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so as most of you know, i recently hit my one month anniversary of being on steph !!! this was a really big deal for me, as is the fact that i’m less than twenty five followers away from my next hundred milestone. if i’m being 100% honest, i’m still shocked that people want to rp with steph at all, and that she’s gotten such a good response from the community. i have a lot of love for her and a ton of feelings about her so the fact that she’s been so well received is ??? i’m crying all the time about it ??? so anyway i wanted to show my appreciation for everyone, and since i’m not as great at making graphics or icons or themes or anything as kells is ( shoutout to her for making this banner for me ) i figured i’d just get mushy about all the people i love. 


@keysubtlety ( lance hunter, aos based with 616 influences ) 
( claire temple, netflix based, canon divergent ) 
( multi muse blog in pretty desperate need of repair )
@freedomhasacost ( aesthetic sideblog for edits and meme stockpiling )


@aftcrshocks / @whcwander / @magictouched : anyway. is anyone surprised that kells is the first one on this list l i k e ??? so anyway i talked about kells a lot last night in our mushy vocaroo love fest but it bears repeating that kells is my best friend, and is quite honestly, not to get a little gay, one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. she’s one of the most phenomenal writers i’ve ever had the pleasure of writing with, and as an added bonus, she’s also actually daisy louise johnson so like ??? anyway kells is wonderful, her characters are wonderful, i’m constantly heart eyes emoji at her, if you’re not following all of her blogs, you’re doing it wrong.

@deceptionforte / @elysiansouls : tessa is on hiatus right now because her life and job are really overwhelming, but i’d be remiss and a sham if i didn’t put her on this list. tessa is one of my soulmates and i love and adore her in such a way that i can’t talk about it or she’ll start yelling at me. her bobbi morse is fucking phenomenal and her frank castle and karen page are ???? holy shit ???? tessa’s writing has had me shook from day one and she is, quite frankly, one of the most talented people i’ve ever been friends with.

@i-rememberallofthem : anyway i am gonna be very much in danger of crying this whole time oh man but anyway !!! i love jackie so much !!! call 911 !!! jackie is also one of the most phenomenal writers i’ve ever written with and like her interpretation and characterization of bucky has me shook 24/7, it absolutely blows my fucking mind writing with her. i am never bored when writing with or talking to jackie, and she’s so talented and lovely that it constantly confuses me that she wants to write with my dumb ass. 

@bloodthirstygod / @kalofhouseel / @spoopybat / @galaxysaviour : any time i write something nice for david i’m like concerned i forgot a blog and left one out but anyway the point is i love david so much it’s fucking embarrassing sometimes. david is like the most pure mun of all time ( which is hilarious considering 99% of our threads are sin as fuck right now ) and such an honestly wonderful person to write with ??? his variety of muses is wonderful and he’s so passionate about all of them, and he writes all of them SO WELL i’m constantly in a state of being shook. 

@murderfiend / @hydrc : ohhh lordt well i literally rambled about how much i love ainsley for seven full minutes last night so idk what else to say here other than i love ??? ainsley ??? so much ??? ainsley plays some beautifully fucked up muses lemme tell you and she plays them so beautifully i’m constantly shook when she posts a reply or does anything. she also has this weird sense that i’m talented at all which i’m like ??? waiting for her to come to her senses and be like “ wow i could do so much better but then it’ll be too late because she’s stuck with me at this point. A+ writer, 10/10 mun, would follow everywhere.

@trcmblings / @thermcdynamics : courtney is a very new friend but i hope she understands that she’s now stuck with me, ride or die, til death do us part…or prison. i love courtney’s writing, i love everything about her problematic serial killer son, i love her jemma, i love how kind and sweet she is ooc, she’s quite literally my unproblematic fave. she’s such a sweetheart and a good person ( which is why it kinda blows my mind that she plays such a fucked up serial killer because like wow talk about a 180 ) and she’s so ????? talented ???? anyway if you’re not following her you’re missing out BIG TIME.

@brookesmxrt / @ingenuitys / @mckiiinnon : if i’m being honest, liz is one of those people i’m currently following to the ends of the earth with only mild complaining. we’ve been friends for ages now, since back when i was a tiny little baby who didn’t understand indie and was just trying to mind my own business and play bash from reign, and she somehow managed to make me brooke davis trash even though i still have no desire to watch oth, and she’s also made me so ???? passionate about all her muses ??? she’s also a lovely human and i highly recommend you follow her and be her friend because i know i’m better for it.


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So..I moved out!

Officially all moved out.

I left my home yesterday at 7:30, my parents wished me luck and gave me a goodbye gift. I can now start putting my life together.

It just sorta wasn’t really a big eventful thing.

I’m renting a room in a house and its really cute.I’ve already decorated it. I have never decorated my other room because lact of space.

Right now I’m just happy I have a desk ???   aah. I am really happy.

Hopefully I can grow this year and figure out how to fix my problems on my own.

@otselotovaya-khvatka submitted:

If we’re talking about Sighting & Dogs:

I was walking my dog last month or so are 6-7 AM, that time of day where it’s light out but everything is still asleep, and as I was approaching this tiny wooded area behind my apartment I was getting this huge uneasy feeling, hearing branches break and the bush rustle. I stop to listen/watch because there’s a few feral cats that live out there but the snapping and rustling seemed way too loud for a 6-8 pound animal.

So I watch the clearing into the wood and I see what I assume was a very round face peek out of the 5ft weeds and then dart back in. The weird part was that my dog barks at everything but he wasn’t set off at all and I live in too much of an urban area for it to be something like a deer. When I told my mom she wondered if it was a runaway kid but it was too tall and I’m not sure why a person would be in the thickest part of the bush like that and then hide.

holy fuck thats unsettling?