Japanse Elsword Voice actors

If you never heard or played Elsword just scroll. XD

I’m gonna list all Japanese Elsword voice actors who voiced in anime shows and i was pretty surprised so here we go!

Yuka Iguchi (Voice of Lu)

Index from A Certain Magicial Index.

Mitsuba from Owari No Seraph.

Inoue Marina (Voice of Elesis)

Armin Arlert from Attack on Titan.

Tohka from Date A Live.

Satomi Satō (Voice of Ara)

Yukiko Kanzaki from Assassination Classroom.

Wendy from Fairy Tail.

Kimura Ryōhei (Voice of Add)

Judar from Magi the kingdom of magic.

Kou from Diabolik Lovers OVA.

Sawashiro Miyuki (Voice of Chung)

Sinon from Sword Art Online II.

Toko from Danganronpa.

Thats all I’ll make Part 2 soon!


i regret every single second of this

129) On the rare occasions when they get in fights, Dan and Phil usually end up going into their separate bedrooms, slamming the door. More often than not, Dan can hear Phil on the phone with his brother or some of his non-internet friends, asking for advice, helping him to calm down. It’s usually in these moments Dan feels most alone. He has no one to call, all he has is Phil. Dan will scroll through his phone over and over again, hoping that he will find a contact that he can ring up and vent to, but every time he comes up empty handed. He always stares at his YouTuber friend’s numbers, thinking it wouldn’t hurt to give them a call, but then he remembers his promise to keep their arguments as far away from the internet as possible, they can never be too cautious. It’s usually after these fights that Dan feels like he’s too reliant on Phil, and it always scares him more than the fight itself did. 

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Nicolai Howalt
Light Break, Wavelengths, 2014
Installation views at Medicinsk Museion, Copenhagen
C-Print photograms

Inspired by Niels Ryberg Finsen’s method, and by making use of Finsen’s original coloured filters and lenses as well as contemporary coloured filters, Howalt was able to absorb select areas of light from the sun, allowing the remaining areas of the electromagnetic spectrum to pass through Finsen’s original rock crystal lenses onto photosensitive paper. This unique method of light exposure resulted in a series of original imprints created by the sunrays passing through unhindered, directly from the sun and onto the paper.