They say that your life flashes before your eyes when you die. It’s true, you know? Because in that moment, the only thing I saw was her.

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I saw @ariaricx ‘s post about what if we had an Amazing Spiderman AU for ML and I just had to do this hahaha. I also used @kryallaorchid ‘s idea about the clock tower being changed to the Eiffel (or should I say I-FELL) tower instead ;u;

(Bonus points if Adrien knew that Gabriel was Hawk Moth, and the reason why Gabriel got Adrien’s Miraculous was because Chat had a moment of weakness when facing HM because he couldn’t bring himself to hurt his own dad)

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As a celebration for reaching 1k followers, I’ve decided to make a review post. I receive many DMs asking about flash cards on my Instagram daily. Since they play a vital part in my studies and I frequently use them, I’ve decided to answer a few questions I’ve received and I’ve put together a pros + cons list. If you have further questions, I’m only a message away! *These answers are what works best for me, it may not be the best for you. It takes a little experimenting to find out what suits you. ((this is my first blog-type post, I hope it’s a little helpful & I hope I don’t mess up))

1. Should I make flash cards before or after studying?

When I use flash cards, they are usually substitutes for notes in books. I do them while studying. I find it useful to use them as a study tool because they give you something to quickly flip through before exams, and they don’t always have to be concise. 

2. Why do use your whole flash card?

Again, flash cards are substitutes for me. I like that I can take out a few cards and read them anywhere, they’re pretty much portable notebooks. The smaller size compared to a notebook is what I like the most, because I can fit them in my pocket and pull them out whenever I have a few spare minutes (this can be waiting for the bus etc.) I usually like to fill the whole card because I don’t like leaving spaces (personal preference) unless I’m using the card for vocab. Most people like to keep a few words on the card because it’s easy to pick out the keywords, and helps you learn to elaborate by remembering only one or a few words. I use this method sometimes, I find it quick and easier to remember. 

3. What size flash cards do you recommend? 

I like flash cards that fit perfectly in my hand. The ones I use are 5″x3″, which is a perfect size to fit in my pocket, a small bag and is convenient. I personally do not like the bigger ones, they’re quite flimsy and get everywhere. 

4. What should I use flash cards for?

Flash cards are a useful tool for vocab. They allow you to test yourself by writing the word on one side, and the definition on the other. I used this method for my Spanish exam, and found it a lot easier to learn words.

General tips:

  • Although I almost always do this, I think the most effective way of using a flash card is to not overcrowd the card. It can get quite messy. 
  • Try not to use too much color on a card. I try to limit myself with the same color (but different shades) for each card, it gets too colorful with a variety of colors and is hard to read. 
  • They’re a fun way of testing yourself instead of blankly staring at a piece of paper, and stops you from cheating.
  • A good way of co-ordinating your cards can be using one color per topic, this can help you organize the topics together and stops you from making a mess when creating them. 


+ They are convenient and small, and quick to make.

+ They are cute and I find it more fun to make flash cards instead of writing notes in a book, you use up cards faster and it makes you want to make more. (if that makes sense???) 

+ They are a fast way of learning vocab/definitions.

- Many people write a lot on the card and beats the purpose of it, it is kind of difficult to shorten things when there’s a lot you want to include. (I do this, oops.)

- It’s hard to fit things like diagrams/graphs so it’s best to not use flash cards for these.

I hope this was helpful and if I come up with anything more, I will add them in! If there’s something I’ve left out and you’re willing to let me add it, please message me and I’ll make sure to include it. Thanks for reading! If I helped you, please share this and spread the love.

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