“Morning sunshine, there’s some coffee if you want some” says Dean knowing plain well Cas doesn’t sleep and there is no need for him to tell him goodmoring because Cas is literally always up and has never slept because he’s a damn angel of the lord and is a godly thing sent from above and delivered with harps and all things holy. Then offered him coffee when he knows damn well he doesn’t drink or eat food but yet still offered him some because it’s what good boyfriends do and good boyfriends don’t give a rats ass that you don’t eat or sleep because it’s the fucking thought that counts and omg they’re going to be the death of me!

Having some art blocks😧 so i’ve just doodled some of my ships😄 Aren’t they cute😍❤ Hopefully doodling and browsing tumblr will get me out of this… artblockiness? Anyway have a nice day😆
IDLESNOW: Umi @listlessafterall x Ice @reyindee
SORIEL: AlterTale @friisans
GLUMP: Swap Goth x Swap Palette @blogthegreatrouge
CHERRYBERRY: Swap!sans @candycornpr1nce x Fell!sans(i still dont know the creator 😓)
PINKCHERRY: Cherry @broken-tale-comic x Pink @minty-the-cat
CHARISK: Frisk & Chara belongs to Toby Fox

Art, Bunyan & Berry by Me @butterflypea

there’s a lot of good shit in the new episode like the traditional onsen scene and the boyfriend thing and all that BUT there are so many tiny endearing actions between vic and yuuri too !!!! one of my faves is when they’re talking about adding that quadsomething something loop as the last jump in yuuri’s program and we get this

*vic being vic and sticking his face close*

aND THEN YUURI JUST LEANS CLOSER like none of that *blushy blushy “victor what are u doing!!!” jumping farther while screaming* shit which makes me so happy !!!! look at our babyboy yuuri being comfortable with victor and slowly losing his sense of personal space thanks to him


I just want to take a moment to say a 2nd “Happy Birthday” to the man that makes me laugh everytime I’m watching “The Flame”,the man that makes me adore his dance moves in “Planet Earth” music video..The man that makes me smile and cry with his songs.The front man of my favorite band.So..

Happy Birthday,dear Charlie/Simon! My dear lil’ Simy,you are my best friend since I was 5,though I’ve never met you..! <3

I seriously don’t understand why people get pissy because somebody headcanons a character as something other than straight….. like a headcanon is just that, a headcanon. as long as they’re not saying “canon is a big fat lie and you’re stupid and wrong for saying this character is straight,” then what tf does it matter to you???? like,,, how does someone saying “I think this character is gay/bi/ace/trans/etc” hurt you in any way???? how can somebody wanting more representation or to see themselves in a character be a problem?? seriously?? it’s just an opinion they have and you don’t have to share it. it’s that simple. and it cost 0 fucking cents to not shit on them for thinking it.