LBM17 is over, but I have a little gem for you: Visiting my favorite “item shop” on the convention. I went there like 5 times a day (because it was nice and cheap) and greeted the cute cashier this way upon entering. Always.

The convention was amazing. Being Ardyn for three days (instead of two) was the best thing ever. Really. It was so much fun meeting all the other FFXV Cosplayers. Maybe a small selfie-post will follow later. (and i have a cute little clip of Noctis)

It’s nearly midnight and I decided the best thing for me to do was to try making icons, so have some LGBTQIA Dear Evan Hansen teens. Sorry for the graininess, this is my first time trying this and I have no idea what I’m doing.

(feel free to use, just give credit)

here they are, all the important pals! I felt like it can be hard sometimes to keep track of all my stories n characters that are whizzing about. I wanted to make a cute lil visual of all the most relevant ones…both bc its helpful for myself and others, and because ITS CUTE! >:V 

Most of you probably know Alliacea, tropical pals and tropical magic island world. if they’re brightly colored, got a lei on, or some other topical flower, yea its probably alliacea. 

Delta is the soft n dreamy one, with eyeless joe too. Its all about dreams, emotional abuse, and interpersonal relationships! 

Fiasco! is wild let me just say. Its about these three pals that are stationary in this world that changes and fluxes around them, like one minute, its a old european-kinda world, and then BAM its a neon cyber punk world. Fiasco! is about apocalypses, psychosis, and trauma! 

Plethora is a super sci fi, with hydrogen miners, space fish, n cool aliens! also philosophical math and cosmology! 

Das Leben is spooky ghosts and sad teens…all about bipolar, suicide, and you guess it, trauma! 

Jive is just desert pals in the desert being pals…its not really about anything deep. just happy adventures. 

Trenches are ether DnD exploits, or self-indulgent romance story about a bunch of monsters learning to LoOoOve ☆゚. * ・ 。゚

sorry for the kind of long post @-@ 


i never thought this day would come….i never ever ever ever thought i’d have the opportunity to fly out to the other side of the country and meet my very best pals so we could see our boys together…life is truly magical, my friends. dreams do come true ;u;

i love u @sluthyun @jjongeyed and @jong-fetti :’) i love u guys so much..and the smiles in these photos couldn’t even do my happiness justice. i just..i’ll never forget this day.

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2 & 9 😮

2: I’ll list off a few names here ;) @12-12-island-with-flying @teamcharmofficial @ufo–kid @professor-oakleigh @cursive-affliction @honeyspicez @smarmite @gengarvevo @mariowiki @thenbhdofficial @realititty @nicedog22 @nickisnothere @m-stermind @dicksoda @amalyse @doritoslocostacosupreme @judgerinder ok there are so many others I need to probably chill a bit

9: no, I actually have sexyfine feet, they’re big for how tall I am :* 

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He hesitated for a moment. "I want a name. Don' wanna be called 306 no more. Don' feel right 'ere. I don' want no over the top name neither. I ain't no fancy man. I don' need no fancy name. I'd take som' common human name over som' hard t'pronounce gallifreyan name but I wan' one. Jus' wanna know if you've come up with one by now 'fore I go som'place else."

She nodded, inhaling a slow breath as she thought it over. This time,
it seemed like a much easier question for her to answer. She hadn’t
known him at all the first time he asked. That was different now. Much

❝ For as long as I’ve known ya, ya’ve been a protector. I know ya might
disagree with that and say it’s the opposite, but it isn’t... Not with people
ya care ‘bout. Even back in Winterfell, when we hardly knew each other
at all, ya did everythin’ in your power to keep me safe. And…. that’s how
I’ll ALWAYS see ya– not as a number or a soldier or a killer. You’re a
protector, an overseer. A Guardian.

She pressed her lips together for a moment before going on, ❝ Dian
short for guardian. That’s what I’d call ya. ❞