Charms, Anyone?

Okay, so I’ve been mumbling about wanting to make merch, specifically charms for a reeeaaaalll long time.  So this week, I buckled down and instead of working on a comic, practiced drawing chibis.  SOOOO MANY CHIBIS.  

I’ve very adamant about wanting “basic” charms first before I go into wonky AU variations, since I have ZERO Tadashi merch, and the ones I finished lining and coloring at the top will definitely be in the first production run.

Now, this is my first time making merch, I’m not sure how many are going to sell. Because these are raster images and I don’t know how the colors will turn out, or if I’ll mess up in some other way, the first run will only have 100 charms.  (I can obviously order a lot more quickly if they happen to sell out) Now the place I chose, they’ll let me have multiple types of charms within that 100 charm order.  But obviously, the more charms I add, the less there are of each type.

These charms will most likely be on clear acrylic, 1.5″ and double-sided.  I’m thinking they’ll go for $10-12 each, with a discount if you buy a set. They’ll come on little black clip-on cell phone straps.

So my questions for you are:

1)  Would you buy the charms in the first image? Just one or the other, or both at the above listed price?

2) If I were to add another set, would you prefer the Mochi Bay set (C, D) or Catboy Dogboy set (E, F)?  You can kinda guess at how they’d look colored and lined by comparing A/B with the top image. Would you buy these in addition to the basics, or are you just interested in these?

3) I’m thinking of printing Guardian Angel!Tadashi (G) in the second run, as a standalone, as either a 2″ or 3″ larger keychain.  He’d probably run from $15-$18.  Would you be interested?

Note, this is NOT a pre-order, I just want to get a general headcount to know how I should best place my order, and to see what kind of demand there is ^ ^; I still have to draw the backs, and if I have to line/color another pair that’ll take time too~  But I’m really excited to finally be making merch!!! And I hope you guys are too! ^ ^;

If you could reply to this post with your answers, I’d really appreciate it!

m(_ _)m  Thankies!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

Vintage Beef

quick one, because he’s done with your shit. 

Because I am done with this shit.

I have had it, with all these negative comments under his (and others but I mainly watch him so) videos. 
He’s just so bad and everyone’s better and he should not play a game if he’s so bad at it, yada yada, my little brother/grandma/dog could beat you.