago with the decorations, they’re putting everything up now. And the others should be getting back with the snacks soon. Hurry back.” he said, passing the phone to JungKook briefly so he could grab the cake out of the oven.

“Hi, Hyung, everything’s going good here, hurry up so we can all have cake, it smells really good~”

“I’m around a half hour away, I’ll try to get there sooner.” he said hanging up.

He kept getting caught at red lights, making him take a bit longer than he’d like. He turned the corner and took a shortcut through a few neighborhoods, picking up some flowers some woman was selling on the street, getting him back home in just under 15 minutes. He grabbed the bag and the flowers, heading upstairs, meeting Namjoon in the hallway.

“Why are you out here?”

“The guys are scared of me breaking something, so they want me to just hang out here for a while.” he pouted.

“I guess its for the best, but, why don’t you just stay on the couch or something?” Taehyung asked unable to keep a straight face, seeing the leader of their group sulking because of his destructive nature.

“That’s what I said! But they just don’t want to take any chances.” he commented.

“Just come inside.” he said, opening the door for Namjoon.

“I’m back~” Taehyung shouted, Hoseok turning over to him.

“Yah help me put this last streamer up, Yoongi went to go shower.”

He stood on one of the chairs, helping Hoseok pin it to the wall, a nice shade of green and purple. The balloons were scattered around the room, accenting it pretty well. He grabbed his gift, placing it in his room under the pillow.

As he walked back into the living room, he put the roses into some water. Just then, Jin came out of the kitchen, his apron covered in different colored frosting.

“Just finished icing her cake. I call the next shower~” he sang, taking his dirty apron off.

“Where’s JungKook and Jimin?” Taehyung questioned, not seeing either of them around the room.

“JungKook is getting dressed and Jimin is getting some extra ice from the lobby for the drinks.” Namjoon answered.

Yoongi got out of the bathroom, just a towel wrapped around his waist.

“Hyung, how come we have three bathrooms, but we only use one? It doesn’t make any sense.” Hoseok questioned.

“They all work completely fine, you just can’t shower in all three at the same, only one will get hot water while the others getting really cold.”

“Ohh, and plus, having to get out and get all the different bottles from all the bathroom would get annoying after a while.”

“Yup, whoevers next, go and shower, and also, someone needs to change the battery on the vlog recorder, remember, they want each one of us to record it every few days. I think it’s Jin’s turn today?” Yoongi said, patting his ear, trying to get excess water out.

“Yeah it is, I’ll do it before she comes over, we’ll all be tired after.” he said, grabbing a towel and entering the bathroom.

“After Jin, you go. I’ll be quick.” Hoseok said, patting Taehyung’s back as Jimin came in with the ice, three bags in each arm.

“Wow,  you really amaze me sometimes.” Tae said, putting two into a cooler.

“Okay, I think we have everything.” Jimin said, scanning the room. Jin exited the bathroom, a towel on his waist, and one folded into his hair, walking over to his room. Taehyung grabbed his own towel, and went in, trying to hurry up.

He was out in 10 minutes, walking into his room, drying his hair with the towel. He looked over to his closet, no idea what to wear, ultimately deciding on a white sweater with black sleeves, and a pair of black jeans, slipping them off quickly before grabbing the hair dryer and plugging it in, hearing Hoseok turn on the water in the bathroom a few doors down.

After drying his hair, he walked back into the living room, seeing everyone there, dressed, except Hobi who was now taking a shower, and Jin who was recording his vlog in the back room. The company wanted them to record themselves and just talk about what they did during the week and how they feel about debuting soon.

They want to use the vlogs months from now so that when they do debut, they can look back and see how much they’ve changed since then. Hoseok came out of the bathroom, his hair wrapped into a towel.

“I’ll just be a few minutes, tell her to start coming~” he hummed, closing the door to his room.

“Are we all good?” Namjoon asked, looking over at everyone. They all glanced at each other, agreeing that they should call you.

“You know what you’re going to say right?” Yoongi asked Taehyung as he nodded his head. He grabbed his phone, finding your name in the ‘favorites’ in the contact list, pressing it and raising the phone to his ear, it ringing a few times before you finally picked up, the guys wiping the tense looks off their faces.

“Hey, ___!” he said as you picked up.

“Hey Tae, I thought you said you and the guys were busy?”

“Yeah we are, but we we’re wondering if you could pick up something from our dorm?”

“Yeah sure, what do you need?” you replied.

“The production staff needs our vlog tapes for the week and we forgot to hand them in, so if you could stop by, pick them up and drop them off for us, we’d really appreciate it.” he said, Hoseok coming out, hair dried and dressed already.

“How do I get in?” you asked.

“We have a spare card under the mat, just leave it on the table on your way out.” he told you, hearing your footsteps over the phone.

“You want me over there now?”

“Yeah, they want them asap, we’re really sorry.” he apologized, trying to make it sound as convincing as he could

“Alright, I’m walking over there right now.” he could hear your door locking in the background.

“Thanks so much, we’ll make it up to you okay?” he said,

“Don’t worry about it, you guys do a lot already, so don’t stress it~” you commented, a soft chuckle coming from you. “I’ll let you know when I pick them up.” you said hanging up.

“So she’s coming?” Hoseok asked, all of them astonished as to how he got ready so fast.

“Anyways, yeah she’s on the way right now. So she’ll be here in around 10 minutes, so any last minute things we need to do?” Taehyung clarified, checking the room once more.

“Can we see the cake Jin?” Namjoon asked, none of them seeing besides Jin himself and JungKook.

“Yeah sure.” he said, walking over to the fridge. He placed the decorated cake on counter, all of them gazing at it. Namjoon put a hand on Jin’s shoulder.

“You really outdid yourself this time.” he congratulated him.

“Ahh, it’s nothing~” he shrugged.

“Oh come on, you even put roses made out of icing! Don’t tell me ‘it’s nothing.” JungKook patted his hyung’s back.

“Wait a minute guys..” Yoongi said, just then realizing something.

“We don’t have a spare key outside, someone put yours fast!” he yelled, unsure of where you were at this point. They all scrambled, looking for their wallets, grabbing their pants, folding them inside out, until finally, Yoongi found his, quickly going outside and placing it under the mat and locking the door.

“Ahh, ok, ok, we’re good.” Jimin said, catching his breath.

They all hid behind the couch, JungKook next to the light switch turning it off. A few minutes passed, but they soon heard a pair of heels coming down the hallway.

“Aish, ___ and her heels.” Namjoon said, laughing at himself shortly after. They heard the card being passed through, a short beeping noise following, and the door opened, you stepping inside, stopping when you realized how dark it was.

“Ahh, where was the light switc-”

“SURPRISE!!” they all yelled, JungKook turning the lights on. Seeing your face was seriously so priceless to them.

“No! Guys I don’t like surprises! What is all this?!” you gasped, looking at the decorated room.

“Its for being with us for 2 months! And how well you treat us, it’s just a thank you gift” Taehyung  said, repeating your words from before.

“Guys~ You shouldn’t have, you should’ve used this day to relax.” you whined.

“We wanted to do this for you.” Jimin smirked. Your lips curled into a smile as you looked down the floor, then back to them.

“Thank you guys so much, this really means a lot.” you spoke softly, all of them hugging you tightly in a group hug.

They sat on the couch and played video games with you, Jin beating everyone at Mario Kart. You played twister, and Jimin won at that. You talked about stupid stories of your childhood, how they all met when the group was formed, and their impressions on one another.

“I remember when I first met JungKook on my first day when you guys took me out to eat and how awkward we were with each other, and awhile back, he was hugging me for bringing you chicken~” you said, all of them cracking up.

“Give me a break, I’m not good at meeting people.” he whined, shoving you gently.

“Or when I first met you and you drank like 5 macchiatos!” Taehyung said to Namjoon, tears forming in his eyes from the laughter, his gut already hurting.

“You drank 5?!” Hoseok shouted, Jin rolling off the seat.

“It was 2! Then you bought another and we shared one! Don’t make me sound weird!” Namjoon defended pushing Taehyung off the couch, meeting Jin on the tiled floor, catching their breath.

They migrated to the kitchen, placing two candles into the cake and lit them, turning off the lights again. You face was lit by the faint glow of the candles, making your smile look even brighter and they all blew them out together. They cut the cake and they each took a piece, tasting Jin’s creation.

“Waa, Jin this came out awesome!” you said, taking another bite.

“I helped too! Don’t forget I helped.” Jungkook waved his arms, grabbing your attention.

“Thank you  for helping, Kookie, thank all of you for putting this together, I won’t ever forget this.” you explained, looking back at all of them, finishing their cake slices.

By the end of the night, Namjoon and Jin were going at it during an endless match of Mario Kart, while Jimin and JungKook both fell asleep on the couch, exhausted from a tiring day.

You were talking with Hoseok and Yoongi, but they chose to stop by the studio for a bit, cleaning things up with some tracks, leaving you there alone.

Taehyung approached you, hugging you, tightly.

“I really had a lot of fun, today was amazing.” you thanked him as he let you go. He grabbed your hand, leading you to the back room.

“What’s this?” you asked, curious about what room you were in.

“This is where we record all those vlogs, sorry about lying to you earlier.” he apologized, rubbing the back of his neck. He started to feel nervous, sitting next to you on the red couch they had set up there.

“Did you want to talk about something? Just the two of us?” you asked, looking into his eyes. He reached into his pocket, fishing the box out of it, placing it in his palm in front of you. Your eyes traveled from his hand to his eyes, trying to read his next move.

He  gestured for you to open it, your delicate hands taking it from his and opening it softly, revealing a silver ring, hung on a small chain.

“Tae.. Wha-” you started before getting choked up on your words, unsure of what to say.

“I’ve been meaning to get these for a while~” he said, taking the chain from its black suede box.

“These?” you asked, before lifting your hair, letting him put it around your neck.

“Yeah, these.” he said, pulling the collar of his sweater down, an identical necklace around his neck as well. He grabbed his, showing you what was engraved within the ring.

“_ & V” it read, in a cursive font.

“What’s V?” you asked, confused about the mysterious letter.

“That’s my stage name. They chose ‘V’ for me, it stands for ‘Victory’.” he explained.

“I put your initial first, because you’ll always be before everything else.” he added, trailing off into your eyes.

“I know that because of the company, we can’t really be anything other than friends right now, but I’m giving you this, so that when we can, we can be more than that.”

You took your ring looking at it more closely, before smiling sweetly. You bobbed your head up and down, placing a hand on his cheek, making you blush a little.

“I’d like that.” you said, barely louder than a whisper.

He cupped your face in his hands, filling the empty space between you, kissing you gently.



“he seems a bit of a wildcard”

here are some comments under the Vulture article and a lot of them are surprisingly positive about Zayn! Just a nice read after all the negative press he’s been getting

Zayn has the voice, the face and by the (surprising) looks of it, the ambition. The guys needs to work on his stage presence and he’ll be set; and judging by his demo it seems to me he has more potential on the wrriting [sic] side of things “

“ Zayn will be a success.”

The Malik guy is interesting just because he seems a bit of a wildcard, and not in a criminal Bieber-esque way. But anyone who has the balls to quit a band without the hype Styles had (even I knew he was supposed to be The One) and somehow become an entity without releasing any music at all is… interesting. He’s also a bit ridiculously good looking - which in a world where Nick Jonas or Bieber or Austin Mahone or Derulo are supposed to be the male pin-up of a generation, is a bit refreshing.”

I would say only Harry or Zayn have possibility, and Zayn unfortunately burned some of his teenage fanbase by ditching out early”

Liam, Harry and Zayn have more potential than Niall and Louis, for sure. But if only one succeeds à la Justin Timberlake, he’ll be lucky. And after all the backlash Zayn received when he quit the band, it must be a sweet revenge for him now ahah!

My biggest fear about being a transboy in middle school is getting beat up in the bathrooms.
My second biggest fear is having an adult tell me “Boys will be boys” when I tell them I got beat up.