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I need Dacre introducing you to the Stranger Things cast pls


  • ok ngl i feel like you’d meet the kids first
    • esp sadie
      • and he’d be like “this is my lil sister”
      • and ya laugh bc you know he’s just bein cute so he can make the two of you laugh
    • after that you’d probably sit in with him in the makeup trailer while everyone is getting ready
      • that totally results in the other kids flooding in, laughing and talking and trying to ask you embarrassing questions about dacre
        • and finn is trying to put every second on snapchat or his instagram story
          • “does he snore?”

            “DON’T ANSWER THAT”

    • and i think like during filming you’d totally become fast friends with natalia
      • honestly she’s always struck me as the girl who loves to be friends with everyone
        • so while he’s busy with a scene and she’s free you’re talking and getting ice cream
    • he probably introduced you to winona and you almost started crying
      • he teases you a lil later on
        • “what were the tears for?”



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One of you anons the other day brought up Harry's SOTT video hair but imagine he leaves it like that one day and u just keep kissing his face like "you look so cute" and he's all shy and shit lol


Like you’re SO clingy, and he doesn’t even know why. If he’s up, you’re up with your arms around him. If he’s on the couch, like now for instance, you’re in his lap with your arms around his neck.

Currently, you’re running your fingers through his hair and peppering kisses all over his face and neck and ears. And it isn’t that he’s complaining, not at all, it’s just that he doesn’t know where this affection is coming from.

He giggles, his fingertips tracing lightly down your spine. “What’s gotten into you, bug? Hm?”

“You’re just so CUTE!” You say, tugging at his hair. “I can’t STAND it!!!”

He laughs when you press several rapid kisses to his nose and one to his mouth. “Seriously? Why am I any cuter now than on any other day?”

“Because! Look at your HAIR!”

His eyebrows furrow in confusion. “What’s wrong with my hair?”

“Nothing! It’s so… long! And your curls are coming back and just…. oh my god I’m WEAK for your curls! You know this Harry.”

He snorts, kissing your jaw. “You’re a proper fangirl today aren’t you?”

“Always have been,” You say with a nod. “But especially right now with your hair like this.” You kiss his dimpled cheek. “God.”

He shakes his head, catching your lips with his own. “You’re silly. What if I told you this is how I feel about you every single day? Hm? Then what?”

“Then I’d call you a liar!” You giggle, scratching at his scalp. “Because it’s impossible for someone to be as cute as you are right now every single day.”

“I beg to differ, love.” He rubs his nose against yours in an Eskimo kiss, and you’re overwhelmed.

“GOD DONT DO THAT!” You groan. “You are being TOO cute and I am outraged.”

He cackles. “Keep telling me how cute I am though. Need to hear it.”

You roll your eyes. “You’re a brat. Narcissistic little thing.”

He raises his hands in defense. “You started this, dummy!”


Tom Holland in that outfit™. 

(part 1)

(part 2)