While this is not an official image by any means- it’s super low quality and unshaded, after all- it is a concept image for your co-stars in LovESP! (Since they are mostly up to interpretation, outside of ethnicity, name, powers, and personality)

Left to right: Indigo “Indie” Brooks, Rajesh Chaundhri, Maria Aino, and Ashton Dallas Sterling.

They can also wear eachother’s colors through the Mood Swing mechanic, which I might show examples of later if I feel like it.

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1.) Do you have a favorite season? 
Fall/Autumn! It’s a lovely, cool temperature, and unlike spring it’s not full of BEES (I am terrified of bees/wasps/hornets/anything that looks vaguely like or could be mistaken for bees/wasps/hornets/etc.)

2.) Describe your favorite color?
Describe it? Ok… ;P it’s sort of a “wine red” so not like bright red but a bit more pink/purple in it but not a whole lot, too dark to be called magenta+too red for that, but still not like, 100% middle-of-the-road red, nor is it maroon, it’s a dark red just a tic more toward violet than orange basically?

3.) What kinds of things do you really enjoy in a book/movie/tv show. (For example I live for groups of friends who constantly insult each other lovingly and have in jokes referencing past adventures. Feel free to be super specific or incredibly vague.)
Character relationships! Especially strong platonic relationships that are just as close as romantic relationships or closer, but without any of the romancey/sensual/sexual stuff.

4.) If you could live anywhere, regardless of practicality, where would it be and what would your ideal living quarters look like? 
A house or apartment in Granada with portals so I can visit friends and relatives whenever! Living space is comfy and has room for me and my bf to fit our stuff comfortably.

5.) If you could pick one mythological species to live in our world, which one? Why?
Oh. Oh this one is hard. Because lots of interps of magical creatures include them being huge jerks, or having game-breaking powers, and I don’t want to wreck the world… I think I’ll go with… shoot, the implications of introducing a new predator… but they could eat deer, there are always plenty of deer. So I’ll go with griffins, because they are super-cool, smart, aren’t inherently casters although many interps have them as such, and they can fly!!! And if you made friends with one, it could take you flying!!! And that would be cool.

6.) Favorite ice cream flavor? (You can pick more than one, or make up a really wacky one you’d like to try. I’m not judging.)
Tiramisu :D :D :D

7.) Comfort food of choice? 
Right now, Starbucks iced coffee in a bottle, the kind that comes from the store >.>

8.) What’s one of your favorite memories? 
…long story time, because there is no such thing as a short story when you ask me for an anecdote XD
So, our scene is set some 5 years ago, during my first semester of college, some time in October I believe, or thereabouts. Halfway though. I’m in the campus coffee shop, and a student musician is doing a show. It’s metal, a genre that’s relatively new to me and that I quite enjoy; plus I know this musician - he is the first friend I made here, despite his being a year ahead of me, and I spend so much time in his room, including overnight, that I’m certain my roommate thinks I’m sleeping with him (I’m not, he has a girlfriend, and I have a boyfriend, it’s just the the freshman dorms are on the opposite side of campus from the rest of the dorms and we’re night-owls)
After the show is over, I lurk around as his parents go to give him congratulatory hugs and start to clean up the stage. He owns a good deal of his own equipment, you see, and I think they used his dad’s truck to move the heavy amps and things up the hill from his dorm to the coffee shop (it wasn’t far but it’s one heck of a hill and there was a lot of stuff to move). Once he was free, I moved up to give him a congrats-hug of my own, at which point he waved his parents back over to introduce me. “This is the person I’ve been telling you about! She’s been more helpful than the entire Disability Services department!” Cue blushing as they heap praises upon me.
You see, my musician friend here is mostly blind. He can see things with good contrast, for example, but can’t read a textbook. We met in an intro-level math class called Math Concepts that we were both using to get the school’s interdisciplinary requirements out of the way. It was basically geometry proofs 101, except starting from the ground up: we had a few really basic things like “a line is the shortest distance between two points” to use, and we had to prove the rest ourselves in order to use it - it took most of the semester before we could, for example, say that right angles were 90 degrees, or congruent to each other, or any of the stuff you are taught about right angles in actual geometry class. It was really really fun, and really really visual.
Which was obviously going to be a problem for my new blind friend, who I’d met on the first day of class because I had to sign him in on the sign-in sheet since he couldn’t see it. But I had a plan!
(Now, I did not consider having a plan anything extraordinary, but everyone else was quite impressed, and I was quite proud of my plan, since it worked, which is why this story ends with me basking and blushing to praises because apparently it was worth reporting back to his parents about)
I bounced back to my dorm the first day after the professor has drawn a diagram-thing on the board and my friend and I both went “uuuuh. hmm.” at it’s intactile nature, brimming with an idea. I had almost all the materials I needed on hand: a rubber band ball (because college supplies), a jar of push-pins (same), and a spare cork-board left over from my roommate’s DIY thing-you-pushpin-stuff-to (which is probably also called a corkboard but shoosh) that she gave me because she didn’t have a use for them. All I needed was something to back the whole mess with, and a quick call to my mom got me some leftover cardboard. By the next day of class, I was ready to test this out.
(At the time I felt shy and silly about it like… I’d encountered someone else’s problem and had run off and without consulting said person created a DIY solution out of household objects. Usually when my brain generates plans like this for MacGuyver’d solutions the person I’m solving for has already found a better solution by the time I’m done logicking things out. But in retrospect it was actually really a great idea.)
So, there we were, before class, and using pushpins and rubber bands I recreated the diagram from last class in a tactile format and handed it to my new friend with an explanation. He thought it was the best thing ever. The professor thought it was fantastic and that I was brilliant. I soon learned to quickly “draw” new diagrams on the tactile geometry board, as well as taking my own notes, and then each night we had homework I went over to his room and we solved things together. I also typed up my notes in a format that made sense in braille (lots of mathy things have like “angle ABC” denoted by [a symbol]+ABC, which didn’t translate to braille) since he had a braille computer, which also turned out to be my way of studying - which I know because during the week before finals week I was so tired a convinced my roommate to type up the last lesson’s notes for me and then edited them, and when it got to that unit’s question on the final I was like ??? I didn’t learn this???
My blind friend, however, aced his final (which was given orally in the room next door with the prof using my peg-board for diagrams) and that’s the story of how I invented a tactile method of learning geometry. I still have the peg-board, for sentimentality’s sake, still covered in pushpins, rubber bands, and a pipecleaner from the one time we had something that wasn’t a straight line to study.
(…I did warn you I was incapable of telling a short story. You basically got three memories for the price of one!)

9.) Do you have a place you like to go to be alone and think? 
Not usually - although not for lack of trying to create such spaces - but I recently discovered a park just up the road from my work that’s a good spot to lurk in in my car while I read if I have to be up before work opens.

10.) If you could just wake up one morning knowing any language perfectly, which language would you pick? 
Arabic. Which feels like a low blow to Spanish, but I can already get on ok in Spanish while I”m still working to teach myself the Arabic alphabet, so it seems there is more to be gained in suddenly learning the language I can’t currently even begin to use.

11.) Is there something about yourself you really want us to know? Anything you want to tell us?
So many things, but I’ll settle for one: I like telling stories about myself/my friends, but won’t unless given a specific-enough prompt, because I don’t want to seem like a shallow person who thinks they are the bestest and the world revolves around their experiences. (In case my reply to #8 didn’t make that clear… I’ve been wanting to tell that story to someone for MONTHS now because I was reminded of it but most of my friends already know it…)


1. What is the first video-game you ever played?
2. If you could know for certain the unbiased true story of any historical event, which would it be and why?
3. What is the fanciest event you’ve ever been to?
4. You and any number of friends can return all expenses paid to one place you’ve been (to show them around!) Where do you go?
5. Which fictional character do you think would read a book about you?
6. What is the weirdest pet you’ve ever owned, including strained definitions of “owned” or “pet” (e.g. including pet rocks, or neighbor’s pets you interacted with frequently) 
7. Do you have any preferences that go counter to the assumed normal preferences? (e.g. “all women love chocolate” but I am a woman and I don’t like chocolate candy) If so, what?
8. What is the first chapter book you can remember reading on your own?
9. Please tell me the most outlandish or least common/popular name among your relatives!
10. If you had to pick one letter in the Latin alphabet (i.e. the one we’re typing in right now) to throw out, which one would it be? If you could replace it with a new letter, what sound would it represent?
11. Have you ever listened to an audiobook or book on tape? If so, what was the most recent book you heard this way, and how long ago did you hear it?

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142) Phil hadn’t wanted to go to his high school reunion. Why would he, when all his memories involved merciless bullying and frequent loneliness? Dan was the one who convinced him to go, saying things like “Don’t you want to rub it in their faces how successful you are??” and “You could stroll in like Kanye!” But while the dumbfounded looks on his former bullies’ faces were well worth the trip up North, Phil’s favorite moment had to be staring at his old yearbook photo and realizing he made it. He’s got two successful youtube channels, a radio show on the BBC, a book and tour coming up, millions of fans, and a beautiful man who loves and supports him unconditionally. Past Phil would be so proud. Future Phil can’t wait to see what else is in store. 

141) Dan and Phil purposely don’t have a tour show on October 19 this year, and they will be passing through Manchester. They are planning on spending their anniversary re-living the past and going on the Manchester eye (even if it isn’t technically the same one). What neither of them knows is they both plan on proposing at the top of the eye.