au where they are happy and the only thing they have to worry abt is corrin stepping on her partner’s feet when she dances so azura tries to help her

Luke kissing you for the first time would be so sweet and endearing. He would made sure to cup your face with his big hands and slowly lean in after looking to you for consent. After you give him a quick nod he would push his lips against yours slowly. Both of you wouldn’t be able to help the smiles from spreading across your faces as you break away from each other. Luke would still hold your face close to his while he just takes you all in. Luke wouldn’t be afraid to initiate a make out right after your first kiss and show you everything you’ve been missing. Sweetly after the make out, he’d ask you to be his girlfriend and of course you would agree.

Joe can make me laugh just by looking at me. We know each other so well that all it takes is one raised eyebrow or a silly face and we both end up in stitches! I’m genuinely going to find this a big challenge!

Caspar talking about the Stand Up To Cancer Livestream 

It looks like Joe and Caspar will be doing a challenge to raise money for cancer research where they have to stay silent for three hours! 😅 😅 It’s happening on the 3rd of September :) 


wedding pics + the aftermath of my hair

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I can't believe this. Yoongis chest. The audacity?? Just because he goes to the gym so jin can use him as a human wiffle ball and all of a sudden he thinks he can be sexy? Please put the goblin back in his goblin drawer

HHHHHHH TOTAL AUDACITY.  TOTAL DISREGARD.  TOTAL FUCKERY.  TOTAL.  HE did the shoulder press with the 20lb weights this week and is feeling SAUCY.  (also 10 bucks says that’s jin’s shirt)

THIS Jar of FARTS is officially OPEN FOR STINKINESS hhhhh


This is Yoongles’ world BOOM

so i reached a really high & crazy amount of followers today and im very???? like i cant believe people actually follow me and i just look a the count and its like ‘damn,,, thats a lot of people’. but, anywayssss you guys are the best and i love you all very much and thank you for putting up with me and supporting my writing and i just wanna say thANK YOU!! <33 and like ive said before, im really bad at conveying feelings so i hope this post is adequate and i dont sound like a stale piece of toast or something

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Look into Chiaki’s eye! See, there’s no soul. Believe me, she’s just an ANDROID. The only thing they programed into her is Hinata-kun just Hinata-kun. That explain why she just met and played game with Hinata for few days, yet had such a strong bond with him. Also, that why she spent 6 fucking months waitting for Hinata (like srsly he went for half of the year already with no contact and such, she still misses him??? Is a new friend that important???? For you to spend 6 month (and maybe more) to wait for??? Or It’s just because she doesn’t have anything else to do but waitting for Hinata????). Believe me, SHE’S JUST AN ANDROID.  

srsly thou, Anime Chiaki makes me feel sick with her “Hinata-kun, I miss you”. Chiaki, get sth else to do stop missing him. 
Please, let me know that I’m not the only who like AI Chiaki and hate Anime Chiaki.