Re-watching a movie and seeing the villain before they’re revealed as the villain like

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If you’ve seen the leaks and are blogging about them - please remember to tag them as spoilers/leaks! I know it’s really exciting to see these “previews” because they’re the first episodes in a couple of months but some people are also really excited to see them first on tv!

I can’t believe that I’m possibly
falling for you

but I’m not,
I can’t let myself.
you are anger, you are fire
you are burning and pain and
crying in the shower and
I can’t be that girl who gives in and
ends up eating ice cream in front of the TV
and I can’t be that girl who smiles to the sun
but is dying.

We loved with a love that was more
than love.

no. We loved with a blowtorch,
a knife,
a pain that left a scar that won’t go away
no matter how much I wash it.
it wasn’t a rub of dirt how stupid am I
to think I can wipe it and it’ll go away.
how stupid am I to think the blood would
wash out of these jeans.

Oh what a night
yes it was quite a night, alright.
the stars reflecting the moon reflecting
the pain in my eyes
and the bruises on the rise of my cheek
and the river looks like the stream of vodka
flowing from the half empty bottle
on the floor in a pile of broken glass.
I don’t remember the glass breaking but
I’m sure you don’t remember screaming either.

You could be happy,
and I won’t know.

well maybe at one point, maybe.
maybe I could have before all this
before the blade that slipped through
my wrist
and before the storm that blew out
the power
and before the searing pain
that rang through my head every time
your lips dared to touch my skin
in a gesture of love,
or at least that’s what you called it.

maybe I could have once.


—  we weren’t a love song, and we weren’t poetry
don’t go writing songs about us thinking we were worth it // m.v.g

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relationship status: Its Just The Me

favourite colors: PINK!!! but i rlly like all colors!! they’ve all got their own Charm to em!!

pets: a chubby mean cat named tippy (named such bc she doesnt have the tip of her tail) and a rly pretty husky mix named farrah who technically belongs to my mom’s girlfriend but. whatever

chapstick or lipstick: i have never worn actual. Lipstick? but chapstick is pretty nice

last song i listened to: west texas by pwr bttm

favorite tv show: ive been watching. way too much criminal minds recently so. probably that?

first fandom: tie between dan and phil and doctor who. 2011 was weird.

hobbies: crying, crying over boys, hangin out with my good cool gay pals, bein trans, making mildly shitty art

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Relationship Status: anxiety
Favorite Colors: pastel grey and pastel purple
Pets: three cats whom i HATE i would die for them they’re my children
Last song I listened to: technically?? the soundtrack to blazing saddles technically
Favorite TV Show: steven universe, parks and rec, pretty little liars
First Fandom: doctor who
Hobbies: writing, crying, daydreaming, binging tv, crying

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relationship status: taken by my lovely gay @lilneps

favorite colors: reds and greens and also fall colors in general ❤

pets: 2 dogs, Shelby the beagle/pomeranian and jak the chihuahua/dachshund, and a big old kitty Casper

last song i listened to: im listening to above the clouds of pompeii by bear’s den

favorite tv show: law & order special victims unit or psych probably. Merlin is also really good. idk i like a lot of shows

First fandom: umm inuyasha probably?

hobbies: art music writing crying normal stuff

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Most Recent:

-Drink: idk

-Phone call: my dad

-Text: from my friend who lives in croatia

-Song you listened to: city of hope by journey

-Time you cried: well i cry a lot especially when im watching tv shows so im not sure lmao

-Dated someone twice: ive never dated anybody

-Kissed someone and regretted it: yea

-Lost someone special: yea

-Been depressed: yea

-Been drunk and thrown up: nah

-List three favorite colors: light green & dark green & green

In The Last Year, Have You:

-Made a new friend: yea a lot of new friends actually

-Laughed until you cried: nah

-Met someone who changed you: yea i guess??

-Found out who your true friends are: idk

-Found out someone was talking about you: no n yes

-How many people from Facebook do you know irl: most of them

-Do you have any pets: nah

-Do you want to change your name: nah

-What did you do for your birthday: studied for physics exam

-What time did you wake up today?: 6:30

-What were you doing last night at midnight: trying to send katt a video lmao

-Name something you can’t wait for: to go to manchester

-Last time you saw your mom: earier this morning

-What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: meh idk

-Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: yea theres this singer i like called tom n ive talked w him couple of times

-Blood type: idk

-Nickname: well its like most of my friends have different nickname for me so like i dont have just one

-Relationship status: single

-Pronouns: he & him

-Favorite TV Show: doctor who

-Long or short hair: short

-Do you have a crush on someone: hell yea

-What do you like about yourself: idk

-Right or left handed: right

-First surgery: havent had any i think

-First best friend: the girl from the house next to mine

-First sport you joined: football when i was like 6 or 7

-First Vacation: somewhere in greece i was so small i cant remember

Right Now:

-Eating: mandarin

-Drinking: soda

-I’m about to: start studying

-Listening to: nothing

-Kids: nah

-Career: drummer

Which Is Better:

-Lips or eyes: lips

-Hugs or kisses: kisses

-Taller or shorter: idc

-Older or younger: older

-Romantic or spontaneous: romantic

-Sensitive or loud: loud

-Hookup or relationship: idk

-Troublemaker or hesitant: troublemaker

Have you ever:

-Kissed a stranger: nah

-Worn glasses/contacts: nah

-Had sex on the first date: nah

-Broke someones heart: kinda

-Turned someone down: yea

-Cried when someone died: yea

-Fallen for a friend: um yeaa

Do you believe in:

-Yourself: idk

-Miracles: yeh

-Love at first sight: hell yea

-Heaven: nah

-Kissing on the first date: yea

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  • name / nicknames: beau/alek/padfoot/Peter Parker i got lotsa names ok
  • relationship status: i wish
  • favourite color: green
  • pets: a sheltie, a dachsund, a brownish cat who alternates between satan and cuddly and a budgie 
  • chapstick or lipstick: neither? but chapstick if i gotta choose
  • last song i listened to: cry me a river - julie london  
  • favourite tv show: uhh does the get down count? its on netflix. watch it. 
  • first fandom: dogs. 
  • hobbies: art and writing 

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