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Make Me Choose

tidus or zack [requested by summ0ner-yuna​]

“would you say I became a hero?”

Um hey your friend said you were thinking of suicide and I just wanted to tell you not to do it, you are perfect, ok? Everyone is and I’d be devastated if any of my subscribers was thinking the opposite, please hang on, there’s so much more in life for you too see <3
—  Daniel James Howell danisnotonfire talking to one of his subscribers who was debating suicide.
Today has been an interesting day

I woke up at midnight to start Queen of Shadows and haven’t slept since then. I just finished about 13 hours later.

Lots of things happened in between
-I got my period at 1 in the morning
-I got cramps about a ½ hour later
-I took an aleve to help and that worked for about an hour and a half when it’s supposed to work for 12 hours
-I went to school
-Took a chemistry quiz (I think I did pretty well)
-went to the nurses office because my cramps got so bad that I couldn’t move without being in pain
-came home & went through gross period things

But it was all worth it because I got to finish Queen of Shadows asap.

I didn’t think Sarah could write any better.

I was so wrong.

And I am so beyond immeasurably pleased at how everything ended for this book.

So thank you, sjmaas, for making all my dreams come true with this book. It was better than I hoped.

And I get to share my endometriosis with Aelin.

So there’s that.

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hi Prince :) excuse me, i wanted to know if you have found the volume 13 with chapter 58? thank you :)))

woah perfect timing! just finished! 

ok so this is the original

lizzy says this

this is ciel’s reply

the way japanese sentences are arranged is different than english, so i’ll break it down

嫌いな: hate/dislike

ワケ(理由): reason

literal english: “hate reason…”

but the way he is saying it, it might as well mean

if he wasn’t embarrassed and actually completed his sentence, it would have most likely been:


“i don’t have a reason to dislike you”

but i suppose it could also be


which means “i have a reason to dislike you”, 

but bc he blushed we can assume that he is saying “i don’t have a reason to dislike you” bc ciel doesn’t fare very well in situations like this lmao


150820 VIXX LR Beautiful Liar Mcountdown music broadcast

Leo x Ravi with their fanboys, they held a last minute mini fanmeeting for 150 starlights……… ㅠㅠ

(AAAAAAAND Taekwoon in that outfit i love I CANNOT GET OVER IT ;_____;)

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*Hands over a 10 more babies and vanishes*

碳竜「SOAR」: oh fuck they’re giving me more babies wtf
愛 ❛  XINGESE.: pfff bao is gonna feel replaced br uh
碳竜「SOAR」: No Bao shh they’re just for a baby army ok. We’ll raise them up like spartans and use them to help take over the world. You’re special ok.
愛 ❛  XINGESE.: o h go d
★ KNIGHT ☆: …
★ KNIGHT ☆: a baby army
★ KNIGHT ☆: but guys you know the first attempt was called
★ KNIGHT ☆: the mannequin soldiers and
★ KNIGHT ☆: it wasnt
★ KNIGHT ☆: a good idea
★ KNIGHT ☆: from me to u
★ KNIGHT ☆: dont
碳竜「SOAR」: No see these guys will have brains ok
碳竜「SOAR」: and they’ll be loyal and shit
碳竜「SOAR」: and won’t turn on us
★ KNIGHT ☆: … souls
★ KNIGHT ☆: and
★ KNIGHT ☆: they turned on humans
★ KNIGHT ☆: not homunculi
★ KNIGHT ☆: B)
★ KNIGHT ☆: butjust
★ KNIGHT ☆: dont
碳竜「SOAR」: They won’t be broken like everything you make ok
★ KNIGHT ☆: …
★ KNIGHT ☆:  / cu r l s up
★ KNIGHT ☆: ok
★ KNIGHT ☆: i see how it is