♪ ♫  I can’t help it if I make a scene, stepping out of my hot pink limousine

I’m turning heads and I’m stopping traffic when I pose they scream and when I joke they laugh, I’ve gotta ♪ ♫

♪ ♫  Pair of eyes that they’re getting lost in

I hypnotize by the way I’m walking

I got them dazzled like a stage magician when I point they look and when I talk they listen well. ♪ ♫

♪ Everybody needs a friend, ♪ and I’ve got you and you and you,

So many I can’t even name them, can you blame me, I’m too famous! ♪ ♫

🎶 Haven’t you noticed I’m a star, I’m coming into view as the world is turning, Haven’t you noticed I made it this far, now everyone can see me burning.

Now everyone can see me burning

Now everyone can see me burning. 🎶

If your nearest Waffle House is closed, you should probably run. Because the 24-hour chains only shut down during absolute devastation, FEMA unofficially determines the severity of natural disasters by whether local Waffle Houses remain open or not. They call this “The Waffle House Index.” Source

Iceland is officially the #1 most peaceful country on Earth. According to the Global Peace Index’s 2016 report of 163 surveyed countries, Denmark, Austria, New Zealand, Portugal, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Canada, Japan, and Slovenia also land in the top 10, while the United States ranks 103rd. Source Source 2


a sneak peak at my September set up as well as my new bullet journal. I’m so stoked for fall/autumn to finally get here!! This bujo is going to be pretty much school focused so any collections will go into my previous Moleskine. I moved out of it because the cream pages were giving me a headache. I love this one so much more! I can’t wait to use it for school eeeek.

Did a huge stationery haul over on my blog. Go check it out!

Drawing of Misaka Mikoto! Started as a warm-up but then I felt like colouring it…probably should have cleaned it up/refined it earlier but I didn’t originally plan to even shade it lol.